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Godolivo Arreza Urbiztondo, Sr. was born on July 6, 1926 in Cantilan, Surigao del Sur.

was the fifth child of the late Juan Martinez Urbiztondo and Esperanza Arreza Urbiztondo,
both a native of Canttilan. He got married to Lilia Coleto Buniel, a public school teacher.
Their marriage begot eleven children.

Godolivo spent his Elementary in Cantilan ang high school years in Surigao High, Surigao
City. He went to college and finished with a degree in Bachelor of Science in Commerce in
1945 at the University of San Carlos, Cebu City.

His career as a treasurer began in 1950 with his appointment as Municipal Treasurer marks
the start of his dedicated service in the government sector.

His next assignment as Municipal treasurer in 1951 brought him to the Municipalities of
Anao-aon (San Francisco at present), both in the province of Surigao del Norte. Include
Carrascal, Surigao del Sur.

Godolivo’s extensive experience for years in the treasurer’s office helped him to earn a
qualification for a higher position. He was then assigned as Assistant Provincial Treasurer of
Surigao del Sur in September, 1982.

In 1956, with excellence and dedication in public service as Anao-aon’s Municipal treasurer,
he was awarded the Most Outstanding Municipal Treasurer of the Philippines. The award
was started by the late President Ramon Magsaysay (?). the awarding ceremony was held at
the Malacañang Palace on 1959.

After being away from his family for years, in 1960 (Mayor Eladio “Ladoy” Cortes’ time),
he was finally assigned in Cantilan as municipal Treasurer. It was a homecoming for him.

Godolivo’s career as a Treasurer ended when he retired in 1990’s. during his retirement
years, he became an active member and helped organize various non-profit organizations in
the town. To name a few, he was a member of Cantilan Sporting Club, an adviser and
member of the board of Cantilan Woman’s Club, an adviser of Cantilan and many more.

On September 10, 1979, the Surigao del Sur Electric Cooperative (SURSECO II) was
organized. Godolivo was among its founding members and the longest Board Chairman that
started the implementation and construction of distribution lines and Sub-Station. SURSECO
II a Distribution Utility (DU) is a private, non-stock, non-profit membership and service-
oriented cooperative tasked to distribute electricity within the franchise area and still in
operation up to present. It was registered on the same year as the 115th electric cooperative in
the country.

In the 1995 local elections, he ran as a councilor in his hometown of Cantilan and
subsequently won. It became the start of his remarkable service in Cantilan as a 3-termer
councilor after winning the next two local elections.

His three term stint in the local government unit in the passing of numerous resolutions
which he authored and co-authored and among them is his pet project, the construction of the
Cantilan multi-purpose gymnasium.
The construction of the ambitious Multi-Purpose building started in late 1980’s thru
donations from generous Cantilangnons. The biggest challenge was how and who will
initiate the project without government funds and Godolivo volunteered to take the lead and
perhaps his credibility that all donations will be accounted. It was Cantilangnon or Filipino
Bayanihan spirit when Godolivo started writing letters asking for financial assistance from
successful Cantilangnons and the response was positive with local engineers rendering its
services for free for the design of the building. Periodically, all donors and summary of
expenses was posted to ensure transparency. Godolivo have had to endure a challenging hunt
tirelessly for additional funds just to keep the construction at pace. He visited the offices of
senators and congressmen in Manila to personally solicit for funds. Finally, government
funds completed the building thru the sponsorship/assistance from Cong. Prospero Pichay.
Aside from public funding, private sectors, mostly from Cantilangnons also poured in and
shared their financial support.

Godo, as fondly called bu his family and friends, officially retired from government service
after his last term in the legislative department as in 1983. The multi-purpose building is still
far from its completion. Godo frequently visits the site to make sure he is updated in every
detail of the ongoing construction. It was also during this time that he was able to encourage
one of his sons to run for councilor, with a promise to oversee the construction of the
building until the last detail is being placed.

Konsehal Godo is a dedicated public servant, a national awardee for being the most
outstanding municipal treasurer of the Philippines, civic-minded, a man of the people, and a
loving husband and father to his family.

Herewith are the listings of the solicitations from private and public individuals here and
abroad who contributed much to finance this project.

This resolution of gratitude only manifests the efforts, perseverance and sacrifices of the late
Godolivo Urbiztondo Sr. to start and finish this said Municipal Sports and Cultural
Gymnasium. In spite of his old age of 80’s he opted to continue the project travelling just to
follow-up solicitations from the senate congress and other Cantilangnon individuals.