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Episode 1 - differential treatment

Peter's father died because there’s no enough time for treatment . He is angry
with the doctor He went to the hospital and smashed many expensive things . Toby
went to control his anger . He wanted him to replace the anger with the strength
to take revenge . November 2016 , Peter became an intern in a hospital in America .
Peter is very impressed with medical technique the used by Marie . Marie involved
in an accident with her boyfriend,John that night . She just has a slight wound
but John passed away . She felt guilty .
Episode 1 - differential treatment
Jiang Dong's father died of treatment too late, Jiang Dongzhu anger in the doctor
hit smashed things, the doctor Master Kim (husband weeks weeks) control, the
gold teacher warned him to replace the anger with the strength to take revenge,
2011.9 Jiang Zhizhu entry with prickles intern Jushan Hospital.
Yin Ruijing is a doctor specialized in internship at Jushan University.
Hemorrhagic patients with barbed steel, her index finger to find the artery to
save the scene to Jiang Dongzhu temptation, Jiang Dongzhu ADR patients seeking
treatment to Ruijing was postponed, leading to Shui Jing Park doctor lessons,
Ruijing Mad whales, the queen's index finger, put JS (betrothed) patients thrown
him to the East column, East column reception of myocarditis, Ruijing static
oxygen membrane rescue treatment success.
However, they were overreached by their predecessors, and Dongzhu comforted
Ruijing who wept in remote places and kissed her. Ruijing was found to be an
accident. However, when Ruijing wanted to go to her husband, Wentao, , Wentaihao
drive red ring suddenly took out the ring to Ruijing proposal.
But then a traffic accident, Ruijing was sent back to the hospital for treatment,
but said Wen Taihao head heavy hit, to East column to save him, East column to
find Wentai Hao, found him and another female doctor private union, to leave ,
Wen Tai-ho fainted dead Rui Jing Wen Taihao funeral, go alone to the mountains
scattered, but fell hurt can not act, was the master met the rescue ... ...

Episode 2 - a different era

Master Jin Shui Jing back to the hospital for treatment, the doctor said the
hand can recover up to 70%, five years later, the East column as a resident,
both dean ordered him to give up surgery has been reserved for VIP patients with
left hepatectomy, dangerous Degree higher, Jiang Dongzhu to prove himself agreed,
the result of surgery failed, VIP patients died.
East column was derogated to the countryside Ishigaki Hospital, Dong Zhuo once
wanted to resign in the casino to drink to save a passer-by passer and gold
master failed to bet, the East column was scared to report to Ishigaki Hospital,
was chief executive Zhang Qitai cold To be met, in the doctor's lounge East
column met five years of Ruijing, asked her if she did not listen to her text
messages and messages, but Rui Jing said unread previous message.
The hospital came to drive a blood pneumothorax patients, Dongzhu said conditions
must be sent to a large hospital, but was saved on the scene by Master Kim, East
column that can not adapt to the country hospital, you want to go back to the
hospital, with bluegrass to please the hospital Long, I learned that the master
is chief of surgery.
Ruijing suffering from tremor hearing and other symptoms, the old disease attack,
blocking all invalid, cut the wrist, gold master in the operating room to help
Ruijing treatment wrist, East column as an assistant to help ... ...

Episode 3 - ten thousand hours rule

Master Jin Rui in 30 minutes to complete hand surgery, Dongzhu when aides mistakes,
Wu Ming Xin (nurse) took over the perfect operation of the master gold, the East
column was shocked to a slight collapse, the chief of the Chief know East column
is the national medical champion, strongly want to keep him.
Gold medalist Rui Jing denied Rui operation room rights and let East column in
charge of the emergency room business Friday busy, East column teacher Zheng
Kechang, arranged for a dinner together Dean Dean, trying to get him back to the
court, hit and miss Of patients have been transferred, but the families of the
victims in the hospital trouble, Ruijing disturbed.
Emergency room patients have been coming, the East pillar still can not go away,
the intend to go halfway, was sent to the emergency room and Wu Ming heart shout
shout, but the first aid of a patient still died, four patients with burns
Arrival, there is no treatment of burns East column to help Rui Jing guidance
treatment, the gold teacher back to the hospital depressed ...

