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Name:_______________________________ Class Period:)_________

Nature of Science: Consumer’s Challenge

Have you ever seen a product demonstration on TV? For example, do you
remember seeing an Oxi Clean Commercial?

Your challenge is to test a product and see if it lives up to the hype. You will
need to construct the experiment, make observations, and finally write a
conclusion. You are responsible for providing all materials.

This is a group project, question one another, and help make your experiment
better! You will also need to run the project by me before you move forward
with actual experimentation.

You are responsible for managing your time wisely, and consistently being on

At the end, you will turn in the attached packet. You will also need to present at
the conclusion of the experiment –poster board, Powerpoint, Prezi, HaikuDeck,

I CANNOT wait to see what you all come up with…remember scientists are
CREATIVE. Think outside the box.
Name:_______________________________ Class Period:)_________

Part A: Think about it!

1. What product(s) will you test?

2. What claims are currently being made by the product? (Check

out the ads and websites!) Cite this source as well. (You might
want to include these pictures in your presentation.)

3. What do you want to find out? Write a question that addresses

the goal of your experiment.

4. Predict what you think will happen.

Name:_______________________________ Class Period:)_________

Part B: Plan it!

5. What will you do to ensure reliable results? (Think CONSTANTS)

6. What safety issues do you need to address?

7. What steps (procedure) will you use in your experiment? Be

Name:_______________________________ Class Period:)_________

8. Now fill in the following:



Problem being tested:

How does ___________________________ affect ___________________.


If ________________________________________, then __________________.


List at least one problem (source of error) you notice could be a

possibility in this experiment.

Part C: Materials

Make a list of all the materials you will need for the experiment.
Name:_______________________________ Class Period:)_________

At this point you will conduct the experiment. MAKE SURE YOU HAVE
GOTTEN Mr. Painter’s initials here_______________.

Part D: Collect it! **TAKE PICTURES AS YOU GO!

List 3 qualitative observations and 3 quantitative observations about

your results.

List 2 objective and 2 subjective observations about your results.

Use the space below to create a data chart to record information

gathered during your experiment.

Part E: Graph it!

Use the data from Part A to construct a graph that illustrates the
results of your experiment.

Part F: Conclusion
Write a conclusion using the requirements below.

1.) Specific hypothesis uses if/then/because with appropriate IV and DV is

2.) References data indicating whether hypotheses was supported or not supported
3.) Identifies 2 potential sources of error and offers solutions for correcting errors