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CONDITIONAL SENTENCES 18) I (marry) someone famous if I (be) a

movie star.
Make the second conditional
19) We (be) late again if we (buy) a new
1) If I (be) you, I (get) a new job.
2) If he (be) younger, he (travel) more. 20) You (lose) weight if you (eat) less
3) If we (not/be) friends, I (be) angry with
First or second conditional?
1. If I get home late tonight, I (not eat).
4) If I (have) enough money, I (buy) a big
house. 2. If Jan could run 100 metres in 10
seconds, he (be) an athlete.
5) If she (not/be) always so late, she (be)
promoted. 3. If Simon catches a fish today, we (eat) it.

6) If we (win) the lottery, we (travel) the 4. She (buy) a Porsche if she won the
world. lottery.

7) If you (have) a better job, we (be) able 5. If it (rain) in the Sahara desert, everyone
to buy a new car. would be very surprised.

8) If I (speak) perfect English, I (have) a 6. If it rains tonight, we (can/go) to the

good job. cinema.

9) If we (live) in Mexico, I (speak) Spanish. 7. If you dog spoke, you (can/sell) it to the
10) If she (pass) the exam, she (be) able to
enter university. 8. If we play football on Saturday, I (be)
tired on Sunday.
11) She (be) happier if she (have) more
friends. 9. You (become) fat if you eat too much

12) We (buy) a house if we (decide) to 10. If I (be) you, I wouldn't accept that job.
stay here. It sounds terrible!!

13) They (have) more money if they 11. If your parents punish you, do you think
(not/buy) so many clothes. they (take) your mobile phone?

14) We (come) to dinner if we (have) 12. (you/ ask) for an autograph if you met
time. a famous astronaut?

15) She (call) him if she (have) his number. 13. If Steve Jobs was still alive, I (like) to
meet him.
16) They (go) to Spain on holiday if they
(like) hot weather. 14. If you ever need surgery, you
(probably/ be) operated by a robot.
17) She (pass) the exam if she (study)
more. 15. If I (have) my own robot, I
(programme) it to clean my house.
16. If I (be) you, I would see a doctor first.

17. If I were a model, I (not / resist) eating

chocolate now and then.

18. If she (eat) an apple instead of apple

pie, she will get less calories.

19. We (have) a picnic tomorrow if it is


20. If people did sport regularly, they

(not/have) so many health problems.

21. If you help me in the kitchen, I (give)

you a piece of chocolate cake.