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"To Achieve Success One Day, Do Something
Dear Aspirants,
We feel immense pleasure in bringing the 'SEPTEMBER’ 2018' edition of our very own 'Masters in Current Affairs', a
platform where you get all the exam related information at a single place. It is designed especially for the forthcoming
examinations. Its regular sections such as News Maker, News Diary, One liners etc. cover each and every news in details
which is important for examinations. Rest of the news are covered in 'Chalte - Chalte' i.e. one liner news, which you can
find at the bottom of each page.
Some important issues of this month were discussed in featured articles. One among them is ‘One year of GST'. The GST
launch became one of the biggest tax reform in the country that subsumed over a dozen different central and state taxes
into one, but with several slabs..
Then you will see ‘Fifa world cup’ of the tournament as a whole: a thrilling spectacle featuring surprises, errors, and loads
of goals. There was no single outstanding team but France, which secured its second World Cup, was the best of the lot
over the five weeks. All the details in the regards are mentioned inside.
In ruling that the Lieutenant Governor of Delhi has no independent decision-making power, and has to act
mainly on the aid and advice of the Council of Ministers, the Supreme Court has restored the primary role
played by the “representative government” in the National Capital Territory
About ‘net neutrality’ as it is the principle that Internet service providers treat all data on the Internet
equally, and not discriminate or charge differently by user, content, website, platform, application etc are
discussed inside.
‘Minimum Support Price’ (MSP) is a form of market intervention by the Government of India to insure
agricultural producers against any sharp fall in farm prices. ... MSP is price fixed by Government of
India to protect the producer - farmers - against excessive fall in price during bumper production
years, is also discussed here.
In this edition we are providing you the modal paper of RRB PO (MAINS) 2018, and SSC
COMBINED GRADUATE LEVEL(PRE) Examination Paper. There is a separate sec-
tion named Que-TM for your self-evaluation, which includes all the possible MCQ's
from this month's current affairs. This will be highly beneficial for all the upcoming
Your advice or suggestions will be much appreciated and welcomed.

With Best Wishes

Mahendra Publication Pvt. Ltd.

“Your Success is Our Success”

With Best Wishes

Mahendra Publication Pvt. Ltd.
Rahul Arya MICA : What is the best thing about
our coaching institute,
Father’s Name : Vinod Kumar Arya according to you?

Mother’s Name : Kamla Arya Rahul : The best thing about this
institution is supporting
Hobbies : Reading Novel and Workout staff and calm ambiance.

Prior Selection : IBPS PO, IBPS CLERK, RRB MICA : What is the role of “Time
Management” in one’s
Name of the Exam : SSC JE (Junior Engineer) Rahul : Time management is the
most important thing but
Roll No. of Qualified Exam : 1610800780 it should be done in a self-
disciplined way.
Roll No. of Mahendra Institute : AMG0241533305
MICA : How did you prepare for
the Interview?
MICA : What is the role of
Mahendra's institute in your Rahul : I have attended Mahendra's
selection? interview classes for the
Rahul : Mahendra's role is very
crucial as it not only MICA : Tell us about the Interview
provides study material it Board and the questions
also provides 'Guidance asked?
and Ambiance'. Rahul : There were 3 people in the
MICA : How did you prepare for interview board.
the examination? The questions asked were:
Rahul : (I) Tell us about yourself?
English Language (II) Your projects and your strengths?
Reading Newspaper and learning (III) Your Plan for future.
through the articles of editorials.
MICA : By whom did you get
MICA : Mahendra's family Reasoning Ability & Computers information of your
expresses its heartiest
By speed tests and regular study. selection and what was
congratulations on your
your reaction?
success. Data Interpretation
Rahul : Through friends.
Rahul : Thank You so much. I used to learn through lectures and
practice through Speed Tests. MICA : What message do you
MICA : To whom do you want
want to convey to other
to give the credit of your General Awareness aspirants?
By reading newspaper, through The Rahul : Stay focused, do well and
Rahul : My family, Friends support, Hindu and MICA give smart try every time.
Mahendra's as well as God's
grace. MICA : How about “Master in MICA : Congratulations once again
Current Affairs” Magazine on your success. Your
MICA : After how many attempts and Mahendra Guru Website? success is our success.
did you succeed in this
examination? Rahul : Both the website and Mag- Rahul : Thank You Mahendra for
azine are very useful if we guiding me to Success.
Rahul : 1 use them on regular basis.

Dahod district ranked first in the NITI Aayog's Delta ranking for the Aspirational Districts. SEPTEMBER 2018 MICA 5

ONE Liner
PERSONS IN NEWS ## Who has been given the additional charge of Governor
## Pandurang Phundkar has passed away recently. He of Tripura? w Keshari Nath Tripathi
was_________. w Politician ## Panmana Ramachandran Nair has passed away
## Alicia Pucheta has been appointed as the interim recently. He was a _______. w Writer
President of ______. w Paraguay ## Shantaram Naik has passed away recently. He was
## Who has assumed charge as Secretary in the Ministry of a_______. w Politician
Information & Broadcasting? w Amit Khare ## What is the Name of Freedom fighter and member of
## Who has been appointed as the next Northern Army the first Lok Sabha who has passed away recently?
Commander? w Ranbir Singh w Kandala
Subrahmanyam Tilak
## Urmila Singh has passed away recently. She was
## Who has been appointed as an Independent Director of
a_____. w Politician
Tata Sons? w Harish Manwani
## Giuseppe Conte has been sworn in as Prime Minister
## Who has been appointed as director of the Institute
of_______. w Italy
of South Asian Studies, think tank of the National
## Pedro Sanchez has been appointed as the Prime University of Singapore? w C Raja Mohan
Minister of ______. w Spain
## Peddibhotla Subbaramaiah has passed away recently.
## Who has taken charge as the Chief Justice of the Punjab He was a ______. w Writer
and Haryana High Court? w Krishna Murari
## Yaddanapudi Sulochana Rani has passed away recently.
## Who is Air Chief Marshal of India? She was a_________. w Novelist
w Birender Singh
## Hemu Adhikari has passed away recently. He was
an________. w Actor
## Leela Menon has passed away recently. She was
## Dr. Bansidhar Panda has passed away recently. He was
a_________. w Journalist
an________. w Industrialist
## Christian Ntsay has been appointed as the new Prime
## What is the Name of Pulitzer Prize-winning novelist
Minister of________. w Madagascar
who has passed away recently?
## Raj Kishore passed away recently. He was ______a. w Philip Roth
w Journalist
## Who has been appointed as part-time official director
## Who has been appointed as Malaysia’s new Attorney- of Bharat Heavy Electricals Limited (BHEL)?
General? w Tommy Thomas w Pravin L Agrawal
## Omar al-Razzaz has been appointed as the Prime ## Who has been appointed as the Ambassador of India to
Minister of _______. w Jordan Mauritania? w Pradeep Kumar Gupta
## Who has been elected as the president of the 73rd ## Zorawar Chand Bakshi has passed away. He was
United Nations General Assembly? a________. w Lieutenant General
w Maria Fernanda
## Vinod Bhatt has passed away recently. He was
a_________. w Writer

6 MICA SEPTEMBER 2018 RBL Bank has bought the 100% stake in Swadhaar FinServe.
One Liner
## Who has been appointed as the next Ambassador of ## Who has launched the ‘JANAUSHADHI SUVIDHA’,
India to the Republic of Suriname? the Oxo-biodegradable Sanitary Napkin, under the
w Mahender Singh Pradhan Mantri Bhartiya Janaushadhi Pariyojana
Kanyal (PMBJP)? w Mansukh L.
## Who has been appointed as the next Ambassador of
India to the South Sudan? w S. D. Moorthy ## Who has laid the foundation stone of Zojila tunnel project
in Jammu and Kashmir? w Narendra Modi
AWARDS ## Who has launched the ‘Samagra Shiksha’ scheme for
holistic development of school education?
## Which Indian American Boy has won Scripps National
w Prakash Javadekar
Spelling Bee Competition? w Karthik Nemmani
## Who would be honoured with the ‘Hero to Animals
Award’ from People for the Ethical Treatment of NATIONAL & STATE
Animals (PETA) India? w Zubeen Garg
## With which Bank, Government of India has signed a $500
## Who has been awarded the “most inspiring icon of million loan agreement to provide additional financing
the year for Social Welfare" award by the Dadasaheb for the Pradhan Mantri Gram Sadak Yojana (PMGSY)
Phalke International Film Festival (DPIFF) for his Rural Roads Project? w World Bank
exemplary contribution in the field of social welfare?
w Yuvraj Singh ## Former footballer Bhaichung Bhutia has launched his
political Party. What is the Name of Party?
## Who has won the international Women’s Prize for his/ w Hamro Sikkim
her Novel “Home Fire”? w Kamila Shamsie
## Who has flagged off a new Antyodaya train viz.
## Who has received a lifetime achievement award for 22841/22842 Santragachi-Chennai Central Antyodaya
his contributions towards promoting brand India in the
Express from Kolkata? w Rajen Gohain
UK? w Swraj Paul
## Who has released Bhagat Singh jail diary book in New
## Which actor has been honoured by European Union
for strengthening Europe-India cultural ties? Delhi? w Ravi Shankar Prasad
w Amitabh Bachchan ## World Bank has approved Atal Bhujal Yojana
## Which author has won the Man Booker International (ABHY), an Rs._______. Central Sector Scheme of
Prize for his/her novel 'Flights'? the Ministry of Water Resources, River Development
w Olga Tokarczuk and Ganga Rejuvenation. w 6000 Crore

## _________has baged the Clarivate Analytics India ## Government of India has constituted a group of
Innovation Award 2018 in the Government Research eminent persons to study the Special Economic Zones
Organizations Category. w CSIR (SEZ) Policy of India. Who is the chairman of this
group? w Baba Kalyani
SCHEMES AND LAUNCHES ## Finance Minister Piyush Goyal announced
committee for recommendations on setting up an
## Ministry of Culture, Government of India has Asset Reconstruction Company (ARC) or an Asset
introduced a new scheme namely ‘SevaBhojYojna’ Management Company (AMC) for faster resolution of
with a total outlay of Rs. ________for Financial Years Bad Loans. Who will be head this committee?
2018-19 and 2019-20. w 325 Crores w Sunil Mehta
## Who has laid the foundation of Sakhi Suraksha
## Who has been appointed as the next Ambassador of
Advanced DNA Forensic Laboratory in the campus of
India to the Republic of Moldova and the Republic of
Central Forensic Science Lab, Chandigarh?
Albania? w Thanglura Darlong
w Maneka Gandhi
## Which State Government has launched health ## With which state Government, Tata Motors signed a
insurance scheme "Gopabandhu Sambadika Swasthya Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) to promote
Bima Yojana"? w Odisha e-mobility in the State? w Maharashtra

Suresh Prabhu has launched Mobile App 'ReUnite‘.

## Which State has celebrated its fourth formation day on ## In which City 5th India CLMV Business Conclave
2 June 2018? w Telangana was held? w Phnom Penh
## A Helicopter taxi service between Shimla and ## Joint Military Exercise SURYA KIRAN-XIII between
________has been started. w Chandigarh India and ________will be conducted at Pithoragarh.
w Nepal
## With which Insurance Company, Telangana government
has signed a memorandum of understanding for Rythu ## Union Cabinet has given its approval to the MOU
between India & ______regarding cooperation in the
Bandhu Life Insurance Scheme? w LIC
areas of food safety. w Denmark
## Which State Government has decided to set up one
police station in each district to check power theft and FINANCIAL AWARENESS
minimise power loss in the state?
w Uttar Pradesh ## On which Bank, Reserve Bank of India (RBI) has
imposed a penalty of `5 crore for non-compliance
## Which Fruit has been declared by President Ram Nath
with its directions on Income Recognition and Asset
Kovind as Tripura’s state fruit?
Classification (IRAC) norms, Know Your Customer
w Queen Pineapple (KYC) norms? w South Indian Bank
## Which State Government has launched ‘Nidaan’ ## According to Moody's, India's Gross Domestic Product
software for disease monitoring? Growth Rate is expected to _________in the Financial
w Rajasthan Year 2018-19. w 7.3 %
## In which state is Dudhwa National Park Located? ## Which Company has become the third most valuable
w Uttar Pradesh company in the world after surpassing Google's parent
company Alphabet? w Microsoft
INTERNATIONAL ## According to CSO, India's Gross Domestic Product
## 'Suryakiran' is a Military Exercise between India and (GDP) growth rate in the fourth quarter (January-
March) of Financial Year 2017-2018 is at ______per
________. w Nepal
cent. w 7.7 %
## In which city, Third Home Affairs’ Dialogue between
India and U.K. was held? w New Delhi ## According to OECD, India's Gross Domestic Product
Growth Rate is expected to _________in the Financial
## Where is the Headquarters of Organisation for Year 2018-19. w 7.4 %
Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD)?
w Paris, France ## Who has been appointed as Fourth Deputy Governor
of RBI? w Mukesh Kumar Jain
## In which Country, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has
launched BHIM, RuPay Card and SBI apps? ## Which of the following Financial organisation is
w Singapore organizing Financial Literacy Week from 4th June to
8th June, across the nation? w RBI
## In which country, BRICS Foreign Ministers Meeting
was held? w South Africa ## Who has been appointed as non-executive chairman of
## In which city, Suresh Prabhu has attended an informal Bandhan Bank? w H R Khan
Gathering of World Trade Organisation (WTO) ## Which Bank has launched 'Green Future: Deposit'
Ministers? w Paris Scheme? w Yes Bank
## Union Cabinet has given its approval to the MOU on ## According to World Bank, India's Gross Domestic
Cooperation in the field of Medicinal Plants between Product Growth Rate is expected to _________in the
India and_______. w Equatorial Guinea Financial Year 2018-19. w 7.3%
## In which country, Third Mission Innovation Ministerial
## Reserve Bank of India (RBI) has increased the eligibility
Meeting was held? w Malmo, Sweden limit for a loan under priority sector lending in a bid
## Saad Hariri has been appointed as the Prime Minister to boost affordable housing. What is the loan limit in
of _______for Third Term. w Lebanon Metropolitan Centres? w 35 lakh

Integrity app has been launched by International Cricket Council (ICC)

One Liner
## What is Minimum Capital Requirement to open Small SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY
Finance Banks? w 100 Crore
## India has successfully test-fired its indigenously
## Which Bank has launched its first ‘Integrated SME Loan
developed nuclear-capable long-range ballistic
Factory’ in Gurugram? w Bank of Baroda missile Agni-V. It has a strike range of _________
## According to ICRA, India's GDP growth rate is Kilometers. w 5,000
expected to _______in 4th Quarters (January-March) ## Which Day is observed as the International Bio-
of the financial year 2017-18. w 7.4 % diversity Day? w 22 May
## Which initiative has been launched by Paytm Payments ## According to World Health Organisation (WHO),
Bank to empower women? w Paytm AshaKiran _________has become the first country in south-east Asia
## Who has been appointed as the President of New York to eliminate trachoma. w Nepal
Stock Exchange? w Stacey Cunningham
## Who has been appointed as the MD & CEO of Airtel MISCELLANEOUS
Payments Bank? w Anubrata Biswas
## Which Day has been observed as the World Bicycle
## Fifteenth Finance Commission constitutes a High Level
Day? w 3rd June
Group to examine the strengths and weaknesses for
enabling balanced expansion of Health Sector. It will be ## Who is Executive Director of United Nations Environment
headed by _______. w Randeep Guleria Programme (UNEP)? w Erik Solheim
## What is Current Repo Rate? w 6.25% ## Who has been appointed as the new chairman of British
Academy of Film and Television Arts (BAFTA)?
w Pippa Harris
## India has been ranked ____ among 163 countries in the
## From which sports is Vikas Gowda related? 2018 Global Peace Index. w 137th
w Discus Throw
## According to Sample Registration System (SRS) data,
## Virat Kohli has been ranked ______ in Forbes' world's Maternal Mortality Ratio (MMR) has dropped from 167
highest-paid athletes list. w 83rd to ______for the country. w 130
## Maria Bueno has passed away recently. She was ## What is the Name of first Tulu novel, written by S. U.
related to which sports? w Tennis Paniyady, has now been translated into English?
w Sati Kamale
## ___________women's cricket team posted the highest
ever total in One-day cricket by scoring 490 against ## With which Institute, Airports Authority of India (AAI)
Ireland. w New Zealand has signed agreement hands to take up collaborative
research on air navigation systems?
## Which Country has won the Intercontinental Cup by
w IIT Madras
defeating Kenya? w India
## According to a Lancet study, India has been ranked
## Which Country has won the Women’s Asia Cup title
______ among 195 countries in terms of quality and
by defeating India? w Bangladesh
accessibility of healthcare. w 145th
## Which Country has won the 5th Women’s Asian
## Prakash Javadekar is the Minister of Human Resource
Champions Trophy? w South Korea
Development. He is Rajya Sabha MP from which
## AB de Villiers has announced retirement from all forms state? w Maharashtra
of international cricket. He is from which country?
## India has been ranked _______ in terms of
w South Africa
competitiveness, in the annual rankings of International
## Tejaswini Sawant is related to which sports? Institute for Management Development (IMD).
w Shooting w 44th

IRDAI has approved Life Insurance Corporation’s (LIC) proposal to increase its stake in IDBI
NIMF : National Irrigation
Management Fund
PIM : Participatory Irrigation
PMKSY : Pradhan Mantri Krishi
Sinchayee Yojana 01 Anita Gets Bail
RKVY : Rashtriya Krishi Vikas Yojana :- Arun Shourie
SCADA : Supervisory Control and Data
WUA : Water User Association Illiberal
MMI : Major and Medium Irrigation India 02
:- Chidanand Rajghatta
September 08: World Literacy Day
September 10: World Anti-Suicide Day

03 India Moving
September 16: World Ozone Day
September 22: World Cancer Free Day
September 27: World Tourism Day
September 28: World Rabies Day :- Chinmay Tumbe
September 29: World Heart Day

Marshallian trinity
Working With-
Muslims 04
This refers to the three reasons why firms :- Farah Naqvi
belonging to the same industry tend to locate
themselves close to each other.
One is that they try to operate in a region
where they can have sufficient access to a rich
pool of labour. The second is that a cluster
of companies in a particular location offers 05 Rise And Kill-
suppliers the chance to specialise and achieve
economies of scale. :- Ronen Bergman
The third reason is that new ideas or knowledge
spread across firms that are located in the same
region. The concept is named after British
The Most
economist Alfred Marshall who elaborated it
in his book Principles of Economics. Dangerous 06
:- Sri Nath Raghvan

10 MICA SEPTEMBER 2018 Asia's first arbitration centre specialised in intellectual property is slated to open in Tokyo.

Arjit Basu T Latha Sandeep Sancheti

he government has appointed Latha has taken charge as r. Sandeep Sancheti, Vice
Arjit Basu as managing Managing Director and CEO Chancellor of SRM Institute
director of the country's largest of Science and Technology
of Dhanlaxmi Bank.
lender State Bank of India. (SRMIST) has assumed charge as
Her appointment is for three years the 97th President of the Association
He will fill the position that fell vacant with effect from July 2, 2018. Latha of Indian Universities (AIU), New
following the elevation of Rajnish has taken the helm of the Thrissur Delhi. Founded in 1925 and initially
Kumar as the chairman. Now, after (Kerala)-headquartered bank from G. known as the Inter-University Board
this the SBI will have four managing Sreeram, who retired on July 1, 2018 of India, the AIU has currently
directors. As per the SBI Act, the bank on completion of his tenure. more than 720 members represented
can have four managing directors. by Vice Chancellors. Seen as the
Dhanlaxmi Bank representative of all Universities of
Prior to becoming • Founded: 1927 India, the AIU facilitates coordination
deputy managing • Headquarters: and mutual consultation among
director, he served Thrissur, Kerala Universities as
as managing well as acting
director of SBI Life • Tagline: Tann. as a liaison with
Insurance. Mann. Dhan Central and State
Justice Adarsh Kumar Goel

ustice Adarsh Kumar Goel has assumed charge as chairperson of the National Green Tribunal (NGT).
Justice Goel, who retired as a Supreme Court judge, has been appointed for five years.
He is the third chairperson in the NGT since its inception in 2010.
The first chairperson was Justice Lokeshwar Singh Panta, who relinquished his post
after being appointed lokayukta of Himachal Pradesh in 2011, and the second was
Justice Swatanter Kumar, who retired in December last year after completing a five-
year tenure.
At present, there is only one functional court at the principal bench in the national
capital. It comprises Justice Rahim and Justices R S Rathore and S S Garbyal.

The NGT was established on October 18, 2010 under the National Green Tribunal Act for
effective and expeditious disposal of cases relating to environmental protection and conservation
of forests and other natural resources.

The tribunal's principal bench is in New Delhi while its zonal benches are in Bhopal, Pune, Kolkata
and Chennai and its circuit benches are in Shimla, Shillong, Jodhpur and Kochi.

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Australia has won the 37th edition of the Champions Trophy Hockey 2018 SEPTEMBER 2018 MICA 11

Justice T. B. N. Rad- S Ramesh Anant Barua

Ramesh has been appointed as nant Barua has been

ustice Thottathil Bhaskaran chairman of the Central Board appointed as a whole-time
Nair Radhakrishnan was sworn of Indirect Taxes and Customs member of the Securities and
in as new Chief Justice of the (CBIC), the apex policy-making body Exchange Board of India (SEBI).
Hyderabad High Court for the states for indirect taxes.
He has succeed Vanaja N Sarna. He has been appointed to the post for
of Telangana and Andhra Pradesh in
Central Board of Indirect Taxes and three years.
Hyderabad. Governor of Telangana
and Andhra Pradesh ESL Narasimhan Customs (CBIC) He took charge as the executive
administered the oath at a function • CBIC is the nodal national agency director of SEBI in May 2010.
in the Raj Bhavan. Telangana Chief responsible for administering Cus-
toms, GST, Central Excise, Service Earlier he was legal adviser at Legal
Minister K Chandrashekar Rao
Tax & Narcotics in India. Affairs Department (LAD), SEBI.
and Andhra Pradesh Deputy Chief
Minister K E Krishna Murthy were • It is part of the Department of Rev- Barua is a commerce graduate with
present on the occasion. enue under Union Ministry of Fi- LLB from the University of Delhi.
Justice Radhakrishnan was Chief nance.
• It is headquartered in New Delhi. He was on deputation to the Central
Justice of the Chhattisgarh High
• It was renamed Bank of Bahrain as legal adviser and
Court before
to present name has also worked with the Industrial
being shifted to
Hyderabad. He from Central Finance Corporation of India (IFCI),
was the Acting Board of Ex- National Fertilizers
Chief Justice of the cise & Cus- Ltd. (NFL)
Kerala High Court toms (CBEC) in and DCM Ltd,
for a brief period. March 2017. according to the
market regulator.
Alka Tiwari

lka Tiwari has been appointed as the Secretary of Central Vigilance Commission (CVC).
Central Vigilance Commission (CVC) is an apex Indian Governmental Body
created to address governmental corruption.
It was set up by the Government of India in February, 1964 on the recommendations
of the Committee on Prevention of Corruption, headed by K. Santhanam Committee.
Nittoor Srinivasa Rau was selected as the first Chief Vigilance Commissioner of
Headquarters: New Delhi
The Commission shall consist of:
A Central Vigilance Commissioner – Chairperson (K V Chowdary)
Not more than Two Vigilance Commissioners – Members (Sharad Kumar + Tejendra Mohan Bhasin)

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12 MICA SEPTEMBER 2018 Polish track star Irena Szewinska has passed away recently. He was 72.

Anil Kaul Kaptan Singh Solanki Navin Agarwal

ata Capital has appointed Anil n 13th July 2018, Haryana n July 13,2018, Metals and
Kaul as the Managing Director Governor Kaptan Singh Mining company Vedanta
of Tata Capital Housing Solanki was handed the Ltd. has re-appointed Navin
Finance, with effect from 18th July additional charge of Himachal Pradesh Agarwal as a Whole time Director.
2018. by President Ram Nath Kovind. This appointment is for another five-
Anil Kaul succeeds R Vaithianathan. Kaptan Singh Solanki will perform year period starting from August 1,
He has more than 20 years of the functions of the Governor of 2018 and is subjected to stakeholders’
experience in the financial services Himachal Pradesh, in addition to his approval.
sector and retail lending business. own duties during the absence of The company also announced that he
He has held senior management Himachal Governor Acharya Devvrat. has been re-elected as chairman of
positions at ICICI Bank, ICICI Acharya Devvrat is on leave. This the company as well with effect from
Lombard, Citibank, Standard was mentioned in an official order. August 1, 2018.
Chartered Plc.

D C Raina
ammu and Kashmir Governor N N Vohra appointed D C Raina as the advocate general
of Jammu and Kashmir. D C Raina was advocate general of Jammu and Kashmir in
2016 also when Governor’s rule was imposed in Jammu and Kashmir following
the death of then chief minister Mufti Mohammad Sayeed and clash between the PDP
and BJP (Bharatiya Janata Party) on formation of government.
Also, the governor accepted the resignation of Jehangir Iqbal Ganaie, who was the
advocate general during the PDP-BJP coalition government in Jammu and Kashmir.

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Noted artist Anjolie Ela Menon has received National Kalidas Samman. SEPTEMBER 2018 MICA 13

Dr. T.C.A. Raghavan Nina Tshering La

Dipika Pallikal

ice President of India and s. Nina Tshering La has ndian squash player
the President of ICWA, been appointed as the next Dipika Pallikal was
M. Venkaiah Naidu has Ambassador of India to the appointed Asia’s
appointed Dr. T.C.A. Raghavan representative in the Athletes
Democratoc Republic of Congo.
as the Director General, ex officio Advisory Commission of
Member-Secretary of the Council, Ms. Nina Tshering La, presently Deputy the Commonwealth Games
ICWA (Indian Council of World Chief of Mission, Hanoi has been appointed Federation (CGF).
Affairs). as the next Ambassador of India to the This appointment has been
This decision was taken in the Democratic Republic of Congo. made by the CGF. The
meeting of the Governing Body and CGF Athletes Advisory
Governing Council of the Indian She is expected to take up the assignment
Commission was proposed in
Council of World Affairs (ICWA) on shortly. August 2017.
13th July 2018. The Democratic Republic of the Congo, It had asked all 71 member
Dr. T.C.A. Raghavan is an Indian also known as DR Congo, the DRC, Congo- Commonwealth Games
Foreign Service Officer (IFS) of Kinshasa or simply the Congo, is a country Associations (CGAs) to
1982 batch. He has served as India’s nominate an athlete with the
located in Central Africa.
High Commissioner to Islamabad potential to serve the Athletes
and Singapore It is sometimes referred
and has served in to by its former name
India’s missions at of Zaire, which was its
London, Thimphu official name between
and Kuwait. 1971 and 1997.

Seema Nanda

he Democratic National Committee (DNC) of United States has appointed Indian
American Seema Nanda as its new CEO.
Indian American Seema Nanda appointed CEO of Democratic National
Committee (DNC) of United States.
Democratic National Committee (DNC) is the decision-making
body of the Democratic Party in the United States.
Seema Nanda has become the first Indian American to be appointed
as operational head of a major American political party.

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14 MICA SEPTEMBER 2018 Ram Pravesh Thakur has been appointed the Director-General of Police of Andhra Pradesh.
Vasundhara Raje conferred with ‘Chief Minister of the
Year’ award
Rajasthan Chief Minister Vasundhara Raje was conferred the
‘Chief Minister of the Year’ award for her remarkable work in
The award was given at the 52nd Skoch Summit held in New
Efforts of the chief minister and state government were
appreciated in implementing the prime minister’s Digital India
campaign for benefitting the common man.

Anjolie Ela Menon has received Na-

tional Kalidas Samman
• Noted artist Anjolie Ela Menon has received the National
Kalidas Samman for visual arts from the Madhya Pradesh
• Artist A. Ramachandran was also conferred with the
Kalidas Award.
Kalidas Samman

• Kalidas Samman is a prestigious arts award presented annually by the government of Madhya
• The Award is named after Kalidas, a renowned Classical Sanskrit writer of ancient India.
• It was first awarded in 1980.
• It was initially conferred in alternate years in fields of Classical Music, Classical Dance, Theatre and Plastic Arts.

Milan Shankar Tare has been selected for National Maritime Search
and Rescue Award.
• Milan Shankar Tare, a resident of Satapati village, will
receive the National Maritime Search and Rescue Award,
instituted by the National Maritime Search and Rescue
• Tare saved the lives of 12 people from a sinking fishing
boat Shivneri.
• The board recognises search and rescue efforts by merchant
mariners, government vessels and fishermen every year.
• The award is being given to Tare in recognition of his act
of bravery at sea and selfless duty in sync with the highest
traditions of maritime fraternity.
• The award consists of a commendation certificate and cash

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India has won the Kabaddi Masters Dubai 2018 title after beating Iran.
'Sangita Kalanidhi' Award

W ell-known carnatic vocalist Aruna

Sairam has been selected for this
year's 'Sangita Kalanidhi' award of the Mu-
sic Academy. At its meeting held on July 15,
2018, the Academy's executive committee
unanimously selected Sairam for the award
and also announced the winners of various
other awards. Sairam, one of the most popular carnatic vocal-
ists, has been chosen for the coveted Sangita Kalanidhi award.

Over an illustrious career spanning decades, she can be credited with taking the art to a very wide audience both in India
and abroad. Sairam would preside over the 92nd annual conference of the academy to be held from December 15, 2018
to January 1, 2019.

NABARD 2018 award

R epco Micro Finance Ltd was awarded the NABARD 2018

award for its service to self-help group (SHG) linkage in
Tamil Nadu for the fiscal year 2017-18. Repco Micro Finance
Ltd is a non-banking finance company promoted by Repco
Repco Micro Finance Ltd has offered loans
amounting to Rs 2,500 crore to more than 10
lakh beneficiaries through 50,000 SHGs, so

USISPF Leadership Award

A jay Singh, Chairman & Managing Director, SpiceJet,

received the USISPF Leadership Award at the first Annual
Leadership Summit of the US-India Strategic Partnership
Forum (USISPF) in Washington DC, United States.
The Annual Leadership Summit stressed on USISPF’s
commitment to enhance the strategic
partnership between the US and India.
The theme for this year’s summit was:
“Strengthening the Strategic Partnership”.

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16 MICA SEPTEMBER 2018 Former Punjab Finance Minister Surinder Singla has passed away recently. He was 7
B Sujatha Devi Irena Szewinska
P oetess and winner of the
Kerala Sahitiya Akademi
award, B Sujatha Devi, passed
away. She was 72.
Sujatha Devi is the younger
P olish track star Irena
Szewinska, who won
Olympic gold medals in three
sister of Poetess Sugatha different events, has passed
Kumari and late Hridya away recently. She was 72.
Szewinska competed at four
Sujatha Devi, also a well Olympics, winning gold with
known travel writer, had the Polish 100-metre relay
served as English professor team in Tokyo in 1964, in the 200m in Mexico City in 1968
in various government colleges in the state, including the and in the 400m in Montreal in 1976.
Maharaja's college in Kochi.
She also won silver in the 200m and long jump in Tokyo
and bronze in the 100m in Mexico City and the 200m in
Munich 1972.
Kim Jong-pil She is the only athlete, male or female, to have held the

S outh Korea's former prime

minister and founder of
the country's spy agency Kim
World record in the 100m, 200m and 400m.

Jong-pil has died. He was 92. J G Nadkarni

Kim was a key member of
a 1961 coup that put army F ormer Navy chief Admiral
J G Nadkarni has passed
away. He was 86.
Major General Park Chung-
hee in power until his 1979
assassination. Kim created
Nadkarni, The 14th Navy chief
and headed the Korean Central
was the Chief of the Naval
Intelligence Agency before
Staff from December 1, 1987
serving as Park's prime minister.
to November 30, 1990.
A government panel said in 2007 that KCIA agents
kidnapped then-opposition leader Kim Dae-jung from
Tokyo in 1973. After Kim Dae-jung became president in He participated in the
1998, Kim Jong-pil worked as his prime minister under a Liberation of Goa and played a stellar role in the India-
power-sharing plan. Pakistan War 1965 and in 1971.

M M Jacob

M M Jacob, Senior Congress leader and former Governor of Meghalaya has passed away.
He was 90.
During six decades long public service he held various positions in national and state level
politics. Jacob, who became Central Minister three times, held the position of the Governor
of Meghalaya for 12 consecutive years, from 1995 to 2007. He was elected to Rajya Sabha in
1982 and 1988 and became the first Malayali to hold the post of Rajya Sabha deputy chairman
in 1986.

Former Indian captain Rahul Dravid has been inducted into the ICC Cricket Hall of Fame. SEPTEMBER 2018 MICA 17
Kabutri Devi JN Sadhu

F amous Kumauni folk

singer Kabutri Devi passed
V eteran journalist JN Sadhu
passed away recently. He
was 94.
away. She was 70.
Sadhu had worked for 35 years
She became popular only after
in The Indian Express. He was
his first appearance in All
working as an independent
India Radio in the 1980s. In
journalist after retirement.
her songs the struggles of hill
women get accustomed to life.
Folk singer received many
honors for her remarkable contributions. Public historians
recall them as the original voice representing the mountain
Rajmata Satvashila
Devi Bhosle
Spiritual leader
Dada JP Vaswani
A ctivist Rajmata Satvashila
Devi Bhosle died due
to a long term illness at
S piritual leader Dada JP
Vaswani, head of the
Sadhu Vaswani Mission has
Satvashila Devi
Bhosle was 83 years old. She
passed away. He was 99. belonged to the Konkan region
He was born on 2 August 1918 in Maharashtra. She was the
in Hyderabad, Sindh province wife of the last King of the
of Pakistan. He was known for Sawantwadi Kingdom late
promoting vegetarianism and Shivramraje Bhosle. Shivramraje Bhosle was coronated
animal rights. He composed before the merger of the princely state into Union of India.
more than 150 books. Sadhu
Thanvardas Lilaram Vaswani, who founded the Sadhu
Vaswani Mission, was his Guru. He was the recipient of the
United Nations' 1998 U Thant Peace Prize. Dada Vaswani's M.N. Vyasa Rao
birthday is celebrated as a global forgiveness day.

