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2: New s from Executive Director

IAFNR 4: New s from IBFN

New sletter 6: New s from FNRE Journal

11: New course: Intro to Functional
October 2018 new sletter Neurology
Welcome to the October IAFNR New sletter and 12: Ask the Doctor: Dr. Rommel
happy summer. Hope you are staying cool and Geronimo
getting some time off. 16: Dr. M elillos' Childhood Course
In this issue w e learn about courses and the 2018
17: Clinician' s Corner: Revive
IAFNR Conference, how to submit case studies to
the FNRE Journal, and hear from some local IAFNR
Treatment Centers
members about their practices. 23: M arketplace
If you' d like to contribute to the next new sletter,
please email. Thanks! ? Elaine M arshall, IAFNR
New sletter Editor

IAFNR August 2018 | Page 1

New s from IAFNR
Janet Groschel, Executive Director
Don't miss out on the 9th annual IAFNR conference,
it's almost here! This year 's event is scheduled for
October 25?28, 2018 in Phoenix, Arizona at the
beautiful Desert Ridge Marriott Resort and Spa.
With an award-winning golf course, fantastic pool, and
lazy river, the hotel offers comfort and luxury for all
This year 's theme is In t er disciplin ar y Car e: Th e Next
Gen er at ion of Fu n ct ion al Neu r ology.
Many of IAFNR?s lunches and events will be outside
because the weather is usually wonderful in October.
We always encourage attendees to bring their
This year offers a multi-specialty conference
integrating professionals from different specialties. The 2018 IAFNR Conference will be at the Desert
Ridge Marriott Resort and Spa in Phoenix,

Table of Contents IAFNR October 2018 | Page 2

New s from IAFNR continued disorders
- Business basics and tips
Janet Groschel, Executive Director of a functional
neurology practice
Topics at this year 's conference - Medications for the To see more details about the
include: non-prescriber talks and the schedule, please
- Locomotion and visit this lin k .
- Functional
movement complexity
neuro-orthopedics IAFNR is offering a payment
- Vision viewpoints in TBI
- Impact of digital therapy plan. To sign up for a payment
- Interdisciplinary care of
- Posture and the CNS plan or to learn more, please
- Eye movement therapy call (480) 926-1115.
- Oculomotor neurological
behavior after brain
- Cold laser therapy
- Blast injury
- Sports vision and injury
- Functional neurology of

Table of Contents IAFNR October 2018 | Page 3

New s from International Board of Functional Neurology (IBFN)
Lucinda Harman, PhD, RN, Executive Director
The International Board of website.
Disorders-Healthcare, you will
Functional Neurology is
If you are a licensed health receive your certification
pleased to offer the
care professional, have taken documents at the upcoming
Dr. Melillo?s course in the last IAFNR conference during the
five years, regardless of awards ceremony on
Disorders for health care
where, and are a member of Saturday night.
providers examination again.
IAFNR (or join now), you may
The conference is October
The testing window will review the materials and
25?28 2018. Please be there
begin September 14, 2018 take the end of module tests.
to receive this well-deserved
and will end on October 1, Once you have completed
honor and the recognition
2018. Beginning August 1, those, you are eligible to sit
you have earned! I look
2018, you may register for the certification examination.
forward to meeting most of
the exam on
For all who have or do you face-to-face and seeing The
become Fellows of the IBFN many of you again!
study materials are on the
in Childhood
IBFN is still looking for subject

Table of Contents IAFNR October 2018 | Page 4

New s from International Board of Functional Neurology (IBFN)
Lucinda Harman, PhD, RN, Executive Director
core areas of Functional
matter experts for the Fellow examination. Clinical
Neurology and will require
in Advanced Functional experience is essential.
300 hours of training in any
Neurology certification
IBFN is also seeking Subject variety of courses. More on
examination. We cannot
Matter Experts for a this and other certification
offer an examination if I do
certification examination for opportunities in the next
not get enough Subject
Childhood newsletter. Please contact Dr.
Matter Experts who have
Neurodevelopmental Harman if you are interested
completed all of the modules
Disorders for Educators that in participating as a Subject
and have at least two years
will begin development in Matter Expert.
of clinical practice. Because November, 2018 and be
this is Advanced, we are SEE YOU IN OCTOBER!
offered June, 2019. We are
expecting that most of you Dr. Lucinda Harman,
also anticipating offering a
have your Diplomate or Executive Director,
Diplomate in Functional
other primary certification
Neurology examination by International Board of
prior to taking this
July, 2019. This will be the Functional Neurology

