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Pre-Calculus 12

Sinusoidal Modelling Project

Component Beginning Developing Proficient Exemplary
Research Little evidence Some research is Evidence present Extensive and
present that evident, but errors that research has accurate research
research has been and inaccuracies been conducted is evident.
conducted. in information is thoroughly, and Information is
Information has present. expressed clearly expressed clearly.
not been clearly and thoughtfully.
expressed or

Effort and A poor amount of An average A substantial An exceeding

Collaboration effort is present, amount of effort is amount of effort is amount of time
and the task present, and the present and the and effort are
responsibilities task task present and the
were not shared responsibilities responsibilities task
equitably among were not always were shared responsibilities
group members. shared equitably equitably among were shared
among group group members equitably among
members. group members.
Presentation Poorly presented, Poorly presented, Well presented, Presentation easy
hard to follow, hard to follow, or easy to follow, all to follow,
information information information engaging, all
missing missing present. Visually information
appealing, if present and
appropriate, and expanded upon.
engaging. Visual appeal, if
Vocabulary Most vocabulary Most vocabulary All vocabulary All vocabulary
missing. present. present and present (including
correct. synonyms), and
used appropriately
Parameters Most parameters Most parameters All parameters All parameters
of Equation unaccounted for. present (a,b,c,d) present, present, correct,
explained, correct, with clear
and used connection
appropriately for between math and
the situation. real-world.
Graph Graph is Graph is mostly Graph is accurate Graph is accurate
inaccurate accurate with most with all with all
components components components
present present and present and
labelled labelled, including
important points,
zeros, a, b, c, d
Math vs. Equation and Equation and Equation and Examples showing
Real-World graph are not graph are related graph are related both “just math”
Connection related. but only and difference and variations of
represents your between “math” your situation are
situation. and “real world” present.
are explained.
Problem for Problem missing Problem has all Problem well Problem well
Class most information information written and written and
required for required for includes at least includes four or
completion. Hard completion but is two auxiliary parts. more auxiliary
to understand. very basic. parts.