Episode 4 - need sufficient conditions

Gold master back to deal with the kitchen burn patients, the casino manager Zhu
said the president wants to see him, gold asked the president to come to him,
three hours ago, the gold medal in the casino experience, saved a brain atrophy
gamblers, casino staff Hitting, casino kitchen fire, the master rushed to the
scene to save people, so he knew Che Zhensu and other chefs, Master Jin refused
to recover Yinrui Ruijing's punishment, and the East column sparring.
Wu Ming boomed gold to leave Ruijing, the president came to see the gold master
asked him to be a heart transplant physician, Master Jin requested this hospital
to add a number of expensive instruments and equipment, Dongzhu proposed to
resign, in the dean's office with the gold master Roared a pass, before leaving
asked Ruijing have missed him, Rui Jing said after five years, and finally said
that occasionally think of him.
Both Dean asked Dean LV whether Dr. Yong was the doctor of that year, and
President LV personally acquiesced that Master Ruijin said Ruijing could stay,
but he could only be a helper and Wu Mingxin asked to complete the hand-belling
Injury surgery and then go, halfway east column actually found that the master
is the guidance of his husband Yong Fu Chow ...

Episode 5 - the relative principle of principle

East column identified by the Chief of Administration from the gold master Fu
Yong Zhou, decided to stay in Ishigaki hospital, chief of the Chief Song to take
advantage of the East column to return to the hospital's mentality, but Song
call East column, but was declined to bike Team was truck drivers knocked down,
a large number of injuries poured into the Ishigaki hospital, the master and
Dong Zhu, respectively, presided over surgery, but the patients responsible for
the East column had a history of liver cancer, post-hemorrhage some retreat.
Chief Song and Ren Xiuren Fan driving to Ishigaki Hospital to find the East
Column, the three were to see the gold, East column, Master Rui Jing Dong Zhu
complete the operation, but after the Golden Master Fuzong East column
principleism, Rui Jing comfort East Column, Du Renfan come Ruijing, does not
seem to know each other, Song chief to see the gold teacher, advised him to give
up the president of the surgery ...

Episode 6 - Give motivation: motivation

Director Song of the General Office advised Gold Master to give up the operation
of President Shen. Jin said that in the era of loss of value, he also had to
make money-making sales. Gold chef wanted more expensive equipment from the
president, and the president said he was arrogant. Do not know before you are
chairman of the giant mountain hospital consortium.
When Master Jin would like to give up the president's surgery, Zhujing Jin saw
the annual plan of the president. Song chief of tour said that he should not
talk to Master Jin, saying that Master Kim is not a man, not a straw, Rui Jing,
originally a child had met before driving back to Seoul, but the sudden sudden
illness, the driver returned to the hospital, the gold teacher, Jiang Dongzhu
two are not in the hospital, patients need surgery, East column rush back and
there are accidents, Ruijing static Had to agree with Ren Fan chief knife.
Presidents want to have the president responsible for the gold master required
equipment, both the president also came to Ishigaki hospital, gold master Rui
Jing violation of the provisions of Ren Fan chiefs very dissatisfied, but by
this reason to exert pressure on the president, Fan to Ishigaki, hungry female
patients turned out to be Chinese lotus flowers, property stolen money to pay
medical expenses, stay in the hospital, Song and Ren Fan a pedestrian was sent
to Ishigaki hospital, everyone was surprised ...