IAFNR October 2018 | Page 5

New s from Functional Neurology, Rehabilitation, and Ergonomics
Information on how to publish your interesting case studies
At last year 's IAFNR meeting, we
indicated our journal, Functional
Neurology, Rehabilitation and
Ergonomics, eagerly requests
submissions of case reports.
The template should be online
shortly, but in the meantime I am
providing a copy of that template at
the end of this article to give each of
you a "head's up" in starting to think
about how to share interesting
The editorial office and I are fully
committed in assisting you in
publishing your case material, as

IAFNR October 2018 | Page 6

FNRE update continued...

some of the membership available online h er e.

has already done.
I hear from the publishers that " Th e edit or ial
For any assistance you may the print version will be
of f ice an d I ar e
need, please feel free to available soon.
contact me directly by f u lly com m it t ed in
Volume 8 issues 1-3 are in
em ail.
production and should be
assist in g you in
New Pu blish er available to you online shortly. pu blish in g you r
Functional Neurology, ? Gerry Leisman case m at er ial, as
Rehabilitation and Editor-in-Chief FNRE som e of t h e
Ergonomicsis now being m em ber sh ip h as
Full Professor Neuro- and
published by InnoVision Rehabilitation Sciences alr eady don e."
Medical Media.
Haifa University
Although print copy has not
yet been delivered, Volume Case st u dy t em plat e on n ext
7 Issues 1-4 are now page.

IAFNR October 2018 | Page 7

FNRE Case Study Template

Please read this information f r om t h e pat ien t or gu ar dian. practice guidance of the
before you write your article Committee on Publication
If the patient is deceased the Data
Ethics. FNRE is a member of
PATIENT CONSENT Protection Act does not apply but
CrossCheck by CrossRef and
authors must seek permission
You must have signed iThenticate, which is a
from the next of kin. If you cannot
informed consent from plagiarism screening service
get signed consent from the next
patients (or that verifies the originality of
of kin, the head of your medical
relatives/guardians) before content submitted before
team/hospital or legal team must
submitting a case report to publication.
take responsibility that exhaustive
FNRE. Please anonymize the
attempts have been made to iThenticate checks submissions
patient?s details as much as
contact the family and that the against millions of published
possible, e.g., specific ages,
paper has been sufficiently articles, and billions of web
ethnicity, occupations.
anonymized not to cause harm to content. Authors, researchers
For livin g pat ien t s t h is is a the family. You will need to upload and freelancers can also use
legal r equ ir em en t u n der a signed document to this effect. iThenticate to screen their work
t h e USA?s Dat a Pr ot ect ion before submission by visiting
legislat ion ; w e w ill n ot sen d
you r ar t icle f or r eview FNRE takes publication ethics very
w it h ou t explicit con sen t seriously and abides by the best

IAFNR October 2018 | Page 8

FNRE Case Study Template continued

Ever y ar t icle is scr een ed on Why you think this case is important LEARNING POINTS/TAKE HOME
su bm ission an d an y t h at is ? why did you write it up? MESSAGES
deem ed t o over lap m or e
CASE PRESENTATION Three to five bullet points ? this is
t h an t r ivially w it h ot h er
a required field
pu blicat ion s w ill be r eject ed Presenting features,
au t om at ically w it h n o r igh t medical/social/family history REFERENCES
of appeal. INVESTIGATIONS Vancouver style (Was the patient
Su bm ission t em plat e involved in a clinical trial? Please
If relevant
reference related articles)
Do not include ?a case report? If relevant
Figures should NOT be embedded
SUMMARY TREATMENT in this document
Up to 150 words summarising If relevant PATIENT?S PERSPECTIVE
the case presentation and
outcome (this will be freely OUTCOME AND FOLLOW-UP Optional but encouraged
available online) DISCUSSION
BACKGROUND Include a very brief review of similar
published cases