K annada poet and film

lyricist M.N. Vyasa Rao
died following a cardiac arrest
Rita Bhaduri at his home in Bengaluru.
M.N. Vyasa Rao was 73 years

V eteran actor Rita Bhaduri old.

has passed. She was 62. In 1975, he entered Kannada
She was best known for her film industry as a lyricist in
roles in films like "Hero No 1" the film Shubhamangala. His
and "Beta". other poems are also known as
‘bhaavageetes’ (light music). He was also a novelist. He
Bhaduri, who was last seen
had written various detective and literary novels and short
in television show "Nimki
stories in Kannada.

Alka Tiwari has been appointed as the Secretary of Central Vigilance Commission (CVC).

Burning Topics of the Month

NITI Aayog releases First Samsung inaugurates Fugitive Economic
Delta Ranking of Aspira- world’s largest mobile fac- Offenders Bill passed in Lok
tional Districts tory in India Sabha

& Many More...

Sindhu Darshan Festival 26 June '18

he three-day annual Sindhu Darshan Festival
celebrates on the bank of Indus River was held
in Ladakh region of Jammu and Kashmir.
The Festival organised by Sindhu Darshan Yatra
Samiti and Ladakh Phandey Tsogspa, Leh, was
inaugurated by RSS General Secretary Bhaiya Ji.
The programme was focused at
national integration, communal
harmony and national pride.
It was marked by holy dip in the
Indus River, hosting of national flag and cultural programme of different areas of the country. This year mark
the 22nd Sindhu Darshan festival and it was started by the former Deputy Prime Minister L K Advani in 1997.

27 June '18
he Government has set up
a Committee under For-
mer Delhi Metro Chief E
Sreedharan to lay down standar-
disation norms for components
with an aim to cut costs in the
construction and operation of
metro rail systems in the country
and bring them under the Make
PM Modi allows setting up in India umbrella.
PRIME MINISTER OF INDIA panel to lay down standards
for metro rail systems
## “Besides recommending standardisation norms for various components, the Sreedharan committee will also suggest
ways to indigenise metro components that are currently imported.
## Currently, metro projects with a total length of 370km are operational in eight cities, including
Delhi, Bengaluru, Kolkata, Chennai, Kochi and Mumbai.
## Work on another 537km is in progress in 13 cities. Besides, metro projects with a total length of
595km across 10 new cities are at various stages of planning and appraisal.
## The metro policy approved by the government in 2017 emphasised the need to standardise and
indigenise components.
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Commander Abhilash Tomy only invitee from Asia to the Golden Globe Race. SEPTEMBER 2018 MICA 19
Government approves draft Act to replace UGC with Higher Education
Commission of India 28 June '18

he Union Ministry of Human ## The Bill also
Resource Development provides for the
proposed a draft bill to repeal penal provisions
the University Grants Commission which will cover
(UGC) and set up the Higher Education withdrawal of
Commission of India (HECI), a move power to grant
that aims to reform higher education in degrees/ diplomas
India. or direction to
Provisions of the Draft Act and cease academic
the role of Higher Education operations.
Commission of India (HECI) ## The cases of wilful
## The focus of the Commission non-compliance
will be on improving academic may result in ## Less Government and More
standards and quality of higher prosecution as per the Criminal Governance: To Downsising
education. Procedure Code with a punishment the scope of the Regulation and
of imprisonment for a term which ensure minimum interference in
## It will specify norms for learning may extend up to 3 years. the management issues of the
outcomes and will lay down
## It will also specify norms and educational institutions.
standards of teaching/research
etc. processes for fixing of fee chargeable ## Separation of grant functions:
by higher education institutions. The grant functions will now be
## It will provide a roadmap for
## It will monitor all matters covering done by the Ministry of Human
mentoring of institutions found
the development of emerging Resource Development, and
failing in maintaining the required
fields of knowledge and balanced the HECI would focus only on
academic standards.
growth of higher education academic matters.
## It will enforce its decisions institutions in all spheres. ## End of inspection raj: Regulation
through legal provisions in the
Constitution of the HECI will now be done through
transparent public disclosures,
## It will have the power to grant The Commission will be constituted
merit-based decision making on
authorisation for starting of by the Chairpersons of regulatory
matters regarding standards and
academic operations on the basis bodies in higher education, namely the
quality in higher education.
of their compliance with norms of AICTE and the NCTE.
## Focus on academic quality:
academic quality. The Chairpersons/Vice-Chairpersons
HECI has been mandated to
## It will also have the powers and members will be scholars of
improve academic standards
to annul a higher education eminence, standing in the field of
with specific focus on learning
institution where there is a case academics and research and possess
outcomes, evaluation of academic
of wilful or continuous default in leadership qualities.
performance by institutions,
compliance with the norms. There will be an Advisory Council mentoring of institutions, training
## It will have the power to within the HECI to render advice to of teachers and promote use of
recommend closure of institutions the Commission on matters concerning educational technology.
which fail to adhere to minimum coordination and determination of
## Powers to enforce: HECI will have
standards without affecting standards in the country. This will be
powers to enforce compliance to
students’ interest. represented by the Chairpersons / Vice-
the academic quality standards
Chairpersons of State Councils for
## The Commission will encourage and will have
Higher Education and will be chaired
higher education institutions the power to
by the Union Minister for HRD.
to formulate a Code of Good order closure
Practices, covering promotion of Transformation of the higher of bogus
research, teaching and learning. education set up is guided by the institutions.
following principles:

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The Income Tax department has launched an 'instant' PAN allotment service.
29 June '18
Cabinet approves establishment of Strategic Petroleum Reserves at
Chandikhol in Odisha

he Union Cabinet has approved
establishment of additional 6.5
Million Metric Tonne (MMT)
Strategic Petroleum Reserve (SPR)
facilities at two locations, i.e. Chandikhol
in Odisha and Padur in Karnataka,
including construction of dedicated SPMs
(Single Point Mooring) for the two SPRs.
The SPR facilities at Chandikhol and
Padur will be underground rock caverns and will have capacities of 4 MMT and 2.5 MMT respectively.
Government had announced setting up of two additional SPRs during the budgetannouncement for 2017-18. The in
principle approval is to take up the project under PPP model to reduce budgetary support of Government of India.
ISPRL has already constructed underground rock caverns for storage of 5.33MMT of crude oil at three
locations, viz. Vishakhapatnam (1.33 MMT), Mangalore (1.5 MMT) and Padur (2.5 MMT). The total
5.33 MMT capacity under Phase-I of the SPR programme is currently estimated to supply approximately
10 days of India’s crude requirement according to the consumption data for FY2016-17. Cabinet’s
approval for establishing additional 6.5 MMT Strategic Petroleum Reserve facilities will provide an
additional supply of about 12 days and is expected to augment India’s energy security. The construction
phase of the SPRs at Chandikhol and Padur is likely to generate significant direct & indirect employment opportunities in
the states of Odisha and Karnataka.
30 June '18
NITI Aayog releases First Delta Ranking of Aspirational Districts

he NITI Aayog has launched the first Delta ranking
(incremental progress) for the Aspirational Districts,
based on self-reported data of districts, across five
developmental areas of Health and Nutrition, Education,
Agriculture and Water Resources, Financial Inclusion and Skill
Development, and Basic Infrastructure.
The purpose of this ranking is to spur a sense of competition
among the dynamic teams in the districts. Since these districts
face many challenges including legacy, unexploited or weak
resource base, deficit of manpower at different levels due to difficult living conditions etc, the ranking is also a tool to
identify sectors and indicator specific challenges so that Team India, which is driving this programme, can take immediate
corrective measures.
Key Points
## Dahod district of Gujarat improved 19.8 points to rank first in the Delta ranking (was Ranked 17 in Baseline ranking).
## West Sikkim district in Sikkim stood second with 18.9 points, a huge improvement from being in the 30th position in
Baseline ranking.
## Bijapur district in Chhattisgarh also made significant strides by improving 14.7 points and ranked 6th position in Delta
ranking from 45th position in Baseline ranking
## Asifabad district of Telangana, which was ranked 100 in Baseline ranking released in March this
year, has made significant improvements in past two months and stood at 15 in Delta ranking.

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First meeting of Cauvery Water Management Authority was held in New Delhi to resolve
dispute among southern states. SEPTEMBER 2018 MICA 21
Numaligarh Refinery Ltd (NRL)
introduces ‘Legatrix’ 04 July '18

umaligarh Refinery Ltd (NRL) in Assam has
become the first oil public sector undertaking
(PSU) to adopt an online legal compliance system
by introducing ‘Legatrix’.
The cloud-based compliance management system
‘Legatrix’ is a one-stop solution for effectively managing
the organisation’s legal and regulatory compliances
through monitoring control at different levels.
Numaligarh Refinery Ltd (NRL):
## Founded: 1993
## Numaligarh Refinery is located at Morangi, Golaghat district, Assam.
## It is a joint venture between Bharat Petroleum (61.65%), Oil India (26%) and Govt of Assam
10 July '18
World Sanskrit Conference Six Institutions of Eminence (IoEs)

08 July '18 he Govt. has
shortlisted Six
Institutions of
Eminence (IoEs) including
3 from Public Sector and
3 from Private Sector.
An Empowered Expert
Committee (EEC) in its
report recommended
selection of 6 institutions
(3 from public sector and 3

from private sector) as Institutions of Eminence. The details of these
uman Resource Development Minister Institutions are as under:
Prakash Javadekar inaugurated the
17th World Sanskrit Conference at Public Sector: (i) Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore, Karnataka;
Vancouver, Canada from 9th July to 13th July, (ii) Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay, Maharashtra; and (iii)
2018. Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi.
More than 500 scholars and delegates from Private Sector: (i) Jio Institute (Reliance Foundation), Pune under
over 40 countries will be participating in this Green Field Category; (ii) Birla Institute of Technology & Sciences,
conference and exchange their knowledge by Pilani, Rajasthan; and (iii) Manipal Academy of Higher Education,
presenting papers on various subjects followed Manipal, Karnataka.
by discussions from amongst the members. Benefits for Institutions of Eminence (IoEs)
The purpose of this conference is to promote,
## It will ensure complete autonomy to the selected institutions and
preserve and practice the Sanskrit language all
facilitate them to grow more rapidly.
over the world by the people. The World Sanskrit
Conference is being held in various countries ## They will get more opportunity to scale up their operations
across the globe once in every with more skills and quality improvement so that they become
three years and so far it has World Class Institutions in the field of
been held thrice in India. education, the Minister added.
Besides the Minister, 10 ## Each public Institution selected as ‘Institution
scholars and two officers are of Eminence’ will get financial assistance up
part of the Indian delegation to Rs. 1000 Crore over the period of five years
participating in the 17th World under this scheme.
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22 MICA SEPTEMBER 2018 T Latha has taken charge as Managing Director and CEO of Dhanlaxmi Bank.
International Round Table Conference on “Data for New India’’

10 July '18
he Ministry of Statistics &Programme Implementation (MoSPI)
has organised a two-day International Round Table Conference
at New Delhi. The objective of the Round Table Conference is
to identify innovative ideas for improving the statistical system in India,
taking cue from the best practices followed in advanced countries like
Canada, UK and Australia. Such a Conference is being organized in
India for the first time.
In the Conference, the experts from National
and International agencies deliberated on key
statistical issues, such as data governance structure
and capabilities, organizational issues, managing
data systems in a federal structure and resource
mobilization for ensuring quality statistical products to be produced.

Samsung inaugurates world’s largest mobile factory in India 10 July '18

amsung India inaugurated its new mobile
phone manufacturing facility in Noida which
is the world’s largest mobile factory.
With this, the company will double its current
capacity for mobile phones in Noida from 68 million
units a year to 120 million units a year, in a phase-
wise expansion that will be completed by 2020.
The facility which was jointly inaugurated by Prime
Minister Narendra Modi and Moon Jae-in, President
of the Republic of Korea , was announced last year
in June where the company unveiled its expansion
plans at an investment of Rs 4915 cr to add new
capacity to the Noida plant.
The company has taken the ‘Make in India’ initiative to another level by launching ‘Make for the World’
initiative as part of which it aims to export mobile handsets produced in India, to overseas markets.
The Noida factory, which was set up in 1996 , is one of the first global electronics manufacturing facilities
set up in India. A bigger manufacturing plant, spread over 129000 sq. metres, will help Samsung meet
the growing demand.

11 July '18
India Tourism Mart (ITM)

ourism Ministry in partnership with the Federation
of Associations in Indian Tourism and Hospitality
(FAITH) and with the support of State /UT
Governments will organize the ‘first ever’ India Tourism
Mart (ITM) on September, 2018 at Vigyan Bhawan, New
The objective of the event is to create an annual Global
Tourism Mart for India in line with major international
travel marts being held in countries across the world.
The Mart will provide a platform for all stakeholders
in the tourism and hospitality industries to interact and
transact business opportunities.

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Sathyasri Sharmila has become the country's first transgender lawyer. SEPTEMBER 2018 MICA 23
Key points :
## Through ITM 2018, India can showcase its hidden destinations to the world, especially to emerging tourism markets
like China, Latin America, and Japan etc.
## Approximately, 300+ international buyers, influencers, bloggers etc. are expected to attend the event.
## The international delegates from overseas markets will interact with Indian seller delegates and the buyers will
include current buyers who are already selling India as well as potential buyers who are not selling India at
present but have shown interest in the country.
## The event will also provide an opportunity to the buyers to see the world class tourism facilities available in
our country such as Airports, Hotels, Tourist destinations, upcoming facilities, MICE facilities, possibility in
the field of adventure tourism and other niche products.
12 July '18 MoU between IIPE and University
Internet Telephony of Houston
service of BSNL 15 July '18

ommunications Minister
Manoj Sinha has launched
Internet Telephony service

of BSNL "Wings" at a function in he University of Houston has signed a memorandum of understanding
New Delhi. (MoU) with the Indian Institute of Petroleum and Energy (IIPE) to build
## The service will enable mobile scientific and technical knowledge through joint research.
users to use landline network
of BSNL for all their internet- It covers key areas of possible collaboration in faculty exchanges, offshore and
based mobile operations, onshore petroleum engineering, process control systems and process safety in all
including video conferencing, chemical engineering fields and non-conventional energy areas.
video calling and all other The MoU also covers possible student exchanges for short-term visits and learning.
## To use this service, mobile IIPE was established in 2016 in Andhra Pradesh initiated by the Ministry of
users need to download BSNL's Petroleum and Natural Gas.
Application, WINGS. It offers undergraduate degrees in petroleum and chemical
## After connecting landline
engineering and is planning to offer various graduate programmes
network, no Sim Card is
in energy-related fields.
required for mobile operations.

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Jharkhand government has announced to set up country's first Khadi mall.
China builds unmanned weather station near Arunachal- Tibet
border 18 July '18

hina has set up an unmanned automatic weather affected by the
observation station in Tibet near Arunachal Pradesh monsoon climate
border to provide meteorological support to its of the Indian
military and assist operations of aircraft and missiles in Ocean. The only
case of "regional live-fire conflicts". The station in Yumai road linking Yumai
township under Lhunze county of Shannan Prefecture in and the outside
Tibet will eliminate a blind area of meteorological services. world has been
It will also provide strong meteorological support for under construction
national defence and further promote border development since 2017. China
as well as military-civilian integration. Regional weather has planned to set-
is an important factor that could influence the take-off up more weather
and landing of aircraft and the launch of missiles during a stations when the
battle, the small weather observation station could provide road is completed.
such information. The Line of Actual Control (LAC) The construction of the station began in
between India and China covered 3488 kms which includes early 2018. However, due to bad weather
Arunachal Pradesh, claimed by China as part of southern in the area, the construction could be
Tibet. With nine households and 32 residents, Yumai is completed in June. The first weather data
China's smallest township in terms of population. Yumai was transmitted from the station on June 22, the report said.
is located in the southern foothills of the Himalayas and

Fugitive Economic Offenders Bill passed in Lok Sabha 19 July '18

special court for action against recover the losses to the exchequer or
Vijay Mallya and is preparing to do public sector banks in cases of frauds.
the same against Nirav Modi and Among other things, the Bill makes a
Mehul Chowksi, who are alleged provision for a Special Court under the
perpetrators of the Punjab National Prevention of Money Laundering Act,
Bank scam. The Bill defines the 2002 to declare a person a Fugitive
fugitive economic offender “as Economic Offender.
an individual who has committed Treaty with other nations
a scheduled offence or offences Courts in other countries would honour
involving an amount of Rs.100 the orders passed by Indian courts, as
crore or more and has absconded India has treaties with many countries,

he government has refused from India or refused to come back which would help in honouring the
to lower the threshold for to India to avoid facing criminal orders given here. He said the Fugitive
applicability of the Fugitive prosecution in India.” Economic Offenders Bill gave power
Economic Offenders Law and said No relief for offenders to the agencies to seize properties
the law will apply to all those who Fugitive Economic Offenders Law will that are not only in the name of the
have been declared fugitives in big be applicable to “any individual who offender, but ‘benami’assets.
economic crimes by Indian courts. is, or becomes, a fugitive economic Union Minister Arun Jaitley had,
The Lok Sabha gave its consent to the offender on or after the date of coming in his Budget for 2018-19, said the
Bill, which will now be discussed in into force of this Act.” It means the government was considering bringing
the Rajya Sabha before its passage. Bill will not be effective from a a new law to confiscate the assets
Once approved by both the houses retrospective date. However, this does of such absconders. The Bill was
and assented by the President, the Bill not provide any relief for offenders introduced in the Lok Sabha (Lower
will become an Act and replace the such as Mallya, Modi, Chowksi and House) on March 12, but could not
Ordinance promulgated on April 21. others who have already been declared be taken up due
All actions taken under the Ordinance fugitive by Indian courts. to a logjam in
will have the same legal validity There is a provision in the Bill that Parliament over
once the law is enacted. Empowered economic offenders who flee from different issues and
by the Ordinance, the Enforcement the country will be brought back, hence the President
Directorate has already moved a prosecuted and their properties will promulgated the
be confiscated. It seeks to quickly Ordinance.
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Milan Shankar Tare has been selected for this year’s National Maritime Search and Rescue

Burning Topics of the Month

World’s first Inter National MoU between Plastic ban in
Centre for Humanitar- Rajasthan Government and Odisha
ian Forensics launched in Microsoft

& Many More...

World’s first International Centre for
Humanitarian Forensics launched in Yoga world record created in
Gujarat 21 June '18 Kota 21 June '18

ajasthan has witnessed a world record by
conducing the largest yoga session to mark
the International Yoga Day at Kota where
over one lakh people together performed yogic

he world's first International Centre for Humanitarian exercises. Yoga guru Ramdev conducted the yoga
Forensics was launched at Gandhinagar in Gujarat. It is a session. A total of 1.05 lakh people conducted yoga
joint venture of the Regional delegation of the International together at RAC ground in Kota. The record was
Committee of the Red Cross in India, Bhutan, Nepal and the created at 1.05 lakh and the counting of participants
Maldives and also Gujarat Forensic Science University. was still going on as it was estimated that nearly 2
lakh people were present for the mass yoga camp.
The launch of the Centre was followed by an
The numbers were counted through set standard and
International Symposium on Humanitarian
drone cameras. The previous record was that of 55, 524
Forensics. Over the next two days, international
people performing yoga in Mysore
experts will participate in the symposium and
in 2017. The yog camp started
discuss issues in the area of humanitarian
at 5 am and 15 yoga exercises of
forensics. Speakers from India, Ireland,
protocol for world record were
Germany and Sri Lanka will speak at the
performed from 6.30 am to 7 am.

World Bank has approved loan for the Tamil Nadu Health Systems
Reforms Project 23 June '18

orld Bank had agreed to healthcare delivery, apart from would be flexibility
sanction `2,685 crore for infrastructure development, non- in utilisation of
the Tamil Nadu Health communicable diseases, trauma care funds in TNHSRP
Systems Reforms Project (TNHSRP) and mental health. There will be focus on to identify areas that
that will focus on improving the overall accreditation of government hospitals, need intervention
quality of healthcare in the State. benchmarking of services, and training even at the level of
for healthcare professionals. The individual hospitals.
The project would focus on identifying
approach will be result-oriented. There
and fixing the gaps in the existing
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26 MICA SEPTEMBER 2018 Sundari Nanda has taken charge as the 1st woman DGP of Puducherry.

ujarat Government has launched a
solar power scheme for farmers-
Suryashakti Kisan Yojana (SKY)
enabling them to generate electricity for
their captive (lhfer) consumption.
As per the scheme, farmers having existing
electricity connection will be given solar
panels as per their load requirements.
26 June '18
The State and Central governments will
Suryashakti Kisan
give 60 per cent subsidy on the cost of
Yojana (SKY) project.

The farmer is required to take 5 per cent cost, while 35 per cent will be provided to him as an affordable
loan with interest rates of 4.5-6 per cent.
The scheme duration is 25 years, which is split between 7-year period and 18-year period.
"For the first 7 years, farmers will get per unit rate of Rs 7 and For the subsequent 18 years they will get
the rate of Rs 3.5 for each unit.
Godikan panchayat passes a resolution to marry off girls only to families
that have a toilet in their house. 27 June '18

odikan panchayat in Haryana has become the first
panchayat in the country to pass a resolution to marry
off girls only to families that have a toilet in their
## Inspired by Bollywood movie Toilet- Ek Prem Katha, the
move, say panchayat members, is aimed to ensure safety
and well-being of the women folk.
## Posters and banners that say “Beti wahin
byahenge, jis ghar me shauchalaya
payenge" (will marry off our daughters
to households where we find a toilet),
are expected to be put up soon.
## Godikan panchayat has already been declared an Outdoor Defecation Free panchayat.
Rajasthan increase the pension of MISA detainees 03 July '18

ajasthan Chief Minister Vasundhara Raje has announced to increase the pension of persons detained under the
Maintenance of Internal Security Act (MISA) and the Defence of India (DIR) rules during the 1975-77 national
emergency. The pension will be increased from Rs 12,000 to Rs 20,000 per month. It is also
announced to increase their medical assistance of Rs 1,200 to Rs 4,000 monthly.
About MISA Law
## MISA i.e. Internal Security Mechanism Act Act, was implemented in year 1971.
## Under the MISA law political opponents were imprisoned indefinitely.
## Under the MISA law, the police had given the right to search protesters without warrant and to
assassinate property, to listen and record their telephone conversations.
## But the MISA law was used during the Emergency to put Congress opponents, journalists, Social
workers forcibly in jail.
## Indira Gandhi changed MISA 's law during the Emergency and used it to suppress her political opponents.
## Under MISA law, more than one lakh people were forcibly arrested and sent to jail.
## Under the MISA Law, MISAians were tortured and their property was also siphoned off.
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Senior journalist Rajat Sharma has become the New President of Delhi and Districts Cricket
Association (DDCA).
“Annapurna Milk Scheme” in Rajasthan
04 July '18

hief Minister of Rajasthan Vasundhara Raje has launched
Annapurna Milk Scheme to provide milk thrice a week
to 62 lakh children studying in state-run schools and
## Under the scheme, more than 62 lakh students at 66,506
government schools will be provided warm milk as part
of the mid-day meal. Students till
Class 5 will get 150 ml of warm milk
thrice a week while those in class 6 to
8 will get 200 ml.
## The scheme is being implemented
with a budget of `218 crore.

adhya Pradesh state government
Madhya Pradesh Government launched an outstanding power bill
has launched power scheme called waiver scheme and subsidised power
‘Sambal’ 04 July '18 scheme called ‘Sambal’ for labourers and poor
Under Sambal Yojana, the Below Poverty Line
(BPL) families would be provided electricity at a
cost of Rs 200 per month.
The main objective of the scheme is to make sure
that all the households have power facility in the
About Sambhal Yojana:
## Under the subsidised power segment of this scheme, registered labourers of the unorganised sector
and Below Poverty Line (BPL) families would be provided electricity at a cost of 200 rupees per
## Power connection would be provided free of cost to the beneficiaries.

ADB has approved lining project of the Son canal in Bihar

11 July '18
he Asian Development Bank (ADB) has approved It has total 67
Lining Project of Son canal in Shahabad-Bhojpur members, of
region of Bihar. The estimated cost of this project which 48 are
is US $503 million (Rs 3272.49 crore) out of which US from within
$352 million is being provided by ADB. This project on Asia and
completion will bring immense benefits to agriculture sector the Pacific
of Shahabad – Bhojpur region of Bihar. Ministry of Power and 19
has requested ADB and Ministry of Finance to expedite outside. The
and tender for first phase of lining of the main canal and ADB’s main
branches by October 2018. objective is
Asian Development Bank (ADB) to assist its members and partners, by
providing loans, technical assistance,
ADB is a regional development bank which aims to promote grants, and equity investments to promote
social and economic development in Asia. It was established social and economic development.
in December 1966. It is headquartered in Manila, Philippines.
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28 MICA SEPTEMBER 2018 Saraswati Prasad has been appointed as the CMD of Steel Authority of India (SAIL).
Plastic ban in Odisha

11 July '18
disha government has ordered a ban on the use of plastic bags,
polythene and single-use plastic in the State from Gandhi Jayanti in
## Odisha will ban plastic in phases starting from Gandhi Jayanti.
## The ban will come into force in Bhubaneswar, Cuttack, Berhampur,
Sambalpur, Rourkela and Puri from October 2 and in the entire State in
phases over the next two years.
## Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik made the announcement to ban plastic in the
State while talking about environmental awareness in the newly started “Ama Mukhyamantri, Ama
Katha” (Our Chief Minister, our issues) programme.
11 July '18
MoU between Rajasthan prone areas. It will ensure assured
source of water to farmers in
Government and Microsoft
command area of these projects.
This will increase yield of their
crops and thereby increase the
income of the farmers.
The projects included under
special package will be funded

under Pradhan Mantri Krishi
ajasthan Government Sinchayee YojanaAccelerated
and Microsoft has Irrigation Benefit Programme
signed a Memorandum (PMKSY-AIBP) and are planned
of Understanding to provide to be completed by December 2019. Progress of projects will be
digital training to 9,500 college monitored by State as well as Central Water Commission (CWC).
students of state. The overall balance cost of projects is estimated to be Rs. 13,651.61
“The objective is to develop technical education crore. Central Assistance for implementation of these projects will
at government colleges, capacity building, be Rs. 3,831.41 crore and rest will be provided by State Government
increasing digital literacy and improving digital which may be arranged through NABARD (National Bank for
education in Rajasthan”. Agriculture and Rural Development).
Microsoft Benefits
On completion of these projects, utilization of irrigation potential of
## Founded: 4 April 1975
about 3.77 lakh ha will transform agriculture scenario of these drought
## Headquarters: Washington, United States prone region resulting in generation of substantially more employment
## CEO: Satya Nadella opportunities through increase in cropping intensity, change in
cropping pattern, agro processing and other ancillary activities. It will
CCEA approves Special result employment generation of approximately 341 lakh man-days
Package for Vidarbha, for unskilled, semi-skilled and skilled workers.

Marathwada 19 July '18 Background
abinet Committee on Economic Affairs Maharashtra has experienced hydrological and agricultural drought
(CCEA) has approved implementation during three years period from 2012 to 2016. The situation was worst
of Centrally Sponsored-Scheme for in Vidharbha and Marathawada region with high incidence rate of
completion of 83 minor irrigation projects suicides by farmers.
and 8 major or medium irrigation projects in Besides, these regions, drought prone areas (DPA)
Maharashtra’s drought prone areas of Vidharbha, in rest of the state also had experienced distress in
Marathawada regions. recent years.
Key Facts These irrigation projects are ongoing projects, but
The special package aims to create additional they were languishing due to fund constraints.
potential of 3.77 lakh hectares in these drought
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Marathi film "Chumbak" has been officially selected for the Indian Film Festival of Melbourne

Burning Topics of the Month

15th India-Australia Joint
USA has announced to Pakistan has been placed
Ministerial Commission held
leave the United Nations on FATF’s ‘grey list’
in Australia
Human Rights Council

& Many More...

Conference on Inter- USA has announced to leave the United Nations

national Decade for Human Rights Council (UNHRC) 21 June '18

Action 21 June '18 nited States announced that
it was leaving the United
Nations Human Rights
Council, with Ambassador Nikki
Haley calling it “an organization that
is not worthy of its name.”
The announcement
came just a day after
U.N. human rights
chief Zeid Ra’ad al-Hussein denounced the Trump administration

for separating migrant children from their parents who are seeking
onference on “International asylum after crossing into the country from Mexico.
Decade for Action: Water
for Sustainable Development MOU between India and Cuba 23 June '18

2018-2028” was held in Tajikistan.
ndia and Cuba signed two
## Union Minister for Water Memorandum of Understandings
Resources, River Development (MoUs) in the field of
& Ganga Rejuvenation and biotechnology, traditional medicine
Road Transport & Highways and homoeopathy. President Ram
and Shipping Nitin Gadkari Nath Kovind is on a three-nation
has represented India in the visit to Greece, Suriname and Cuba.
high-level Conference on
Key Highlights
“International Decade for
Action: Water for Sustainable ## Both the countries agreed to enhance cooperation in biotechnology,
Development, 2018-2028” in renewable energy and traditional medicine.
Tajikistan. ## The health ministries of Cuba and India signed an MOU to increase
## United Nations and Government cooperation in traditional medicine and homeopathy.
of Republic of Tajikistan were ## Meanwhile, envoys from the Ministry of Science and Technology of both
jointly organized the Conference the sides agreed on an MOU to deepen collaboration on biotechnology.
to discuss key In this context, a Letter of Intent was signed between
water related issues BioCubaFarma, Cuba's state company for pharmaceutical
of sustainable and biotechnology products, and India's Kalam Institute
development goals of Health Technology.
adopted by UN ## Cuba reaffirmed its support to India's candidature for a
member countries. permanent seat in the UN Security Council.

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30 MICA SEPTEMBER 2018 Former Jodhpur MP Krishna Kumari, of the Congress, has passed away. She was 92.
27 June '18
15th India-Australia Joint Ministerial Commission held in Australia

he 15th India-Australia Joint Ministerial Commission (JMC)
was held in Canberra, Australia. The meeting was jointly chaired
by Minister of Commerce & Industry and Civil Aviation, Suresh
Prabhu and Australian Minister for Trade, Tourism and Investment
Steven Ciobo.
The Ministers discussed at length on ways to increase two-way
investment flows between the two countries. In this regard, both sides
agreed to have greater collaboration between Austrade, the Australian
Trade and Investment Commission and Invest-India, which is the
National Investment Promotion and Facilitation Agency of India. The talks culminated in the signing of
an MoU between Austrade and Invest-India in order to facilitate bilateral investment flows.
The Minister delivered the “Leaders on Asia” address at the Asia Society, Australia, on the topic “India’s
growth story: Opportunities for Australia”, to a hallpacked withmembers of academia, government and

India and Seychelles Key Developments 27 June '18

ndia gives USD 100 million military loan to Seychelles to allow it to
buy defense equipment from India. A second Dornier aircraft, aimed
at enhancing the maritime security of the Indian Ocean nation off
the southeast coast of Africa, would be formally handed over.
Six agreements signed between India and the Seychelles
Grants for small development projects, Twinning Agreement
between the Corporation of the City of Panaji and the City
of Victoria, An agreement on cooperation in cybersecurity,
A cultural exchange programme, Agreement on Sharing
White Shipping Information between the Indian Navy
and the Seychelles National Information Sharing and
Coordination Center, MOU between the Foreign Service
Institute of the Ministry of External Affairs of the Republic of India and the Department of Foreign
Affairs of the Republic of Seychelles.
## India and Seychelles has agreed to work together on a project to develop a naval base at the
Assumption Island.
The project will give India a strategic advantage in the Indian Ocean Region. An agreement to develop
the island was inked in 2015 between India and Seychelles.

RIMPAC multilateral naval exercise

28 June '18
he world's largest multilateral naval exercise Rim of the
Pacific (RIMPAC) has begun in Hawaii in the Western
Pacific Ocean.
The two-month long biennial exercise is to be attended by navies of
26 countries including India.
This is the 26th edition of RIMPAC exercise.
Indian Naval Ship INS Sahyadri is participating
in this exercise.
India's participation in the exercise provides
a platform for increased interoperability and
development of common understanding of procedures for maritime security operations.
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Madhya Pradesh Government has launched ‘Sambal’ scheme. SEPTEMBER 2018 MICA 31
MoU between India and India-US 2+2 Dialogue in New Delhi 29 June '18
Bahrain 28 June '18

The Union Cabinet has approved the signing

of a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) The first India-US '2+2 dialouge' - postponed by the US earlier this
between India and Bahrain on cooperation in month due to ''unavoidable reasons'' - will now be held in New Delhi on
the field of Healthcare. September 6."Minister of External Affairs Sushma Swaraj and Raksha
Mantri Nirmala Sitharaman will host the US Secretary of State Michael
The MoU covers the following areas of
cooperation:- R. Pompeo and US Secretary of Defence James Mattis, in New Delhi.

i. Exchange of information including India-US 2+2 Dialogue

publications and research outcomes; India-US 2+2 Dialogue format was agreed to between two countries
ii. Exchanging visits by governmental during visit of Prime Minister Narendra Modi to US in June, 2017.
officials, academic staff, scholars, It was aimed at replacing earlier India-US Strategic and Commercial
teachers, experts and students; Dialogue. It is aimed enhancing strategic coordination between both
iii. Participating in workshops and training countries and maintaining peace and stability in Indo-Pacific region.
courses; It puts strategic, defence and security relationship between the two
countries at the forefront and centre stage. It insulates India-US strategic
iv. Encouraging health
relationship from feuds over trade issues and deep
and medical research
divide on economic integration policies as trade
activities at both the
private-sector and the and commercial issues that collided with strategic
academic level; and relationship between both countries’ discussed in
Strategic and Commercial Dialogue earlier. It is
v. Any other forms of similar to India-Japan 2+2 dialogue format between
cooperation as may be mutually decided foreign and defence secretaries of the two countries.