Episode7 - Uncertainties
Chiefs to the Chief Song to Ishigaki Hospital to prevent the gold chef responsible
for the heart surgery, and to Dean Lu do not intervene, Song team chief brought
nine people, including Renxiu Renfan and Chen Minjing and others, including Chen
Min Quite strong, Chief Song advised Zhang Qitai promoted to room chief, and
asked him to provide the gold mistakes made by the master and the hospital
improper operation of the news.
Ishigaki hospital new to a number of medical equipment, Ruijing put it down,
Chief Song once again to East Station team to support the gold master or both
Dean, Ren Fan ridicule, South Road, Japan back to a stab wound patients need to
open the joint surgery, Master Jin Ren Fan main knife, East column as an assistant,
East column heart reluctantly, late was removed from the operating room,
emergency patients need TTM surgery, Ruijing can not attending, had Ren Renxiu
East column again grasping the opportunity to contact with Rui Jing, once again
refused, Rui Jing said he was like a child, gang killer into the hospital
harassment, met Jiang Dongzhu in the toilet, Dongzhu told the executive director
of suspicious people, director of the rate of people The hospital did not find
a pass, thought it was Jiangdong Zhu wrong, but the killer was Shui Jing into
the operating room asked to stop surgery ...

Episode 8 - Humanitarian anger

Black male knife held Ruijing asked to stop surgery, said the patient is a rapist,
he wanted to revenge for her daughter, Jiang Dongzhu asked everyone to stop, but
the instructors insist on continuing surgery, Soyuz doctors secretly alarm, the
master said After the completion of the operation of the black men took the
disposal of men, got thirty minutes, police officers arrived, after the
completion of the operation of gold to leave everyone, hesitant to arrest the
black men.
South doctors and nurses think Master Skip an operation, not sure is not done or
deliberately not do, Master Jin comfort black woman male daughter Arlene, told
her to help free treatment, Rui Jing and Renfan said his mother And Dean are
just college friends, and agreed to go to DNA to confirm non-blood.
General Hospital, two inspectors to Ishigaki Hospital investigation gold master
of negligence, and Ruijing psychiatric tests, the gold teacher unwilling to
cooperate with the investigation, the General Hospital Supervision announced
that the ban on the gold master medical conduct, the president came suddenly to
Ishigaki hospitalized surgery , Turned out to be chairman of Dong Zhu hospital ...

Episode 9 - good boundaries

President to hospital, gold master blamed Dongzhu good at advocating doing
useless things, let the Dean's exploratory knife play a role, psychologists
continue to ask Rui Jing psychological wounds, Ruijing refused to leave,
president to expel Rui Jing, Master Kim and Dean have endless arguments, insist
on continuing to monitor.
Both Dean expressed disappointment Ruijin, said the two fate so far, the
conversation was heard quietly Fanjing, Ruijing will resign letter to the South
doctor to the master, the master of gold to recover the same day east column
Ruijing , Otherwise accept her letter of resignation.
Renfan please take leave on vacation Ruijing, to Seoul, Dongzhu learned to wait
for a new car to follow up, psychiatrist out of the diagnosis that Ruijing is
not PTSD, the chief dissatisfaction, but the master cheerfully, the East column
finally giant Mountain Hospital to get the certificate of Ruijing, the sky
floated in the snow, both hands and every Friday.
Emergency room busy overturning, Chief Song and Renxiu busy battered, female
patients subcutaneous emphysema, the doctor is not empty, the first aid for the
lotus, head nurse to find the master to deal with, but was stopped by the police,
Dong Zhu and Ruijing drive back to the hospital, I found a serial car accident
on the highway, almost hit ...

Episode 10 - CRUSH
38 road serial car accident, causing heavy casualties, East column Rui Jingren
Fan help emergency treatment to send a doctor to the hospital to find medical
treatment of silver snow spleen rupture needs surgery, turned out to be Cui
monitoring daughter, Master insisted the operation of survival, Boolean Harvard
surgery experience, gold master to his chief knife, East column as an assistant,
after the operation felt the East column was playing, Lotus to leave the
resignation of luggage left, also asked East column as a doctor's reasons, the
sense of mission and so on.
After the old couple to the hospital, the old lady cardiac arrest, the old
gentleman to sign the grounds of DNR Ruijing stop first aid, everyone sigh, Cui
monitoring gratitude aside, the Master advised him in addition to a serious life,
but also think about why live, TTM surgery patients wake up, family members are
grateful to Rui Jing's proposal, Master Jin Rui Jing reinstated doctor.