IAFNR October 2018 | Page 9

FNRE update continued...
Clin ical Neu r ology,
Copyright Statement Date: Hu m an Fact or s an d
The Corresponding Author, WITH THE FOLLOWING FORMAT: vocat ion al assessm en t
has the right to assign on an d t r ain in g t o pr esen t
Corresponding author ?s last name
behalf of all authors and does cr it ical ideas, t h eor ies,
and date of submission, e.g.,
assign on behalf of all
Smith_July_2013.doc pr oof -of -con cept f or
authors, a full assignment of
all intellectual property rights
t ech n ology solu t ion s,
for all content within the an d dat a-based
submitted case report (other Th e aim an d scope of evalu at ive r esear ch t o
than as agreed with t h is in t er disciplin ar y f acilit at e r et u r n t o
InnoVision Medical Media) jou r n al is t o pr ovide a w or k or m or e ef f ect ive
(?InV?) in any media known f u n ct ion al
f or u m f or t h e f ields of
now or created in the future,
Biom edical an d developm en t in
and permits this case report
(if accepted) to be published Reh abilit at ion ch ildr en an d adu lt s.
in FNRE. En gin eer in g,
Neu r opsych ology,

IAFNR October 2018 | Page 10

New edu cat ion : In t r o t o Fu n ct ion al Neu r ology
by Dr. Ryan Cedermark to revisit up-to-date research From understanding lobes of the
and clinical applications so that brain to the complexities of eye
This year, we are excited to movements, you can rest assured
you can continue to be the best
announce that the IAFNR that you will leave the weekend
provider for your patients.
team is going to be teaching feeling excited, refreshed and
an introduction to functional Dr. Michael Longyear and I have ready to start some new clinical
neurology track alongside all put together a 100-hour Applied applications on Monday morning!
of the amazing speakers! Clinical Neuroscience
Certification program through We realize that not everyone
After speaking with last wants to or has time to become
Life University to help people
year 's attendees, we realized certified as a functional
learn more of the basic
that a lot of us could use a neurologist, but may just want to
foundations of functional
good "refresher " on some of learn some key concepts, so that
neurology. The majority of the
the principles of functional was the purpose of the class.
classes are online
with the last four
Not only that, but we feel classes live and in
that because functional person so we can
neurology is still in it's do more clinical
infancy, it is VERY important applications.

IAFNR October 2018 | Page 11

Ask t h e Doct or
Dr . Rom m el Ger on im o
A Q&A case report with Dr. Geronimo

Wh at is a r em ar k able com plain t s? How lon g? How

f u n ct ion al n eu r ology case m an y ot h er doct or s did t h ey
t h at st an ds ou t f or you ? see?
right, odd tingling sensations
I think all functional neurology She complained of the typical throughout out her body, and
cases are remarkable. But since Hashimoto?s symptoms.
severe anxiety.
I have to pick one that stands Chronic fatigue, brain fog, poor
out, I?ll present one of my memory, thinning hair, poor She was diagnosed with
patients who has Hashimoto?s. energy, and alternating Hashimoto?s about four years
She experienced two traumatic constipation and diarrhea. ago. She is 47 now but suffered
brain injuries (TBIs) about three However, after the second from fatigue, allergies, and
months apart. concussion, she also abdominal bloating since her
complained of light sensitivity, teens.
Wh at w er e t h e pat ien t ?s
poor balance, falling to her

IAFNR October 2018 | Page 12

Ask the Doctor continued...
" Her gu t issu es did
She had seen six other doctors com pon en t t o t h eir issu e? n ot im pr ove u n t il I
before she came to me,
She sought me out after her st ar t ed doin g
including a naturopath and an
second TBI so I knew that this f u n ct ion al
acupuncturist. Both had
was a neuro case from the
recommended that she go n eu r ology w it h
start. During my neuro exam I
strictly autoimmune paleo h er ."
observed she fatigued pretty
(AIP), which helped her
easily just with eye pursuits.
tremendously with her fatigue.
Finger to nose was inaccurate
After her second TBI, her diet didn?t k n ow f u n ct ion al
bilaterally. She had an elliptical
was severely limited to chicken sway with Rombergs eyes open n eu r ology?
and three to four vegetables. If and she felt dizzy immediately Initially, I only treated her with
she strayed even with just when she closed her eyes. functional medicine to get her
fruits and veggies, she would inflammation down. Since her
get immediate abdominal How w ou ld t h is case h ave
diet was already so restricted, I
bloating, achy joints, brain fog, gon e if you on ly u sed
put her on a supplemental
f u n ct ion al m edicin e an d
and fatigue. regimen aimed at modulating
con ven t ion al m an u al
How did you r ealize t h er e her neuroinflammation and
adju st m en t s becau se you
w as a n eu r ological boosting blood flow to her