Pakistan has been placed on FATF’s ‘grey list’ 29 June '18

akistan has been placed on the grey list by the
Financial Action Task Force (FATF) for failing to
curb anti-terror financing. The decision was taken
at the global financial watchdog Financial Action Task
Force’s (FATF) planery session in Paris where Finance
Minister Shamshad Akhtar represented Pakistan.
The announcement comes a day after Pakistan submitted
a comprehensive 26-point action plan
to the FATF to choke the funding of
militants groups, including Mumbai
attack mastermind Hafiz Saeed-
led JuD (Jamaat-ud Dawa) and its
affiliates, to avoid being blacklisted by it.
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The 5th Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCEP) Intersessional ministerial
meeting was held in Tokyo, Japan.
MoU between India and Singapore

30 June '18
he Union Cabinet has given its ex post-facto approval to the MoU
between India and Singapore on cooperation in the field of urban
planning and development.
Under this MOU, capacity building programme in the field of
planning, focusing on areas of urban planning, water and waste
water management, solid waste management, Intelligent Transport
System and public financing (Public Private Partnerships) would
be undertaken.
The objective of the MOU is to facilitate
government agencies in the Centre and States,
including Municipal Bodies, to readily tap
into the expertise of Singapore agencies in the areas of urban development and management and other
areas, and thus help in urban rejuvenation, mission.

04 July '18
he Asian Ministerial Conference
on Disaster Risk Reduction 2018
(AMCDRR 2018) was held in
Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia.
The AMCDRR 2018
has hosted over 3,000
delegates and participants
from Asian and Pacific
countries, governmental
and inter-governmental organisations, United
Nations and international organisations, and
stakeholder groups.
The theme of the AMCDRR 2018: ‘Preventing Disaster Risk: Protecting Sustainable Development’ reflects the essence
of the Sendai Framework. Development that does not take risk into account cannot be sustainable. Thus, disaster risk
reduction is a key instrument to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals, as highlighted in the 2030 Agenda for
Sustainable Development.

Nepal, India to jointly promote tourism 07 July '18

he 2nd meeting of the joint working group
on tourism cooperation between India and
Nepal is concluded in Kathmandu. Both sides
agreed to jointly promote Buddhist and Ramayana
circuits and Adventure tourism.
An industry-led India Nepal Tourism Forum will
also be established.
The Indian delegation was led by the Joint Secretary,
Ministry of Tourism Suman Billa, while Nepalese
side was led by Joint Secretary,
Ministry of Culture, Tourism
and Civil Aviation Ghanshyam
The group was formed after Prime Minister Narendra Modi's visit to Nepal in 2014 to enhance cooperation
in tourism between the two countries.

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The Reserve Bank of India licensed Bank of China to operate in India. SEPTEMBER 2018 MICA 33
MoUs between India and 11 July '18
South Korea

ndia and South Korea have signed five MoUs in the field
of Science & Technology.
(i) Programme of Cooperation 2018-21; KEY POINTS
(ii) Establishment of Future Strategy Group. ## The MoUs were signed at the conclusion of
the 4th India-Korea Science & Technology
The MoU on Establishment of Future Strategy
Ministers Steering Committee Meeting.
Group was signed by Indian Science & Technology
and Commerce Ministers, while on the Korean ## Both sides will be co-funding collaborative
side, it was signed by Science and ICT and Trade enterprise-led joint R&D projects
Ministers. covering (i) Digital Transformation
(ii) Future Manufacturing (iii) Future
(iii) Cooperation in Biotechnology & Bio economy.
Utilities and (iv) Health Care.
(iv) Two other MoUs were signed between Council of
## It was also agreed to jointly establish two
Scientific & Industrial Research (CSIR), and South
additional India-Korea Joint Network
Korean National Research Council
Centres in areas among ‘Cyber Physical
for Science & Technology and IIT
System- Artificial Intelligence, Internet
Mumbai and Korea Institute of
of Things focused on agriculture,
Science &Technology,to further
energy, water and transportation and
accelerate future-oriented cooperation
‘Semiconductor Electronics’.
in their respective sectors.

India became the 69th shareholder of the European Bank for

Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) 13 July '18

ndia has formally became the 69th shareholder of the
European Bank for Reconstruction and Development
(EBRD), paving the way for more joint investment with
Indian companies across the bank's regions of operation.
India was selected as a member after all the existing EBRD
shareholders, who also form its board of governors, voted
unanimously in favour of the country's application in March
2018. The membership process was fully completed this week.
Key Highlights ## The European Bank for Reconstruction and
## The Indian government had applied for EBRD Development (EBRD) is an international financial
membership in December 2017. Though now, India institution, which was founded in 1991.
has become a shareholder of the EBRD, it will not be a ## As a multilateral developmental investment bank,
recipient of the bank’s financing. the EBRD uses investment as a tool to build market
## In the lead up to the membership, the EBRD held its economies. Headquartered in London, the EBRD
inaugural business forum in Mumbai in June 2018. is owned by 65 countries and two EU institutions.
Despite its public sector shareholders, it invests in
## The conference, which was co-hosted with the private enterprises, together with commercial partners.
Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and
Industry (FICCI) and with the support of the Export- ## EBRD has members from all over
Import (EXIM) Bank of India, was held under the the world including North America,
banner of ‘Mobilising private sector finance in the Africa, Asia and Australia, with the
EBRD region and how Indian companies can benefit’. biggest shareholder being the United
States, but only lends regionally in
About EBRD its countries of operations.
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Assam Chief Minister Sarbananda Sonowal has laid the foundation stone of a Rs 1382 crore
multi-purpose sports complex in Dibrugarh.
India became Vice-Chair of Asia Pacific Region of the World Customs
Organisation (WCO) 15 July '18

ndia became Vice-Chair or regional head of Asia Pacific
Region of the World Customs Organisation (WCO) for
two years from July 2018 to June 2020. By becoming
Vice Chair, India will be able to take up leadership role at
the WCO.
World Customs Organisation (WCO)
WCO is an independent intergovernmental body whose
mission is to enhance effectiveness and efficiency of
Customs administrations. It was established in 1952 as
Customs Co-operation Council (CCC). It is the only
international organization with competence in Customs
matters and is considered as voice of international Customs
international officials, technical experts and support staff of
some nationalities. WCO has divided its membership into
WCO represents 182 Customs administrations across the
six regions whereby each region is represented by elected
globe that collectively process approximately 98% of world
vice-chairperson to WCO Council.
trade. It is headquartered in Brussels, Belgium. It plays
Functions: It offers range of Conventions and other
leading role in discussion, development, promotion and
international instruments, as well as technical assistance and
implementation of modern customs systems and procedures.
training services to its members. It also actively supports
Objectives: It aims to enhance efficiency and effectiveness
its members in their endeavours to modernize and build
of member customs administrations and assist them to
capacity within their national Customs administrations.
contribute successfully to national development goals,
It also plays vital role in stimulating growth of legitimate
particularly revenue collection, national security, trade
international trade and combats
facilitation, community protection, and collection of trade
fraudulent activities. It also promotes
emergence of honest, transparent and
Organistaional Structure: WCO’s governing body – the
predictable Customs environment, thus
Council relies on competence and skills of WCO Secretariat
directly contributing to economic and
and a range of technical and advisory committees to
social well-being of its members.
accomplish its mission. The Secretariat comprises over 100

Helsinki Summit: Trump, Putin hold first one-on-one talks 17 July '18

S President Donald Trump held first-ever one-
to-one talks with Russian President Vladimir
Putin on July 16, 2018 in Helsinki, Finland. The
historic summit opened with Donald Trump promising
an ‘extraordinary relationship’ and Vladimir Putin saying
it was high time to thrash out disputes around the world.
Trump congratulated Putin on Russia's hosting of the 2018
FIFA World Cup tournament, which concluded on July 15
in Moscow with Putin in attendance.
Important Highlights
On nuclear proliferation, Trump said that he updated Putin
on his meeting with North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un on
the denuclearisation of the Korean Peninsula.Trump stated
responsibility for maintaining international security.
that nuclear proliferation, in terms of stopping was the most
important thing for them to work on together. On Russian Annexation of Crimea in Ukraine, Putin said
Putin also acknowledged that as two of the world's that Trump continued to maintain that it was illegal on the
leading nuclear powers Russia and the US bear a special part of Russia to annex the region, however, he added that
Russia’s viewpoint was different.
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Prime Minister of Bhutan Tshering Tobgay is on a three-day visit to India. SEPTEMBER 2018 MICA 35
About Natural Gas Pipeline, Trump said that the two nations • The country’s largest newspaper had put up adverts
would be competing with regards to a natural gas pipeline. in English and Russian language, which read “Mr
He said he was not sure necessarily it's in the best interest of President, welcome to the land of free press.”
Germany to pursue a deal with Russia. • Helsinki often served as a crucial neutral ground for the
The US President’s summit with Putin and their subsequent US and the Soviet Union during the cold war.
joint press conference came to a close without any real • In the post-Cold War era, after the fall of the Soviet
resolution to the ongoing tensions with Russia. Union, Finland established itself
• Despite the city’s history of hosting key Cold War summits, as a part of the west with the EU
several protestors came out in Helsinki on July 15 to membership and an enhanced
attack both Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin before partnership with NATO.
the controversial summit between the two leaders in • Russia, however, still maintains
the Finnish capital. some strong ties with the nation.

Turkey Ends 2-Year State Of Emergency 20 July '18

he won, Erdogan pledged that the state of emergency would
But the opposition has been angered by the government's
submission of new legislation to parliament that apparently
seeks to formalise some of the harshest aspects of the
The bill, dubbed "anti-terror" legislation by pro-government
media, will be discussed at commission level on Thursday
and then in plenary session on Monday.
The main opposition Republican People's Party (CHP) said

urkey's state of emergency which was imposed after the new measures would amount to a state of emergency on
the failed 2016 coup came to an end on Thursday, their own.
but the opposition fears it will be replaced by even Key elements unchanged
more repressive legislative measures.
Under the proposed legislation, the authorities will retain
President Recep Tayyip Erdogan declared the state of for three more years the power to sack civil servants deemed
emergency on July 20, 2016, five days after warplanes linked to "terror" groups, retaining a key power of the state
bombed Ankara and bloody clashes broke out in Istanbul in of emergency.
a doomed putsch bid that claimed 249 lives.
Protests and gatherings will be banned in open public areas
The measure, which normally lasts three months but was after sunset, although they can be authorised until midnight
extended seven times. The state of emergency saw the if they do not disturb the public order.
detention of some 80,000 people and about double that
Local authorities will be able to prohibit individuals from
number sacked from jobs in public institutions.
entering or leaving a defined area for 15 days on security
The biggest purge of Turkey's modern history has targeted grounds.
not just alleged supporters of Fethullah Gulen, the US-based
And a suspect can be held without charge for 48 hours or up
preacher blamed for the coup, but also Kurdish activists and
to four days in the case of multiple offences.
This period can be extended up to twice if there is difficulty
The former leaders of the opposition pro-Kurdish Peoples'
in collecting evidence or if the case is deemed to be
Democratic Party (HDP) -- Figen Yuksekdag and Selahattin
particularly voluminous.
Demirtas -- are still languishing in jail following their arrest
in November 2016 on charges of links to Kurdish insurgents. Fotis Filippou, Amnesty International's deputy Europe
director, said many of the powers of the
Same measures, different name
state of emergency will remain in force.
During last month's presidential election campaign, which

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36 MICA SEPTEMBER 2018 Mahesh Shrama Inaugurates exhibition titled "Arth - art for earth" at IGNCA, New Delhi.
Burning Topics of the Month

AIIB to invest $200 mn India has moved up to 73rd IMF cuts India growth
in infra fund place in terms of money forecast for 2018 to 7.3%
parked in Swiss banks

& Many More...

AIIB to invest $200 mn in infra fund 25 June '18

he board of Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB)
has approved $100 million investment in the National
Infrastructure and Investment Fund (NIIF) which could
be followed by a similar tranche later.
This is the first time that India is hosting the annual meeting of
AIIB. India is the second largest shareholder in AIIB after China and is also the largest recipient of funds from the
multilateral agency.
Nearly 25% of the total funds committed by AIIB have been committed for projects in India, both in the government sector
and the private sector.
The Beijing-headquartered agency, which started operations in January 2016, has approved $4.4 billion investments so far,
including $1.2 billion in India, making the country the largest beneficiary so far.
AIIB has 86 countries as its members.
Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB)'s Fourth Annual Meeting will be held in Luxembourg in July 2019.
## Luxembourg is a founding member of AIIB as well as a leading international financial centre and facilitator of
investments between Europe and Asia.
## Luxembourg will be the first non-regional member of AIIB to host the bank's Annual Meeting.
The first AIIB Board of Governors meeting was held in Beijing in 2016, followed by Jeju, South Korea
in 2017 and the latest two-day meeting in Mumbai which concluded
here on Tuesday.
Headquartered in Beijing, the AIIB is a multilateral development
bank with a mission to improve social and economic outcomes in
Asia and beyond.
It commenced operations in January 2016 and
has now grown to 87 member from around the
world, and invests in sustainable infrastructure
and other productive sectors, with India ranking
as its biggest borrower.

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Cabinet has approved accession to WIPO Copyright Treaty, 1996 and WIPO Performance and
Phonograms Treaty, 199 SEPTEMBER 2018 MICA 37
30 June '18 India has moved up ‘Instant’ Aadhaar-
IRDA Approves LIC- to 73rd place in terms based PAN allotment
IDBI Bank deal of money parked in service 03 July '18
Swiss banks 02 July '18

ndia has moved up to 73rd place

in terms of money parked by ncome Tax Department has
its citizens and companies with launched an ‘instant’ Aadhaar-
Swiss banks, while the UK remains based PAN allotment service
on the top. for individuals seeking the unique
## India had slipped to 88th place identity for the first time.

with a 44 per cent plunge in such ## “This facility is free of cost and
he Insurance Regulatory
funds during 2016, but the latest instant allotment of e-PAN is
and Development Authority
data from the Swiss National available for a limited period on
of India has approved Life
Bank (SNB) shows an increase a first-come, first-served basis for
Insurance Corporation’s (LIC)
of over 50 % during 2017 to valid Aadhaar holders”.
proposal to increase its stake in state-
CHF 1.01 billion (about Rs 7,000
run lender IDBI Bank. ## A fresh PAN will be allotted on
IRDA has approved acquisition of the basis of a one-time password
## Pakistan is now placed one sent on the mobile number linked
up to 51% stake by LIC in IDBI
place higher than India at 72nd to the Aadhaar number of a
position, down one slot, after 21 person.
If LIC acquires significant stake in % dips in funds from that country
IDBI Bank, the latter will operate as in Swiss banks during 2017. ## The new PAN will have the
a subsidiary of the same name, date of birth, gender,
## China is at 20th mobile number
place (CHF 160 and address as
IDBI Bank has billion with an in the Aadhaar.
been under the increase of 67
prompt corrective per cent during ## “The e-PAN
action framework 2017) facility is only
of the RBI due to for resident
• Russia at 23rd place. individuals and not for Hindu
deteriorating financial health. Its loss
widened to `8,238 crore in FY18 • Brazil 61st place. Undivided Family, firms, trusts
from `5,158 crore in FY17. • South Africa 67th place. and companies,”

RBI issued license to Bank of China to

launch operations in India 04 July '18

eserve Bank of India has issued licence to Bank
of China to launch operations in India. Prime
Minister Narendra Modi had made a commitment
to Chinese President Xi Jinping to allow Bank of China
to set up branches in India when they met on the sidelines
of the SCO summit in Chinese city of Qingdao.

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The Union Cabinet has approved the extension of the scheme of recapitalization of Regional
Rural Banks (RRBs) for the next three years i.e. upto 2019-20.

ndhra Pradesh has topped the ease of doing annual business Andhra Pradesh topped
ranking of states and Union Territories by the World Bank and
Department of Industrial Policy and Promotion (DIPP).
the ease of doing annual
The World Bank and Department of Industrial Policy and Promotion (DIPP)
business ranking 12 July '18
released ease of doing business ANNUAL business ranking of states and
Top Achievers (Above 95%)
UTs. Andhra Pradesh has topped the ranking with 98.42 points. Telangana
is in second place with 98.33 points and Haryana in third with 98.02 points. Rank State Score (%)
Others in the top ten are Jharkhand (4) 97.99, Gujarat (5)97.96, Chhattisgarh 1 ANDHRA PRADESH 98.42
(6), Madhya Pradesh (7), Karnataka (8), Rajasthan (9) 95.68 and West 2 TELANGANA 98.33
Bengal (10). Meghalaya was ranked last at 36th position.
3 HARYANA 98.07
DIPP in collaboration with the World Bank conducts an annual reform 4 JHARKHAND 97.99
exercise for all States/UTs under the Business Reform Action Plan (BRAP).
5 GUJARAT 97.96
The rankings take into account ease of construction permits, conformity to
labour laws, availibility of land and single window clearance system The 6 CHHATTISGARH 97.36
assessment under the BRAP 2017 is based on a combined 7 MADHYA PRADESH 97.31
score consisting of reform evidence score that is based on 8 KARNATAKA 96.40
evidence uploaded by States/UTs and feedback score that
is based on response garnered from the actual users of the
services provided to the businesses. 10 WEST BENGAL 94.70

ccording to World Bank India has become the
world's sixth-biggest economy, pushing France India has become the world’s sixth-
into seventh place for 2017. India's gross biggest economy 12 July '18
domestic product (GDP) amounted to $2.597 trillion at
the end of last year, against $2.582 trillion for France.
## The country's economy rebounded strongly from
July 2017, after several quarters of slowdown.
## India, with a population of around 1.34 billion, is poised
to become the world's most populous nation, whereas
the French population stands at 67 million. This means
that India's per capita GDP continues to amount to just
a fraction of that of France which is still roughly 20
times higher, according to World Bank figures.
## At the end of 2017, Britain was still
the world's fifth-biggest economy
with a GDP of $2.622 trillion. The
US is the world's top economy,
followed by China, Japan and

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Piyush Goyal launched the Coal Mine Surveillance & Management System (CMSMS) and
Mobile Application ‘Khan Prahari’. SEPTEMBER 2018 MICA 39
MoU between the Indian Army
and SBI 13 July '18

Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) was
signed between the Indian Army and SBI on
the Defence Salary Package. The signing-
in ceremony was chaired by the Director General
(MP&PS), Lt Gen SK Saini and was attended by top
officials of SBI headed by Shri Ranjan Kumar Mishra,
CGM (PB), Corporate Centre, State Bank Bhawan,
The first MoU between SBI and the Indian Army was
signed in 2011 and was renewed on 23 Feb 2015. The
revised MoU is tailor made to suit the requirements of
serving soldiers, pensioners and families. A number of
additional facilities have been incorporated in the revised MoU which include free personal accident
death cover, free permanent total disablement cover and other accidental benefits to the deceased soldier
and family. This MoU will benefit a large number of serving and retired Army personnel who are having
their accounts with SBI.

Parliament passes State Banks (Repeal and Amendment) 19 July '18

Bill, 2017

arliament has passed State Banks (Repeal
and Amendment) Bill, 2017 to merge six
subsidiary banks with State Bank of India after
it was approved by Rajya Sabha. The bill already has
been passed in Lok Sabha in 2017 Monsoon session
of Parliament.
Key Features of Bill
The bill repeals two Acts namely State Bank of India
(Subsidiary Banks) Act, 1959, and
State Bank of Hyderabad Act, 1956. These two acts
had established State Bank of Bikaner, State Bank
of Patiala, State Bank of Mysore, State Bank of
Hyderabad and State Bank of Travancore. These
banks were subsidiaries of SBI. By repealing these
two acts, five subsidiary banks will be merged with SBI. The bill also seeks to amend State Bank of India (SBI) Act, 1955
to remove references to subsidiary banks and powers of SBI to act as an agent of the RBI for subsidiary banks.
The Union Cabinet in February 2017 had approved merger of five associate banks along with Bharatiya
Mahila Bank with SBI. The purposes of merger were rationalisation of public bank resources, reduction
of costs, better profitability, lower cost of funds leading to better rate of interest for public at large and
improve productivity and customer service of the public service banks. After the acquisition by SBI, the
subsidiaries banks ceased to exist and, therefore, it was necessary to repeal two Acts. The merger had
made SBI one of 50 biggest banks of world.

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India Innovation Summit by the Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) will be held in
IMF cuts India growth forecast for 2018 to 7.3% 17 July '18

he International
Monetary Fund (IMF)
in its latest World
Economic Outlook (WEO)
update has projected growth
rate of 7.3% in 2018 and 7.5%
in 2019 for India as against
6.7% in 2017. This makes
India, fastest growing country
among major economies in
2018-19 and 2019-20.
Key Facts
India will grow by 7.3%
in 2018-19 against earlier
estimate of 7.4%, slightly less
— 0.1
percentage point in 2018. In
2019-20, it will grow by 7.5%
against earlier estimate of
7.8%. This reflects negative
effects of higher oil prices on
domestic demand and faster
than-anticipated monetary
policy tightening due to
higher expected inflation.
Despite India’s slight
downgrade in the projections,
it continues to outperform
China. Growth in China is
projected to moderate from
6.9% in 2017 to 6.6% in 2018 and 6.4% in 2019. This is World Economic Outlook (WEO)
mainly because of regulatory tightening of financial sector WEO is survey conducted and published by IMF. It is
takes hold and external demand softens. published biannually and partly updated two times a year.
The global growth is projected to reach 3.9% in 2018 and It portrays the world economy in the near and medium
2019, in line with forecast of April 2018 WEO. Growth context, with growth projections for up to four years
prospects in emerging market and developing economies is into the future. WEO forecasts include
becoming more uneven, amid rising oil prices, higher yields key macroeconomic indicators, such as
in United States Treasury bonds, escalating trade tensions GDP, inflation, fiscal balance and current
and market pressures on currencies of some economies with account of more than 180 countries
weaker fundamentals. around the globe. It also deals with major
economic policy issues.

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Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) has successfully carried out a flight test for a
newly-designed Crew Escape System. SEPTEMBER 2018 MICA 41
Economic Partnership Agreement: EU, Japan sign massive free trade
deal 18 July '18
Procurement markets: It guarantees EU companies access
to large procurement markets of 48 large Japanese cities
and removes obstacles to procurement in economically
important railway sector at national level.
Automotive sector: It addresses specific sensitivities of EU
in this sector and elimination of customs duties in transition
periods of up to 7 years.
Trade and sustainable development: EPA includes
comprehensive chapter on it. It sets very high standards of
labour, safety, environmental and consumer protection. It
strengthens EU and Japan’s commitments on sustainable
development and climate change and fully safeguards

public services.
uropean Union (EU) and Japan have signed
Economic Partnership Agreement (EPA). It was Data protection: The negotiations completed by both sides
signed at EU-Japan summit in Tokyo by EU on this matter will complement EPA. Both sides recognise
Presidents Jean-Claude Juncker and Donald Tusk and each other’s data protection systems as equivalent, allowing
Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe. It is biggest ever data to flow safely between EU and Japan and creating
trade deal negotiated by the EU and creates free trade zone world’s largest area of safe data flows.
covering nearly third of the world’s GDP. Significance
Key Parts of EPA EPA removes vast majority of €1 billion of duties paid
Agricultural exports: It scraps Japanese duties on many annually by EU companies exporting to Japan and number
cheeses such as Gouda and Cheddar as well as on wine of long-standing regulatory barriers, for example on cars.
exports. It allows EU to increase its beef exports to Japan It opens up Japanese market of 127 million consumers to
and duty-free trade in pork, processed meat and almost duty- key EU agricultural exports and will increase EU export
free trade for fresh meat. It ensures protection in Japan of opportunities in range of other sectors. In addition, it will
more than 200 highquality European agricultural products, strengthen cooperation between Europe
so called Geographical Indications (GIs), and protection of and Japan in range of areas, reaffirm
selection of Japanese GIs in EU. their shared commitment to sustainable
development. It also includes for the first
Services markets: EPA opens up services markets,
time a specific commitment to the Paris
in particular financial services, e-commerce,
climate agreement.
telecommunications and transport.
BSE’s iconic Phiroze Jeejeebhoy Towers secures trademark 18 July '18

tock exchange major Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE) has secured
image trademark for its iconic building, Phiroze Jeejeebhoy
Towers located on Dalal Street in Mumbai, Maharashtra under
Trade Marks Act, 1999. With this, Phiroze Jeejeebhoy Towers joins
elite club of distinguished structures around the world that have secured
trademark rights.
Significance: Henceforth no one can use images of the Phiroze Jeejeebhoy
Towers for commercial purposes without consent from BSE or paying it
licensing fee. Violators are liable to be prosecuted under Trade Marks
Act, 1999.
Key Facts
BSE’s Phiroze Jeejeebhoy Towers serves as barometer of Indian economy.
It is 28-floor building and was bulit almost 10 years, completed in 1980. At the time of its completion, it
was the tallest building in India. Initially it was known as BSE Towers and was later renamed after late
chairman of BSE, Sir Phiroze Jamshedji Jeejeebhoy. BSE was founded in 1875. It began as small group
of brokers who functioned under a banyan tree on Dalal Street.
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42 MICA SEPTEMBER 2018 French filmmaker and writer Claude Lanzmann has passed away recently. He was 92.
Burning Topics of the Month
Louis Hamilton won Hima Das first Indian
Sandeep Sejwal won
French Grand Prix title woman to win a gold
the gold medal at Singa-
pore National Swimming medal Under-20 Athletics
Championships Championships

& Many More...

Lewis Hamilton won French Grand
Prix title 26 June '18

25 June '18

Amit wins gold at World ercedes driver Louis Hamilton won the French Grand Prix
Para Athletics Grand Prix title. Max Verstappen of Red Bull was in second place

in the competition, while on third place is Ferrari's Kimi
ndia's Amit Kumar Saroha has clinched the Räikkönen. Lewis Hamilton finished the race in one hour 30 minutes
gold medal in the men's club throw F51 event at and 11.385 seconds. Max Verstappen was 7.090 seconds behind, while
the World Para Athletics Grand Prix in Tunisia. Kimi Räikkönen finished third with 25.888 seconds behind. Daniel
The wheelchair-bound Indian athlete, a world remained at the fourth place. sebastian vettel got fifth place.
silver medallist, produced the season's best About Lewis Hamilton:
performance of 29.42m to bag the gold, while
## Lewis Hamilton was born on January 7, 1985.
in the men's shot put F57 Kuniya Puyil Sujith
threw 11.47m with teammate Bhagat Singh ## Lewis Hamilton is UK's Formula One driver.
(11.19m) in second place - the only para athletes ## He made several records playing his first season of Formula 1 in
to go beyond the 11-metre mark. the year 2007.
In 2010, Amit had won a silver in discus throw ## He has won a race every season, he is the only player to do so.
at the Asian Para Games in China. Two years
## He became the youngest player to win the Formula One championship.
later, he won a gold in the Olympic qualifier
event in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, breaking ## He got the BBC Sports Personality of the Year title in 2014.
the Asian record along the ## The first interest in Hamilton's race competition
way. At the 2014 Asian was awakened by the control of the radio-
Para Games, Amit won two controlled car.
medals a gold in club throw
and a silver in discus throw. ## Hamilton started its car racing career with the
British Formula Renault Winter Series in 2001.
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The Music Academy has announced a Special Lifetime Achievement Award to be conferred on
ghatam maestro T.H. Vinayakram.
26 June '18
Sandeep Sejwal won the gold
medal at Singapore National 27 June '18
Swimming Championships

n ANTI-DOPING Sports Conference titled Clean
Sport=Fair Outcome?' was held at Oslo to address
the issue of doping menace.

## The conference is a joint initiative of the World Forum
andeep Sejwal has won the gold medal in men's 50 for Ethics in Business (WFEB), Anti-Doping Norway
meter breaststroke event at the Singapore National and FairSport to propose a substantial agenda for action,
Swimming Championships. enabling it to have an impact on the ongoing anti-doping
Indian swimmer Sandeep Sejwal put up an impressive reforms and policy framework.
performance to clinch the gold medal in men's 50 meter ## The conference will not only address various governance
breaststroke event at the Singapore National Swimming issues in sports but also celebrate role models by
Championships in Singapore. Besides, Virdhawal announcing the winner of the 2018 Ethics in Sports
Khade grabbed a creditable silver medal in the 50 meter Award.
freestyle event with a timing of 22.68 seconds. ## Norway's Prime Minister Erna Solberg, Founder of
Singapore The Art of Living and WFEB, Sri Sri
Capital: Singapore City Ravi Shankar, World Anti-Doping
Agency (WADA) Vice-President
Currency: Dollar Linda Hofstad Helleland, US Anti-
President: Halimah Yacob Doping Agency's CEO Travis Tygart
Prime Minister: Lee Hsien Loong are among the 22 eminent speakers.

Para athlete Kathuniya sets discus world

record 03 July '18

ndia’s para athlete Yogesh Kathuniya smashed
the world record in the men’s discus F36 while
winning gold in the para-athletics Grand Prix in
Berlin. He threw 45.18m, which is two metres more
than than the earlier record of 42.96m set by China’s
Cuiqing Li.
Former Indian captain Rahul Dravid has been inducted into the ICC
Cricket Hall of Fame. 03 July '18

ormer captains Rahul Dravid (India), Ricky Ponting Ponting is the 25th
(Australia) and former England women's team wicket- from Australia to do
keeper Claire Taylor have been inducted into the ICC so.
Cricket Hall of Fame. Taylor is the seventh
Dravid became only the fifth player from woman overall and
India to be named in the ICC Cricket the third female
Hall of Fame. The other four Indians are player from England
former skippers Bishan Singh Bedi, Sunil to be named in the
Gavaskar, Kapil Dev and Anil Kumble. list.
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Uttar Pradesh CM Yogi Adityanath has announced a ban on plastic in the state effective
July 15.
Dipa wins gold in Gymnastics World Challenge Cup 08 July '18

ndia's premier gymnast Dipa Karmakar Olympics and had undergone
clinched the gold medal in the vault a surgery. She was initially
event of FIG Artistic Gymnastics confident of making a comeback
World Challenge Cup at Mersin, Turkey. at the Commonwealth Games but
The 24-year-old from Tripura, who rehabilitation took more time than
had finished fourth in vault event in the expected and she missed the Gold
2016 Rio Olympics, scored 14.150 to Coast event.
win the top prize. She had topped the World Challenge Cup series Both Dipa and Rakesh
qualification with a score of 13.400. is an important competition in the have been included in
This is Dipa's first medal in a World calendar of International Gymnastics the 10-member Indian
Challenge Cup. Federation. There are six events in the gymnastics team for
Dipa had suffered an Anetrior Cruciate World Challenge Cup series this year the upcoming Asian
Ligament (ACL) injury after the Rio and this is the fourth leg of the season. Games.

Jhili won bronze in the IWF Junior World

Weightlifting Championships 10 July '18

hili Dalabehera has won third on the podium. Chanu in 2013
the bronze medal in the ## According to Indian to win a medal in
2018 IWF Junior World Weightlifting Federation the Junior World
Weightlifting Championships Secretary General Championships.
at Tashkent, Uzbekistan. Sahdev Yadav, Jhilli is Uzbekistan
## She lifted 167 kg in the the second woman lifter ## Capital: Tashkent
48 kg category to finish after Saikhom Mirabai
## Currency: Som

Bajrang Punia has won the Gold Medal at Tbilisi Grand Prix 10 July '18

ajrang Punia has won the Tbilisi Grand Prix in the 65kg category after
defeating Iranian wrestler Mehran Nasiri in the final in Georgia. In the
86kg category, Deepak Punia has won a bronze with a 5-3 win over
Osman Gosen of Turkey.
## Capitals: Tbilisi
## Currency: Lari

Hima Das first Indian woman to win a gold medal Under-20 13 July '18
Athletics Championships

ima Das has become the first Indian woman to win a gold medal at IAAF
World Under-20 Athletics Championships.
Indian sprinter Hima Das won India’s first-ever gold as she posted
time of 51.46 seconds in 400 metres in women’s final at IAAF World
Under-20 Athletics Championships.
The previous medal winners at the World Junior
Championships were Seema Punia (bronze in discus
in 2002) and Navjeet Kaur Dhillon (bronze in discus
in 2014).

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United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation (UNESCO) will set up a
'Design University for Gaming' in Visakhapatnam. SEPTEMBER 2018 MICA 45
India at the top of Vojvodina youth tournament 15 July '18

ndian boxers has won seven Gold medals to claim the overall top spot
at the Golden Glove of Vojvodina youth tournament at Subotica in
India claimed the numero uno position with 17 medals – 7 Gold, 6Silver and
4 Bronze. The Gold medal winners were Aman, Akash Kumar, S.Barun
Singh, Vijaydeep, Nitu, Divya Pawar, and Lalita.
Russia fetched 11 medals – 3 Gold, 2 Silver and 6
Bronze, but ended up third behind Kazakhstan, who had
a better gold medal count with 5 in their overall haul of
seven medals.

Wimbledon open 2018 15 July '18

ngelique Kerber defeated 23-time Grand Slam champion Serena
Williams to lift her first Wimbledon title.
In a thrilling Women's Singles summit clash, the 11th seeded
German defeated Serena, a seven-time winner, in straight sets, 6-3, 6-3 to
add to her 2016 Australian Open and US Open trophies.
With the win, Kerber has become the first German
woman to win the title since Steffi Graf in 1996.
Serena was bidding a record-equaling 24th major
trophy. Novak Djokovic has won the Men's singles title
of Wimbledon open 2018.

France won 2018 FIFA World Cup Football 16 July '18

rance has won 2018 FIFA World Cup Football by
defeating Croatia by 4-2 goals in the final match held
at the Luzhniki Stadium in Moscow, Russia .
It was France’s second World Cup crown after it had own
it in 1998 (by defeating Brazil) on home soil. With this,
victory France joins Uruguay and Argentina in winning
World Cup for a second time.
It was Croatia’s first World Cup final
appearance and smallest country ever to
reach final in the modern era.

