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Diversity Lesson Plan

Lesson Plan

Teacher​:​ Miss Claudia Govea

Date:​ 02/26/2017
Book: ​I love Saturdays y domingos
By: ​Alma Flor Ada
Published: ​Atheneum (2002)
Grade Level: ​Pre K- 1st Grade

Multicultural Theme
● Family
● Cultures
● Celebrations

Education Standards
1. PK.1 Use pictures to aid comprehension
2. PK.2 Ask questions or make comments pertinent to the story being read
3. PK.1 Retell a story with the aid of pictures, props, or a book. L 9.PK.4
4. PK.3 Listen and respond to stories from different cultures and eras
5. PK.3 Experiment with writing tools and materials in response to a familiar
6. PK.4 Experiment with writing tools and materials in response to literature
7. PK.2 Organize ideas, through group discussion, with teacher assistance.
8. .PK.7 Share drawings with others.

1. The students will be able to identify the differences between two culture groups
in a group discussion with 95% accuracy.
2. The students will be able to illustrate a drawing that identifies their unique aspect
of their culture with 90% accuracy.
3. The students will be able to discuss in a group discussion in their illustration with
95% accuracy.

Materials Needed
1. The book​ I love Saturdays y domingos by Alma Flor Ada

2. Writing utensils ( crayons, markers, colored pencils)

3. White Sheets of paper


4. Tape (To tape around the classroom)

1. Introduce: Present the book I love Saturdays y domingos by Alma Flor Ada. Then
ask the students “Do you guys love saturdays y domingos (sundays)?” “ How
often do you visit your grandparents?” . Then introduce the young girl in the story.

2. Read: The teacher will read the book aloud to the entire class.

3. Discuss: Students will be address with five questions and they will have the time
to reflect and answer the question. Then, they will individually work on illustrating
a drawing that reflects their days at their grandparents.

a. Question 1: “Why do you think the title of the book is in two different

b. Question 2: “How often do you visit your grandparents house?”

c. Question 3: “When you visit your grandparents what activities do you guys
do together?”

d. Question 4: “ Do you guys see a difference between spending time with

one set of grandparents and the other?”

e. Question 5: “Do you think being different is good?”

1. Students will work individually on creating an illustration on how they spend time
at their grandparents. They will illustrate their drawing with colored pencils,
crayons, and markers.
2. Students will then come as a group to discuss to the class about their drawings
and reenforce the questions asked in class. The teacher will then set up a wall
where each student will tape their drawings as they speak.

1. Teacher will then go back into discussing the book so the children acknowledge
the difference between cultures.