Master Zhu Jin found in the clinic treatment room blueprint, gold master that is
just a sketch, but the team looks like a belly case, anime painter patients see
the doctor group into the OS operating room scene, made a picture to the hospital
to commemorate, President reminds me of a strong reminder of gold, will attack
the weaknesses of gold, and indeed both Dean began digging angle ginger east
column ...

Episode 11 - Psychological Entropy

Dean digging angle East column, out of pay 15%, and a year to 100 million research
costs conditions, East column promised to consider, Ruijing asked by Renxiu
Department Zhang Xianzhu death may be the main gold left the Great Master Static
persuade Dongzhu do not agree to the president's proposal, Renfan suspect the
two exchanges.
Young Zhu Ying-chun, who brought all peritonitis to the youth, turned out to be
a deserter who was beaten to death. Dongzhu asked Master Kim for his proposal
that Kim only said his own life decided that the military police would pursue
the deserters and that after the two escaped Injury was returned by the South
doctor, East column is responsible for surgery, drunk driving complained Ruijing
forced blood, Chief Song Song Rui apology was rejected, the master Mediation
Ruijing with drunk driving patients to see the two victims of broken legs, car
drunk conscience found an apology, but his mother dissatisfied, both the
president was involved in escaped patient cases, to Dongzhu signed a dead
certificate of death to conceal the truth, the result was gold Find...

Episode 12 - boiling point

All the chiefs wanted Dongzhu to conceal the truth with his death. Master Jin
broke into bargaining negotiations, and Zhu He's parents came to the hospital.
However, Zhu He died of first aid and died, and postponed the diagnosis of the
cause of death. Dongzhu was upset to go to Nanzhu Hotel for drinking The results
and Jin Pinjiu drunk, the master of the video to the East column surgery, the
East column to Ishigaki Visiting East column, but saw is preparing to bring back
the East column Ruijing and Renfan.
Dongzhu playing wine crazy, in front of everyone said especially like
predecessors, kissing Ruijing opened, then postpone surgery due to Dongzhu
patients died of family members to Ishigaki Hospital posted leaflets
demonstrations, downtown hospitals, East column mother to understand the
situation Apologize to the patient's family, but also to post an apology, East
column on the cause of death is still hesitant to diagnose, Rui Jing urged to
convey the fact that otherwise he will be disappointed.
Master Jingshan beat all the chiefs to warn him not to re-use of young people,
Dong Zhu finally external cause of death to the families of the diagnosis, and
provide video evidence of surgery, East column once again asked to contact Rui
Jing refused, Rui Jing That is not the outcome of the three innings it, Master
Kim told the president of hospital surgery, all Dean Fanren strive to join the
surgery group ...

Episode 13 - arousing aesthetics

Du Renfan find gold master request to do a help in the operation of the president.
Gold Master Du Renfan said his own achievements, I feel that all have to allow
this background is really good. Yin Ruijing heard the talk of Master Kim and Dr.
Wu about the operation of President Shen. Yinrui Jing ran away after hearing the
time, the gold master deliberately let him Yinrui Jing to prepare, Yin Ruijing
stay up all night has been prepared. Yin Ruijing buy surgical instruments
themselves in the operating room slowly practice. Yin Ruijing went to consult
Jiang Dongzhu on aortic suture method, and Jiang Dongzhuo in the operating room
to help Yin Ruijing learning suture. The hospital before the people received the
message, the master will announce the president of the surgery list. Jiang
Dongzhu asked about a help thing, gold master finally said Yinrui Jing. Du Renfan
became very unhappy, yet everyone else was happy about Yin Ruijing. Zhang Qitai
people will be ward to the president of the layout of a very senior, but again
the hospital clean all, and the hospital dress up.
Yin Ruijing told nurses to do their own help, we all feel happy for him. Shen
president in the ward asked who is the attending physician, Yin Ruijing went in
but was not needed by the president. Then let the master quickly go to the ward,
Yinrui Jing has been told in the ward president need to do, but the president is
unwilling. Yinrui Rui desperately let the president accept themselves, and then
began to care about the president of the situation, and finally leave the ward.
Master Jin Rui Yin Ruijing quickly completed the inspection of the president.
Yinrui Ruijing know the president does not accept the check, take the things
themselves to the president to do the inspection. Yin Ruijing closed the temple
president's TV, and then persuaded the president, the president always insisted.
Yinrui Jing said Gold Master will blame yourself, and then slowly persuade the
Finally, Rui Jing Rui began to check the president. Master Kim gave Yin Ruijing
and Yin Ruijing back to the office of the heart model. Yin Ruijing persuaded Du
Renfan to work on duty. Otherwise, Jiang Dongzhu would continue to work for three
days. Du Renfan saw the golden master to Rui Jing Rui's heart model told Yun Yun
finished. Jiang Donggang in the ward to the hospital just show Xiujing, Xiujing
boyfriend told Jiang Dong quarrel they quarrel. Jiang Dongxiu show crystal
boyfriend will be handed over after the show to wake up, Hideo told Jiang Dongzhu
himself eat a few pills. Jiang Dongzhu past to patients with high fever and
examination, the results found that their family are coughing. Jiang Dongzhu
began to patient auscultation and found that patients with lung lobe is not very
good, and then ginger to the patient's parents check, the results heard that my
father went to Saudi Arabia, Jiang Dongzhu some dignified.