2018 FIFA World Cup Awards

Golden Ball award Lucka Modroc (Corotia
Golden Boot award Harry Kane (England) for scoring six goals across six
Golden Glove award Thibaut Courtois (Belgium).
FIFA Young Player award Kylian Mbappe (France)
FIFA Fair Play award Spain
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The Union Cabinet has approved The DNA Technology (Use and Application) Regulation Bill

Burning Topics of the Month

IIT-Madras unveils word’s ISRO signs contracts with
Successful flight testing of
first remotely operable LEAP 3 vendors to assemble 27
Crew Escape System -
microscope Satellites
Technology Demonstrator

& Many More...

The world's smallest computer 'Michigan Micro Mote' 26 June '18

esearchers at the University of Michigan of America of this, device data
have developed the world's smallest computer also receives.
'Michigan Micro Mote'. Researchers have created ## It can be used as a
this computer with the aim of fostering the medical field. temperature sensor.
In March 2018, IBM released a small computer, which Uses
was just 1 mm in size, smaller than a salt grain. But now
scientists from the University of Michigan have made the ## The world's
world's smallest computer. Its size is only 0.3 mm. smallest computer
can provide
Features of Michigan Micro Mote accurate information to detect the
## It is a computer that is only 0.3 millimeter size and it pressure inside the patient's eyes
can help to detect complex diseases like cancer and can suffering from glaucoma.
open new doors for its treatment. ## Michigan Micro-Mot can be used
## In the new device, RAM and photovoltaics have been in cutting-edge cancer research. By
replaced by processors, wireless transmitters and entering it into cells, their temperature can be detected
receivers. and the correct approximation of the condition can be
## This device receives and transmits data with the help of applied.
light in place of radio antenna. ## This smallest computer can also be used for monitoring
## A base station has been built to make the device functions, such as monitoring of oil reservoirs,
available for power and programming. With the help monitoring of biochemical, audio and visual input, etc.

06 July '18 Successful flight testing of Crew

SRO carried out a major technology demonstration, Escape System - Technology
the first in a series of tests to qualify a Crew Escape Demonstrator
System, which is a critical technology relevant for human
spaceflight. The Crew Escape System is an emergency escape
measure designed to quickly pull the crew module along with
the astronauts to a safe distance from the launch vehicle in
the event of a launch abort. The first test (Pad Abort Test)
demonstrated the safe recovery of the crew module in case of
any exigency at the launch pad.

The crew module reached an altitude of nearly 2.7 km under the power of its seven specifically designed
quick acting solid motors to take away the crew module to a safe distance without exceeding the safe
g-levels. Nearly 300 sensors recorded various mission performance parameters during the test flight.
Three recovery boats are being exercised to retrieve the module as part of the recovery protocol.

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Justice T. B. N. Radhakrishnan has been sworn-in as the new Chief Justice of the Hyderabad
High Court.
IIT-Madras unveils word’s first remotely operable LEAP microscope
17 July '18

he Indian Institute
of Technology
(IIT)-Madras has
commissioned remotely
operable Local Electrode
Atom Probe (LEAP)
microscope. It is claimed
to be world’s first remotely
operable LEAP microscope,
as it can be remotely
operated through special
terminal by researchers
divided geographically.
Key Facts
LEAP is high-performance
microscope that can
provide a precise atom-by-
atom view of materials.
It provides atomic-scale
insights into metallic,
which will influence wide
spectrum of industries ranging from steel to automobiles and energy to transportation sector. It will also give major thrust
to research in nanotechnology, among other fields
The remotely operable LEAP microscope has been developed in a collaborative exercise involving eight
top research institutions in country, spearheaded by IIT-M. Other partner institutions are IITs of Bombay,
Delhi, Kanpur, Kharagpur and Ropar, International Advanced Research Centre for Powder Metallurgy
and New Materials (ARCI) and Board of Research in Nuclear Sciences (BRNS).

ISRO signs contracts with 3 vendors to assemble 27 Satellites 20 July '18

.R. Rao Satellite Centre (URSC), ISRO’s nodal U R Rao Satellite
satellites division has signed separate contracts with Centre (URSC)
three vendors to outsource Spacecraft Assembly URSC (formerly known
Integration and Testing (AIT) activities. The contracts were as ISRO Satellite
signed with Alpha Design Technologies P Ltd and its six Centre) is nodal
consortium members; also with defence public enterprise centre of ISRO for
Bharat Electronics Ltd (BEL) and Tata Advanced Systems design, development,
Ltd, Hyderabad. fabrication and testing
Key Facts of all Indian made
The outsourcing is part of capacity-building initiatives satellites. It was
undertaken by U R Rao Satellite Centre to promote established in the year
participation of Indian industry from spacecraft subsystems of 1972 and is based in Bengaluru, Karnataka. It was
to spacecraft assembly, integration and testing. Each of the renamed after former ISRO Chairman and ISAC founding
contract partners will work with URSC to produce three Director Dr. Udupi Ramachandra Rao in
small to medium satellites each year or total of 27 spacecraft April 2018. Since inception, URSC has
by July 2021. About 50 members from each contract partner distinction of building more than 100
will separately work with URSC engineers to complete the satellites for various applications like
project. scientific, communication, navigation
and remote sensing.
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48 MICA SEPTEMBER 2018 Union Minister Dharmendra Pradhan has inaugurated New Bhubaneswar Railway Station.
UNEP partners with Google for monitoring impact of human activity
on global ecosystem 18 July '18
Google will periodically produce for action, and needs for making world
geospatial maps and data on sustainable. It will enable all countries
water-related ecosystems by with equal access to latest technology
employing massive parallel and information in support of global
Cloud computing technology. It climate action and sustainable
will generate satellite imagery development.
and statistics to assess extent of United Nations Environment
change occurring to waterbodies Programme (UNEP)
and make it freely accessible to UNEP is the voice for the environment
ensure nations have opportunity

within the United Nations system. It
N Environment Programme to track changes, prevent and was founded as result of United Nations
(UNEP) has entered into reverse ecosystem loss. Conference on Human Environment
partnership with search engine Other areas of collaboration under in June 1972. It is headquartered in
giant Google to monitor impacts of this partnership include advocacy and Nairobi, Kenya. UNEP also has six
human activity on global ecosystems capacity building activities as well regional offices and various country
by using sophisticated online tools. The as the development of partnerships offices.
partnership was launched during High- with organisations like European UNEP acts as catalyst, advocate,
Level Political Forum on Sustainable Space Agency (ESA), European educator and facilitator to promote
Development at United Nations (UN) Commission’s Joint Research Centre wise use and sustainable development
headquarters in New York. (JRC) and National Aeronautics and of global environment. It works with
Space Administration (NASA). wide range of partners, including UN
Key Facts
Significance entities, international organizations,
The aim of the partnership is to develop This partnership builds on a national governments, non-
platform to enable governments, common shared vision between governmental organizations, private
NGO’s and public these organisations. In long term, it sector and civil society.
to track specific environment-related will strive to establish platform for
development targets with user-friendly open-source data and analysis of UN
Google front-end. Its initial focus will Sustainable Development Goals. It
be on freshwater ecosystems including will enable UNEP to get access to
mountains, forests, wetlands, rivers, most sophisticated online tools to
aquifers and lakes. track progress, identify priority areas

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2nd meeting of the joint working group on tourism cooperation between India and Nepal
concluded in Kathmandu.

Burning Topics of the Month

Indian Navy officer to sail
India ranked 57th in Sathyasri Sharmila has
around globe solo and non-
Global Innovation become the country's first
Index (GII) transgender lawyer

& Many More...

Sikkim govt announces
27 June '18

A R Rahman as its Brand
1st Bhutan Film Festival irst Bhutan Film
Ambassador 21 June '18 Festival was held in
Gangtok, Sikkim.
Six Bhutanese movies were
screened at the first Bhutan
Film Festival held in Sikkim
as part of the commemoration
of 50 years of diplomatic
relations between India and
the Himalayan kingdom.

enowned music composer A R
Rahman has been appointed as the The two-day event, jointly organised by Bhutan's Department of Information
Brand Ambassador of the Sikkim govt. and Media (DoIM) and the Film Association of Bhutan, concluded on at the
Manan Kendra Auditorium.
Rahman will promote and project the state's
achievements nationally and globally. Bhutan

The state government ## Capital: Thimphu

had earlier this year ## Currency: Ngultrum
made Rahman its Brand ## Prime Minister: Tshering Tobgay
Ambassador of tourism
and business.

Indian Navy officer to sail around globe solo and non-stop 02 July '18

ndian Naval officer Commander Abhilash Tomy will sail around the
world, solo and non-stop, as part of the prestigious Golden
Globe Race that commenced from Les Sables d’Olonne
harbour in France. The Navy said in an official statement that
the uniqueness of the race is that boat designs and technology
newer than 1968 are not permitted. Hence, the use of Global
Positioning System, satellite communication, navigational
aids, etc are forbidden.
Tomy, one of India’s prominent sailors and a recipient of the
Kirti Chakra, is the only participant from Asia.
The Golden Globe Race is being conducted by Sir Robin Knox
Johnston of the UK to commemorate 50 years of the world’s
first solo non-stop circumnavigation undertaken by him in 1968 on board the Indian built boat, Suhaili.

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50 MICA SEPTEMBER 2018 SBI Card has announced the launch of 'ELA' (Electronic Live Assistant), a virtual assistant for
customer support and services.
03 July '18
Sathyasri Sharmila has become the country's first transgender lawyer

n a step towards the inclusion of the transgender community into mainstream society,
Sathyasri Sharmila became India's first transgender lawyer. Sathyasri Sharmila
from Paramakudi in Ramanathapuram district has become the first transgender
lawyer to enroll herself with the Bar Council of Tamil Nadu and Puducherry
## Last year, Joyita Mandal became the first transgender
judge of the country.
## Last year, Vidya Yashini assumed the post of Police
sub-inspector as transgender.

06 July '18
Agartala Airport in Tripura re-
named as ‘Maharaja Bir Bikram
Manikya Kishore Airport

abinet has given its approval to
rename the Agartala Airport in Tripura
as ‘Maharaja Bir Bikram Manikya
Kishore Airport, Agartala.
Maharaja Bir Bikram Manikya Kishore, who ascended the throne of the erstwhile Tripura Princely State in 1923, was an
enlightened and benevolent ruler. Agartala Airport was constructed in 1942 on the land donated by Maharaja Bir Bikram
Manikya Kishore. As a visionary ruler, who had travelled extensively across the globe, he took several steps for the all-
round development of Tripura. Due to his initiative, an aerodrome at Agartalawas constructed that has evolved as the
second busiest airport in the North East and provides crucial air connectivity to Tripura. Hence, it is apt to rename the
Agartala Airport after his name, which will be a befitting tribute to Maharaja Bir Bikram Manikya Kishore.

12 July '18
India ranked 57th in Global Inno-
vation Index (GII)

n Global Innovation Index (GII) 2018, India was ranked
57th among 130 countries. It was 11th edition of GII and
was jointly released by Cornell University, INSEAD and
World Intellectual Property Organisation (WIPO). This year,
India has moved up 3 places as compared to 60th rank in GII
2017 and emerged as top-ranked economy in
Central and South Asia.

## The country has improved its ranking from 60th position last year.
## India has been improving steadily since it was ranked 81st in 2015.
## Meanwhile, China improved its ranking from 22 in 2017 to 17 this year.
## GII is being developed jointly by Cornell University, the Paris-based business school Insead and the World Intellectual
Property Organisation (WIPO) in Geneva.
## Since 2011, Switzerland has been ranked at the top every year. This year, Netherlands follows at second place and
Sweden at third.
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Central Board of Indirect Taxes and Customs (CBIC) has developed a mobile app 'GST Verify'
to protect interest of consumers.
EDITORIAL WORD More example sentences
Percolate (v) UK • ‘Furthermore, this is a case of general importance and
If a liquid percolates, it moves slowly through a substance it may well set a precedent.’
with very small holes in it. • ‘Critics say that the judges should have let the 1963
precedent stand, even if it was bad.’
e.g. Sea water percolates down through the rocks.
to make coffee using a machine in which hot water passes
through crushed coffee beans into a container below. a : something done or said that may serve as an example or
rule to authorize or justify a subsequent act of the same
to spread slowly:
or an analogous kind a verdict that had no precedent
e.g. The news has begun to percolate through the staff. b : the convention established by such a precedent or by
percolate (third-person singular simple present percolates, long practice
present participle percolating, simple past and past participle c : a person or thing that serves as a model
(transitive) To pass a liquid through a porous substance; to filter.
1620–30; < Latin percōlātus, past participle of percōlāre to
(intransitive) To drain or seep through a porous substance. filter. See per-, colander, -ate.
Water percolates through sand. RELATED FORMS
(transitive) To make (coffee) in a percolator. per•co•la•ble, adjective
PRONUNCIATION per•co•la•tive, adjective
From Latin percōlō (“I filter”), itself, from per (“through”) un•per•co•lat•ed, adjective
+ cōlō (“I strain”) (from cōlum (“a strainer”), of unknown DERIVED FORMS
origin). The pronunciation of percolate as [pur-kyuh-leyt]
percolable, adjective
with an intrusive y -glide, results from
analogy with words like circulate and matriculate, where percolation, noun
the unstressed vowel following the k -sound is symbolized percolative, adjective
by a u spelling, making the y -glide mandatory. In similar SYNONYMS
words where [k] /k/ is followed by some other vowel, the
bleed, exude, ooze, seep, strain
[y] /y/ represents a hypercorrection. The pronunciation of
escalate as [es-kyuh-leyt] is another such ANTONYMS
example. flood, gush, pour, stream, surge
• However, there were many layers through which his Russian militants continue to percolate through the
messages percolated and were understood. Ukrainian border, hoping their Kremlin-stoked fantasies
• No organizational benefits appear to have percolated will come true.
down to the members. Novel gun control ideas continue to percolate through the
• Lakes may take in water from many miles away that
has percolated through the soil or through aquifers In the U.S., it took more than a decade for the lessons to
over decades. percolate from the teach-ins to the start-ups.
• Occasional evidence of this percolates through into the FIRST KNOWN USE OF PERCOLATE
newspapers and, now and again, the law reports. 1626


Interrogate, prevaricate, mutate,
ATE doing something Verb Root
ignite, expedite

Examples of Percolate in a sentence • There is nothing like percolating coffee over an open
• Sunlight percolated down through the trees. campfire.

• Rumors percolated throughout the town. • Coffee was percolating on the stove.

Veteran journalist J N Sadhu has passed away recently. He was 94. SEPTEMBER 2018 MICA 53
1. Chairman, Rajya Sabha Venkaiah Naidu
2. Lok Sabha Speaker Sumitra Mahajan
3. Chairman of Niti Ayog Narendra D Modi
4. Leader of Opposition in Rajya Sabha Gulam Nabi Azad
5. Leader of House in Lok Sabha Narendra D Modi
6. Leader of Opposition in Lok Sabha Mallikarjun Kharge
7. Chief Election Commissioner Om Prakash Rawat
8. Election Commissioner Ashok Lavasa, Sunil Arora
9. Director General, ITBP RK Pachnanda
10. Chief Vigilance Commissioner K V chaudhary
11. Foreign Secretary Vijay Keshav Gokhale
12. Comptroller & Auditor General of India Rajeev Mehrishi
13. Chairman, National Commission for Backward Classes Jus. Vangala Eswaraiah
14. Chairman, Telecom Regulatory Authority of India R. S Sharma
15. CBI Director Alok Kumar Verma
16. Chairman, National Commission for Scheduled Tribes Nand Kumar Sai
17. Chairperson, National Commission for Minorities Syed Ghayorul Hasan Rizvi
18. Chairman, UPSC Arvind Saxena
19. Director General, National Investigation Agency Y.C. Modi
20. Chairman, UGC D.P. Singh
21. Chairman, Space Commission and ISRO K. Sivan
22. Chairman, Atomic Energy Commission and Sec. Deptt. of Atomic Energy Sekhar Basu
23. Chairman, SSC Ashim Khurana
24. Chairman,National Human Rights Commission Justice H.L. Dattu
25. Registrar General of India and Census Commissioner Sailesh
26. Chairman, Central Board of Direct Taxes Sushil Chandra
27. Chairman, Insurance Regulatory Development Authority of India Subash Chandra Khuntia
28. Chairman, Securities & Exchange Board of India Ajay Tyagi
29. Chairperson, State Bank of India Rajnish Kumar
30. Chairman, LIC V.K. Sharma
31. India’s permanent representative in UNO Syed Akbaruddin
32. Home Secretary Rajiv Gauba
33. Chairperson of National Commission for Women Rekha Sharma
34. Chairman, 15th Finance Commission N.K. Singh
35. Chairman, Competition Commission of India Devendra Kumar Sikri
36. Chairperson,Central Board of Film Certification Prasoon Joshi
37. President, ASSOCHAM Sandeep Jajodia
38. Chairman, NASSCOM Rishad Premji
39. New Chief of Army Staff Bipin Rawat
40. Director General, RAW Anil Dhasmana
41. Chairperson, Children Film Society of India Mukesh Khanna
42. Director, Bhabha Atomic Research Centre Kamlesh Nilkanth Vyas
43. President, CII Rakesh Bharti Mittal
44. President, FICCI Rashesh Shah
45. Chairman, National Knowledge Commission Sam Pitroda
46. National Security Advisor Ajit Doval
47. Chairperson, Prasar Bharati Dr. A. Surya Prakash
48. Chairman, Investment Commission Ratan Tata
49. Finance Secretary Hasmukh Adhia
50. Chairman, Indian Banks Association Usha Ananthasubramanian
Data as on 20th July, 2018

54 MICA SEPTEMBER 2018 Famous Kumaoni folk singer Kabutari Devi has passed away recently. She was 70.
Net neutrality
India’s Internet will be governed by the rules of net neutrality as the Telecom Commission has accepted the recommendations
made by regulatory body TRAI (Telecom Regulatory Association of India). The net neutrality rules means that Internet
Service Providers (ISPs) cannot discriminate against Internet content and services by blocking, throttling or granting them
higher speed access.
India’s acceptance of Net Neutrality is a big victory for the open Internet movement. This is significant also because in the
United States the Net Neutrality rules expired last month after the US Federal Communications Commission (FCC) voted
against them in November 2017. In the US, with no Net Neutrality, it is no longer illegal for ISPs to slow, block or offer
“paid prioritisation” to some websites as long as they disclose these practices. This reversed the initial pro-Net Neutrality
rules from 2015.
The Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (Trai) had recommended restrictions on service providers from entering into
agreements which lead to discriminatory treatment of content on the Internet. Trai had favoured tweaking of licensing
norms of players to ensure “explicit restrictions” on discrimination in Internet access, based on content. The Department
of Telecom will set-up a multi-stakeholder body for monitoring and enforcement of net neutrality comprising government
representatives, IoT providers, telecom operators, civil society members and consumer organisations.
TC also approved the new telecom policy — National Digital Communications Policy (NDCP) 2018. The NDCP aims to
attract USD 100 billion or about Rs 6.5 lakh crore investments, 40 lakh new jobs, 50 megabit per second broadband access
to every citizen in the digital communications sector by 2022 with the help of reforms. TC has approved installation of
around 12.5 lakh WiFi hotspots in all gram panchayats with viability gap funding of around Rs 6,000 crore by December
2018. Under the WiFi project all police stations, post offices, primary health centres, schools will be connected with WiFi
services by December 2018 and there will be 1-2 additional WiFi hotspots that will be available for round the public access
throughout the day. The TC has also approved avoidance of double tax on virtual network operators (VNOs) who provide
retail services of telecom operators.
What is Net Neutrality?
Net neutrality means Internet that allows everyone to communicate freely. It means a service provider should allow access
to all content and applications regardless of the source and no websites or pages should be blocked, as long as they
aren't illegal. It's like a fixed-telephone line, which is equal to all, and no one gets to decide who you call or what you
speak. Another aspect of net neutrality is level playing field on the internet. This means, all websites can co-exist without
hampering others. All websites are accessible at the same speed and no particular website of application is favoured. For
instance - like electricity, common for all. Net neutrality also means all web sites and content creators are treated equal,
and you don't have to pay extra for faster Internet speed to a particular site/service.
The debate actually sparked off about a couple of years back when social media giant Facebook launched Free Basics
(earlier known as in December 2015. Just a few months before this telecom major Bharti Airtel had launched
‘Airtel Zero’.

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The Central Government has proposed to set up the Higher Education Commission of India in
place of the University Grants Commission (UGC).
Free Basics and Airtel Zero controversy
Both Free Basics and Airtel Zero let users access certain apps and websites for free (without being charged for the data
used). Airtel's model was to charge companies that wanted to be part of the 'Zero' universe. As far as Free Basics was
concerned, data was subsidised by Facebook through a partnership with a telco. So any app or service provider could apply
to be part of Free Basics, provided they adhered to a set of rules set by the social networking giant. Facebook’s argument
was that they were trying to make the Internet more accessible to people, especially the ones that could not afford 4G
connections and were still on the 2G network. Although the service was free, it didn’t stick with free internet activists and
the Trai, as it went against the very principles of net neutrality, since Facebook would inevitably be favouring some content
over others.
Advantages of Net Neutrality:
@ It protects big companies to be treated exceptionally with higher speeds and more bandwidths on internet. This
provides benefits to small companies to grow equally and par with bigger companies.
@ There are no restrictions of any kind on access to content on the web. It helps treat all the websites equally and hence
will provide chance for all website owners to grow equally irrespective of their website contents viz. videos, images,
text etc.
@ There are no restrictions on downloads/uploads and no restrictions on communication methods to be used for internet
@ Access will not be blocked or slowed down or speed up depending on where that access is located or who owns the
APs (Access Points).
@ It decreases government control over the internet dramatically.
@ The other benefits are no censorship, capitalism, privacy not invaded, consistent speed for all the content types, no
throttling etc.
Disadvantages of Net Neutrality:
@ ISPs have to work harder now in order to sustain network infrastructure.
@ Some data is more important than other data and hence need to be prioritized. This concept is not possible in net
neutrality based internet.
@ It does not allow ISPs to micro-manage the business.
@ ISPs will not be able to charge big companies to have paid service access. All are treated equally on internet highway
as shown.
@ ISPs will not be able to charge individual consumers as per choice of the content such as their favourite TV shows.

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Yousaf Saleem has become the first blind judge of Pakistan. SEPTEMBER 2018 MICA 57
Branch Name Phone Number Deoria 9208248122
Agra 9235253430/ 9236455136 Dhanbad 9204979723/24
Ahmedabad 9227575027 Durgapur 7076856390
Ajmer 9261503888 Ernakulam 9645415987
Aligarh 7706008037 Etah 9208237386
Allahabad 9235253403 Faizabad 9235253421
Alwar 9521177944 Faridabad 9643396140
Ambala 9253058711 /7206424816 Farrukhabad 7706008029
Ambikapur 8823868882 Fatehpur 9554330811
Amritsar 9646606160 Firozabad 9208235736
Asansol 7076880723 Gaya 9204311416
Azamgarh 9208242842 Ghaziabad 9212229752/24
Budaun 9627671787 Ghazipur 9208244539

Bahraich 9208249852 Gonda 9208250778

Gorakhpur 9235253400/ 9208205892
Balasore 9583185223
Gurugram 9643396139
Ballia 9208243152
Guwahati 8134935078
Banda 9554334847
Gwalior 9229174910
Bangalore 9538712808
Haldwani 9208256021
Bareilly 9235253431
Hardoi 9208248208
Basti 7706008031
Haridwar 7706008034
Berhampur 9078907945
Hisar 9253678050
Bhagalpur 9204363221
Hoshangabad 8358831338
Bhilai-Durg 8878783345
Hyderabad-Ameerpet 9247749865 /8790034792
Bhopal-MP Nagar 9229174901
Hyderbad- Dilsukh
Bhopal-Lalghati 9229174902 7032410704
Bhubaneshwar 9237026745/ 9237081352 Indore 7581800952
Bijnor 7706008027 Jabalpur 9229174905
Bilaspur 8878817515 Jaipur 9261601713/ 9261518894
Bulandshahr 7706008030 Jammu 9419305561
Chandigarh 9256002024 Jamshedpur 8877187640
Chennai 8939777224 Jaunpur 9208244355
Coimbatore 8110967668 Jhalandhar 8557088164
Cuttack 7894013095 Jhansi 9235253424
Darbhanga 9204303818/ 9204300620 Jodhpur 9636512855
Dehradun 9236510116 Kanpur Kakadev 9235253484

Delhi Janakpuri 9212069515 Kanpur

Delhi Kingsway 9268561517
Kanpur Mall Road 9236757143/ 9236720133
Delhi Laxmi Nagar 9268209355 /9268693952
Karnal 8930175568
Delhi Munirka 9210092245
Kolkata 9230141497/8017652045
Delhi Rohini 9250239671/9250239674

58 MICA SEPTEMBER 2018 Law Commission recommends regulating betting.

Kurukshetra 9253678053 Pilibhit 9837186684
Lakhimpur 9208251562 Pratapgarh 9208245660
Lucknow Pune 9225231629
Alambagh PO Raebareilly 9235253412
Lucknow Raipur 9229174912/ 9200193438
Alambagh SSC
Rajkot 9979316870
9235253528 Rampur 9208255388
Lucknow Gomti Ranchi 9204855313
Nagar Rewa 7415690904
Lucknow Rohtak 8930403886
Mahanagar PO
Roorkee 7706008033
9235253425 Sagar 7509219781
Saharanpur 9235253445
Ludhiana 9256002028
Sambalpur 8594958962/ 8594959148
Mainpuri 9208241450
Mathura 9208235067 Shahjahanpur 9208256201

Meerut 9235253448 Shimla 8894100342

Mirzapur 9208243884 Siliguri 7602742939
Moradabad 9235253442 Sitapur 7706008028/ 9235253514
Mumbai 9221944071 Sultanpur 9208252915
Muzaffarnagar 7706008032 Surat 9537360459
Muzaffarpur 9204303515/ 9204355614 Tirupati 9581933099
Nagpur Gandhinagar 9272273686/9272295576 Thiruvananthapuram 9645415029
Nagpur-Buldi 9168558073 Unnao 9208242493
Nasik 9168512624/ 9168511626 Vadodara 9537589477
Noida 9953948834 Varanasi 9235253419
Orai 9208237457 Vijaywada 8886309897
Patiala 9780859721 Vishakapatnam 9966593419
Patna Boaring Road 9204855301/02 Warangal 8142230661
Patna Fraizer Road 9204855305/06/09/11

Dipa Karmakar has won Gold Medal at FIG Artistic Gymnastics World Challenge Cup in
Mersin, Turkey.
DelHi Government
vs Lieutenant

As the tussle between the AAP government and the Role of Lieutenant Governor in Delhi
Lieutenant Governor (LG) escalates, the vexatious issue The First Schedule of the Constitution of India grants Delhi
as to who enjoys supremacy over Delhi has always been a the status of a Union Territory. It is administered by the
bone of contention. President, acting to such extent as he thinks fit, through an
The Delhi High Court ruled that the national capital remains Administrator to be appointed by him (under Article 239).
a union territory with the LG as its "administrative" head. The 69th Constitutional Amendment Act, 1991, added
The contentious issues in the Delhi case were: One, the article 239AA to the constitution. the Union Territory of
powers and jurisdiction of the elected government vis-à-vis Delhi is called the National Capital Territory of Delhi and
the LG, and two, the extent of the power of the LG to differ the Administrator thereof appointed under Article 239 is
with the elected government on issues and refer them to the designated as the Lieutenant Governor. (Article 239AA)
President. The Sec. 41 of the GNCT (Government of National Capital
The SC has clearly and categorically said that the executive Territory) of Delhi Act, 1991 delineates the realm of the
powers in respect of all matters in the state list as well as powers of the Lieutenant Governor in Delhi. The Lieutenant
the concurrent list — except police, land and public order Governor shall act in his discretion during a matter that falls
— vest absolutely in the elected government, which does outside the range of the powers conferred on the Legislative
not have to seek the concurrence of the LG. At the same Assembly. The section reads as follows:
time, the LG has absolute powers in dealing with the three 41. Matters in which Lieutenant Governor to act in his
reserved subjects and nothing else. discretion.
Governor and Lieutenant Governor (1) The Lieutenant Governor shall act in his discretion in a
Governor is the head of the state, appointed by the President. matter–
After the 7th Constitutional Amendment, 1956 a Governor (i) which falls outside the purview of the powers conferred
can be appointed for more than one state. on the Legislative Assembly but in respect of which
Lieutenant-Governor is the head of a Union Territory. powers or functions are entrusted or delegated to him
by the President; or
However, in India, the post is present only in the Union
Territories of Andaman and Nicobar Islands, Delhi and (ii) in which he is required by or under any law to act in his
Puducherry. In other Union Territories, administrators are discretion or to exercise any judicial or quasi- judicial
appointed. functions.
The functions and powers of a Governor and a Lieutenant (2) If any question arises as to whether any matter is or is
Governor are, more or less, the same. The LG, like the not a matter as respects which the Lieutenant Governor
Governor, acts a titular head of the Union Territory. But, the is by or under any law required to act in his discretion,
powers of an LG are wider than that of a Governor. This is the decision of the Lieutenant Governor thereon shall
because, a Governor of a state has to act solely on the aid be final.
and advice of the Council of Ministers, whereas, the LG (3) If any question arises as to whether any matter is
does not need the approval of the Council of Ministers on or is not a matter as respects which the Lieutenant
every matter. In case of Delhi, the government exercises no Governor is required by any law to exercise any
power in the domain of land, law, and police. The LG has judicial or quasi- judicial functions, the decision of the
complete discretion to decide upon any of these matters. Lieutenant Governor thereon shall be final.
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Ferrari's German driver Sebastian Vettel has won the British Grand Prix title.
@ According to this section, if the Lt. Governor is The article reads as follows:
under any law required to act in his discretion, his ‘There shall be a Council of Ministers consisting of not
decision on that case will be final. more than ten percent, of the total number of members
@ The LG exercises his authority with the help in the Legislative Assembly, with the Chief Minister at
of Police Commissioner of Delhi and Vice the head to aid and advise the Lieutenant Governor in the
Chairperson, Delhi Development Authority exercise to his functions in relation to matters with respect
(DDA) who have their independent administrative to which the Legislative Assembly has power to make laws,
setups. except in so far as he is, by or under any law, required to act
@ Lt. Governor is Ex-officio Chairman of DDA, in his discretion.’
however he exercises his executive functions However, the interpretation powers of the LG in Delhi
through Appellate Authority under various Acts/ and the extent of the control exercised in the decisions and
Rules/Regulations as applicable in Delhi. functioning of the government have been murky since last
@ In the case of difference of opinion between the few months. It has been a subject of debate for the country
Lieutenant Governor and his Ministers on any as the differences between the state government and the
matter, the Lt. Governor can refer it to the President LG reached unprecedented heights. The Supreme Court,
for decision and act according to decision given on in a recent judgement, laid down broad parameters for the
that by the President. governance of Delhi while enunciating the powers resting
with the LG.
@ Under President’s Rule, the Lt. Governor becomes
full-fledged executive head of the government. Points of difference between the Lieutenant Governor of
He has the power to appoint a group of advisors Delhi and Puducherry
which will act as Council of ministers. Both Delhi and Puducherry has an elected legislature and
@ The time duration of President’s rule in the UT is government. But, the functions and powers of the Lieutenant
also subject to the discretion of the Lt. Governor. Governors of Delhi and Puducherry are marked by certain
The post of Lt. Governor was first established in September
1966 after the Delhi Administration Act, 1966 came into @ The LG of Delhi enjoys greater powers than the LG of
effect. At the commencement of the primary session after Puducherry.
each election to the Assembly and at the commencement of @ The LG of Delhi is vested with “Executive Functions”
the first session of every year, the Lt. Governor addresses that enable him to exercise powers in matters connected
the House. to public order, police and land “in consultation with the
Powers of Lieutenant Governor Chief Minister, if it is so provided under any order issued
The powers and functions of the Lt. Governor of NCT by the President under Article 239 of the Constitution”.
of Delhi are derived from the constitutions and several @ While the L-G of Delhi is guided by the Government
statutory provisions. Some of them are:- of National Capital Territory of Delhi Act, 1991, and
(i) Provisions of the Constitution. (Art 239) the Transaction of Business of the Government of
(ii) Provisions of the Government of National Capital National Capital Territory of Delhi Rules, 1993, the L-G
Territory (GNCT) of Delhi Act, 1991 of Puducherry is guided by the Government of Union
(iii) Provisions under various Acts of the Parliament. Territories Act, 1963.
(iv) Delhi Police Act 1978, Delhi Development (DDA) @ Articles 239 and 239AA of the Constitution, as well as
Act 1957, (Delhi Municipal Corporation) DMC Act the Government of National Capital Territory of Delhi
1957, Environmental Protection Act, etc. Act, 1991, clearly underline that the role of Centre is
more prominent in the UT of Delhi, where the L-G is
(v) Delegation through executive orders issued under
the eyes and ears of the Centre. Under the constitution,
Article 239(1) by the President under various law.
the Delhi Assembly has the power to legislate on all
Article 239AA subjects except law and order and land.
Art 239AA of the Constitution of India has some special
@ Whereas, the Puducherry Assembly can legislate on any
provisions with respect to Delhi. The article was inserted in
issue under the Concurrent and State Lists. However, if
the constitution through the 61st Constitutional Amendment
the law is in conflict with a law passed by Parliament,
Act. The article lays down the basis of the powers conferred
the law passed by Parliament prevails.
upon the Lieutenant Governor of the Union Territory by the
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Bajrang Punia has won Gold medal At Tbilisi Grand Prix . SEPTEMBER 2018 MICA 61
After 1

The GST was always positioned as a tax reform, one which would ease the tax burden, make compliance simpler, reduce the
multitude of taxes levied by the Centre and the States by unifying them, and streamline and modernise tax administration.
Moreover, the GST system provides for business entities to take “credit” for taxes paid along the supply chain to prevent the
“cascading effect” of paying taxes on top of taxes already paid. And, all this was to be achieved without either the Centre or
the States taking a hit on their resources. Moreover, this latter objective was to be achieved without impinging on the States’
powers of taxation that are enshrined in the Seventh Schedule of the Constitution and which constitutes what is regarded to be
a part of the “basic structure” of the Constitution. This tough balancing act explains the long and arduous road to GST, which
began in 2000.

