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Metroid: Other M is the latest installment in the [I]Metroid[/I] series. However
, [I]chronologically[/i], it takes place between [I]Super Metroid[/I] and [I]Met
roid Fusion[/I]. If you are familiar with either of those games, you'll feel rig
ht at home here, with many references to the established canon (- the introducti
on cutscene is a beautiful recount of the final battle in [I]Super Metroid[/I].)
Okay I promise to take it easy on the italics from here on out. But before we ge
t into it here it is important to remember that this game is in no way tied to t
he [I]Prime[/I] series. It is a spiritual successor in the sense that some contr
ols were inherited, but well, you'll see what I mean in a minute. Read what I me
an. See/read what I mean. Okay.
The point of the game is that Samus is answering a distress call on a gigantic f
loating ship, only to meet up with some old teammates from her time in the Galac
tic Federation. She joins their squad temporarily, having once served under thei
r commanding officer, Adam Malkovich. The mission quickly turns mystery when evi
dence is discovered that the "floating ship" is owned by the Federation, and was
a secret base for carrying out illegal bioweapon experiments.
[IMGRIGHT=] I like t
he new, emotive Samus Aran. Losing that baby Metroid during the fight with Mothe
r Brain affected her more than even she knows, and this new mission keeps bringi
ng up more feelings about the event. In this new adventure, Samus plays the role
of heroine, detective, "daughter", and tortured soul.
[I]Metroid: Other M[/I] tells you right off the bat that it is a plot driven tit
le. However, even though I anticipated it, I was still slightly caught off-guard
with the amount of story this game hinges on. I have literally never seen more
cutscenes in a game in my entire life. This is by no means a downside, as every
cutscene is wonderfully done and done in such a way that it is nearly enthrallin
g, however, the introduction movie is a bit lengthy. Or perhaps I'm just too imp
atient to be trusted with a blaster?
[B]Graphics[/B] wise, [I]Other M[/I] blew me out of the water. I haven't seen an
ything that looks this good on the Wii in a long time, at least to the best of m
y knowledge. Aside from the breathtaking quality of the cutscenes, the actual ga
meplay has excellent graphics. I haven't seen any comparisons, but from my own e
xperience and memory, it has a very [I]Metroid Prime 3: Corruption[/I] element t
o the looks of the game. However, if possible, it seems that the graphics were i
n fact enhanced since that previous Wii title, and the game definitely looks gre
[IMGLEFT=] The big thi
ng about this game, however, is the new control system. [I]Other M[/I] is now se
t up as a 3rd person shooter, but not in the way you'd think. Somehow Nintendo m
anaged to create a new gaming formula, by perfectly combining 3rd person shooter
s with 2d adventures, and throwing a [I]slight[/I] on-rails feel that doesn't ac
tually exist. The On-rails feel comes from the fact that you use the D-Pad on th
e Wiimote, which is turned sideways. I personally was overjoyed about this contr
ol scheme, as a problem I had with [I]Corruption[/I] was the WiiMote/Nunchuck co
mbination. With [I]Other M[/I], you just shoot and jump and run. It's so much li
ke [I]Super Metroid[/I] and [I]Fusion[/I] that sometimes I forget that I'm playi
ng on the Wii system. It's as if my older consoles got amazing hardware! Samus
locks on in a subtlety automatic way that works great with the feel of the game
and doesn't feel completely forced.
In [I]Other M[/I], you don't collect new suit powerups like in previous games. T
here are no Ice beams laying around the ship. Instead, General Malkovich will [B
]authorize[/B] the use of a suit upgrade, depending on the course that the missi
on takes.
The only controls that were inherited from [I]Corruption[/I] were the first pers
on shots, which don't seem all that important, but you will use more often than
you think. [I]Other M[/I]'s first person content is the only way that you can us
e missiles. You must point the remote at the screen, and boom - first person. Yo
u can't walk, but you can hold the B button and look around. Hold B to automatic
ally lock on to an enemy or an object, and click A to fire a missile. It is as e
asy as 3.14159.
All in all, this is an amazing game to get for anyone - especially yourself.
[u][b][color=deeppink]N+[/color] Summary[/b][/u]
[b]Game:[/b] Metroid: Other M
[b]Developed by:[/b] Nintendo
[b]Genre:[/b] Action-Adventure
[b]Players:[/b] 1
[b]Release Date:[/b] Aug. 31, 2010 (USA) / Sept. 2nd, 2010 (JAP/AUS) / Sept. 3rd
, 2010 (EU)
[b]Rating:[/b] CERO: B / ESRB: T / OFLC: M / PEGI: 16
[b]Supports WFC:[/b] No
[b]Video available:[/b] [URL=]TV
[u][b][color=deeppink]N+[/color] Points[/u]
[b][color=deeppink]N+[/color][/b] Great new control and camera style
[b][color=deeppink]N+[/color][/b] The graphics rock so hard
[b][color=deeppink]N+[/color][/b] The story is actually one that you could care
[b][color=deeppink]N+[/color][/b] Engaging action
[b][color=deeppink]N+[/color][/b] Unique item progression
[u][b][color=Royalblue]N-[/color] Points[/u]
[b][color=Royalblue]N-[/color][/b] Still no multiplayer mode, at all
[b][color=Royalblue]N-[/color][/b] Absolutely no online support, not even to tra
de run-times
[b][color=Royalblue]N-[/color][/b] The camera and controls have a bit of a learn
ing curve
[b][color=Royalblue]N-[/color][/b] No customization (Different suits, anyone?)
[B][SIZE=6]JudgmeN+: [COLOR=deeppink]9.5[/COLOR][/SIZE][/B]