Episode 14 - the lifting of the crisis

Jiang Dongzhu is in the hospital to the patient to check the patient, but he
himself suffered from Middle East respiratory syndrome fell to the ground. Master
Jin at the door to see all this after going in, then, Yin Ruijing appear to want
to go in there. Yin Ruijing into Jiang Dongzhu check, Yin Ruijing quietly placed
his hand on the forehead of Jiang Dongzhu, Jiang Dongzhu looked deeply into the
eyes. Yinrui Jing went to check the previous patient, but her heart thought of
Jiang Dongzhu, she would like to stay with Jiang Dongzhu, although their own
decision back to affect themselves. Middle East Respiratory Syndrome so that the
hospital began to fall into anxious treatment. Song chief because there is no
protective suit and Master Jin, the result was several people ridiculed. Kim
came to the second floor found Du Renfan from the President's ward out, Master
Jin Ren are aware of Fan Ren's bad heart. Master Jin into the president's ward,
the master told the president of the hospital.

In the ward outside the child's mom wants to go inside Xiujing boyfriend wanted
to come out, both were blocked, but they also become very sad. Yin Ruijing
persuaded, however, when the patient's blood pressure, Yinrui Jing hurried over
to the rescue. Master Jin heard the President in the president's ward 20 years
ago, then the master became suspicious. Gold master came to the lobby, then,
protective clothing sent to several patients will be transferred to the emergency
room. Chief Song is ready to the patient surgery, but has not dared to knife,
the last master said two, Chief Song finally knife. The hospital allows patients
to receive sponsorship arrangements. Yin Rui Jing in the ward with Jiang Dongzhu,
Yin Ruijing Jing Jingzhu by a hand on the stand, looked happy smiling outside.
Zhang Qitai the next day holding the results excited to tell you that this is
not the Middle East syndrome. Gold teacher did not think there is something wrong,
he came to the ward to check the blood table. Yin Ruijing came to the first
symptomatic patient's room, and then found to be the symptoms of paragonimiasis.
Jiang Dongzhu comfortable bed in bed, woke up Yinrui Jing lying in bed, he would
affectionate look at Rui Yin Rui. Yin Ruijing jumped up to ask Jiang Dongzhu's
case, Jiang Dongzhu nothing. When Jiang Dongdong was about to give Yin Ruijing,
Yin Ruijing took the opportunity to leave and the result was pulled by Jiang
Dongjuan himself. Jiang Dongzhu deep look at Yin Ruijing, Yin Ruijing has been
quibbling, Jiang Dongzhu clinging to Yinrui Jing. The last two were deeply