IAFNR October 2018 | Page 13

Ask the Doctor continued...

blood-brain barrier. Her stool test showed her vertigo, but she was able to
microbiome population and have bowel movements on the
At her three-week follow up,
diversity were both very low. days of her treatments. Thus I
she reported that she had
had her doing these exercises
more energy, less sensitivity to In order to improve she would
at four times day at home and
light, sound, and touch and felt need more diversity in her diet,
she reported that she had less
more stable with her balance but she simply could not
bloating and was able to
and posture. She was still tolerate fruits and veggies such
introduce more food with less
experiencing dizziness with as blueberries or spinach.
head and neck movements and
Her gut issues did not improve
she was still severely Wh at w as t h e pat ien t ?s
until I started doing functional
constipated with one bowel ou t com e?
neurology with her. To be
movement a week.
honest, I was going after her Her outcome was great. She is
The most frustrating part was dizziness, balance, and still experimenting with
trying to add new veggies and coordination issues by doing expanding her plant-based diet
fruit to her diet. Every time eye pursuits, saccades, and but her dizziness, constipation,
she tried something new, she canalith repositioning. and light and sound
would bloat and not feel well. sensitivities have all improved.
This not only helped with her

IAFNR October 2018 | Page 14

Ask the Doctor continued...
" Sh e w as alr eady
Wh at w as t h e pat ien t ?s In the same way that functional aw ar e h er br ain
r espon se t o lear n in g t h eir medicine has helped expand
br ain dysf u n ct ion w as my patient base so has
w as in ju r ed f r om
in volved? functional neurology. I can talk t h e con cu ssion s so
She was already aware that her
to a patient with a traumatic sh e w as n ot
brain injury or vestibular or sh ock ed abou t t h e
brain was injured from the
movement disorder and
concussions so she was not
explain to them how I can help
br ain dysf u n ct ion .
shocked about the brain Sh e w as, h ow ever ,
them with functional neurology
dysfunction. She was, however,
fascinated with how working
in a way no other doctor has. f ascin at ed w it h h ow
with her balance and Rommel Geronimo, DC, DACNB w or k in g w it h h er
coordination improved her gut balan ce an d
issues. coor din at ion
How h as lear n in g f u n ct ion al Have an interesting case im pr oved h er gu t
n eu r ology ch an ged you r story to share? Email us to
issu es."
pr act ice an d you r pat ien t be included in the IAFNR
ou t com es in gen er al? Newsletter.

IAFNR October 2018 | Page 15

Ch ildh ood Developm en t al Lear n in g
Disabilit ies an d Beh avior al Disor der s
Cer t if icat ion Cou r se
(per module in USA)

Price is per module.
Get significant course savings by becoming a
Inst ruct or: Robert J. Melillo, MS, DC,
Childhood Development al Learning
Disabilit ies and Behavioral Disorders
Cert ificat ion Course: 10 Modules
Available ? All available on line.

IAFNR October 2018 | Page 16

Clin ician's Cor n er
Revive Tr eat m en t Cen t er s in Color ado
t r eat s TBIs w it h an in t egr at ive clin ical
t eam f ocu sed on n eu r ology, psych ology,
an d m et abolics
? by Carriann Terzini

The team at Revive patients to also incorporate

Treatment Centers in psychology and cellular
the Denver, CO area therapy in their treatment Dr. Josh Flowers is the founder and
CEO of Revive Treatment Centers
goes beyond plans. To the Revive team,
functional neurology a brain injury is a whole person to examine who
and functional body and mind issue. they are, what is
medicine with its "A TBI often brings a important to them, and

IAFNR October 2018 | Page 17

Clinician' s Corner continued...