It was always clear that a major reform such as this required a fair amount of sagacity on the part of the Centre, which, after
all, enjoyed lopsided powers of taxation in the Indian constitutional framework; indeed, this explains why the introduction of
the Value Added Tax (VAT) was preceded by a long struggle in which the States bargained hard before they ceded the ground
that was rightfully theirs under the Constitution.

Here's the performance of GST in past one year:

Inflation rate didn’t rise: GST, it was widely feared, would cause inflation to rise, as with many countries that launched a
single tax regime. That hasn’t happened in India. The recent spike in consumer inflation has been due to high food and fuel
prices, unrelated to GST.

Single national market: Long queues of trucks at state borders disappeared as checkposts were dismantled, creating a seamless
national market.

One tax nationally: A consumer in Kanyakumari now pays the same tax on an item as one in Jammu & Kashmir. GST has
also allowed businesses to streamline distribution systems— production, supply chain, storage—to make them more efficient,
having previously been forced to design them keeping state taxes in mind.

Everyone wins: As many as 17 taxes and multiple cesses were subsumed into GST, aligning India with global regimes.
Central taxes such as excise duty, services tax, countervailing duty and state taxes — including value added tax, Oct roi and
purchase tax — were all rolled into one. The new regime provided for free flow of tax credits and did away with cascading
due to tax on tax, boosting company financials and resulting in reduced prices for consumers. It also ensured a single law for
the whole country with uniform procedures and rules, which reduces compliance burden and business complexity.

Drawbacks :

@ The biggest dampener was the compliance process, as information technology glitches took more than the anticipated
time to be resolved. The filing system that was put in place in the beginning was quickly abandoned as businesses
struggled with compliance.

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Satyarup Siddhanta has become the second Indian mountaineer after Malli Mastan Babu to
climb Mt Ojos del Salado, the highest volcano in the world.
@ Multiple registration requirements have complicated things for industry, which was
expecting simplicity. In many cases, registration is required in all states. Companies
fear that multiple audits and assessments due to multiple registrations could make life
more difficult for them going forward.
@ While GST scrapped a multiplicity of taxes and cesses, a new levy in the form of
compensation cess was introduced for luxury and sin goods. This was later expanded
to include automobiles.
@ The refund mechanism for exporters, including data matching law, besides procedures
governing them, have irked the sector, particularly smaller entities that saw their
working capital requirements rise. Though several efforts have been made to address
the issue, it may require more intervention.
The teething troubles and procedural bottlenecks have been addressed by the GST Council.
A slew of legal and procedural changes have been notified on a war-footing to address the
grievances of trade and business. The fact that decisions have been reached unanimously
in each one of the 27 Council meetings is a testimony to the new era of cooperative fiscal
federalism. The GST has fostered a non-intrusive and non-adversarial tax administration with all transactions, processes and
payments of taxes carried out through the GST Network (GSTN). The GSTN has since stabilised and glitches have been
reduced to minimum. The portal has registered more than 4.8 million entities and processed 3.5 billion invoices and 100
million returns. A significant outcome of the introduction of the GST has been the abolition of check posts across the country
which has cut long queues translating in significant time and cost savings for the logistics sector.
That the rolling out of GST is still work in progress is not denied. Many such measures including easing the refunds process,
rationalising the number of tax slabs and more importantly bringing petroleum products under GST are definitely on the cards.
However, a developing economy can ill-afford to have a single taxation slab where sin goods and essential commodities are in
the same tax bracket. Suffice it to say, the GST has provided a major fillip to the Make in India initiative by creating a unified
common national market, improving the overall investment climate in the country and giving a boost to foreign investments.
Harmonization of laws, procedures and rates of tax has been trade facilitative and ease the process of doing business. Goods
and Services Tax actually has been a Good and Simple Tax for promoting economic equality and social harmony.

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Former Meghalaya Governor M M Jacob has passed away recently. He was 90. SEPTEMBER 2018 MICA 63
Boost To
Giving a major boost for the farmers’ income, the Cabinet Committee on Economic Affairs has approved the increase in
the Minimum Support Prices (MSPs) for all kharif crops for 2018-19 Season.
The decision of the CCEA is a historic one as it redeems the promise of the pre-determined principle of fixing the MSPs
at a level of at least 150 percent of the cost of production announced by the Union Budget for 2018-19. The Commission
for Agricultural Costs and Prices (CACP) has recommended MSPs for all kharif crops broadly in line with the announced
The Budget for 2018-19 had indicated that a paradigm shift in the agricultural policies is needed to achieve the objective
of doubling farmers' income by 2022 through greater emphasis on generating higher incomes of farmers. The increase in
the MSPs of Nigerseed at Rs.1827 per quintal, moong by Rs.1400 per quintal, sunflower seed by Rs.1288 per quintal and
cotton by Rs.l 130 per quintal is unprecedented.
Amongst cereals and nutri cereals, in terms of absolute increase, MSP of paddy (common) has been raised by Rs 200 per
quintal, jowar (hybrid) by Rs 730 per quintal and ragi by Rs 997 per quintal. The highest percentage increase in MSP over
the previous year is for ragi (52.47 %) followed by jowar hybrid (42.94%). For pulses, apart from Moong, MSP of arhar
(tur) has been raised by Rs 225 per quintal yielding a return over cost by 65.36 per cent and urad by Rs 200 per quintal with
a return over cost by 62.89 per cent in order to maintain inter-crop-price parity. Similarly, the MSP of Bajra has been raised
by Rs.525 per quintal yielding a return of 96.97 per cent over cost.
Promoting cultivation of pulses can help India overcome nutrition insecurity, improve soil fertility by nitrogen fixation and
provide income support to farmers. Thus, increased MSPs for pulses will give a price signal to farmers to increase acreage.
Further enhanced MSPs would boost production of oilseeds and encourage investment in its productivity and help reduce
India's import bill. Increase in MSPs of nutri-cereals will improve nutritional security and allow farmers to get higher
Food Corporation of India (FCI) and other designated State Agencies would continue to provide price support to the
farmers in the case of cereals including nutri-cereals. National Agricultural Cooperative Marketing Federation of India
Limited (NAFED), FCI, Small Farmers Agri -Business Consortium (SFAC) and other designated Central Agencies would
continue to undertake procurement of pulses and oilseeds. Cotton Corporation of India (CCI) will be the central nodal
agency for undertaking price support operations for Cotton.
Farmer friendly initiatives by the Government:
Besides increase in Minimum Support Prices (MSP) of kharif crops, Government has also taken several farmer friendly
initiatives. These are as follows:
* The premium rates to be paid by farmers are very low - 2 % of sum insured for all kharif crops, 1.5% for all rabi
crops and 5 % for commercial and horticulture crops under smart technology through phones & remote sensing for quick
estimation and early settlement of claims. The Government has also launched a Mobile App "Crop Insurance" which
will help farmers to find out complete details about insurance cover available in their area and to calculate the insurance
premium for notified crops.
@ The Government has also launched a scheme to develop a pan India electronic trading platform under 'National
Agriculture Market' (NAM) aiming to integrate 585 regulated markets with the common e-market platform in order
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64 MICA SEPTEMBER 2018 India’s latest frontline warship INS Trikand has reached Sri Lanka in a goodwill visit.
to facilitate better price discovery and ensure remunerative prices to farmers. Each State is being encouraged to
undertake three major reforms - allow electronic trading, have a single license valid throughout the State and a single
entry point market fee. It will also enable farmers to discover better prices for their produce. As on 23rd March, 2018,
585 markets in 16 States and 2 Union Territories have already been brought on the e-NAM platform.
@ Government has also formulated a new model Agricultural Produce and Livestock Marketing (Promotion &
Facilitation) Act, 2017 to provide farmers market options beyond the existing APMC regulated market yards.
@ Soil Health Cards are being issued to farmers across the country. These will be renewed every two years. The card
provides information on fertility status of soil and a soil test based advisory on use of fertilizers. As on 25th June,
2018, 15.14 crore Soil Health Cards have been distributed.
@ Under Paramparagat Krishi Vikas Yojana (PKVY), the Government is promoting organic farming and development
of potential market for organic products.
@ The Pradhan Mantri Krishi Sinchai Yojana is being implemented with the vision of extending the coverage of
irrigation 'Har Khet ko Pani' and improving water use efficiency 'Per Drop More Crop ' in a focused manner with end
to end solution on source creation, distribution, management, field application and extension activities.
@ Government is focusing on improving production and productivity of crops such as rice, wheat, coarse grains and
pulses under the National Food Security Mission.
@ A dedicated online interface e-Krishi Samvad provides direct and effective solutions to problems faced by farmers.
@ Government is encouraging formation of Farmer Producer Organisations. The Budget for 2018-19 has extended a
favorable taxation treatment to Farmer Producers Organisations (FPQs) for helping farmers aggregate their needs of
inputs, farm services, processing and sale operations.
@ Government has set up a buffer stock of pulses and domestic procurement of pulses is also being done under Price
Stabilization Fund (PSF) mainly with a view to protect consumers. The Budget for 2018-19 indicated that increasing
MSP. is not adequate and it is more important that farmers should get full benefit of the announced MSP. For this,
it is essential that if price of the agriculture produce market is less than MSP, then Government should purchase
either at MSP or work in a manner to provide MSP for the farmers through some other mechanism. NITI Aayog, in
consultation with Central and State Governments, will put in place a fool-proof mechanism so that farmers will get
adequate price for their produce.
@ A handbook for women farmers 'Farm Women Friendly Hand Book' containing special provisions and package of
assistance which women farmers can claim under various on¬ going Missions/ Submissions/ Schemes of Department
of Agriculture, Cooperation & Farmers Welfare has been brought out.
@ With the above measures taken, the Government has set a target to double the farmers' Income by 2022.

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Tapan Kumar Chand has received Knowledge Excellence Award for Outstanding Contribution SEPTEMBER 2018 MICA
in Aluminium Knowledge domain. 65
Q.1 Consider the following statements: is being reported to the 'Central Repository for
(A) JSW Steel has started iron ore mining at Tunga Information on Large Credit' (CRILC).
and Nandi mines in Kerala. (C) More than 4,000 corporate borrowers, with
(B) It is planning to invest in Rs 7,500 cr to expand nearly Rs 1.2 lakh crore worth loans, had been
Vijayanagar facility. classified under the one-day default norm.

(C) It is increasing the capacity of Blast Furnace-3 Which among the following statement/statements
at Vijayanagar to improve hot metal supply. is/are true?

Which among the following statement/statements (1) Option A and B (2) Option B and C
is/are true about JSW Steel? (3) Option A and C (4) Option A, B and C
(1) Option A (2) Option A and B (5) None of these
(3) Option B and C (4) Option A and C Q.7 In which city, 4th International Yoga Day has been
(5) Option A, B and C celebrated on 21st June?

Q.2 Who has been appointed as the MD and CEO of (1) Lucknow (2) Dehradun (3) New Delhi
IDBI Bank? (4) Bhopal (5) Jaipur
(1) B.P. Kanungo (2) Mahesh Kumar Jain Q.8 In which city, 5th International MSME Startup
(3) B Sriram (4) Viral V. Acharya Expo will be held?

(5) N. S. Vishwanathan (1) Kolkata (2) Dehradun (3) Agra

Q.3 Which Bank has partnered with IBM and Accenture (4) Noida (5) New Delhi
to create an IT Centre of Excellence (ITCoE) and Q.9 Which state has decided to scrap the plantation tax?
Analytics Centre of Excellence (ACoE) as part (1) Goa (2) Tamilnadu (3) Kerala
of the bank’s strategy to use technology to drive
growth? (4) Karnataka (5) Gujarat
(1) ICICI (2) HDFC Q.10 Who has been appointed as the next Ambassador of
India to the Republic of Iceland?
(3) Bank of Baroda (4) Dena Bank
(1) Jaideep Sarkar (2) T. Armstrong Changsan
(5) UCO Bank
(3) Pankaj Saran (4) Ajay Bisaria
Q.4 Which Company has signed an agreement with
National Skill Development Corporation (NSDC), (5) Ahmad Javed
under the Pradhan Mantri Kaushal Vikas Yojana Q.11 In which city, 10th Meeting of India-Australia
(PMKVY.2), to train more than 10,000 youth in Working Group on Counter Terrorism was held?
next three years?
(1) Sri Nagar (2) Jammu (3) Hyderabad
(1) New Globe Financiers Ltd
(4) New Delhi (5) Gwalior
(2) Indo Asia Finance Ltd
Q.12 Consider the following statements:
(3) Achal Finance Ltd
(A) The first green ALH Dhruv Mk-III helicopter
(4) Mansar Finance Ltd. for Indian Coast Guard (ICG) had a successful
(5) Muthoot Fincorp Ltd. test-run on HAL.
Q.5 Peter Thomson has passed away recently. He was (B) It will deliver 16 fixed-wheel ALHs, worth Rs
the ______. 5126 crore, to Indian Coast Guard (ICG) from
(1) Cricketer (2) Golfer (3) Economist
(C) Manoj Prabhakar is the Chairman and
(4) Scientist (5) Mathematician Managing Director of HAL.
Q.6 Consider the following statements: Which among the following statement/statements
(A) The Reserve Bank of India has asked banks is/are not true?
to even report a one-day delay in payment of (1) Option A (2) Option B
(3) Option C (4) All of these
(B) As a result, a high number of ‘default accounts’
(5) None of these

66 MICA SEPTEMBER 2018 Karnataka Bank has launched 'Cash@PoS' facility to withdraw cash from PoS terminals.
Q.13 In which city, 7th India Minerals and Metals forum arguing that Pakistan has failed to act against
has been started? terror financing on its soil.
(1) Kolkata (2) New Delhi (3) Jaipur (C) FATF is a global body that combats terrorist
(4) Dehradun (5) Kanpur financing and money laundering.

Q.14 Who has inaugurated 13th edition of Industrial Which among the following statement/statements
trade fair in Chennai? is/are not true?

(1) Narendra Modi (2) Sushma Swaraj (1) Option A (2) Option B (3) Option C

(3) Suresh Prabhu (4) Venkaiah Naidu (4) All of these (5) None of these

(5) Ram Nath Kovind Q.21 India and ___________ have agreed to enhance
mutual cooperation for sustainable water
Q.15 Prabhakar Choubey has passed away recently. He development.
(1) Tajikistan (2) Bhutan (3) Nepal
(1) Scientist (2) Journalist (3) Producer
(4) Bangladesh (5) Sri Lanka
(4) Director (5) Economist
Q.22 According to the UN’s Sustainable Development
Q.16 Who has been elected as the Chairman of Goals 2018 report, The number of hungry people
International Chamber of Commerce (ICC)? in the world rising from 777 million in 2015 to
(1) Paul Polman (2) Ajay Banga _______ million in 2016.
(3) Yassin Al Suroor (4) Frederico Curado (1) 835 Million (2) 825 Million (3) 815 Million
(5) John W.H. Denton (4) 855 Million (5) 865 Million
Q.17 Who has laid the foundation stone of new Vanijya Q.23 Prime Minister Narendra Modi will inaugurate the
Bhawan in New Delhi? 3rd Annual Meeting of the Asian Infrastructure
Investment Bank (AIIB) in_________.
(1) Ram Nath Kovind (2) Narendra Modi
(1) Lucknow (2) New Delhi (3) Mumbai
(3) Venkaiah Naidu (4) Suresh Prabhu
(4) Kanpur (5) Hyderabad
(5) Sushma Swaraj
Q.24 Where is the Headquarters of Asian Infrastructure
Q.18 What is Name of Pulitzer Prize winner, Harvard-
Investment Bank (AIIB)?
trained psychiatrist and best-selling author who has
passed away recently? (1) Beijing, China (2) Shanghai, China
(1) Charles Krauthammer (3) New Delhi, India (4) Tokyo, Japan
(2) Ryan Kelly (5) Seoul, South Korea
(3) Andrew Marshall Q.25 Which Actress will be conferred with the French
honour of Knight of the Order of Arts and Letters
(4) Manuel Mogato
(Chevalier dans l’Ordre des Arts et des Lettres) for
(5) Jake Halpern her contribution in enhancing Indo-French ties in
Q.19 In which city, 2nd UN Chiefs of Police Summit cinema?
(UNCOPS) was held? (1) Kalki Koechlin (2) Aishwarya Rai
(1) Rome, Italy (2) Geneva, Switzerland (3) Deepika Padukone (4) Amisha Sharma
(3) Vienna, Austria (4) New York, USA (5) Anushka Sharma
(5) London, UK Q.26 Consider the following statements:
Q.20 Consider the following statements: (A) The Varanasi river terminal under the World
(A) Pakistan has been put on the 'grey list' of Bank-aided Ganga Jal Marg Vikash Project will
countries for financially aiding terrorism by be completed this year, ahead of schedule.
global anti-terror financing watchdog Financial (B) In a recent assessment, the Bank expressed
Action Task Force (FATF). satisfaction at the progress of the Rs
(B) The decision was taken during a plenary 10,000-crore project.
meeting in Paris, with the global watchdog (C) Jal Marg Vikash is an ambitious infrastructure

Jhili Dalabehera has won the bronze medal in the 2018 IWF Junior World Weightlifting
Championships at Tashkent, Uzbekistan. SEPTEMBER 2018 MICA 67
project of the government. (2) Option A and B but not C
Which among the following statement/statements (3) Option B and C but not A
is/are true? (4) Option A, B and C
(1) Option A but not B and C (5) Neither option A and B, nor C
(2) Option B but not A and C Q.33 World Bank has agreed to sanction `_______ for
(3) Option C but not A and B the Tamil Nadu Health Systems Reforms Project
(4) Option A, B and C (TNHSRP).

(5) Neither option A and B, nor C (1) 2,785 Crore (2) 2,685 Crore (3) 2,885 Crore

Q.27 India and _________have signed two MOUs in (4) 2,985 Crore (5) 2,185 Crore
the field of biotechnology, traditional medicine and Q.34 Who has been appointed as the Chief Financial
homoeopathy. Officer (CFO) of Bharti Infratel?
(1) Greece (2) Suriname (3) Cuba (1) S Balasubramanian (2) Pankaj Miglani
(4) Angola (5) Macedonia (3) Rakesh Kumar (4) Sooraj Pal
Q.28 Kim Jong-pil has passed away recently. He was (5) Rajeev Singh
Former Prime Minister of which country? Q.35 Who has laid the Foundation Stone For Mongolian
(1) Cambodia (2) Namibia (3) Japan Refinery?
(4) South Korea (5) Colombia (1) Ram Nath Kovind (2) Narendra Modi
Q.29 With which state Government, UNESCO has (3) Rajnath Singh (4) Sushma Swaraj
signed an agreement to set up a 'Design University' (5) Venkaiah Naidu
for gaming?
Q.36 Which Country’s aviation sector has been removed
(1) Madhya Pradesh (2) Telangana from the Significant Safety Concern (SSC) list by
(3) Andhra Pradesh (4) Haryana International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO)?
(5) Kerala (1) Nepal (2) India (3) Bhutan
Q.30 Who has been apppointed as the Managing Director (4) Sri Lanka (5) Maldives
of State Bank of India? Q.37 Gautam Kanjilal has passed recently. He was
(1) N.S.Vishwanathan (2) Viral V. Acharya _________.
(3) B. P. Kanungo (4) Arijit Basu (1) Scientist (2) Cricketer
(5) M. K. Jain (3) Mountaineer (4) Director
Q.31 B Sujatha Devi has passed away recently. She (5) Doctor
was_________. Q.38 Consider the following statements:
(1) Doctor (2) Producer (3) Poet (A) The Yash Bharti awards were instituted in 1994
(4) Economist (5) Artist to honour eminent personalities from UP.
Q.32 Consider the following statements: (B) The awardees get Rs 50,000 pension per month
(A) The RBI deadline for banks to stop doing besides a cash prize of Rs 11 lakh by the state
business with cryptocurrency exchanges in government.
India will expire on July 15. (C) The Yash Bharti awards are given for
(B) One of the biggest digital currency exchanges outstanding contributions in the fields of
in India Zebpay has asked its users to withdraw literature, poetry, industry, theatre etc.
their money before the deadline ends. Which among the following statement/statements
(C) A cryptocurrency is a digital or virtual currency is/are not true?
that uses cryptography for security. (1) Option A and C but not B
Which among the following statement/statements (2) Option A and B but not C
is/are true? (3) Option B and C but not A
(1) Option A and C but not B
Human Resource Development Ministry granted Institution of eminence status to IIT Delhi, IIT
Bombay and IISc Bangalore.
(4) Option A, B and C Q.45 India and _______signed six agreements in several
(5) Neither option A and B, nor C fields including education, cyber security, and
cultural exchange.
Q.39 Who has won the Gold Medal in the Men's club
throw F51 event at the World Para Athletics Grand (1) Seychelles (2) Chile (3) Finland
Prix in Tunisia? (4) Canada (5) Sweden
(1) Rakesh Singh (2) Amit Kumar Saroha Q.46 In which state is Sindhu Darshan Festival begun?
(3) Ram Pal Kumar (4) Rajendra Nath (1) Himachal Pradesh (2) Jammu-Kashmir
(5) Sunil Singh (3) Uttarakhand (4) Punjab
Q.40 Sandeep Sejwal is related to which sports? (5) Haryana
(1) Table Tennis (2) Badminton Q.47 Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank will
(3) Weightlifting (4) Tennis invest $__________Million in India’s National
Investment and Infrastructure Fund.
(5) Swimming
(1) 400 Million (2) 300 Million (3) 200 Million
Q.41 In which city, 4th National Review and Consultation
on Swachh Iconic Places has been started? (4) 250 Million (5) 350 Million

(1) New Delhi (2) Lucknow (3) Hyderabad Q.48 Who has won the French Grand Prix title?

(4) Agra (5) Mathura (1) Max Verstappen (2) Valtteri Bottas

Q.42 Who has been conferred with the ‘Chief Minister (3) Lewis Hamilton (4) Sebastian Vettel
of the Year’ award for her remarkable work in (5) Daniel Ricciardo
e-governance? Q.49 Deepika Kumari is related to which sports?
(1) Raman Singh (1) Badminton (2) Archery
(2) N. Chandrababu Naidu (3) Table Tennis (4) Tennis
(3) Vasundhara Raje (5) Weightlifting
(4) Nitish Kumar Q.50 Consider the following statements:
(5) Manohar Parrikar (A) ICICI Bank has appointed former petroleum
Q.43 Consider the following statements: secretary Girish Chandra Chaturvedi as the
(A) The study, South Asia’s Hotspots projects a 2 company's non-executive chairman.
per cent fall in the country’s GDP in terms of (B) The term of office of incumbent M K Sharma
per capita consumption expenditures. will expire on June 30, 2018.
(B) A 2.8 per cent drop in GDP will cost India $1.1 (C) The appointment is effective from July 1,
trillion by 2025 as projected. 2018, for a period of three years, subject to the
(C) The loss in the severe hotspot districts, with an approval of shareholders.
average 9.8 per cent drop in consumption, will Which among the following statement/statements
amount to over $400 billion. is/are true?
Which among the following statement/statements (1) Only C (2) Only B
is/are not true? (3) Only A (4) All of the above
(1) Only A (2) Only B (3) Only C (5) None of the above
(4) Both A and B (5) Both B and C Q.51 ICC Women’s World T20 will be held in the
Q.44 Which State Government has launched "Suryashakti ________.
Kisan Yojana (SKY)" a solar power scheme for (1) India (2) England (3) West Indies
(4) Australia (5) South Africa
(1) Arunachal Pradesh (2) Nagaland
Q.52 In which city, 58th National Inter-state Senior
(3) Telangana (4) Maharashtra Athletics Championships has begun?
(5) Gujarat (1) Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh

B Sriram has been appointed as the MD and CEO of IDBI Bank. SEPTEMBER 2018 MICA 69
(2) Jaipur, Rajasthan Q.57 Who has been appointed as the chairman of the
(3) Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh Central Board of Indirect Taxes and Customs
(4) Guwahati, Assam
(1) S Ramesh (2) Vanaja N Sarna
(5) Gurugram, Haryana
(3) Sushil Chandra (4) Dilip Chenoy
Q.53 International Day against Drug Abuse and Illicit
Trafficking has been observed on___________. (5) Sanjaya baru

(1) 26th June (2) 25th June (3) 24th June Q.58 In which state is First Bhutan Film Festival was
(4) 23rd June (5) 22nd August
(1) Mizoram (2) Arunachal Pradesh
Q.54 Consider the following statements:
(3) Sikkim (4) Meghalaya
(A) Deedar Singh Gill has been appointed as the
Judicial Commissioner of Malasiyan Supreme (5) Nagaland
Court. Q.59 Which Country has agreed to form a joint venture
(B) Gill has been serving as the MD of the with Sri Lanka to operate the Mattala Rajapaksa
Intellectual Property Department in Drew and International Airport in Hambantota?
Napier LLC. (1) Pakistan (2) China (3) Japan
(C) Deedar Singh Gill is a lawyer for intellectual (4) India (5) Russia
property matters. Q.60 Who has taken charge as whole-time member of
Which among the following statement/statements SEBI?
is/are true? (1) Santosh Kumar Mohanty
(1) Option A and C (2) Option A and B (2) Viral V Acharya
(3) Option B and C (4) Option A, B and C (3) B P Kanungo
(5) None of these (4) N S Vishwanathan
Q.55 Which Country is the world's most dangerous (5) Mahesh Kumar Jain
country for women due to the high risk of sexual
violence and being forced into slave labour, Q.61 Government has constituted a committee for
according Thomson Reuters Foundation survey of standardisation and indigenisation of metro rail
about 550 experts on women's issues? system across the country. Who is the chairman of
this committee?
(1) India (2) Afghanistan
(1) H S Anand (2) E Sreedharan
(3) Syria (4) Somalia
(3) D K Sinha (4) Sameer Lohani
(5) Saudi Arabia
(5) Jitendra Tyagi
Q.56 Consider the following statements:
Q.62 Which state government has launched a new
(A) The official annual data has been released scheme ‘Paani Bachao, Paise Kamao’ to check
by Swiss National Bank (SNB), the central depletion of underground water?
banking authority of the Alpine nation.
(1) Punjab (2) Uttarakhand
(B) Money parked by Indians in Swiss banks rose
over 50 per cent to CHF 1.01 billion (Rs 7,000 (3) Uttar Pradesh (4) Maharashtra
crore) in 2017. (5) Meghalaya
(C) The amount owed by Indian clients to Swiss Q.63 In which city An anti-doping sports conference
banks fell by 84 per cent in 2017 to CHF 210 titled ‘Clean Sport=Fair Outcome?' was held?
(1) Stockholm, Sweden
Which among the following statement/statements
(2) Montreal, Canada
is/are not true?
(3) Oslo, Norway
(1) Both A and B (2) Both A and C
(4) Copenhagen, Denmark
(3) Both B and C (4) All of these
(5) Paris, France
(5) None of these

70 MICA SEPTEMBER 2018 Australian Golfer Peter Thomson has passed away recently. He was 8
Q.64 Which village panchayat of Haryana has passed a (3) Samantha Power (4) Rosemary DiCarlo
resolution “No Toilet, No Bride”? (5) Susan Li
(1) Barola (2) Danipur (3) Jandheri Q.72 Consider the following statements:
(4) Godikan (5) Majri (A) The UNHR body has express concern over
Q.65 Which country’s researchers have developed demolition of Bedouin hamlet by Israel.
the world’s smallest computer “Michigan Micro (B) As per Israel, the structures of the Khan al-
Mote”? Ahmar encampment were illegal and posed
(1) Russia (2) USA (3) India threat to residents
(4) China (5) Japan (C) Israel has pledged to resettle the residents,
Q.66 Consider the following statements: which the UN says number about 1 Lac people.

(A) Iran has threatened to close the Strait of Which among the following statement/statements
Gibraltar through which one third of the world's is/are true?
oil supply passes. (1) Option A and B (2) Option B and C
(B) After the US pulled out of the nuclear deal with (3) Option A and C (4) Option A, B and C
Iran, it has been pushing allies to cut oil imports (5) None of these
from Iran.
Q.73 Fourth AIIB Annual Meeting will be held in
(C) Iran is OPEC's second largest crude oil exporter, _______in July 2019.
with more than 2 million barrels a day.
(1) Uganda (2) Lebanon
Which among the following statement/statements
is/are true about the recent Iran-US crisis? (3) Luxembourg (4) Croatia
(1) Option A and B (2) Option B and C (5) Chile
(3) Option A and C (4) Option A, B and C Q.74 Who has been appointed as a whole time member
of the Securities and Exchange Board of India
(5) None of these (SEBI)?
Q.67 Who has launched “Passport Seva app” Mobile (1) Subhash Chandra Garg
Passport Application?
(2) N.S.Vishwanathan
(1) Narendra Modi (2) Sushma Swaraj
(3) Anant Barua
(3) Venkaiah Naidu (4) Sumitra Mahajan
(4) Arun P. Sathe
(5) Suresh Prabhu
(5) Ajay Tyagi
Q.68 ________ edition of World's largest multilateral
naval exercise Rim of the Pacific (RIMPAC) has Q.75 In which city, 15th India-Australia Joint Ministerial
been started in Hawaii in the Western Pacific Ocean. Commission (JMC) was held?
(1) 28th (2) 27th (3) 26th (1) Sydney, Australia (2) Hyderabad, India
(4) 29th (5) 30th (3) New Delhi, India (4) Canberra, Australia
Q.69 RBI has imposed a penalty of `________Crore on (5) Dehradun, India
Tamilnad Mercantile Bank for contravention of Q.76 What is the currency of Luxembourg?
Master Directions on Issue and Pricing of Shares.
(1) Dollar (2) Euro (3) Franc
(1) 8 Crore (2) 1 Crore (3) 6 Crore
(4) Dinar (5) Lira
(4) 2 Crore (5) 3 Crore
Q.77 Consider the following statements:
Q.70 Who has become Pakistan’s first blind judge?
(A) India has agreed to provide tariff concessions
(1) Yousaf Saleem (2) Salim Khan on 3,142 products to Asia Pacific Trade
(3) Shakeel Siddiqui (4) Shakeel Khan Agreement members.
(5) Yousaf Pathan (B) However, these duty concessions will be less
for least developed countries (LDCs) and more
Q.71 What the name of US ambassador to United Nation? for developing nations.
(1) Michele J. Sison (2) Nikki Haley
4th International Yoga Day has been celebrated on 21st June at Forest Research Institute in
Dehradun, Uttarakhand.
(C) APTA is an initiative under the UN ESCAP (B) The red corner notice (RCN) is issued in
for trade expansion through exchange of tariff connection with the multi-crore Punjab
concession. National Bank (PNB) scam.
Which among the following statement/statements (C) It will make difficult for Nirav Modi to travel
is/are not true? freely in 192 member-countries.
(1) Option A (2) Option B (3) Option C Which among the following statement/statements
(4) All of these (5) None of these is/are not true?

Q.78 Saurabh Chaudhary is related to which sports? (1) Option A (2) Option B (3) Option C

(1) Table Tennis (2) Badminton (3) Shooting (4) All of these (5) None of these

(4) Tennis (5) Weightlifting Q.86 Consider the following statements:

Q.79 Union Cabinet has approved the signing of a (A) The first batch of intercontinental ballistic
Memorandum of Understanding between India and missile Agni- 5 will soon be inducted into the
_______on cooperation in the field of Healthcare. Strategic Forces Command.

(1) Iran (2) Iraq (3) Bahrain (B) Very few countries including the US, China,
Russia, France and North Korea have
(4) Libya (5) Macedonia intercontinental ballistic missiles.
Q.80 Which State Government has announced a 'Kanya (C) According to Chinese experts, the missile has
Van Samruddhi Yojana'? the potential to reach targets 3,000 kilometers.
(1) Andhra Pradesh (2) Telangana Which among the following statement/statements
(3) Maharashtra (4) Karnataka is/are true?
(5) Kerala (1) Option A and C (2) Option A and B
Q.81 Which Country has been placed on FATF’s ‘grey (3) Option B and C (4) Option A, B and C
list’? (5) None of these
(1) Bahrain (2) Pakistan (3) Oman Q.87 Jinson Johnson breaks Sriram Singh’s 42-year-old
(4) Qatar (5) Saudi Arabia 800m national record. He is from which state?
Q.82 Who will be the next chief secretary of Uttar (1) Karnataka (2) Kerala (3) Telangana
Pradesh? (4) Tamilnadu (5) Andhra Pradesh
(1) Sooraj Verma (2) Rakesh Singh Q.88 Who has been appointed by President Halimah
(3) Ashish Sharma (4) Anup Chandra Pandey Yacob as the country's Supreme Court judicial
(5) Piyush Sharma
(1) Gurbir S Grewal (2) Deep Rai
Q.83 Export-Import Bank of India (Exim Bank) has
given $10 million worth of line of credit (LOC) (3) Amandeep Singh (4) Manjinder Singh
to _________for healthcare and procurement of (5) Dedar Singh Gill
goods and projects.
Q.89 Union Cabinet has approved the signing of the
(1) Greece (2) Suriname (3) Seychelles Memorandum of Understanding between India
(4) Poland (5) Macedonia and _______on Cooperation in the field of Civil
Q.84 What is Name of US Secretary of State?
(1) Germany (2) France (3) Canada
(1) Nikki Haley (2) Michael R Pompeo
(4) Australia (5) Austria
(3) Kamala Harris (4) Bobby Jindal
Q.90 In which Country, 4th meeting of Australia-India
(5) Ajit Pai
Education Council (AIEC) has been started?
Q.85 Consider the following statements:
(1) Australia (2) India (3) Germany
(A) The International Criminal Police Organization
(4) Mongolia (5) Israel
(Interpol) issued a red corner notice (RCN)
against Nirav Modi. Q.91 Prakash Javadekar is Union Minister of Human
Resource Development. He is Rajya Sabha MP
T. Armstrong Changsan has been appointed as the next Ambassador of India to the Republic of
from which state? (3) Odisha (4) Uttarakhand
(1) Madhya Pradesh (2) Maharashtra (5) Gujarat
(3) Odisha (4) Rajasthan Q.98 Who has been appointed as the chairman of ICICI
(5) Kerala Bank?

