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ISES 50th ISES names its

Anniversary new president
celebrations Prof. D. Yogi Goswami has been
elected as the 23rd president of the
organizations provides me with
the background necessary to lead
International Solar Energy Society ISES in the coming years,"
The 50th Anniversary of the first future with their development,
(ISES), by the society's board of Goswami said. "ISES is in a
ISES (International Solar Energy education in and promotion of
directors. A dynamic leader, unique position to influence the
Society) world conference will be solar energy. The Anniversary pro-
Goswami brings a fresh perspec- global agenda for solar energy
celebrated at the ISES Solar World gram includes five parts: The pub-
tive to ISES, seeking to enhance research, development and appli-
Congress in Orlando, Florida, lication of the "History of ISES", a
the society's global presence in cations," Goswami said. "My
August 8 - 12, 2005, together with two volume book with contribu-
international policy forums on goal is to help ISES become
the annual ASES conference. ISES tions from all ISES Sections; The
was founded in 1954 and its name production of a Video with inter- energy, environment and resource effective in the movement
was then The Association for views of solar energy pioneers; issues, as well as effectively com- toward a global solar future."
Applied Solar Energy (AFASE). Its Sessions on the History of Solar municating the strength of ISES in The newly elected ISES presi-
first Symposium on Applied Solar Energy and ISES; a Solar Energy providing a forum for exchange of dent's future vision includes
Energy was held in 1955 in Exhibit; and a special event to technical information. Goswami's maintaining a strong scientific
Arizona. The ISES Solar World honor Solar Energy Pioneers. term as ISES President will run and technical leadership of the
Congress is a bi-annual interna- Readers are cordially invited to from January 2004-December society; increasing membership;
tional conference, held every two participate in all parts of the pro- 2005. Also newly elected as ISES cultivating a strong and mutual-
years in a different country. In gram. Please contact ISES with Vice Presidents are Dr. Renate ly beneficial relationship with
2005 it will be back in the United your ideas, send in your pictures, Böer (USA) for Scientific and the international sections; and
States. The Anniversary part of the memorabilia for the exhibit, and Technical Affairs, and Dr. implementation of a new organi-
2005 Solar World Congress become part of this important Venkatrama Bakthavatasalam zational structure for the society.
( is designed to anniversary. ISES will handle all (India) for Membership Affairs. Contact: ISES International
reflect on the past 50 years of ISES materials with great care and Their terms are concurrent with Headquarters, Ms. Christine
with the accomplishments of its return them to you after their use. Goswami's. Hornstein, Marketing Officer,
members in Science, Technology Please contact Renate Böer, co- "My experience of 30 years in Wiesentalstr. 5079115 Freiburg,
and Development. Participants of chair, History Projects, e-mail: solar energy research and devel- Germany. Tel: +49 - 761 - 45906
the ISES Sections will showcase or Cesare Silvi, opment, advising various gov- - 45; Fax: +49 - 761 - 45906 - 99;
the development of solar energy in co-chair, History Projects, e-mail: ernments on solar energy policy, Email:;
their countries and point to the and leadership in other large Web:

Solar cells based on EuroSun2004

carbon nanotubes The biennial ISES EuroSun scientific and technological
Conference and the 14th "inter- developments. Intersolar 2004,
Chemistry journal, Angewandte of a molecular "anchor" and
nationales Sonnenforum" of Europe's largest international
Chemie International Edition, "chain". These ferrocene units
DGS will take place in Freiburg, trade fair for solar technology
reports on research which propos- are special because they act as
Germany from 20 - 23 June with its focus on photovoltaics,
es hybrids of carbon nanotubes electron donors. If the carbon
2004 and will cover a broad field solar thermal technology and
and ferrocene molecules as the nanotubes are irradiated with
of renewable energies and associ- solar architecture, will supple-
basis for new solar cells. A team of light of wavelength in the visible
ated topics. Leading scientists, ment the scientific conference
researchers working with Dirk M. range, they act as electron accep-
engineers, architects and repre- (24 - 26 June 2004). Contact:
Guldi (University of Notre tors and absorb the electrons
sentatives from institutions, Beatrix Feuerbach, Communic-
Dame, USA), Francesco Paolucci released by the ferrocene. "This
industry and business will ations EuroSun2004, feuebach@
(University of Bologna, Italy), separation of charge is sufficient-
present and discuss the latest;
and Maurizio Prato (University of ly long-lived for us to divert and
Trieste, Italy), has reached a possi- use the electrons," says Guldi.
ble starting point for the develop- "We have thus met the first crite-
ment of solar cells based on car- ria for the development of solar
bon nanotubes. cells based on modified carbon Spanish ISES event
Carbon nanotubes can be pic- nanotubes." The research
tured as rolled-up individual lay-
ers of graphite; they are relative-
appears in Angewandte Chemie
International Edition. 2003,
ly long, very narrow, hollow Issue 42. pp 4206-4209. For The Spanish section of ISES is September 2004. Contact: Prof.
cylinders, whose walls are built further information or to organizing the 12th Iberian Manuel Vazquez, ETS Ingenieros
up of hexagonal honeycombs of receive a full copy of the Congress and 7th Ibero Industriales. Campus Marco-
carbon atoms. The researchers article, contact Jaida Butler on American Congress of Solar sende. 36200 Vigo. Spain; Tel:
have attached ferrocene units to +44 1243 770674 or by email Energy that will take place in +34 986812179; Fax: +34
the walls of the tubes by means Vigo, Spain from 15-18 986812201;

10 November/December 2003 REFOCUS