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2D Media Learning Objectives:

 Use Value to Create Depth

 Adding Details to Create a more Realistic Drawing
Jim Dine Inspired  Use Composition to create a more interesting image
Charcoal Drawing

Project Expectations:
The final result of this project will be an interesting composition of at least three items that have at least a little
bit of metal on them. You may have more than three items in your composition, but at least three different
items must have some metal.
Using Charcoal, you will draw and render the items in your composition to look as realistic as possible (including
realistic shades, shadows, highlights, details, etc.). Your final drawing will be no smaller than 11x14.

The Process:
 Begin by selecting at least three different items that have metal on them. (You may use
more than three items, but at least three need to have metal on them.)
 Arrange your items in an interesting way and take a picture of the arrangement. (You
may edit your image to crop it in to make it more interesting.)
 Finish the Project Planning sheet to experiment with composition and have it signed off
by Mr. Shirley.
 Once you have the final paper, lightly sketch out your composition using a regular
pencil (remember not to add shading and shadowing with regular pencils)
 Use Charcoal and White Chalk to add in the darkest and the lightest values (use the
color of the paper as your mid-values)

How You Will Be Assessed:

Your Grade will be determined on the following criteria:

Craftsmanship: How well you used the materials and
constructed the project.
 Originality and Creativity: Your Ideas are your own, not  Value
copied from other sources, your creativity will be
obvious from the visual communication of the idea.  Depth
 Meeting the Objectives of the Assignment: Did you
follow the Guidelines and Expectations?  Composition
Your final grade will be determined using the Reflection Sheet
 Balance
and Grading Rubric you will fill out and turn in with the
completed project