how they are connecting the mind, brain, and body

to the preciousness of connection allows them to
life," says Dr. Dan Engle, consider the whole person
Medical Director at while incorporating a suite
Revive. "A significant of services designed to
healing process brings create positive changes.
about grief for what has Within their methodology
been lost. Not of addressing the
addressing grief and emotional and
unresolved emotional psychological components Dr. Dan Engle is the medical
director at Revive Treatment
trauma can greatly of brain injury and PTSD,
impair recovery." Revive has observed
enhanced recovery for "We could treat their
Unlike many practices, neurological and
Revive?s integration of their patients.
metabolic needs, but

IAFNR October 2018 | Page 18

Clinician' s Corner continued...

without addressing become through

someone?s motivation, recovery. Dr. Engle, who
drive, and purpose their is Board Certified in both
recovery is limited" says Psychiatry and
Flowers. Neurology, combines
Earlier this year, Flowers functional medicine,
brought on Dr. Dan integrative psychiatry,
neuro-cognitive Dr. Scharlene Gaudet is the director of
Engle to help patients the veteran's program at Revive
work through restoration, and even
unresolved grief and peak performance
and begin to identify
trauma, develop a more methods within his
themselves with their
positive mindset, and to clinical practice.
injury," says Engle, "We
prepare patients for the "TBI survivors often lose help them to discover
person they are going to touch with who they are who they are beyond a

IAFNR October 2018 | Page 19

Clinician' s Corner continued...

TBI survivor. We teach depression

them to adopt an scores are
empowered narrative, to extremely high?,
choose how they want to says Dr.
live, and to equip the Scharlene
patient to be in the Gaudet, DC,
driver 's seat of their own DACNB, the
health." director of A Revive patient's service dog waits for his human
with a paw on the hyperbaric chamber.
?When our Veterans Revive's
come in for their Veterans?program. they are able to work
two-week rehabilitation ?Through functional through the underlined
program, they are neurology alone we see psychology, results are
typically withdrawn and major decreases in found to be even more
most often anxiety and anxiety and depression profound.?
scores. However, once

IAFNR October 2018 | Page 20

Clinician' s Corner continued... treatment diagnostics
show a drastic 70%
Gaudet continues, ?We given to patients at reduction overall.
had a corpsman come in Revive Treatment
In addition to a
withdrawn, wearing dark Centers to screen for the
whole-body approach,
clothes and sunglasses, presence and severity of
which incorporates
and his hoodie on. Little depression. When the
neurology, functional
by little the hoodie came above mentioned patient
medicine, and
down and the arrived, Initial PHQ-9
psychology, Revive has
sunglasses came off. By findings: 26 (96.3%) on a
the most innovative and
the end of the first week 1-27 scale; 2 weeks
progressive suite of
he was looking people in in-office therapy yielded
treatment modalities
the eye, and able to fully PHQ-9 findings: 16
currently in the
interact and function.? (59.3%) on a 1-27 scale; 3
The PHQ-9 is a months post-care PHQ-9
rehabilitation space.
9-question instrument findings: 7 (25.9%), on a
They utilize state-of-the
1-27 scale. Post

IAFNR October 2018 | Page 21

Clinician' s Corner continued... Becom e a par t of t h e
IAFNR n ew slet t er !
art testing and - Advertise your product
therapeutic modalities, or business
including gene testing, - Submit new s about
cellular therapy, your practice
hyperbaric chambers, - Submit new s about
low-level laser therapy, your life (marriage,
transcranial magnetic birth, travel, etc.)
stimulation, rotational - Student life ? w hat' s
therapy, and much happening
more. - Doctor Q & A
- Interesting case studies
For more information, - New discoveries
contact Revive - and more!
Treatment Centers at Cariann Terzini, Business
Develoment and Public Email for more info
Relations, Revive Treatment

IAFNR October 2018 | Page 22

IAFNR October 2018 | Page 23
Fu n ct ion al m edicin e an d
f u n ct ion al n eu r ology blog
ar t icles an d con t en t
- Week ly blog ar t icles
- Lead m agn et e-r epor t s
- Cu st om con t en t
- Af f or dable; n o con t r act s
- Vet er an w r it er

Fu n ct ion al Healt h M in u t e
IAFNR October 2018 | Page 24