Episode 15 - angular stone syndrome

Master Jin came to the president's ward, the president let him do surgery, gold
master asked why he believes so, president said he is no matter what method will
make people survive. Gold master to come to the president night rounds. The next
day, Jiang Dongzhu full of blood revived, came to the corridor and Zhang Qitai
greeted. At this time, Yin Ruijing just came to the hospital, two in the corridor
affectionate. The last two left awkwardly. Jiang Dongzhu came to the ward to
examine patients with abdominal pain, Jiang Dongzhu came to check the computer
thing, Zhang Qitai came to tell ginger Dong Zhu pursuit of the method. Dr. Wu
can not really listen to the side, and then she took the opportunity to leave
Jiang Dongzhu, Dr. Wu Qitai ridiculed the meal. Yin Ruijing came to the
president's ward, saw the president's daughter in it. Manager Zhu told Master
Jin that the daughter of the president came to the hospital and may be a master
of gold. The president's daughter strongly persuaded the president to discharge,
and then intend to go to discharge surgery, but was stopped by Yin Ruijing,
Yinrui Rui told her that only the attending physician agreed to be discharged.
However, the president's daughter ignored her directly out of the door.
President's daughter came out to see the master gold, she asked why the gold
master here, however, gold master very indifferent to her, the master is very
dissatisfied with the previous. She did not think she was actually the president's
daughter. She wanted to be discharged to the president, but Master Jin stopped
her from doing so. The two together to talk about the holidays. Yin Rui Jing and
Dr. Wu talk about the daughter of the president, Yinrui Jing want to know the
master and daughter of president, however, Dr. Wu did not tell her. Dr. Wu asked
Yinrui Jing is not interaction with Jiang Dongzhu, however, Yin Ruijing became
haggard 1 Last Yin Ruijing said no, but Dr. Wu laughed. Yin Ruijing left but ran
after Zhao ginger column.

Jiang Dongzhu and Chief Song are examining patients, two patients on the patient
dispute. Jiang Dongzhu back to the office still some doubts about the patient.
Yin Ruijing came to his office to ask him if he was going out, but Jiang Dongzhu
concealed it. Then Jiang Dongzhu asked her nothing without a necklace, Yin
Ruijing became very embarrassed. Jiang Dongzhu got up and want to come again,
but was rejected. Jiang Dongzhu and Yin Ruijing began brainless dispute. Yin
Ruijing let Jiang Dongzhu promised him not to leak, to control the expression.
Jiang Dongzhu has been saying that I love you, but Yin Ruijing has tried to stop
him, but Jiang Dongzhu has been saying ...

Episode 16 - Risk
President decided not to change the surgical plan, the master to consider the
physical condition of elderly patients, in order to control the operation time
in 6 hours or so, very distressed, often in the office to study their own thinking.
Because of the previous case of intestinal abscess vs pancreatic abscess
disagreement, Du Renfan in the emergency room to help Jiang Dong Yu lotus very
harsh, more blame, Pu En Zhuo nurses look in the eyes, very sad.
Both have brought two conditions to choose gold master, or a huge hospital with
the medical team to replace the Ishigaki hospital surgery team, or choose to
agree to live broadcast. Master gold appease the shaken team morale, cheer for
everyone, the confidence of all staff greatly increased, opting to agree to live
surgery. Similarly, in order to shorten the operation time, Jiang Dongzhu invites
Du Renfan, who was dismissed by Master Jin, to rejoin the operation group to
complete the "impossible mission", and to act as a doctor instead of the chief
dean's son The affirmation of the companion, heart very happy.
On the eve of surgery, everybody in Nan Medical School dined for the suspicion
of the two friends Yin Jiang's doubts about the eyes of the two embarrassing to
resolve and cover up. Du Ren Fan Alone gold master, indicating that the
participation in surgery is not for the father's relationship, the master of
gold faint threat he must do a good job, otherwise he will cut his right hand.
On the day of operation, all the staff in the hospital was in short supply. As
soon as the enemy was on his knees, the gold chef demanded that both of them be
ready to go to the operating room at any time. Chief physician, chief of
cardiology of a huge hospital, should always be ready to record the mistakes in
the operation. Due to tissue adhesion, Yin inadvertently pulled through the
artery during surgery, Master Jin calm processing, but still some delay in the
operation time. At this point, the emergency department came to a patient in
urgent need of surgery ulcer perforation, there is no doctor can do surgery.
There is also a mysterious reporter, I do not know what is the reason for coming.