Q.92 Consider the following statements: (1) N S Vishwanathan

(A) The UAE-Iceberg project, aims to use icebergs (2) Rajneesh Kumar
as new sources of water. (3) Girish Chandra Chaturvedi
(B) The National Advisor Bureau Limited said the (4) Viral Acharya
project it to be completed by 2020. (5) Mahesh Kumar Jain
(C) It was first announced in May 2017. An iceberg Q.99 Consider the following statements:
contains around 20 billion gallons of fresh
water. (A) A new research study indicates that work ban
on spouses of high-skill visa holders may lead
Which among the following statement/statements to 100,000 jobless.
is/are true?
(B) The regulations for H-1B visas is discouraging
(1) Option A and C (2) Option A and B foreign workers from seeking long term
(3) Option B and C (4) Option A, B and C employment opportunities in the US.
(5) None of these (C) The Donald Trump administration seeks to
Q.93 Which Bank has bought the 100% stake in rescind the working capacity of spouses of
Swadhaar FinServe? high-skill.

(1) UCO Bank (2) ICICI (3) HDFC Which among the following statement/statements
is/are not true?
(4) RBL Bank (5) Dena Bank
(1) Option A and C (2) Option A and B
Q.94 Ministry of Statistics & Programme Implementation
has celebrated 12th Statistics Day on ________ (3) Option B and C (4) Option A, B and C
June 2018. (5) None of these
(1) 28th July (2) 29th June Q.100 Who has been elected the president of the
(3) 27th August (4) 26th May International Kabaddi Federation (IKF)?

(5) 25th April (1) Janardan Singh Gehlot

Q.95 Who has launched mobile application ReUnite to (2) Girish Chandra Chaturvedi
track and trace missing children? (3) Rakesh Singh
(1) Narendra Modi (2) Venkaiah Naidu (4) Sooraj Kumar
(3) Ram Nath Kovind (4) Suresh Prabhu (5) Rajeev Kumar
(5) Maneka Gandhi Q.101 Union Cabinet has given its approval to the MOU
Q.96 Suresh Prabhu is the Union Minister of Commerce between India and _________on cooperation in the
& Industry and Civil Aviation. He is Rajya Sabha field of urban planning and development.
MP from which state? (1) Jordan (2) Malaysia (3) Singapore
(1) Madhya Pradesh (2) Andhra Pradesh (4) Serbia (5) Iraq
(3) Rajasthan (4) Kerala Q.102 Consider the following statements:
(5) Goa (A) The government will change the base year of
Q.97 Which State Government has signed a Memorandum GDP and retail inflation to 2018-19 and 2019,
of Understanding with the Regional Integrated respectively.
Multi-Hazard Early Warning System (RIMES) for (B) This is likely to come to effect by 2018-19.
effective management of disasters? (C) The last base year for GDP, IIP and consumer
(1) Madhya Pradesh (2) Uttar Pradesh price index was revised to 2011-12 and 2012
for inflation.

10th Meeting of India-Australia Working Group on Counter Terrorism was held in New Delhi. SEPTEMBER 2018 MICA 73
Which among the following statement/statements (1) Ram Pravesh Thakur
is/are not true? (2) Rajesh Kumar
(1) Only A (2) Only B (3) Only C (3) Sunil Singh
(4) Both A and B (5) Both B and C (4) Virendra Kumar
Q.103 Who has laid the foundation stone of Dharmashastra (5) Vijay Kumar
National Law University in Jabalpur, Madhya Pradesh?
Q.110 India has won the Kabaddi Masters Dubai 2018
(1) Arun Jaitley (2) Ram Nath Kovind title after beating______.
(3) Dipak Misra (4) Narendra Modi (1) Iraq (2) Iran (3) Pakistan
(5) Sumitra Mahajan (4) Kenya (5) China
Q.104 Which District has been ranked first among 108 Q.111 Irena Szewinska, who won Olympic gold medals
“aspirational districts” by the NITI Aayog on the in three different events, has passed away recently.
basis of incremental development? She was from which country?
(1) Begusarai (2) Dahod (3) Kupwara (1) Gambia (2) Zambia (3) Poland
(4) West Sikkim (5) Firozabad (4) Namibia (5) Guinea
Q.105 Surinder Singla has passed away recently. He was Q.112 Who has inaugurated the platinum jubilee
the______. celebrations of the Institute of Chartered
(1) Politian (2) Writer (3) Economist Accountants of India in New Delhi?
(4) Producer (5) Director (1) Arun Jaitley (2) Venkaiah N aidu
Q.106 In which city, 4th Australia India Education Council (3) Narendra Modi (4) Ram Nath Kovind
(AIEC) meeting was held? (5) Ravi Shankar Prasad
(1) Mumbai (2) New Delhi (3) Adelaide Q.113 Consider the following statements:
(4) Sydney (5) Hyderabad (A) The Narshimhan-committee comprised of
Q.107 Who has received National Kalidas Samman for representatives of all major banks, including
visual arts from the Madhya Pradesh government? State Bank of India (SBI).
(1) Seema Khan (2) Rakhi Kumari (B) The report titled 'Shakt' highlighted nine
(3) Anjolie Ela Menon (4) Rajat Pandey guiding principles aimed at the operational
turnaround of the banking sector.
(5) Tanya Sharma
(C) The recommendations included creating
Q.108 Consider the following statements: platforms where banks can trade in bunched
(A) The Central Government issued a circular on loan assets.
April 6 banning all financial institutions under Which among the following statement/statements
its control, from servicing cryptocurrency is/are not true?
(1) Both A and B (2) Both A and C
(B) The Supreme Court of India has uphold ban
imposed by the Central Government. (3) Both B and C (4) All of these

(C) This petition was filed by the Internet and (5) None of these
Mobile Association of India (IAMAI) including Q.114 Which Country has won the 37th edition of
Unocoin, Zebpay, and Wazirx as its members. the Champions Trophy Hockey 2018 in Breda,
Which among the following statement/statements Netherlands?
is/are true? (1) Australia (2) India (3) Belgium
(1) Only C (2) Only B (4) Pakistan (5) Argentina
(3) Only A (4) All of the above Q.115 India has moved up to ______ place in terms of
(5) None of the above money parked by its citizens and companies with
Swiss Banks.
Q.109 Who has been appointed the Director-General of
Police of Andhra Pradesh? (1) 79th (2) 71st (3) 73rd

74 MICA SEPTEMBER 2018 5th International MSME Startup Expo will be held in New Delhi.
(4) 78th (5) 75th (3) Option A and C (4) Option A, B and C
Q.116 Which Indian Player has been inducted into the (5) None of these
ICC Cricket Hall of Fame? Q.122 Who has become the country's first transgender
(1) Sachin Tendulkar (2) Rahul Dravid lawyer?
(3) Sourav Ganguly (4) V. V. S. Laxman (1) Jaya Singh (2) Ganga Kumari
(5) Virender Sehwag (3) Rekha Singh (4) Joyita Mondal
Q.117 Who has been appointed as the Secretary of Central (5) Sathyasri Sharmila
Vigilance Commission (CVC)? Q.123 Who has taken charge as Managing Director and
(1) Ritika Singh (2) Neetu Singh CEO of Dhanlaxmi Bank?
(3) Alka Tiwari (4) Tanya Gupta (1) Rakesh Sethi (2) T Latha
(5) Nisha Verma (3) Rakesh Sharma (4) J K Garg
Q.118 Income Tax Department has launched an ‘instant’ (5) P.S. Jayakumar
Aadhaar-based PAN allotment service for Q.124 Which State Government has announced to
individuals seeking the unique identity for the first increase the pension of persons detained under the
time. Which of the following is eligible for e-PAN Maintenance of Internal Security Act (MISA) and
facility? the Defence of India (DIR) rules during the 1975-
(1) Resident Individuals 77 national emergency?
(2) Hindu Undivided Family (1) Uttar Pradesh (2) Rajasthan
(3) Firms (3) Madhya Pradesh (4) Andhra Pradesh
(4) Trusts (5) Kerala
(5) Companies Q.125 Who has been appointed as the CMD of Steel
Q.119 Who is the only Commander invitee from Asia to Authority of India (SAIL)?
the Golden Globe Race? (1) P K Singh (2) Jyoti Kumari
(1) Vivek Sharma (2) Rakesh Nagpal (3) Ravindra Singh (4) Saraswati Prasad
(3) Abhilash Tomy (4) Piyush Sharma (5) Rajendra Prasad
(5) Mohan Singh Q.126 Yogesh Kathuniya is related to which sports?
Q.120 Who has become the New President of Delhi and (1) Badminton (2) Discus throw
Districts Cricket Association (DDCA)? (3) Weightlifting (4) Table Tennis
(1) Rajat Sharma (2) Madan Lal (5) Wrestling
(3) Vikas Singh (4) Ravi Gupta Q.127 Which Company has become the first oil public
(5) Ravish Kuamr sector undertaking (PSU) to adopt an online legal
Q.121 Consider the following statements: compliance system by introducing ‘Legatrix’?

(A) K. Vijay Kumar has been appointed as the (1) Numaligarh Refinery Ltd
Governor of Jammu and Kashmir. (2) HPCL
(B) Vijay Kumar is currently working as Senior (3) IOCL
Security Advisor of the Central Ministry of (4) Oil and Natural Gas Corporation
(5) Reliance Petroleum
(C) Vijay Kumar has been the Director General
of the Border Security Force (BSF) and the Q.128 Who has been selected for this year’s National
Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF). Maritime Search and Rescue Award?
Which among the following statement/statements (1) Suman Singh (2) Rakesh Kumar
is/are true? (3) Milan Shankar Tare (4) Vivek Kumar
(1) Option A and B (2) Option B and C (5) Rahul Sharma

Kerala has decided to scrap the plantation tax. SEPTEMBER 2018 MICA 75
Q.129 What is the Name of Former chief of Naval Staff (1) ‘cVigil’ (2) ‘dVigil’ (3) ‘lVigil’
Admiral who has passed away? (4) ‘gVigil’ (5) ‘kVigil’
(1) J G Nadkarni Q.136 Which State Government has launched “Annapurna
(2) R K Dhowan Milk Scheme” for supplying milk to children
(3) Devendra Kumar Joshi studying in the State-run schools?

(4) Nirmal Kumar Verma (1) Madhya Pradesh (2) Uttar Pradesh

(5) Sureesh Mehta (3) Rajasthan (4) Haryana

Q.130 Consider the following statements: (5) Jharkhand

(A) Election Commission has launched 'cVIGIL' Q.137 Who has won the Austrian Grand Prix title?
app to complain of breaking the code of (1) Sebastian Vettel (2) Max Verstappen
conduct. (3) Daniel Ricciardo (4) Lewis Hamilton
(B) With the help of this app, any person can (5) Kimi Raikkonen
complain of violation of the Code of Conduct.
Q.138 Consider the following statements:
(C) Any person can upload videos and photos of
Hate Speech in unauthorized money or election (A) Former Malaysian Prime Minister Najib
speech. Razzaq has been arrested.
Which among the following statement/statements (B) Najib is accused of misuse of about 30 thousand
is/are not true? crores in Malaysian development, Berhad.
(1) Option A and B (2) Option B and C (C) Najib had been governing the country since
independence from Britain in 2010.
(3) Option A and C (4) Option A, B and C
Which among the following statement/statements
(5) None of these is/are not true?
Q.131 Who has taken charge as the 1st woman DGP of (1) Option A (2) Option B (3) Option C
(4) All of these (5) None of these
(1) Nirali Jain (2) Jyoti Verma
Q.139 Union Cabinet has approved signing of a
(3) Alka Kumari (4) Nivedita Singh MOU between India and _________regarding
(5) S. Sundari Nanda cooperation between both countries in the sphere
Q.132 Which State Government has announced to set up of Law & Justice and to set up a Joint Consultative
country's first Khadi mall? Committee.

(1) Meghalaya (2) Maharashtra (1) Eritrea (2) United Kingdom

(3) Jharkhand (4) Mizoram (3) Bahrain (4) Jordan

(5) Manipur (5) Serbia

Q.133 Aaron Finch is related to which sports? Q.140 Krishna Kumari has passed away recently. She was
the ______.
(1) Football (2) Cricket (3) Hockey
(1) Economist (2) Scientist (3) Politician
(4) Badminton (5) Tennis
(4) Actress (5) Director
Q.134 In which city, Asian Ministerial Conference on
Disaster Risk Reduction 2018 (AMCDRR 2018) Q.141 To which Bank, RBI has issued license to launch
has been started? operations in India?

(1) Thimphu, Bhutan (2) Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia (1) Bank of Malaysia (2) Bank of Japan

(3) New Delhi, India (4) Kathmandu, Nepal (3) Bank of China (4) Bank of Russia

(5) Dhaka, Bangladesh (5) Bank of Bhutan

Q.135 Which application has been launched by Election Q.142 Sports Authority of India is set to be renamed as
Commission for citizens to share proof of Sports India. Where is the Headquarters of Sports
malpractices by political parties? Authority of India (SAI)?

76 MICA SEPTEMBER 2018 Shillong has been selected as 100th Smart City.
(1) New Delhi (2) Mumbai (3) Dehradun Q.147 Consider the following statements:
(4) Kolkata (5) Bhopal (A) Uttam Dhillon has been appointed as head of
Q.143 In which city, NITI Aayog is organising ‘MOVE: the US Law Enforcement Agency.
Global Mobility Summit’? (B) This institution works in America against drug
(1) Mumbai (2) New Delhi (3) Kolkata trafficking and its use.

(4) Gurugram (5) Hyderabad (C) Uttam Dhillon has served as Vice-Assistant to
President Donald Trump at the White House.
Q.144 India Innovation Summit by the Confederation of
Indian Industry (CII) will be held in_________. Which among the following statement/statements
is/are true?
(1) Mumbai (2) New Delhi (3) Kolkata
(1) Option A and C (2) Option A and B
(4) Gurugram (5) Bengaluru
(3) Option B and C (4) Option A, B and C
Q.145 Who has launched the Coal Mine Surveillance
& Management System (CMSMS) and Mobile (5) None of these
Application ‘Khan Prahari’? Q.148 Claude Lanzmann has passed away recently. He
(1) Venkaiah Naidu (2) Ram Nath Kovind was _______.

(3) Narendra Modi (4) Piyush Goyal (1) German Filmmaker (2) French Filmmaker

(5) Sumitra Mahajan (3) Russian Filmmaker (4) Chinese Filmmaker

Q.146 Consider the following statements: (5) Indian Filmmaker

(A) Major General Jose Aldaio of Ghana has been Q.149 In which city, National Association of Software
appointed as President of United Nations and Services Companies (Nasscom) has opened a
Military Observer Group in India and Pakistan. Center of Excellence (CoE) for Data Science and
Artificial Intelligence?
(B) The United Nations Military Observer Group was
established in India and Pakistan in January 1949. (1) Bhopal (2) Gurugram (3) Lucknow

(C) The purpose of this establishment was to help (4) Bengaluru (5) Gwalior
the cease-fire between India and Pakistan and Q.150 ISRO successfully carries out flight tests for Crew
the Indo-Pak UN Commission (UNCIP) Escape System. Where is the Headquarters of
Which among the following statement/statements ISRO?
is/are not true? (1) Bangalore (2) New Delhi (3) Mumbai
(1) Option A (2) Option B (3) Option C (4) Gurugram (5) Bhopal
(4) All of these (5) None of these
Q.1.(3) Q.2.(3) Q.3.(3) Q.4.(5) Q.5.(2) Q.6.(4) Q.7.(2) Q.8.(5) Q.9.(3) Q.10.(2)
Q.11.(4) Q.12.(3) Q.13.(2) Q.14.(3) Q.15.(2) Q.16.(1) Q.17.(2) Q.18.(1) Q.19.(4) Q.20.(5)
Q.21.(1) Q.22.(3) Q.23.(3) Q.24.(1) Q.25.(1) Q.26.(2) Q.27.(3) Q.28.(4) Q.29.(3) Q.30.(4)
Q.31.(3) Q.32.(3) Q.33.(2) Q.34.(1) Q.35.(3) Q.36.(1) Q.37.(3) Q.38.(5) Q.39.(2) Q.40.(5)
Q.41.(3) Q.42.(3) Q.43.(2) Q.44.(5) Q.45.(1) Q.46.(2) Q.47.(3) Q.48.(3) Q.49.(2) Q.50.(4)
Q.51.(3) Q.52.(4) Q.53.(1) Q.54.(3) Q.55.(1) Q.56.(1) Q.57.(1) Q.58.(3) Q.59.(4) Q.60.(1)
Q.61.(2) Q.62.(1) Q.63.(3) Q.64.(4) Q.65.(2) Q.66.(2) Q.67.(2) Q.68.(3) Q.69.(3) Q.70.(1)
Q.71.(2) Q.72.(1) Q.73.(3) Q.74.(3) Q.75.(4) Q.76.(2) Q.77.(2) Q.78.(3) Q.79.(3) Q.80.(3)
Q.81.(2) Q.82.(4) Q.83.(3) Q.84.(2) Q.85.(5) Q.86.(2) Q.87.(2) Q.88.(5) Q.89.(1) Q.90.(1)
Q.91.(2) Q.92.(4) Q.93.(4) Q.94.(2) Q.95.(4) Q.96.(2) Q.97.(3) Q.98.(3) Q.99.(5) Q.100.(1)
Q.101.(3) Q.102.(4) Q.103.(3) Q.104.(2) Q.105.(1) Q.106.(3) Q.107.(3) Q.108.(1) Q.109.(1) Q.110.(2)
Q.111.(3) Q.112.(3) Q.113.(1) Q.114.(2) Q.115.(3) Q.116.(2) Q.117.(3) Q.118.(1) Q.119.(3) Q.120.(1)
Q.121.(4) Q.122.(5) Q.123.(2) Q.124.(2) Q.125.(4) Q.126.(2) Q.127.(1) Q.128.(3) Q.129.(1) Q.130.(5)
Q.131.(5) Q.132.(3) Q.133.(2) Q.134.(2) Q.135.(3) Q.136.(3) Q.137.(2) Q.138.(3) Q.139.(2) Q.140.(3)
Q.141.(3) Q.142.(1) Q.143.(2) Q.144.(5) Q.145.(4) Q.146.(1) Q.147.(3) Q.148.(2) Q.149.(4) Q.150.(1)

Veteran journalist and litterateur Prabhakar Choubey passed away. He was 83. SEPTEMBER 2018 MICA 77
Reasoning Ability
Q.1-5. A word rearrangement mechine when given an Q.5. Step III of an Input is 15 yes 29 ask for soap 42 37
input line of words, rearranges then following a Which of the following is definitely the input ?
particular rule in each step. The following is an
(1) ask yes 29 15 for soap 42 37
illustration of input and the steps or rearrangement.
(2) yes ask 15 29 for soap 42 37
Input : 47 Rust 30 Stroom Nick 21 42 huge.
(3) 29 15 yes ask for soap 42 37
Step I : 21 47 Rust 30 Stroom Nick 42 huge. (4) Can not be determined
Step II : 21 Stroom 47 Rust 30 Nick 42 huge. (5) None of these
Step III : 21 Stroom 30 47 Rust Nick 42 huge. Q.6-10. Study the following information carefully and
Step IV : 21 Stroom 30 Rust 47 Nick 42 huge. answer the quesitons given below.
Seven friends Pari, Queen, Raj, Sainik, Tom, Vyas
Step V : 21 Stroom 30 Rust 42 47 Nick huge.
and White are working in a centre. Each of them
Step VI : 21 Stroom 30 Rust 42 Nick 47 huge. has different off days in a week from Monday to
Step VI is the last step of the above arrangement. Sunday (Not necessarily in the same order). They
work in three different shifts I, II and III with at
As per rules followed in above steps, give answer least two of them in each shift.
to the following questions.
Raj works in shift II and his off day is not Sunday.
Q.1. Step II of an input is : 18 task bear cold dish 81 Pari’s off day is Tuesday and she does not work in
63 31. How many more steps will be required to the same shift with either Queen or White. Those
complete the rearrangement ? who work in shift I has not either Wednesday or
(1) Four (2) Three (3) Five Friday as a off day. Vyas works with only Tom in
shift III. Sainik’s off day is Sunday. Vyas’s off day
(4) Six (5) None of these
is immediate next day of Raj’s off day. Tom’s off
Q.2. Input : 72 59 36 got for picnic 24 journey. day is not on Wednesday. White’s off day is not on
How many steps will be required to complete the the previous day of Pari’s off day . Sainik works
rearrangement ? in shift I. Queen does not work is same shift with
Raj and his off day is not on Thursday.
(1) Four (2) Three (3) Six
Q.6. Which of the following is White’s off day ?
(4) Five (5) None of these
(1) Tuesday (2) Monday (3) Saturday
Q.3. Input : nice flower 34 12 costly height 41 56. (4) Data inadequate
Which of the following will be Step III of above (5) None of these
input ? Q.7. Which of the following is Raj’s off day ?
(1) 12 nice 34 height flower costly 41 56 (1) Friday (2) Thursday (3) Tuesday
(2) 12 nice 34 height 41 flower costly 56 (4) Wednesday (5) None of these
(3) 12 nice 34 flower costly height 41 56 Q.8. Which of the following groups of friends work in
shift II ?
(4) 12 nice flower 34 costly height 41 56
(1) Raj, Pari (2) Raj, Vyas
(5) None of these (3) Queen, White, Sainik (4) Data inadequate
Q.4. Step III of an Input is 16 victory 19 36 53 store (5) None of these
lake town. Q.9. Which of the following is Queen’s off day ?
Which of the following will be step V ? (1) Friday (2) Wednesday (3) Thursday
(1) 16 victory 19 town store 36 53 lake (4) Monday (5) None of these
(2) 16 victory 19 town 36 store 53 lake Q.10. Which of the following groups of friends work in
shift I ?
(3) 16 victory 19 town 36 53 store lake
(1) Raj, Vyas (2) Raj, Pari
(4) There will be no such step (3) Queen, White, Sainik (4) Data inadequate
(5) None of these (5) None of these

Narendra Modi has laid the foundation stone for Vanijya Bhawan, a new office complex of the
Department of Commerce in New Delhi.
Q.11-16. In each question given below four statements are Monu is the brother of that person which blood
followed by two conclusions numbered I and II. group is ‘A’ type and Monu’s blood group is same
You have to take the four given statements to be as his brother.
true (even if they seem to be at variance from the Q.17. Who is the father of Anu ?
commonly known facts). Read the conclusions
(1) Sonu (2) Ram
and decide which logically follows from the given
statements disregarding commonly known facts : (3) Monu (4) Ram or Monu
(1) If only conclusion I follows. (5) None of these
(2) If only conclusion II follows. Q.18. How is Sonu related to Monu ?
(3) If either conclusion I or II follows. (1) Son (2) Brother (3) Father
(4) Grand father (5) None of these
(4) If neither conclusion I nor II follows.
Q.19. Which of the following statements is true ?
(5) If both conclusions I and II follow.
(1) Sonu is the grandfather of Anu and his blood
Q.11-12. Statements : group is ‘A’ type.
No water is air. Some dust are water. (2) Monu is the father of Anu.
No flame is dust. All flame are land. (3) Sonu is the father of Anu.
Q.11. Conclusions : (4) Monu’s blood group is ‘A+’ type
(I) Some land are not dust. (5) None of these
(II) Some air are flame. Q.20-24. Read the following information carefully and
Q.12. Conclusions : answer the questions given below.
(I) Some land being water is a possibility. In a family, seven members are John, Kiti, Lily,
(II) Some air being dust is a possibility. Mercy, Neo, Robert and Pascal. In which four are
males and three are females.
Q.13-14. Statements :
Mercy is a diamond seller and father of Pascal.
Some leaf are tree. All tree are stem. John is a dentist and grandfather of Pascal. Neo
No stem is flower. All flower are fruit. who is a housewife, is grand daughter-in-law of
Q.13. Conclusions : (I) Some leaf are fruit. Robert. Kiti is an accountant and uncle of Pascal.
(II) Some leaf are stem. There is an architect, a peon and a artist. Neo is
not the mother of Pascal. Robert is not married to
Q.14. Conclusions : (I) Some flower are tree. Mercy.
(II) Some fruit are stem. Q.20. If Pascal is mother of the architect then which of
Q.15-16. Statements : the following group represents three couples?
All play are player. All seller are player. (1) Mercy-Lily, Kiti-Neo, John-Robert
Some customer are both player and seller. (2) Kiti-Robert, Mercy-Lily, John-Neo
No movie is customer. (3) John-Robert, Kiti-Neo, Pascal-Lily
Q.15. Conclusions : (4) Can’t be determined
(I) Some player are both seller and customer. (5) None of these
(II) Some seller are not movie. Q.21. If the peon doesn’t have any child then who is the
Q.16. Conclusions : peon ?
(I) Some movie are play. (1) Lily (2) Robert (3) Pascal
(4) Either 1 or 3 (5) Either 2 or 3
(II) Some player being movie is a possibility.
Q.22. Which of the following is a group of male
Q.17-19. Read the following information carefully and
members ?
answer the questions given below.
(1) Robert, Kiti, Pascal and Mercy
There are four persons in a family Monu, Sonu,
Ram and Anu in which three are males and one (2) John, Mercy, Kiti and Pascal
is female. Anu’s blood group is ‘O’ type and her (3) Lily, John, Mercy and Kiti
grandfather’s blood group is ‘AB’ type. Ram is (4) Either 2 or 3
the son of Sonu and his blood group is ‘A’ type. (5) None of these

Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister N. Chandrababu Naidu has inaugurated AMRIT (AP Medical
Tourism Hub) at Rushikonda.
Q.23. What is the occupation of the grand daughter-in- Given Answer -
law of John, if John is the grandfather of the peon? (1) If only I is implicit.
(1) Artist (2) Dentist (2) If only II is implicit.
(3) Accountant (4) Diamond Seller (3) If either I or II is implicit.
(5) None of these (4) If neither I nor II is implicit.
Q.24. If Robert is a peon and the artist is not a woman (5) If both I and II are implicit.
then what is the occupation of Pascal ?
Q.27. Statement:- There would be serious consequences
(1) Architect (2) Artist for Indo-Italian relation, if the marines were not
(3) Dentist (4) Can’t be determined sent back – Italian ambassador to India warned.
(5) None of these Assumptions :-
Q.25-26. Given below is one passage followed by several I. Italy had not kept its commitment given to
possible inference which can be drawn from the India’s highest court for appearance of the
facts stated in the passage. You have to examine two Italian marines.
each inference seperatly in the context of the II. A mutually acceptable solution can be found
passage and decide upon its degree of true or through dialogue.
Q.28. Statement:- The supreme court directed all states
Mark answer and union territories to depute plain cloth women
(1) If the inference is Definitely True, i.e. it officers at public places.
properly follows from the statement of facts Assumptions:-
I. More and more girls and women go to
(2) If the inference is Probably True though not educational institution, workplaces etc. and
definitely true in the light of the facts given; their protection is of extreme importance to
(3) If the data are inadequate, i.e. from the facts civilized and cultured society.
given you cannot say whether the inference II. The experiences of women and girls in
is likely to be true or false overcrowded buses, metros, trains etc are
(4) If the inference is Probably False though not horrendous and painful ordeal.
Definitely false in the light of facts given; Q.29. Statement:- Some bank’s appointed account
(5) If the inference is Definitely false i.e. it cannot and audit firm ‘Deloitte Touch Tahmatsu India’
possibly be drawn from the fact given or it to carry out an independent forensic enquiry in
contradict the given facts. to allegation of money laundering activities by
The serious accident in which a person was run some of its branches.
down by a car yesterday has again focussed Assumptions:-
attention on the most unsatisfactory state of street I. Some bank’s were accused of money
lighting. No one accepts side roads to be provided laundering by an online news portal.
with the same standard of lighting as a main road II. The bank is committed to the highest standard
but unless the council is prepared to make good of compliance, corporate governance and
its promise as regards road lighting, it will only ethics.
be a question of time before there are further, and
Q.30-31. In each of the following questions a statement
perhaps fatal, accidents.
is given followed by two courses of Action. A
Q.25. The accident that occurred was fatal. courses of Action is taken for improvement,
Q.26. There will not be a single accident on roads if they follow up etc. Read the statement carefully and
are satisfactorily illuminated. give answer -
Q.27-29. In each question below is given a statement (1) If only course of Action I follows.
followed by two assumptions numbers I and II. (2) If only course of Action II follows.
An Assumption is something supposed or taken
(3) If either course of Action I or II folllows.
for granted. You have to consider statement and
the following assumption and decide which of the (4) If neither course of Action I nor II follows.
assumptions is implicit in the statement. (5) If both courses of Action I and II follows.

Bajaj Finance has surpasses private sector lender Axis Bank in market capitalisation
(market-cap) ranking.
Q.30. Statements:- The banking sector is not well Q.35. Four of the following five are alike in a certain
regulated and gross NPA is high. way based on the given information and so form
Course of action:- a group. Which is the one that does not belong to
I. The Enforcement of Security Interest and that group?
Recovery of Debts, Laws (Amendment) (1) Q (2) N
bill should be framed to convert any part of
(3) R (4) P
debt into shares of defaulting company by
the Asset Reconstruction Company. (5) O
II. The situation would improve with economic Q.36. How many people sit between grandson and
recovery. grandfather?
Q.31. Statements:- The experiences of women and girl (1) Three (2) Two (3) One
children in overcrowded buses, metros trains etc.
are horrendous and a painful ordeal. (4) Four (5) None of these
Course of action:- Q.37-40. The questions given below contain two statements
I. The state governments and unions territories giving certain data. You have to decide whether
should install CCTV in strategic positions the data given in the statements are sufficient for
which itself would be a deterrent and if answering the question ? Mark answer-
detected, the offender could be caught. (1) If statement I alone is sufficient but statement
II. Responsibility should be on passer by who II alone is not sufficient.
should report the occurence of incidents in
(2) If statement II alone is sufficient but statement
such situations to the nearest police or to the
I alone is not sufficient.
women’s helpline.
Q.32-36. Read the following information carefully and give (3) If each statement alone (either I or II) is
the answer of following questions. sufficient.
Family members L,M,N,O,P,Q,R and S are sitting (4) If statement I and II together are not sufficient.
a circular table facing opposite to the centre but (5) If both statement together are sufficient, but
not in same order. Female members of family
neither statement alone is sufficient.
are not seated next to each other. There are three
married couples in the family. S is not opposite to Q.37. How many sons does P have?
R. O who is not neighbour of P, is grandson of M I. B and A are the only sister of R.
who is fifth to the right of R. M is mother – in –
law of Q. L have only female child. S, who is the II. P is the mother of R.
sister of L, is not second to the right of R who is Q.38. What is the P’s position from the left end of a row
the father of L. M who is fourth to the right of P, of thirty children?
is the wife of R. S is not the neighbour of N who
I. Q is tenth from the right end of the row and
is husband of L and second to the left of R.
there are five children between Q and P.
Q.32. What is the position of P with respect to his/her
mother’s sister? II. There are nine children between P and M.
(1) Second to the right (2) Third to the right Q.39. Among P,Q,R,S and T each having a different
(3) Second to the left (4) Third to the left height, who is the shortest?
(5) None of these I. Q and R are taller than P and T.
Q.33. Who among the following is the father of O?
II. S is shorter than P but taller than T.
(1) N (2) R (3) P
Q.40. How is ‘Ever’ written in a code language?
(4) Q (5) None of these
Q.34. What is the position of Q with respect to her/his I. ‘Ever do this’ is written as ‘Pa da na’ in that
mother – in- law? code language and ‘do this again’ is written
as ‘na ka da’ in that code language.
(1) Fourth to the left (2) Third to the right
(3) Fifth to the right (4) Fourth to the right II. ‘Always do this’ is written as ‘ma pa ja’ in
(5) None of these that code language.

Ajit Mahatre, editor of Marathi publication Amrit Kalash has passed away. He was 62. SEPTEMBER 2018 MICA 81
NumeriCal Ability
Q.41-45.In each of the following questions, two equations same piece of work?
are given. You have to solve them and (1) 4 days (2) 5 days (3) 6 days
Give answer (1) If x>y (4) 8 days (5) None of these
Give answer (2) If x>y Q.53. Rohan covered a rectangular field by using 48
Give answer (3) If x<y pillars. If the difference between two pillars is 5
Give answer (4) If x<y meters, then find the area of rectangular field?

Give answer (5) If x=y or relationship can not be (1) 4225 m2. (2) 3025 m2.
established (3) 3000 m2. (4) Cannot be determined
Q.41. I. 17x + 48x = 9
II. 13y = 32y - 12
(5) None of these
Q.42. I. 18x + 18x + 4 = 0 II. 12y + 29y + 14 = 0
2 2
2 3
Q.54. A man spends th of his salary in house rent,
Q.43. I. 4x + 7y = 209 II. 12x-14y = -38 5 10
Q.44. I. x - 227 = 398
II. y2 + 321 = 346 th of his salary on food and th of his salary of
Q.45. I. 2x2 + 11x + 14 = 0 II. 4y2 + 12y + 9 = 0 Education. If he still has `1400 left with him. What
Q.46-50.What value will come in place of question mark is 25% of his salary?
(?) in the number-series given below? (1) `2500 (2) `6000 (3) `4000
Q.46. 1229 500 ? 32 5 4 (4) `8000 (5) None of these
(1) 157 (2) 159 (3) 160
Q.55. Two equal sums of money were invested, one at 4%
(4) 162 (5) None of these 1
and the other at 4 % . At the end of 7 years the
Q.47. 11 20 76 309 1380 ? 2
simple interest received from the latter exceeded
(1) 7062 (2) 7125 (3) 7280
(4) 7324 (5) None of these that received from the former by `94.50. Find each

Q.48. 10 18 ? 196 909 sum?

