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Motions 6 : hanya remaja yang boleh melakukan operasi plastik, dampak negatif + positif ketika remaja

melakukan operasi plastik

Teenagers love to look good. They can spend hours in front of the mirror to get that perfect look. And, if
they’re not happy with what they see, they won’t even bat an eyelid to modify it. Hence, they often
think of undergoing plastic surgery.

But, unsurprisingly, going under the knife at this stage of life can lead to many problems for teens. In
some cases, a facial or physical deformity seems to be distressful for your teen. It hampers her
emotional, psychological and physical well-being. Thus, you teen may think of opting for plastic surgery.

But there are different risks associated with plastic surgery. We should have a clear idea about them too:

1. Appearance:

One of the most unlikeable disadvantages of cosmetic surgery is unwanted scars. These hypertrophic
scars are always quite prominent, and they are broad and reddish.

Unlike other scars which fade with time, these scars are visible for significant periods. If the job gets
done on the facial part, it’s tough to hide the bruises or scars, and this affects the daily lives of the

Bagginess and flabbiness of the region can also happen even after a successful surgery.

In many cases, the patients find that the surgery has not given them the desired result and add to that
have made their face look horrible.

2. Huge Expenses:

The cost associated with these surgeries is extremely high. The horrific story does not end here as these
prices are only for the surgeries. The fees for the doctors, hospitalization, anesthesia are the additional

After that, you need to cough up the medical bills for aftercare, medications and the wages lost for the
break from workplaces, as many teenagers do part-time jobs. Your teen needs to consider all these costs
before going for the surgery.

3. Addiction:
Teenagers are often not sure about their ever growing and changing the body. What they think as a
deformity now can get fixed naturally over the age. But they’re restless enough to wait for the time and

And at times, this becomes an addiction just like body piercing. With so many surgeons these days and
the obsession to be stand out in the crowd, teenagers hardly hesitate to opt for such procedures to
correct these deformities.

Many save their house rents, utility payments, pocket money and even steal money from others to get
their wishes fulfilled.

Sadly, this addiction has increased teenage crime rates all over the world.

There’re several reasons for which the teenagers go for cosmetic surgeries. Let’s discuss them now:

1. Physical Benefits:

The beauty in appearance that cosmetic surgery brings is unmatched in many cases.

There can be bruises or bulges in the initial period but as time goes the beauty cannot go unnoticed.

Say, for example; your teenage girl undergoes breast implants, and there can be scars on her breasts
which the world will never see. What they’ll see though is a beautiful and confident young girl.

2. Emotional Benefits:

The mental happiness that one can get from cosmetic surgery surpasses the physical benefits.

The defect in your nose never made you get along with others, the wrinkles on your face made you look
older than you are, the size and asymmetry of your ears made you a laughing stock; all these gets
rectified with cosmetic surgery.

Proper cosmetic surgery aids in the emotional health and the raising of self-esteem of your teen.

plastic surgery is not safe for all teens. If your teen suffers from the some chronic condition, she should
not opt for the surgical procedure. The plastic surgeon examines the complete medical history and
advice whether it is safe for the teen or not.
Dangers Of Plastic Surgery:

Like any other form of surgeries, this kind of surgery also comes with its share of medical issues that
includes death.

The issues that are so familiar with a plastic surgery gone wrong is contagion, relentless hemorrhage,
injury to nerves that may cause lack of sensation, tissue death (necrosis), accumulation of fluid around
the surgically treated region (seroma) and scars (hematoma).

Internal blood clots and deep vein thrombosis is also quite common medical risks. There are instances
when a teenager has done these surgeries from non-certified doctors just to save money.

Motions 7

Motions 8


If the first woman is often underestimated then now we must eliminate that assumption. The rights of
women who were once confined with the wall of the gap now begin to fade and tend to persist. In the
spirit of gender equality, women want to get the same rights both personally and constitutionally. Over
time when women think that gender does not just mean social identity and structure, but more than
that. This is what makes women now no longer want to be distinguished from men in the world of
profession and others. In the world of profession, women now tend not to hesitate to go inside. With the
principle of gender equality they can even be dominant in the profession they live. The political world is
also not passed by the role of women in it, even now every political party must have cadres and female
members. In addition women in Indonesia are also getting a wider path to participate in the political
arena. The role of women in politics in Indonesia is now stronger, indicating an increasing number of
regional heads, members of parliament, and even ministers in the office of a woman. Not only served
but their power can change Indonesia in a positive way. Indonesia is still a lot of women who have been
in politics. Like susi praise astuti, sri mulyani, tri risma. It is clear that there is no discrimination for
women or men, it is the same in our country's Constitution.