Episode 17 - moment of truth

In order to save the ulcer perforation of patients, Jiang Dong Zhu decided to
leave with the Du Renfan, cooperation in an hour to end perforation surgery, to
catch the old artificial heart removal surgery. Two operating rooms are racing
against time, suture up and down, cut the sound one after another, can not
distinguish between blue, or better than blue. At the last moment, Jiang both
entered the operating room of President Shen on time. With the understanding,
unit operation was shortened by two minutes than scheduled.
Reporter left, into the gold master's office looking for information. President
Shen heart surgery was very successful, director of huge hospital cardiac surgery
that this is incredible perfect surgery, gas Dean are nothing to say. Yin Rui
Jing Jing Rui Jing stroked her hand to handle the first artificial heart, Yin
filled with emotion. After the surgery, all the directors seize the error of Yin,
has always stressed that if the president will wake up but are the responsibility
of Ishigaki Hospital, gold master doubts that he is president should not woke up
the dark psychology, so that he is very awkward.
Reporter's visit to the gold master, his appearance to the gold master very
unhappy. Both presidents want to force the President out of Ishigaki Hospital,
Master Jin took out a notarized power of attorney, president of his own safety
and rescue rights to him, even the president daughter can not interfere.

Episode 18 - whether you want or not want

The reporter photographed some documents taken by the master's office to the
dean and distributed some false information online. President Shen did not wake
up after surgery, the president decided to close the Ishigaki Hospital. At the
last minute, Shen woke up and all the malicious attempts were dissolved.
All the deans sent him the form of the attending physician who delayed Jiang
Dongzhu's father's operation. He found that the doctor was Fu Yong Zhou, the
present gold teacher, who was in a very complicated mood. President daughter
thanked Master Kim, the two long talk a long time, the master gold medal why,
the original, with such a reason ....
Episode 19 - Righteous and medical people
At the same time, the emergency room came with many critically ill patients. For
patients who had the same illness as their fathers, Jiang Dongzun expressed
dissatisfaction with the order in which Jin's doctor arranged medical treatment.
In the past, his father's pain was plagued by him and his dilemma was questioned
by his relatives. Master gold enlighten him, but he still can not accept it.
Unable to see the South doctor, a secret did not want to say to tell ginger,
ginger, so put down the knot. The mysterious reporter also interviewed a lot of
people, digging the shady, will detriment to all the Dean's information to the
master, the master decided not to be cowardly and patient. A pedestrian
participated in the successful celebration of surgery, the atmosphere is abnormal,
do not know what will happen ...

Episode 20
Celebrate the meeting both of the two people make the two lost, the wrist wounded
into a huge hospital, Ren Renfan his father to clean the wound, said that from
now on their own things to their own masters, to stay in Ishigaki hospital to do
their own well. Inspired by a cartoonist who has a heart problem, he draws comic
books about the doctors in the hospital. The president deserved the doctors
promptly for treatment. However, he learned that some people can not enjoy the
same things because of various reasons Good medical service.

Yulianhua serious mistakes, both Ren Fan criticized the Lotus Lotus, Park nurses
came forward, for which we all ease the solution, accidental are all ideal type
is Yin, Yu lotus ideal type is ginger. The president knew two adult male fighting
events, laughed at the gold teacher, Kim said the matter is not naive private
grudges, because of rigorous investigation of the right or wrong. Just at this
time, the dean came to kneel apologize, declared to the president of all pray
forgiveness, but in fact, the gold teacher did not say anything to the president.

After that, both presidents should not be able to succeed their occupying power.
We are happy dinner, Ishigaki hospital trauma specialist will also get the
establishment of Shen president's support, day after day, year after year in
order to save the patient and busy running. Cartoonists have also been the rescue
of the mysterious person, his comic everyone's heart. Having the sense of
accomplishment that saves people and the well-being that is needed is the purpose
of life of romantic doctors.