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Archetypes in The Hunger Games

The Hero

The hero in The Hunger Games is Katniss Everdeen as she is the protagonist of the story and
experiences growth throughout her journey.

Figure 1

Katniss Everdeen

The Herald

The herald in The Hunger Games is Effy Trinket as she is the one that gives Katniss the call to
adventure through choosing her sister Prim for The Hunger Games which causes Katniss to volunteer
in her place.

Figure 2

Effy Trinket

The Mentor

The mentor in The Hunger Games is Haymitch as he is the one that helps to prepare Katniss for the
hunger games as he was in there before and has the knowledge to guide her.

Figure 3

The Threshold Guardian

The threshold guardian in The Hunger Games is Cinna and the prep team that prepare Katniss for the
pre-game ceremony as they are the ones that help her evolve from the world in District 12 to the
word of the Capitol.

Figure 4


The Shapeshifter

The shapeshifter in The Hunger Games is Peeta as at the end of the game he is in a group with the
enemy but by the end he helps Katniss. This makes him the shapeshifter because at the beginning he
had different loyalties to what his true loyalties were by the end of film, meaning he is the deceptive

Figure 5


The Shadow

The shadow in The Hunger Games is President Snow as he is the one that controls the game and
therefore is the ‘evil’ one and the one that Katniss has to defeat.

Figure 6

President Snow
The Trickster

The trickster in The Hunger Games is Seneca Crane the Head Gamemaker who allows both Katniss
and Peeta to be victors, meaning he is the mischief maker and meddler.

Figure 7

Seneca Crane


The Allies in The Hunger Games include Peeta and Rue who both help her during the games. Rue is a
big ally to Katniss she is dies helping Katniss, ultimately helping her to win the games.

Figure 8


The Father

The father in The Hunger Games is Katniss’ literal father who died when she was a child. After his
death she became the sole provider for the family, which ultimately led her to volunteer in Prim’s
place for the games.

Figure 9

Katniss’ Father
The Mother

The mother in The Hunger Games is Katniss’ literal mother who was unable to support her children
after their father died, meaning Katniss had to support her family herself.

Figure 10

Katniss’ Mother

The Child

The child in The Hunger Games is Prim, Katniss’ little sister who she saves from going into the hunger
games by volunteering in her place.

Figure 11


The Maiden

The maiden in The Hunger Games could possibly be Gale as he falls in love with Katniss and has pure
intentions as he cares for her family when she is in the games.

Figure 12

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