(1) 62 (2) 48 (3) 46 (1) `2700 (2) `3000 (3) `3600
(4) 63 (5) None of these (4) `2500 (5) None of these
Q.49. 64 77 66 73 68 ? Q.56. A person has to cover a distance of 56 km. in 45
(1) 73 (2) 71 (3) 80 2
minutes. If he cover one-half of the distance in
(4) 65 (5) None of these 3
rd of the total time, to cover the remaining distance
Q.50. 5 13 30 63 130 ? in the remaining time, his speed must be -
(1) 263 (2) 264 (3) 262 (1) 88 km./hr. (2) 96 km./hr.
(4) 261 (5) None of these (3) 112 km./hr. (4) 84 km./hr.
Q.51. The length and breadth of a rectangular plot is 10 (5) None of these
cm. and 8 cm. respectively. If the length decreases
by 20% and breadth decreases by 25%, by how Q.57. In how many different words can be formed from
much percent the original area would be decrease? the letters of the word "MAXIMUM", when all the
'M' are never together?
(1) 30% (2) 45%
(1) 840 (2) 720 (3) 120
(3) 60% (4) Cannot be determined
(4) 5040 (5) None of these
(5) None of these
Q.58. 10 years back, the sum of the ages of mother and
Q.52. 10 men can complete a piece of work in 15 days. her daughter was 45. If the ratio of their present
They started work and after five days 10 women ages be 9:4, then what is the ratio between their
joined them and the work has finished in next 5 ages after 5 years?
days. In how many days can 25 women finish the

82 MICA SEPTEMBER 2018 Paul Polman has been elected as the Chairman of International Chamber of Commerce (ICC).
(1) 5:3 (2) 3:2 (3) 2:1 more than that in Chemistry as the marks obtained
in Chemistry is more than that in Physics.
(4) 4:3 (5) None of these
statement II:The average marks obtained by
Q.59. Two pipes can fill a cistern in 20 minutes and 30 Sushil in Physics, Biology and Chemistry are 65.
minutes respectively. Both the pipes being opened
when the cistern is empty. Find the time when the statement III: Marks obtained by Sushil in
first pipe must be turned off, so that the cistern may Biology is 6 more than that obtained in Physics.
be filled in 18 minutes? (1) Only I and III are sufficient
(1) 12 minutes (2) 10 minutes (2) Only I and II are sufficient
(3) 6 minutes (4) 8 minutes (3) (I or II) and III are sufficient
(5) None of these (4) All three together are not sufficient

Q.60. At what price should a shop-keeper mark an article (5) None of these
that is worth is `1500. Such that he may after a Q.67. What is the capacity of the cylindrical tank?
discount of 25% on marked price still make a profit statement I. Radius of the base is half of its height.
of 15%?
statement II. Area of the base is 462 sq m.
(1) `2200 (2) `2300 (3) `2000
statement III. Height of the cylinder is 14 m.
(4) `2400 (5) None of these
(1) Any two are sufficient
Q.61-65. What approximate value will come at place of the (2) II and (I or III) are sufficient
question mark (?) in the following question?
(3) Either I or II and III sufficient
Q.61. 3
15619 + 3028 + 16.72%of119.7 = ?2 (4) All three together are sufficient
(1) 17 (2) 25 (3) 7 (5) None of these
(4) 10 (5) 14 Q.68. A,B,C,D and E are five friends. Their mean age is
Q.62. 187.325% of 942-77.11% of 1442 + 49.22% of 42 18. What is the age of C?
= ?2 Statement I : A’s age is 18
(1) 26 (2) 39 (3) 17 Statement II : B’s age is 2 years less than E and
(4) 42 (5) 55 E’s age is 6 years less than D.
Statement III : C’s age is 6 years more than B’s
Q.63. 132%of 192 + 154%of312
age and 4 years more than E’s age.
122 + 292
(1) 1 (2) 5 (3) 3 (1) Any two are sufficient
(4) 8 (5) 12 (2) Only I and III are sufficient
(3) Only III is sufficient
Q.64. 2415 × 655 ÷ 9600 = ?
(4) All three together are sufficient
(1) 10 (2) 112 (3) 13
(5) None of these
(4) 25 (5) 37
Q.69. How much profit did B get at the end of the year in
Q.65. ?3=137×412-46×33 the business by A, B and C?
(1) 38 (2) 53 (3) 41 I. C invested Rs.5000/- for six months, his profit
(4) 27 (5) 19 was 3/2 times that of B’s and his investment was
Q.66-70. In each of the following questions, a question three times that of A.
is followed by three statements. Read all the II. A and B invested for two year and in the
statements and find that which statements are proportion of 1:2 respectively.
required to answer the question and answer III. A , B and C together got Rs.700/- as profit at
accordingly. the end of the year.
Q.66. What are the marks obtained by Sushil in Physics? (1) Only I is sufficient
statement I: Marks obtained in Biology is as much (2) Only I and (II or III) are sufficient
India and Tajikistan have agreed to enhance mutual cooperation for sustainable water
(3) Only II and III are sufficient Q.73. The distance between point P and point Q is 210
(4) All three together are sufficient km. Boat E travels from point P to Q and comes
back. What is the time taken by Boat E to cover the
(5) None of these total distance?
Q.70. In a company there are managers and clerks. The (1) 10 hours (2) 12 hours
total monthly salary of the employees is Rs3.5
Lakh. What is the total number of employees in (3) 12.5 hours (4) 14 hours
that company? (5) 15 hours
I. The ratio of the no. of managers to that of clerks Q.74. The ratio of the speeds of the Boat B to the Boat F
in the company is 3 : 2. in still water is 4 : 5. If the Boat F travels 126 km
II. The total monthly salary of all the managers is distance downstream and 81 km distance upstream
35% more than that of clerks. in 7 hours 30 minutes, What is the speed of stream
of Boat F?
III. 25% of the clerks’ monthly salary is Rs 26,000.
(1) 12 Km/hr. (2) 14 Km/hr.
(1) I and (II or III) are sufficient
(3) 15 Km/hr. (4) 10 Km/hr.
(2) All three together are not sufficient
(5) None of these
(3) Either I or II and III sufficient
Q.75. The speed of Boat B and D in still water together
(4) All three together are sufficient is approximately how much percentage more than
(5) None of these the speed of stream of the same boats together?
Q.71-75. Study the data carefully and answer the question (1) 125% (2) 80% (3) 150%
given below. (4) 190% (5) 170%
The table shows the distance travelled by five Q.76-80. In the given pie-charts the distribution of passed
different boats upstream and downstream in same students from six different states during the year
time and the speed of stream 2015 and 2016 is given.
Boat Upstream Downstream Speed of stream In the line graph the percentage of boys passed in
distance distance year 2015 and the percentage of girls passed in
2016 is shown. Answer the following questions
A 96 288 12
based on these graphs.
B 120 240 8
C 100 220 15
D 150 350 10
E 180 540 20
Q.71. Find the ratio of the speed of Boats A and B
together in still water to the speed of Boats D and
E together in still water.
(1) 23:25 (2) 34:41 (3) 48:65
(4) 13:17 (5) None of these
Q.72. If the speed of Boat C in still water is increased by
10% and the speed of stream is increased by 20%,
Find the time taken by Boat C to cover the distance
of 91 km upstream.
(1) 2.5 hours (2) 3 hours (3) 4.5 hours
(4) 6 hours (5) None of these

84 MICA SEPTEMBER 2018 2nd UN Chiefs of Police Summit (UNCOPS) was held in New York, USA.
Q.77. What is the number of male students passed in
year 2016 from Manipur?
(1) 11520 (2) 12340 (3)10890
(4) 11620 (5) None of these
Q.78. What is the total number of females passed in
2015 from all states?
(1) 30800 (2) 32330
(3) 31450 (4) 31290
(5) None of these
Q.79. What is the number of female students passed in
2015 from Gujarat?
(1) 3600 (2) 4800
(3) 5000 (4) 4200
(5) None of these

Q.76. What is the difference between the number of male Q.80. Number of boys passed from Jharkhand in 2015
students passed in year 2016 and that of female is what percentage of the number of boys passed
students passed in the same year? from Gujarat in year 2016?
(1) 1580 (2) 1630 (3) 1498 (1) 112.5% (2) 125% (3) 120%
(4) 1760 (5) None of these (4) 91% (5) 110%

Arjit Basu has been appointed as managing director of the State Bank of India. SEPTEMBER 2018 MICA 85
General Awareness
Q.81. The ability of the company’s long term assets to (3) Ganpati Dham Temple
meet its long term liabilities is called the ______. (4) Ramanujacharya
(1) Solvency ratio (2) Liquidity ratio (5) Sai Baba Statue
(3) Monetary ratio (4) Leverage ratio Q.87. Who is President of International Committee of the
(5) None of these Red Cros?
Q.82. Which two countries have reopened a maritime (1) Jin Liqun (2) Jim Yong Kim
communication channel with vessels from the two (3) Christine Lagarde (4) Takehiko Nakao
countries making radio contact for the first time in
a decade? (5) Peter Maurer
(1) North Korea and USA Q.88. Aadhaar is issued by the ­________ to a resident of
(2) North and South Wales
(1) Election Commission of India
(3) North and South Korea
(2) Unique Identification Authority of India
(4) China and Japan
(3) Income Tax Department of India
(5) None of these
(4) Enforcement Directorate
Q.83. The Banks Board Bureau (BBB) has recommended
whose name as an MD in SBI? (5) None of these
(1) Nitin Garg Q.89. Who has been appointed as the CEO of the
Democratic National Committee (DNC) in the
(2) Shashank Singh US?
(3) Yambem Jyotin Kumar (1) Dalip Saund (2) Bobby Jindal
(4) Anshula Kant (3) Seema Nanda (4) Pramila Jayapal
(5) None of these (5) Ro Khanna
Q.84. The Indian PSLV launcher has bagged its first Q.90. Which of the following is not a Money Market
order from which company? instrument?
(1) Fleet Space Technologies (1) Treasury bill
(2) DRDO (2) Negotiable Certificate of Deposit
(3) NASA (3) Commercial Paper
(4) Russian Space Agency (4) Treasury Bond
(5) None of these (5) Repo Rate
Q.85. Which country’s firm has launched an official Q.91. Which of the given doesn’t comes under the
website for a project to tow icebergs from foreign exchange reserves of India?
Antarctica to its coasts during the first quarter of
2020? (1) Gold Reserves
(1) United Arab Emirates (2) Special Drawing Rights
(2) Russia (3) Foreign Direct Investments
(3) China (4) All of these
(4) Australia (5) None of these
(5) None of these Q.92. Which of the following is the monetary units of the
International Monetary Fund (IMF)?
Q.86. Whose statue is set to become the world’s second
tallest statue of a seated figure? (1) Systematic Investment Plan (SIP)
(1) Chinmaya Ganadhish (2) Global Depositary Receipts (GDR)
(2) Lord Shiva (3) Special Drawing Rights (SDR)

India and Cuba have signed Memorandum of Understanding in the field of Biotechnology,
Traditional Medicine and Homeopathy.
(4) Exchange Traded Funds (ETF) Q.99. Purchasing Power Parity theory is related with
(5) None of these _______.

Q.93. An Increase in Cash Reserve Ratio (CRR) by (1) interest rate (2) Bank Rate
Reserve Bank of India leads to ----- (3) wage rate (4) exchange rate
(1) Decrease in deposit (5) None of these
(2) Increase in deposit Q.100. India has moved up to ______ place in terms of
(3) Decrease in lendable resources money parked by its citizens and companies with
Swiss Banks.
(4) Increase in lendable resources
(1) 79th (2) 71st (3) 73rd
(5) None of these
(4) 78th (5) 75th
Q.94. What is meant by development oriented banking?
Q.101. Which Country has won the 37th edition of
(1) Infrastructure Financing the Champions Trophy Hockey 2018 in Breda,
(2) Taking up task of development of the economy Netherlands?
by providing support to underprivileged sections
(1) Australia (2) India (3) Belgium
of the society.
(4) Pakistan (5) Argentina
(3) Extending loans to states which are underdeveloped
Q.102. Which District has been ranked first among 108
(4) All of the above
“Aspirational Districts” by the NITI Aayog on the
(5) None of these basis of incremental development?
Q.95. What is the principal function of SIDBI? (1) Begusarai (2) Dahod (3) Kupwara
(1) Finance of SSI (2) Development of SSI (4) West Sikkim (5) Firozabad
(3) Promote of SSI (4) All of the above Q.103. Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank will
(5) None of these invest $__________Million in India’s National
Investment and Infrastructure Fund.
Q.96. Which of the following is provided by the Reserve
Bank of India for meeting day-to-day receipt and (1) 400 Million (2) 300 Million (3) 200 Million
expenditure mismatch to both central and state (4) 250 Million (5) 350 Million
Q.104. India and _______signed six agreements in several
(1) Treasury Bills fields including education, cyber security, and
(2) Date and securities cultural exchange.
(3) Ways and means advance (1) Seychelles (2) Chile (3) Finland
(4) All of the above (4) Canada (5) Sweden
(5) None of these Q.105. In which event has Deepika Kumari won Gold
Q.97. Which country is the largest producer of medal in the Salt Lake World Cup in USA?
Greenhouse gases in the world? (1) Disc Throw (2) Archery (3) Shot Put
(1) USA (2) China (3) Australia (4) Squash (5) Cricket
(4) India (5) None of these Q.106. India and _________have signed two MOUs in
Q.98. Reserve Bank of India known as lender of last the field of biotechnology, traditional medicine and
resort because______. homoeopathy.
(1) It has to meet the credit need of citizens to whom (1) Greece (2) Suriname (3) Cuba
no one else is willing to lend (4) Angola (5) Macedonia
(2) It comes to help banks in times of crisis Q.107. Kim Jong-pil has passed away recently. He was
(3) Banks lend to go to RBI as a last resort Former Prime Minister of which country?
(4) All of the above (1) Cambodia (2) Namibia (3) Japan
(5) None of these (4) South Korea (5) Colombia

Poetess and winner of Kerala Sahitiya Akademi award, B Sujatha Devi, has passed away
recently. She was 72.
Q.108. Who has been appointed as the Managing Director Q.114. BCSBI was recommended by which committee?
of State Bank of India?
(1) Bimal Jalan (2) Khan Committee
(1) N.S.Vishwanathan (2) Viral V. Acharya
(3) Narsimhan (4) Soma Verma
(3) B. P. Kanungo (4) Arijit Basu
(5) S.S.Tarapore
(5) M. K. Jain
Q.115. A note which is dirty is known as-
Q.109. World Bank has agreed to sanction `_______ for
the Tamil Nadu Health Systems Reforms Project (1) Soiled (2) Mutilated (3) Stale
(4) Garbage (5) None of these
(1) 2,785 Crore (2) 2,685 Crore
Q.116. Under the MSF facility, the eligible entities can
(3) 2,885 Crore (4) 2,985 Crore avail overnight loan, up to ____ of their respective
(5) 2,185 Crore NDTL.
Q.110. Who has been appointed as the Chief Financial (1) 1% (2) 2% (3) 3%
Officer (CFO) of Bharti Infratel?
(4) 4% (5) 5%
(1) S Balasubramanian
Q.117. Coins were defined under which section of Coinage
(2) Pankaj Miglani
Act 2011?
(3) Rakesh Kumar
(1) Section 15 (2) Section 3 (3) Section 12
(4) Sooraj Pal
(4) Section 6 (5) Section 9
(5) Rajeev Singh
Q.111. Which Country’s aviation sector has been removed Q.118. Kisan Credit Card was introduced in which year?
from the Significant Safety Concern (SSC) list by (1) Mar-98 (2) 12-Apr (3) May-98
International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO)?
(4) Aug-98 (5) 15-Jun
(1) Nepal (2) India (3) Bhutan
Q.119. In which year No frills a/c was renamed as
(4) Sri Lanka (5) Maldives
Q.112. Expand the term RTGS.
(1) 5-Jun (2) 5-Jul (3) 5-Jul
(1) Real Time Gross Settlement
(4) 5-Jul (5) 5-Jul
(2) Run Time Grant Settlement
Q.120. In context with IPO Grading, What does IPO
(3) Run Time Gross Solution
Grade 1 defines?
(4) Read Time Gross Settlement
(1) Poor fundamentals
(5) Read Time Gross Solution
(2) Below-Average fundamentals
Q.113. Banking Ombudsman defined under which section
of Banking Regulation Act 1949? (3) Average fundamentals
(1) Section 32 B (2) Section 33 B (4) Above - average fundamentals
(3) Section 33 A (4) Section 35 A (5) Strong fundamentals
(5) Section 34 A

South Korea's former prime minister and founder of the country's spy agency Kim Jong-pil
has died.
English Language
Q.121-125.In each of the following questions, two Assam, it is the insistence on closed, ethnically
sentences (A) and (B) are given. Each sentence has (2) (3)
blank in it. Five words (1), (2), (3), (4) and (5) are
suggested. Out of these, only one fits at both the homogenous and exclusive units that gives cause
places in context of each sentence. Number of that (4)
word is the answer---- for concern. All correct.
Q.121. (A) The whole village was ________. (5)
(B) It was autumn and the trees were ____with colour. Q.127. Every time there is talk of extend the powers of an
(1) affected (2) silent (3) aflame (1)
(4) loaded (5) divided autonomous council, other communities,
Q.122. (A) Attempts to restrict parking in the city centre (2) (3)
have further ______ the problem of traffic
especially those who can never claim a council of
(B) The treatment only _________ the condition.
their own, are quick to protest. All correct.
(1) solved (2) directed (3) brought
(4) proclaimed (5) aggravated
Q.128. On the government’s part, it would be more judicious
Q.123. (A) I don’t travel much by __________.
(B) The interview with the President will ________
tomorrow morning. to initiate dialogue with activists, rather than
(1) train (2) air (3) foot (2) (3)
(4) broadcast (5) telecast set them on a path of confruntation that might
Q.124. (A) He left and I missed my _______ to say goodbye (4)
to him. lead to more violence in the near future.All correct.
(B) There’s a _________ of injury in almost any (5)
sport. Q.129. The massive spread of electronic media and
(1) opportunity (2) vacation (3) chance (1)
(4) risk (5) likelihood telicommunications throughout the country and the
Q.125. (A) They have _________ themselves as dedicated (2)
social workers.
rapid urbanisation is underway. All correct.
(B) I think grey hair on a man can look very
_________. (3) (4) (5)
(1) distinguished (2) distinct (3) desirable Q.130. Discrimination against and antagonism to Dalits is
(4) attractive (5) flourishing (1) (2)
Q.126-130. In each question below a sentence with four rampent in the Hindi and other language media.
words printed in bold type is given. These are (3) (4)
numbered (1),(2),(3) and (4) . One of these four All correct.
words printed in bold may be either wrongly spelt
or inappropriate in context of the sentence. Find out (5)
the word which is wrongly spelt or inappropriate if Q.131-140.In the following passage there are blanks each of
any. The number of that word is your answer. If all which has been numbered. These numbers are printed
the words printed in bold are correctly spelt & also below the passage and against each five words have been
appropriate in the context of the sentence, mark (5) suggested, one of which fits the blanks appropriately.
"All correct" as your answer. Find out the appropriate word in each case.
Q.126. More than the multiple demands for Statehood in Drinking four cups of coffee a day may endanger
(1) (131) in under-55s, a large study on over 40,000

US Scientists in the University of Michigan have developed the world's smallest computer. SEPTEMBER 2018 MICA 89
individuals has (132). Scientists have found a Agriculture has always been celebrated’as the
greater than 50% increased mortality (133) in primary sector in India. Thanks to the Green
both men and women younger than 55 years Revolution, India is now self-sufficient in food
of age who (134) more than 28 cups of coffee a production. Indian agriculture has been making
week. The study of more than 40,000 individuals technological advancement as well. Does that
suggests that younger (135) in particular may need mean everything is looking bright for Indian
to avoid (136) coffee consumption. A multicentre agriculture? A superficial analysis of the above
research team investigated the (137) of coffee points would tempt one to say yes, but the truth
consumption on death from all causes and deaths is far from it. The reality is that Indian farmers
from cardiovascular disease in the Aerobics have to face extreme poverty and financial crisis,
Center Longitudinal Study (ACLS) cohort, with which is driving them to suicides. What are the
an average follow-up period of 16 years and a grave adversities that drive the farmers to commit
relatively large sample size of over 40,000 men suicide, at a time when Indian economy is supposed
and women. Between 1979 and 1998, nearly to be gearing up to take on the world ?
45,000 individuals (138) between 20 and 87 years Indian agriculture is predominantly dependant
old participated and returned a medical history on nature. Irrigation facilities that are currently
questionnaire (139) lifestyle habits (including available, do not cover the entire cultivable land.
coffee consumption) and personal and family If the farmers are at the mercy of monsoons for
medical history. The investigators examined a timely water for their crops, they are at the mercy
total of 43,727 participants (33,900 men and 9,827 of the government for alternative irrigation
women) in their final (140). During the 17-year facilities. Any failure of nature, directly affects
median follow-up period there were 2,512 deaths the fortunes of the farmers. Secondly, Indian
(men: 87.5%; women: 12.5%), 32% of these agriculture is largely an unorganised sector, there
caused by cardiovascular disease. is no systematic planning in cultivation, farmers
Q.131. (1) environment (2) lungs (3) health work on lands of uneconomical sizes, institutional
(4) species (5) nation finances are not available and minimum purchase
prices of the government do not in reality reach
Q.132. (1) claimed (2) predicted (3) assume the poorest farmer. Added to this, the cost of
(4) produced (5) fostered agricultural inputs have been steadily rising over
Q.133. (1) provision (2) risk (3) yield the years, farmers’ margins of profits have been
narrowing because the price rise in inputs is not
(4) rated (5) terror
complemented by an increase in the purchase price
Q.134. (1) drank (2) ate (3) swallowed of the agricultural produce. Even today, in several
(4) maintain (5) produced parts of the country, agriculture is a seasonal
Q.135. (1) child (2) parents (3) people occupation. In many districts, farmers get only
(4) ages (5) girls one crop per year and for the remaining part of the
year, they find it difficult to make both ends meet.
Q.136. (1) lowest (2) large (3) variety
The farmers normally resort to borrowing from money
(4) free (5) heavy lenders, in the absence of institutionalised finance.
Q.137. (1) affect (2) effect (3) end Where institutional finance is available, the ordinary
(4) issuance (5) start farmer does not have a chance of availing it because
of the “procedures” involved in disbursing the finance.
Q.138. (1) aged (2) skilled (3) valued This calls for removing the elaborate formalities for
(4) created (5) ranged obtaining the loans., The institutional finance, where
Q.139. (1) trapping (2) tempting (3) liquidating available is mostly availed by the medium or large
land owners, the small farmers do not even have the
(4) manipulating (5) assessing
awareness of the,existence of such facilities. The
Q.140. (1) loop (2) division (3) petition moneylender is the only source of finance to the
(4) analysis (5) scrutiny farmers. Should the crops fail, the farmers fall into a
Q.141-150.Read the following passage carefully and debt trap and crop failures piled up over the years give
answer the questions given below it. Certain words them no other option than ending their lives.
have been printed in bold to help you locate them Another disturbing trend has been observed
while answering some questions. where farmers commit suicide or deliberately

Prime Minister Narendra Modi will inaugurate the 3rd Annual Meeting of the Asian
Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB) in Mumbai, Maharashtra.
kill a family member in order to avail relief and (A) Farmers are at the mercy of nature.
benefits announced by the government to support (B) The minimum purchase price of government do
the families of those who have committed suicide not reach the poorest fo farmers in reality.
so that their families could at least benefit from the
government’s relief programmes. What then needs (C) The farmers’ margin of profit has been narrowing
to be done to prevent this sad state of affairs There in the recent years.
cannot be one single solution to end the woes of (1) Only A (2) Only B
farmers. (3) Only A and B (4) Only B and C
Temporary measures through monetary relief (5) All A, B and C
would not be the solution. The governmental efforts
Q.144. Why do farmers’ deliberately commit suicide
should be targeted at improving the entire structure
according to the passage?
of the small farmers wherein the relief is not given
on a drought to drought basis, rather they are (1) So that the profits from the crop could be
taught to overcome their difficulties through their distributed amongst their family.
own skills and capabilities. Social responsibility (2) So that the farmers is rescued from the debts.
also goes a long way to help the farmers. General (3) So that the farmers’ family members could avail
public, NGOs, Corporates and other organisations the benefits announced by the government.
too can play a part in helping farmers by adopting
drought affected villages and families and helping (4) So that they do not have to work when they
them to rehabilitate. derive no financial assistance out of it.
The nation has to realise that farmers’ suicides are (5) All of the above
not minor issues happening in remote parts of a Q.145. What does the author mean by “procedures” when
few states, it is a reflection of the true state of the he says that ‘farmers do not get chance of availing
basis of our economy. institutional finance because of procedures
Q.141. Which of the following statements is/are TRUE in involved in it’?
context of the passage? (1) H e refers to the government guidelines of
(1) In several parts of the country agriculture is still disbursing finance only to medium and large
a seasonal occupation. land owners.
(2) The institutional finance is always availed by (2) Refers to the strict government rule of providing
small farmers only. loans to only such farmers who can guarantee a
default free tenure.
(3) According to the passage, there is only one
solution to the problems of all the farmers. (3) The formalities to avail these facilities are
enormous and too difficult for an ordinary
(4) The farmer’s suicides is a minor issue which farmer to understand.
could be dealt with some important measure by
the government. (4) Refers to the danger the farmers must face from
the local moneylenders if they availed the loan
(5) All of the above from government instead.
Q.142. What is the author’s main objective in writing the (5) Refers to only the small farmers who are getting
passage? loans from the government free of cost.
(1) Criticizing the policy of providing relief Q.146. Which of the following statements is FALSE in
packages to the family of farmers who commit context of the passage?
(1) Many farmers struggle to sustain themselves
(2) To appeal to the non-institutional moneylenders after reaping one crop in a year.
for providing loans to farmers in a hassle free
manner (2) The government has relieved the farmers from
any elaborate formalities while availing loans.
(3) To applaud the dauntless spirit of the farmers.
(3) India was made self-sufficient in food production
(4) None of the above because of green revolution.
(5) All of the above (4) Some farmers commit suicide in order to avail
Q.143. What reasons has the author mentioned for farmer’s relief package from the government.
suicide in the passage? (5) All except 2

S Balasubramanian has been appointed as the Chief Financial Officer (CFO) of Bharti Infratel. SEPTEMBER 2018 MICA 91
Q.147. What measures has the author suggested to help and animals that are imported do not have any
farmers and prevent them from taking extreme kind of protection.
measures? (F) The thriving illegal trade of endangered species
(A) To improve the entire structure of loans given on the web points to loopholes in the Wildlife
to the farmers. Act, 1972. The Act covers
(B) The farmers are taught to deal with difficulties Q.151. Which of the following will be the FIRST sentence
through their own talents and skills. after rearrangement?
(C) Farmers to be given amount to pay for their (1) B (2) C (3) F
agricultural inputs so that the profit margin for (4) A (5) E
them is good.
Q.152. Which of the following will be the THIRD
(1) Only A (2) Only A and B sentence after rearrangement?
(3) Only B (4) Only B and C (1) B (2) C (3) F
(5) Only C (4) A (5) E
Q.148. Choose the word similar to the word ‘bright’ as Q.153. Which of the following will be the FOURTH
used in the passage. sentence after rearrangement?
(1) Glowing (2) Dazzling (3) Dull (1) D (2) C (3) F
(4) Radiant (5) Promising (4) A (5) E
Q.149. Choose the word opposite to the word ‘superficial’ Q.154. Which of the following will be the SIXTH
as used in the passage. sentence after rearrangement?
(1) Careless (2) Profound (3) Extreme (1) B (2) C (3) F
(4) Articulate (5) Fatal
(4) A (5) E
Q.150. What are the adversities faced by the Indian
farmers according to the passage? Q.155. Which of the following will be the SECOND
sentence after rearrangement?
(1) Lack of adequate irrigation facilities
(1) B (2) C (3) F
(2) Ownership of only a small piece of land by a majority
of farmers, which fails to generate any profit (4) A (5) E

(3) Lack of financial help to the farmers Q.156-160.Read each part of the sentence to find out if
there is any error in it. The error, if any, will be in
(4) All of the above one part of the sentence. The number of that part is
(5) None of the above the answer. If there is no error, mark your answer
Q.151-155.Rearrange the following sentences (A),(B),(C), as (5).
(D), (E) and (F) in the proper sequence to form a Q.156. Anybody who thinks (1)/ that the growth of English
meaningful paragraph, then answer the questions (2)/ has been a bane for India (3)/ is seriously out
given below them. of touch with reality. (4)/ No error (5).
(A) It’s high time the law is amended to put a Q.157. English represents, for (1)/ most Indians, the
stop to illegal trade in all endangered species, language (2)/ of opportune, while their (3)/ mother
irrespective of their origin. tongue is often the language of expression. (4)/ No
(B) Though once in a while action is taken against error (5).
those who breed and sell exotic species but it Q.158. The negative approach to (1)/ the state government
doesn’t seem to deter traders. for (2)/ any progressive project will (3)/ shatter the
(C) In such cases, the onus is on state governments economy in the long run. (4)/ No error (5).
to keep tabs on sale of endangered species. But Q.159. When we Indians (1)/ drive, we are in such (2)/ a
their tearing hurry to get to our (3)/ destination that we
(D) role is restricted to ensuring that the traders have ignore all traffic rules (4)/. No error (5)
proper licences and the animals and birds are Q.160. All groups, regardless (1)/ with their immediate
disease-free. differences (2)/, have an equal stake in (3)/
(E) only species that are endemic to India. Birds bringing about prosperity (4)/. No error (5)

92 MICA SEPTEMBER 2018 Home Minister Rajnath Singh has laid the Foundation Stone For Mongolian Refinery.
Computer Knowledge
Q.161. Linux is a type of ............ software (1) time power cords for external storage devices
(1) Shareware (2) Commercial (3) Proprietary (2) experts who know to maximise the performance
(4) Open Source (5) Hidden type of device

Q.162. Video processors consist of……….and………., (3) small, special purpose programs
which store and process images. (4) the innermost part of the operating system
(1) CPU and VGA (2) CPU and memory (5) None of these
(3) VGA and memory (4) VGI and DVI Q.169. The ______ tells the computer how to use its
(5) None of these components.

Q.163. Which of the following are the functions of a (1) utility (2) network
operating system? (3) operating system (4) application program
(1) Allocates resources (5) None of these
(2) Monitors Activities Q.170. The ______ key will launch the start buttons.
(3) Manages disks and files (1) esc (2) shift (3) windows
(4) All of the above (4) shortcut (5) None of these
(5) Only 1 and 2 Q.171. Data moves through the network in a structure is
Q.164. EDSAC stands for----------. called __________.

(1) Electronic Delay Storage Advanced Computer (1) packets (2) payload (3) data grams

(2) Electronic Data Storage Automatic Computer (4) tokens (5) None of these

(3) Electronic Delay Strong Automatic Computer Q.172. The operation of subnet is controlled by _ _ _ _ _ _

(4) Electronic Delay Storage Automatic Computer (1) Network Layer (2) Data Link Layer

(5) None of these (3) Data Layer (4) Transport Layer

Q.165. In word, replace option is available on ...... (5) None of these

(1) File Menu (2) View Menu Q.173. Which access method is used for obtaining a record
from a cassette tape?
(3) Edit Menu (4) Format Menu
(1) Direct (2) Sequential
(5) None of these
(3) Random (4) All of the above
Q.166. When we run a program in HTML coding _____ is
used as backend and ____ works as front-end. (5) None of these

(1) Notepad - Internet-Explorer Q.174. A common boundary between two systems is

(2) Notepad - Msn-messenger
(1) Interdiction (2) Interface
(3) MS-Word - Internet Explorer
(3) Surface (4) All of the above
(4) Both (1) and (2)
(5) None of these
(5) None of these
Q.175. An optical input device that interprets pencil marks
Q.167. What is the ultimate purpose of Defragmentation ? on paper media is
(1) Make the PC faster (1) OMR (2) Punch card reader
(2) Create more free space in hard disk (3) Optical scanner (4) Magnetic tape
(3) Delete temporary files (5) None of these
(4) Reduce power consumption Q.176. When you are selecting a mouse for a particular
(5) All of the above computer system, what is the most important
Q.168. Device drivers are -------------.

Veteran Mountaineer Gautam Kanjilal has passed recently. He was 6 SEPTEMBER 2018 MICA 93
(1) The type of drivers that come with the mouse (1) Hard Disk (2) Compact Disk
(2) The length of the mouse cord (3) Floppy Disk (4) all of the above
(3) The type of connector the mouse is equipped (5) None of these
with Q.183. What is the correct syntax for typing a function
(4) The number of buttons the mouse has into a cell?
(5) None of these (1) Equal sign, Function Name, Matching brackets
Q.177. How is power supplied to a low-power USB (2) Function Name, Equal sign, Matching brackets
device? (3) Equal sign, Matching brackets, Function Name
(1) Through a power cable (4) None of the above
(2) From an external power supply (5) None of these
(3) Directly from the computers power supply Q.184. If you see a small red triangle in the top right corner
(4) Through the USB cable of a cell, it means there is something attached to
(5) None of these the cell. What is it?

Q.178. A document created in a word processing program (1) A comment (2) An attachment
or a budget created in a spreadsheet is both (3) An error (4) None of the above
examples of documents created in: (5) None of these
(1) Application software Q.185. Cache memory is–
(2) System software (1) Smaller and faster than main storage
(3) An operating system. (2) Bigger and slower than main storage
(4) A Windows platform (3) Smaller but slower than main memory
(5) None of these (4) Bigger and faster than main memory
Q.179. What do you need to have for browsing internet? (5) None of these
(1) Internet Account with an ISP Q.186. The overall design, construction, organization and
(2) Telephone Line interconnecting of the various components of a
computer system is referred as ______.
(3) Computer with modem
(1) Computer Architecture
(4) All of the above
(2) Computer Flowchart
(5) None of these
(3) Computer Algorithm
Q.180. Which of the following is a function of UPS?
(4) All of the above
(1) It limits damage caused by fluctuating levels of
electricity (5) None of these

(2) It provides battery backup for limited time Q.187. BIOS are responsible for __________.