In terms of quality, we can no longer doubt the ability of a woman, whether in the world of education,
art, technology, and all other aspects of life support. Especially with the quantity of women who are also
many, then clearly it is a strength for the State of Indonesia. Women also want to be valued more than
just a complement in this life and therefore they also want to get the same treatment in all areas in this
country. In today's world of professions women are more likely to be dominant. As in politics today
women are freed to have an important position. With regulations regulating the portion of women
candidates for at least 30% of the number of candidates, it will provide wider opportunities for women
to pursue the political world. Belief in female politicians is increasing with the increasing number of
women who excel in politics. Examples such as Susi Pudjiastuti Minister of Maritime Affairs and fisheries
of the Republic of Indonesia in the implementation of its duties tend to prioritize the quality of the
results of its work. He omits the idea that women are only complementary, but women can also lead
even be dominant toward men. Gender for us is no longer just an identity but more than that, the most
important performance and results.

Government bayu

The presence of feminism in the West is actually a result of the inability of Western society to respect
women. Women in Western society were not considered equivalent to men. Women only deal with
housework only and should not feel the freedom. In politics, women do not have the right to be elected
much less choose. For example America and Europe. Women demand their rights. They also demanded
the right to work in the matter of sexuality. At this time, the feminist movement joined with other rights
claimers, ranging from rights against blacks to LGBT

Government laila

women around the world receive only 77 percent of the salary paid for men, a figure that has only
increased 3 percent in the past 20 years. In addition, many jobs are still unfriendly to mothers, and the
top leadership positions in companies and governments are still heavily dominated by men. Second, in
many developing countries, the number of girls dropping out is still higher than for boys because their
parents see girls as unfavorable in terms of economic investment. Thirdly, while contraceptive devices
are now widely available, many countries still permit underage marriages, perpetuating domestic
violence and poverty. Fourth, rape culture thrives in both developed and developing countries. In
countries such as Indonesia, law and law enforcement in cases of sexual violence are almost never in
favor of women. In addition, terrible traditions such as female genital mutilations are still practiced in
Government ziyad

Women's movement to give birth to something new and better in 2017. In a sense, it produces fresh and
better ideas about women's ideology and movement. Instead of denying existing thoughts or
movements, but according to the authors of the thinkers and activists of the women's movement must
produce something more substantive in the thinking or social movement that they do. It must be
admitted that the women's movement has been successful in many fields. Most women today are no
longer domesticated on domestic jobs that result in alienation from the social world. Women are now in
a more advanced position and almost equal with men in the social environment. Sexist issues
surrounding job specialization slowly begin to fade and are replaced by the jargon of equal rights
between men's and women's gender. When we look, then now many women who lead men or do men's
work. All of this is the impact of the emancipation movement that is staying-gadangkan fighters of the
women's movement.

Motions 9 : media sosial do more harm than good

Socaial media harms Yes, I see social media deteriorating the morals of young adults. I see young adults
incriminate themselves daily using social media sites such as Twitter and Instagram. I see young adults
posting themselves in compromising situations as the new "norm". I see young adults posting
themselves in sexually explicit videos at a young age. I see young adults showing themselves engaging in
underage drinking and drug abuse. I see young adults posting in violent speaking terms now. I think
these activities are undermining society and a cause of the deterioration of families and general self-
esteem. I find young adults posting this sort of material as a means of disrespect, self entitlement and
just a downright waste of time. This is effecting society as a whole and thereby encouraging others to
participate in this sort of behavior. It offends me and makes me sad. Rather than choosing to improve
their lives, I am seeing young adults dragging society and themselves down in an effort to "rebel" or just
be accepted by their peers. I think this is all very unhealthy. This kind of activity should be monitored
more closely and prohibited from being made public. I am not really a conservative but I do think social
media is creating a new society that settles for mediocrity in their all of their endeavors now. I feel it is
most definitely affecting the United States. The U.S. is becoming the laughing stock of the rest of the
world because of these young adults. This younger generation is generating mediocrity in all areas of our
society. Creativity has become mediocre. Healthcare has become mediocre. Education is always having
to lower standards to accommodate this new mediocrity. All areas of society that creates the
infrastructure of our society is just having to succumb to an overall mediocrity now and I only see it
getting worse.

judgmental and jealous is a side effect of social media exposure. A friend might post a picture on
Snapchat of him/her out with another one of your friends. Jealousy stirs inside of you and it leads to
more harm than good. You’re only doing it to yourself. You see things that people have and post about
and wish that you had their lives. This is similar to comparing, but instead, it leads you to dislike a person
or the life you think they have. No one is completely open on social media. If they’re having an absolute
poor day, they’re not going to post a picture about it. They’re probably going to mask it with a photo of
their most recent vacation or not post at all.

Social media does more harm than good Cyber bullying is happening more and more as the years
progress. Young adults are the victims most of the time. Anyone can bully online and it just makes the
chances of getting caught smaller. Victims think that when they get out of school, they're safe from the
outside world. But the truth is, it gets worse on social media. Also, it reduces productivity. Young adults
stay inside on their phone while their friends are playing outside. They would rather stay in the virtual
world than the real world. Social media does more harm than good.

Media Does More Good than Harm

No, media does not do more harm than good. It is through media that the public learns about pretty
much everything. One must remember that media includes many forms, from books to movies,
television shows to video games. All of these things can be great tools of learning so media certainly
does not do more harm than good