(3) It delivers electronic messages via a bus (1) Handling the particulars of input/output
(4) It conducts a power-on self test or POST
(2) Output operations
(5) None of these
(3) Input operations
Q.181. ...... is a process of sending documents to a storage
where they are temporarily stored and remain there (4) Storage operations
until printer prints them. (5) CPU operations
(1) Printing (2) Queuing Q.188. BISYNC is an abbreviation for __________.
(3) Waiting Queue (4) Print Spooling (1) Binary Input/Binary Output
(5) None of these (2) Binary synchronous
Q.182. In which kind of disk does the read/write head (3) Binary digit
physically touches the surface?

94 MICA SEPTEMBER 2018 Piyush Goyal has inaugurated India Infrastructure Expo 2018 in Mumbai.
(4) All of the above Q.194. The........... Settings are automatic and standard.
(5) None of these (1) Default (2) CPU
Q.189. An E-mail protocol for storage, management and (3) Peripheral (4) User-friendly
change, especially in corporate offices _______. (5) None of these
(1) Message handling service Q.195. Pop-ups are a form of ________on the World Wide
(2) Postal service‘s Web?
(3) Data storage (1) Instant Messaging (2) Search Engines
(4) All of the above (3) Browsers (4) Mark-up Languages
(5) None of these (5) Online Advertising
Q.190. Password is ________. Q.196. Which of the following is true about Operating
(1) Code by which a user gains access to a computer System?
system (1) It is an interface between user and the computer.
(2) Pass for viewing movie (2) It manages all resources
(3) Entrance without paying something (3) It does all Memory management and Process
(4) All of the above management tasks

(5) None of these (4) All are true

Q.191. The technique where digital signals are converted (5) None of these
to its analog form for transmission over an analog Q.197. All formula in Excel start with _________.
facility is called _______. (1) % (2) + (3) =
(1) Modulation (2) Digitization (4) – (5) None of the above
(3) Multiprocessing (4) All of the above Q.198. Which of the following displays the contents of the
(5) None of these active cell?
Q.192. Narrowband channel is a communication channels (1) Active cell (2) Formula bar (3) Menu bar
______. (4) Name box (5) None of the above
(1) That handles low volumes of data Q.199. Tab scrolling buttons ________.
(2) Used mainly for telegraph lines and low speed (1) Allow you to view a different worksheet
(2) Allow you to view additional worksheet row
(3) Both (1) and (2) down
(4) That handles high volumes of data (3) Allow you to view additional worksheet
(5) None of these columns to the right
Q.193.  MIME is an acronym for  ________. (4) Allow you to view additional sheet tabs
(1) Multiprogramming Internet Mail Extension (5) None of the above
(2) Multicasting Internet Mail Extension Q.200. What is the keyboard shortcut for creating a chart
(3) Multiple Internet Mail Extension from the selected cells?

(4) Multipurpose Internet Mail Extension (1) F3 (2) F5 (3) F7

(5) None of these (4) F11 (5) None of the above

Ambubachi Mela, a four-day fair is being held at Kamakhya temple in Guwahati. SEPTEMBER 2018 MICA 95
EXPLANATION/ Reasoning Ability
Q.1.(3) Step II 18 task bear cold dish 81 63 31 Q.13.(2)
Step III 18 task 31 bear cold dish 81 63 Q.14.(4)
Step IV 18 task 31 dish bear cold 81 63 Q.15-16.
Step V 18 task 31 dish 63 bear cold 81
Step VI 18 task 31 dish 63 cold bear 81
Step VII 18 task 31 dish 63 cold 81 bear Play Customer x Movie

Q.2.(3) Input: 72 59 36 got for picnic 24 journey Seller

Step I 24 72 59 36 got for picnic journey

Step II 24 picnic 72 59 36 got for journey
Step III 24 picnic 36 72 59 got for journey
Step IV 24 picnic 36 journey 72 59 got for
Step V 24 picnic 36 journey 59 72 got for Q.17-19.
Step VI 24 picnic 36 journey 59 got 72 for Sonu blood group 'AB'
Q.3.(1) Input: nice flower 34 12 costly height 41 56.
Step I 12 nice flower 34 costly height 41 56. (+)
(+) Brother
Step II 12 nice 34 flower costly height 41 56 blood group 'A' Ram Monu blood group 'A'
Step III 12 nice 34 height flower costly 41 56
Q.4.(2) Step III 16 victory 19 36 53 store lake town Daughter Daughter
Step IV 16 victory 19 town 36 53 store lake
Step V 16 victory 19 town 36 store 53 lake blood group 'O' Anu
Q.5.(4) Can not be determined
(+) denotes male
Q.6-10. Friend Shift Off day
(-) denotes female
Pari II Tuesday
Queen I Monday Q.17.(4)
Raj II Wednesday Q.18.(3)
Sainik I Sunday Q.19.(5) Monu’s blood group is ‘A’ type
Tom III Friday Q.20-24. Member Occupation
Vyas III Thursday Lily Architect/Peon/Artist
White I Saturday Mercy Diamond Seller
Q.6.(3) Saturday Neo House-Wife
Q.7.(4) Wednesday Robert Architect/Peon/Artist
Q.8.(1) Raj, Pari Pascal Architect/Peon/Artist
Q.9.(4) Monday John Dentist
Q.10.(3) Queen, white, Sanike Kiti Accountant
Q.11-12. (–) (+)
Robert John
x x Father
Air Water Dust Flame Land (+) (–)
Brother (+)
------Kiti Mercy--------Lily
Lily (–)
Uncle Father
(–) (+)
Q.12.(5) Wife
Neo Pascal
(+) denotes male
(-) denotes female
Leaf Tree Stem x Flower Fruit Q.20.(4) Cannot be determined
Q.21.(3) Pascal
Q.22.(2) John, Mercy, Kiti and Pascal

Union Power Ministry has launched a campaign to promote energy efficiency in the area of air-
96 MICA SEPTEMBER 2018 conditioning.
Q.23.(5) House wife Q.32-36.
Q.24.(2) Artist Q+
Q.25.(1) The passage says that the man was run down by S-
a car. It is definite that when a man is run down
R+ O+
by a car, he is extremely likely to die. Hence, the
inference is definitely true. L-
Q.26.(4) The passage talks of accident and holds the poor N+
state of street-lighting responsible for this state.
Naturally then, we would expect that an inference M- Husband/Wife
will be true if it says that proper illumination will Daughter


Grand son
reduce the number of accidents, but it says ‘not a

single’ accident will occur. If lights were the only L- N+

solution, then not a single accidnet would occur Son
during day time. The inference is probably false. Q+ O+ Daughter
Q.27.(1) There is impact on Italy-India relation because P
Italy has reneged in the commitment to the Q.32.(3)
supreme court. So, only I is implicit. Q.33.(4) Q
Q.28.(5) In Supreme Court direction both I and II Q.34.(3) Fifth to the right
assumptions implicit. Q.35.(4) Only P is a female member.
Q.29.(1) Some banks appointed account and audit firm to Q.36.(1) Three
carry out on enquiry because same bank's were Q.37.(4)
accused of money laundering by an online news Q.38.(4)
portal. Therefore only assumption I is implicit. Q.39.(5) Q,R > P > S > T
Q.30.(1) Only course of action I follows. Q.40.(1) Ever - Pa
Q.31.(5) Both I and II course of action are necessary to curb Ever do this ----- Pa da na
atrocity against women's and girls at public place. do this again ------ na ka da

EXPLANATION/ Numerical Ability

Q.41.(1) I. 17x +51x - 3x - 9 = 0, 17(x+3) -3(x+3) = 0
Q.44.(2) I. x4 = 625, x = 5
3 II. y2 = 25, y = +5, x > y
x= , −3
17 Q.45.(2) I. 2x2 +4x +7x +14 = 0, 2x(x+2) +7(x+2) = 0
II. 13y2 - 32y + 12 = 0, 13y2 -26y - 6y + 12 = 0 7
x = − , −2
13y(y-2) -6(y-2) = 0, y = ,2
II. 4y2 +6y + 6y + 9 = 0, 2y (2y+3) +3(2y+3) = 0
x<y 3
y=− , x<y
Q.42.(1) I. 9x2 +6x + 3x +2 = 0, 3x(3x+2) +1(3x+2) = 0 2
1 2
x = − ,− Q.46.(1) -93, -73,-53,-33,-13
3 3
Q.47.(2) ×1+32,×2+62,×3+92,×4+122,×5+152
II. 12y2 + 29y + 14 = 0, 12y2 + 8y + 21y + 14 = 0
Q.48.(5) ×1+23,×2+23,×3+43,×4+53
7 2
4y(3y+2) +7(3y+2) = 0, y = − , − Q.49.(2) +13,-11, +7, -5, +3
4 3
x>y Q.50.(1) +8 +17 +33 +67 +133
Q.43.(5) From eq. (I) and (II) ×2+1 ×2-1 ×2+1 ×2-1
x = 19, y = 19, ∴ x = y

Ministry of Women & Child Development has received the ‘Best Performing Social Sector
Ministry’ SKOCH Award for its Achievements and Initiatives. SEPTEMBER 2018 MICA 97
Q.51.(5) Original Area = 10 × 8= 80 cm2 7! 5!× 3!
Q.57.(2) Required Arrangement = − = 840 - 120
80 3! 3!
New length = 10 × = 8 cm
= 720
Q.58.(3) Total Present Age (M+D) = (45 + 20)= 65 years
New breadth = 8 × = 6 cm 9
100 Mother's age= × 65 = 45 years
New Area = 8 × 6= 48 cm2

Area decrease in % =
80 − 48
× 100 =
× 100 = 40% Daughter's age = 4 × 65 = 20 years
80 80 13
Ratio after 5 years = (45 +5) : (20+5)= 50 : 25
Trick : - 20 - 25 + ( −20)( −25) = - 40 =2:1
Q.59.(4) Total work = 60
= 40% (Decrease)
Q.52.(3) M1 d1 = M2 d2 20 30
10 M × 15 = (10M × 5) + (10M+10W) × 5 I II
3 2
150 M = 50 M + 50 M + 50W, 50 M = 50 W
Work by IInd pipe in 18 minutes = 18×2= 36
1M = 1W [10 M = 10W), Again, M1 d1 = M2 d2
Rest work = 60 – 36 = 24
10 w × 15 = 25w × d2, d2 = 6 days
Q.53.(4) Can't be determined Time (Ist pipe) = 24 = 8 minutes
 2 3 1  16 + 12 + 5 
Q.54.(5) Rest = 1 −  5 + 10 + 8  = 1 −  40
Q.60.(2) Marked price = 1500 × 115 = ` 2300
7 7 Q.61.(4) 25 + 55 + 20 = 100 = 102
= 40 , ∴⇒ = 1400
40 Q.62.(1) 1766 - 1111 + 21 = 676 = 262

Q.63.(1) 253.44 + 480.48 = 733.92 ≈ 0.75

1400 985 985
Salary = × 40 = 8000
25% of salary = 8000 × 25 = Rs. 2000 49 × 26 × =?
Q.64.(3) 98
100 ? = 13
P×r ×t
Q.55.(1) S.I. = ,∴⇒ P × 9 × 7 − P × 4 × 7 = 94.5 Q.65.(1) ?3=54926
100 2 × 100 100
?=38 (approx)
Q.66.(5) All statements together

3.5P 94.5 Q.67.(1) Any two of the three is sufficient to answer this
∴⇒ = 94.5 ⇒ P = × 100 question,
100 3.5
Q.68.(4) All three together are sufficient
P = Rs. 2700 Q.69.(5) I, II and III together are not sufficient to answer
Q.56.(3) Remaining Distance = (56-28)= 28 km the question.
Q.70.(4) All three together are sufficient
Remaining Time = (45 - 45× 2 )= 15 minutes
3 Q.71-75. Boat Speed of boat Speed of stream
A 24 12
Dis tance 28 B 24 8
Speed = = 15 × 60 = 112 km/hr
Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB) has approved $200 million investment in the
98 MICA SEPTEMBER 2018 National Infrastructure and Investment Fund (NIIF).
C 40 15 126 81 15
+ =
D 25 10 30 + x 30 − x 2  

E 40 20 On solving,
Q.71.(3) Let speed of Boat A in still water = a km/h Speed of stream = 12 km/h
96 288 Q.75.(5) Speed of Boat B and D in still water together
a − 12 a + 12 = (25 + 24) = 49 km/h
On solving a=24 Km/h. Speed of stream of Boat B and D together = 18
similarly for others we can get this table
49 − 18
Ratio = (24 + 24) : (25 + 40) Required answer= × 100% ≈ 170%
= 48 : 65 Q.76.(4) Total no of girls in 2016 = 4000 + 3600 + 2200 +
Q.72.(5) Speed of Boat C in still water = 40 × 110% = 44 1600 + 4320 + 3840 = 19560
km/h = 40000 – 19560 = 20440
Speed of stream = 15 × 120% = 18 km/h Difference = 40880 – 39120 = 1760
Time taken by Boat C to cover the distance of 91 Q.77.(1) Required answer= ×
3 86.4
× 80000 = 11520
91 5 360
km upstream 44 − 18 = 3.5 = hours Q.78.(4) Required answer = 60000-28710 = 31290
210 210
Q.73.(4) Required answer= 40 − 20 + 40 + 20 = 14 hours 1 64.8
Q.79.(5) Required answer= × × 60000 = 5400
2 360
Q.74.(1) Speed of the Boat B in still water = 24 km/h
Q.80.(5)  Manipur Boys 2015=3960
Speed of the Boat U in still water= 24 × = 30
4  Gujarat Boys 2016 = 3600
Let the speed of stream = x km/h 3960
Required answer = × 100% = 110%
According to the question, 3600
EXPLANATION/ General Awareness
Q.81.(1) The ability of the company’s long term assets to Q.87.(5) Peter Maurer is the president of the International
meet its long term liabilities is called the solvency Committee of the Red Cross.
Q.88.(2) Aadhaar is issued by the Unique Identification
Q.82.(3) North and South Korea reopened a maritime Authority of India (UIDAI) to a resident of India.
communication channel with vessels from the
Q.89.(3) Indian American Seema Nanda has been
two countries making radio contact for the first
appointed as the CEO of the Democratic National
time in a decade.
Committee (DNC) in the US.
Q.83.(4) The Banks Board Bureau (BBB) has recommended
the name of SBI chief financial officer (CFO) Q.90.(4) Treasury bond is not a Money Market instrument.
Anshula Kant as an MD in SBI. Q.91.(3) Gold Reserves and Special Drawing Rights
Q.84.(1) The Indian PSLV launcher bagged its first order come under the foreign exchange reserves of the
from Fleet Space Technologies to launch a 10-kg country.
nanosatellite Centauri I. Q.92.(3) Special Drawing Rights (SDRs) are monetary
Q.85.(1) A United Arab Emirates (UAE) firm has launched units of the International Monetary Fund (IMF),
an official website for a project to tow icebergs SDRs are supplementary foreign exchange
from Antarctica to the UAE coasts during the first reserve assets.
quarter of 2020. Q.93.(3) An increase in Cash Reserve Ratio (CRR) by
Q.86.(4) Bhakti saint, Ramanujacharya statue is set to Reserve Bank of India leads to decrease in
become the world’s second tallest statue of a lendable resources.
seated figure, at 216 feet. Currently, the Great
Q.94.(2) Development oriented banking means taking up
Buddha of Thailand is the tallest statue, at 302-
task of development of the economy by providing
support to under privileged sections of the society.

Rajasthan Chief Minister Vasundhara Raje has been conferred with the ‘Chief Minister of the SEPTEMBER 2018 MICA
Year’ award. 99
Q.95.(4) Principal function of SIDBI- Finance of small Q.106.(3) India and Cuba have signed two MOUs in the
scale industries, Development of small scale field of biotechnology, traditional medicine and
industries and Promote of small scale industries. homoeopathy.
Q.96.(3) Ways and Means Advances is provided by the Q.107.(4) Former Prime Minister of South Korea Kim Jong-
Reserve Bank of India for meeting day to day pil has passed away recently. He was 92.
receipt and expenditure mismatch to both central Q.108.(4) Arijit Basu has been appointed as the Managing
and state government. Director of State Bank of India.
Q.97.(2) China is the largest producer of greenhouse gases Q.109.(2) World Bank has agreed to sanction `2,685 crore
in the world. for the Tamil Nadu Health Systems Reforms
Q.98.(2) Reserve Bank of India known as lender of last Project (TNHSRP) that will focus on improving
resort because it comes to help bank in times of the overall quality of healthcare in the State.
crisis. Q.110.(1) S Balasubramanian has been appointed as the
Q.99.(4) An economic theory that estimates the amount Chief Financial Officer (CFO) of Bharti Infratel.
of adjustment needed on the exchange rate Q.111.(1) International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO)
between countries in order for the exchange to be has removed Nepal’s aviation sector from the
equivalent to each currency is Purchasing Power Significant Safety Concern (SSC) list.
Q.112.(1) RTGS- Real Time Gross Settlement
Q.100.(3) India has moved up to 73rd place in terms of
money parked by its citizens and companies with RTGS- Real Time Gross Settlement
Swiss Banks. Q.113.(4) Banking Ombudsman defined under which
Q.101.(1) Australia has won the 37th edition of the Section 35 A of Banking Regulation Act 1949.
Champions Trophy Hockey 2018 in Breda, Q.114.(5) BCSBI was recommended by which S.S.Tarapore
Netherlands. committee.
Q.102.(2) Dahod district in Gujarat has been ranked first Q.115.(1) A note which is dirty is known as Soiled Note.
among 108 “aspirational districts” by the NITI
Q.116.(2) Under the MSF facility, the eligible entities can
Aayog on the basis of incremental development.
avail overnight loan, up to 2% of their respective
Q.103.(3) Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank will invest NDTL.
$200 million in India’s National Investment and
Q.117.(4) Coins were defined under Section 6 of Coinage
Infrastructure Fund.
Act 2011.
Q.104.(5) India and Seychelles signed six agreements in
Q.118.(4) Kisan Credit Card was introduced in August 1998.
several fields including education, cyber security,
and cultural exchange. Q.119.(5) In 2012 No frills a/c was renamed as BSBDA.
Q.105.(2) Indian Archer Deepika Kumari has won Gold Q.120.(1) In context with IPO Grading, IPO Grade 1 defines-
medal in the Salt Lake World Cup in USA. Poor fundamentals.

4th National Review and Consultation on Swachh Iconic Places has been started in Hyderabad.
EXPLANATION/ English Language
Q.121.(3) Aflame: Q.134.(1) drank
(I) burning (v) Q.135.(3) people
(II) red or golden, as if burning (v) Q.136.(5) heavy
For other options: Q.137.(2) effect
Loaded- supplied with a load For other options:
Q.122.(5) Aggravated: Issuance- beginning, emission
(I) to make a bad situation worse (v) Q.138.(1) aged
(II) to make a disease worse For other options:
Q.123.(2) Air: Ranged- categorized
(I) travel in an aircraft (noun) Q.139.(5) assessing- evaluating, determining
(II) to broadcast something on radio or television For other options:
(v) Trapping- catching, tricking
Q.124.(3) Chance: Tempting- alluring
(I) an occasion which allows something to be Liquidating- paying off
done (noun)
Manipulating- Handle or control
(II) a possibility that something negative will
happen (noun) Q.140.(4) analysis
Q.125.(1) Distinguished: Q.141.(1) Q.142.(4) Q.143.(5)

(I) describes a respected and admired person
(adj) Q.144.(3) Q.145.(3) Q.146.(2)
(II) describes a person especially an older person Q.147.(2) Q.148.(5)
who looks formal, stylish or wise Q.149.(2) Superficial- without depth
For other options: Profound- thoughtful
Distinct- apparent For other options:
Flourishing- prospering Articulate- clearly spoken
Q.126.(5) All correct Fatal- deadly
Q.127.(1) The correct word to be used here is ‘extending’. Q.150.(4)
Q.128.(4) The correct spelling is ‘confrontation’. Q.151-155.The correct rearrangement is FECDBA.
Q.129.(2) The correct spelling is ‘telecommunications’. Q.151.(3) F
Q.130.(3) The correct spelling is ‘rampant’. Q.152.(2) C
Q.131.(3) health Q.153.(1) D
For other options: Q.154.(4) A
Species- class, variety Q.155.(5) E
Q.132.(1) claimed- stated Q.156.(5) No error
For other options: Q.157.(3) Use ‘opportunity’ instead of ‘opportune’.
Predicted- express an outcome in advance Q.158.(1) Use ‘of’ instead of ‘to’.
Fostered- supported Q.159.(5) No error
Q.133.(2) risk Q.160.(2) Use ‘to’ in place of ‘with’.

India and Bangladesh have agreed to institute a Coordinated Patrol (CORPAT) as an annual
feature between the two navies. SEPTEMBER 2018 MICA 101
EXPLANATION/ Computer Knowledge
Q.161.(4) Linux is an open source software Q.182.(3) Floppy Disk does the read/write head physically
Q.162.(3) Video processors use VGA and memory for touches the surface.
image processing. Q.183.(1) Equal sign, Function Name, Matching brackets
Q.163.(4) Allocates resources, Monitors Activities and is the correct syntax for typing a function into a
Manages disks and files cell.

Q.164.(4) EDSAC – Electronic Delay Storage Automatic Q.184.(1) If you see a small red triangle in the top right
Computer. corner of a cell, it means there is something
attached to the cell.  It is a comment.
Q.165.(3) Edit menu contain replace option.
Q.185.(1) Cache memory is smaller and faster than main
Q.166.(1) HTML use notepad for backend and internet storage.
explorer for front end.
Q.186.(1) The overall design, construction, organization
Q.167.(2) Defragrnentation create more free space. In hard and interconnecting of the various components
disk. of a computer system is referred as Computer
Q.168.(3) Device driver are small software that use for Architecture.
special purpose. Q.187.(1) BIOS are responsible for handling the particulars
Q.169.(3) Operating system manage the components of of input/output operations.
computer. Q.188.(2) BISYNC is an abbreviation for Binary synchronous.
Q.170.(3) Window key launcher the start button. Q.189.(1) An E-mail protocol Message handling service is
Q.171.(1) Data moves through the network in a structure for storage, management and change, especially
is called packets. in corporate offices.
Q.172.(1) The operation of subnet is controlled by network Q.190.(1) Password is code by which a user gains access
layer. to a computer system.
Q.173.(2) Sequential access method is used for obtaining Q.191.(1) The technique where digital signals are converted
a record from a cassette tape. to its analog form for transmission over an analog
facility is called Modulation.
Q.174.(2) A common boundary between two systems is
called interface. Q.192.(1) Narrowband channel is a communication
channels that handles low volumes of data.
Q.175.(1) An optical input device that interprets pencil
marks on paper media is known as OMR. Q.193.(4) MIME is an acronym for Multipurpose Internet
Mail Extension.
Q.176.(3) W hen you are selecting a mouse for a
particular computer system, the most important Q.194.(1) The Default settings are automatic and standard.
consideration is the type of connector the mouse Q.195.(5) Pop-ups are a form of Online advertising on the
is equipped with. World Wide Web.
Q.177.(4) Power is supplied to a low-power USB device Q.196.(4) It is an interface between user and the computer,
through the USB cable. It manages all resources It does all Memory
Q.178.(1) A document created in a word processing management and Process management tasks
program or a budget created in a spreadsheet these all statements are true.
is both examples of documents created in Q.197.(3) All formula in Excel starts with equal sign.
Application software.
Q.198.(2) Formula bar displays the contents of the active
Q.179.(4) Internet Account with an ISP, Telephone Line cell.
and Computer with modem
Q.199.(4) Tab scrolling buttons allow you to view additional
Q.180.(2) UPS provides battery backup for limited time. sheet tabs.
Q.181.(4) Print spooling is a process of sending documents Q.200.(4) F11 is the keyboard shortcut for creating a chart
to a storage where they are temporarily stored from the selected cells.
and remain there until printer prints them.

102 MICA SEPTEMBER 2018 Mercedes' British Driver Lewis Hamilton has won the French Grand Prix title.
Reasoning Ability
Q.1. In a certain code language 'AUDITORIUM' is Q.10. Ram and Shyam starts walking from a point. Ram
coded as 'MUIROTIDUA'. So in that same lan- walks 3 km in the north and then he turns right
guage 'MISFORTUNE' is written as? and walks 4 km. Shyam walks 5 km in the west
(A) ENUTROFSIM (B) ENUTROMISF and then he turns right and walks 3 km. How far
is Ram and Shyam now?
(A) 13 km (B) 16 km
Q.2. In a certain code language 'FIFTY' is written as
'CACTY', CAR is written as POL, TAR is written (C) 9 km (D) 10 km
as TOL, so what will be the code for TARIFF? Q.11. B is mother of D and C is brother of D. H is daugh-
(A) TOEFDD (B) TOEFEL ter of E and D is wife of E. So how is E related to
(A) Father-in-law (B) Brother-in-law
Q.3. In a clock time shows 4 : 30, if accordingly minute
hand is at east than in which direction is the hour (C) Uncle (D) Brother
hand? Q.12. Arrange the following in the ascending order-
(A) South (B) North 1. Wood 2. Cutting
(C) North-East (D) South-West 3. Tree 4. Coal
Q.4. In the given word COMPETITION which word 5. Axe
can not be formed among the given options:
(A) 5, 3, 1, 2, 4 (B) 3, 1, 5, 2, 4
(C) 3, 2, 5, 1, 4 (D) 3, 5, 2, 1, 4
Q.13-14. Read the following statement and find out the
Q.5-6. Find out the missing number- appropriate conclusion-
Q.5. 2 4 2 Q.13. Statement :
3 9 3 Regularly reading newspaper enhances general
4 16 4 knowledge.
8 64 ? Conclusion :
(A) 16 (B) 9 I. General information is provided in the news-
(C) 24 (D) 8 paper.
Q.6. 18 16 7 II. By increasing general knowledge, one can get
success in life.
35 25 ?
(A) Only I folllows
7 23 58
(B) Only II follows
24 32 65
(C) Both I and II follows
(A) 19 (B) 15
(D) Neither I nor II follows
(C) 13 (D) 14
Q.14. Statement :
Q.7-9. Complete the given series-
Depression is harmful for mental and physical
Q.7. M_EBMS_B_SEBMSE_ health.
(A) SEMB (B) SEBM Conclusion :
(C) ESMB (D) MSEB I. To be healthy one should be stressfree.
Q.8. 9, 15, 23, 33, ? II. Mental health depends upon the experience of
(A) 44 (B) 36 depression by an individual.
(C) 38 (D) 45 (A) Only I folllows
Q.9. 3, 5, 35, 10, 12, 35, ?, ? (B) Only II follows
(A) 19, 24 (B) 22, 35 (C) Both I and II follows
(C) 19, 35 (D) 17, 19 (D) Neither I nor II follow

R. Pragannanda of India has become the youngest in the country and the second youngest
Grandmaster in the world. SEPTEMBER 2018 MICA 103
Q.15-16. In the following questions, a word is represented
by only one set of number as given in any one of
the alternative. The set of number given in the (C) (D)
alternatives are represented by two classes of
alphabets as in two matrices given below.
Q.19. Find the mirror image of the given figure
The columns and rows Matrix - I are numbered
from 0 to 3 and that of Matrix - II are numbered
from 4 to 7. A letter from these matrixs is to be
represented first by its row and then by its column,
e.g ‘U’ can be represented by 03, 11 etc and ‘M’
31, 22 etc.
Matrix - I Matrix -II
0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 (A) (B)
0 A E M N P 5 I L R S T
1 N P A E M 6 R S T I L
2 E M N P A 7 T I L R S (C) (D)
3 P A E M N 8 L R S T I
4 M N P A E 9 S T I L R Q.20. Find the embeded figure in the given figures
Q.15. AIRS Question figure
(A) 00, 68, 78, 88 (B) 24, 69, 56, 78
(C) 43, 55, 86, 95 (D) 12, 76, 99, 78
(A) 24, 31, 10, 59, 57 Answer figure
(B) 12, 20, 40, 68, 65
(A) (B)
(C) 31, 34, 23, 76, 79
(D) 43, 42, 41, 78, 89
Q.17-18. Find the relationship which exactly relates the (C) (D)
relashipship between the characters
Q.17. Students, Children, birds
Q.21-25. Find the odd one out -
Q.21. (A) 29 – 45 (B) 48 – 68
(A) (B) (C) 71 – 87 (D) 5 – 21
Q.22. (A) 196 – 78 (B) 530 – 153
(C) 5001 – 501 (D) 175 – 775
Q.23. (A) 21 (B) 81
(C) 71 (D) 51
(C) (D)
Q.24. (A) 2 : 4 (B) 4 : 8
(C) 6 : 18 (D) 8 : 32
Q.18. Police, thief, criminal
Q.25. (A) 55 × 5 (B) 15 × 15
(C) 5 × 45 (D) 25 × 9
(A) (B)

104 MICA SEPTEMBER 2018 Mandeep Jangra (69kg) has won a gold medal in the Ulaanbaatar Cup in Mongolia.
General Awareness
Q.26. Who among the following designed Taj Mahal ? (A) Antonio Guterest (B) Ban-Kit-Moon
(A) Ustad Isa (B) Ustad Mansur (C) Jim Yong Kin (D) Guyryder
(C) Ustad Rahim (D) Ustad Shamsher Q.37. The hard Enamel Layer of teeth is-
Q.27. What is the emblem of the Guptas? (A) Calcium Hydroxide
(A) Bull (B) Garuda (B) Calcium Phosphate
(C) Varahar (D) Lakshmi (C) Calcium Oxide
Q.28. In which of the following works the Vandemataram (D) Calcium Hydrozy apitite
is written? Q.38. Karnal bunt is related to which plant-
(A) Parineeta (B) Anandamath (A) Grapes (B) Pappaya
(C) Neel Darpar (D) Geetanjali (C) Wheat (D) Barley
Q.29. Navy Day is celebrated on - Q.39. Dobson is the unit of which measurement?
(A) 1 December (B) 4 December (A) Thickness of Ozone layer
(C) 7 December (D) 10 December (B) Thickness of Earth Crust
Q.30. UNICEF was established in the year ____. (C) Length of wet land
(A) 1946 (B) 1949 (D) Length of Ocean
(C) 1954 (D) 1956 Q.40. Which of the following is knonw as Empire city?
Q.31. Which of the following is the largest committee of (A) Roam (B) Finland
the parliament?
(C) Koria (D) New York
(A) The Public Accounts Committee
Q.41. Where does great bear lake situated
(B) The Estimates Committee
(A) Yuganda (B) Canada
(C) The Committee on Public Undertaking (D) (C) Tanzania (D) America
the Committee on Petitions
Q.42. Makalu peak is situated in-
Q.32. The Black Hole Theory is discovered by -
(A) Nepal (B) India
(A) S. Chandrasekar (B) Har Gobind Khorana
(C) Canada (D) Bolevia
(C) C.V.Raman (D) S. Ramanujan
Q.43. According to 2011 cenceus which state have
Q.33. Bandipur Sanctuary is located in the state of - maximum populated?
(A) Tamil Nadu (B) Uttar Pradesh (A) Maharashtra (B) Tamilnadu
(C) Karnataka (D) Madhya Pradesh (C) Kerala (D) U.P
Q.34. The political and cultural center of the Pandyas was - Q.44. Which National Highway no connect the calcutta
(A) Vengi (B) Madurai and Delhi?
(C) Kanchipuram (D) Mahabalipuram (A) NH-1 (B) NH-2
Q.35. Which five year plan is not correct among the (C) NH-3 (D) NH-4
following? Q.45. Toda is related to which state-
(A) First - 1951-56 (B) Second - 1956-61 (A) Rajasthan (B) Tamilnadu
(C) Third - 1961-66 (D) Fourth - 1966-71 (C) Madhya Pradesh (D) Andhra pradesh
Q.36. World Bank Group President---------has paused Q.46. Which century of India where Genda protection
the separate process initiated by India and Pakistan project is running-
under the indus water treaty to resolve their dis-
(A) Bandipur (B) Pariyer
(C) Kaji Ranga (D) Giri

Amit Saroha has clinched the gold medal in the World Para Athletics Grand Prix. SEPTEMBER 2018 MICA 105
Q.47. Recently with which country India has agreed to Q.49. In context to the trial based on the negligence to use
give top priority to their defence and security ties public funds by IMF chief, who is the acting chief
in order to jointly combat terrorism and organised of IMF?
crime? (A) Baan-ki-moon (B) Christine Lagarde
(A) New Zealand (B) Australia
(C) Antonio Guterres (D) Guy Ryder
(C) Indonesia (D) Japan Q.50. Where is the HQ of IMF situated?
Q.48. Who is the present time president of Indonesia? (A) Geneva (B) New York
(A) Joko Widodo (B) Abdel Fateh-el-sisi (C) Basel (D) Washington DC
(C) Bill English (D) John Key

Quantitative Aptitude
Q.51. If a = c and c =a then which one of the follow-
x q y z

(A) y = x +  
ing is correct ? (B) y = −2x +  4 
 x  x
x q
(A) = (B) x+y = q+z
y z  8  8
(C) y = 2x +   (D) y = 2x −  x 
(C) xy = qz (D) x =qy z  x
Q.52. A ball is dropped from a height of 64 m above the Q.56. There are some coins and rings of either gold or
ground and every time it hits the ground, it rises to silver in a box. 60% of the objects are coins, 40%
a height equal to half of the previous. What will of the rings are of gold and 30% of the coins are
be the height attained after it hits the ground for silver. What is the percentage of gold articles ?
the 16th time. (A) 16 (B) 27
(A) 2 -12
m. (B) 2-11
m. (C) 58 (D) 70
(C) 2 -10
m. (D) 2 m.-9
Q.57. A ladder 25 m long is leaning against a wall which
Q.53. Vaishnavi and Saurabh starts moving at the same is perpendicular to the ground level . The bottom
time from city A to city B, 60 km away. Vaishnavi of the ladder is 7 m from the base of the wall. If
travels 4 km/hr slower than Saurabh. Saurabh the top of the ladder slips down 4 m on the wall.
reaches city B and at once turns back meeting Then how much will the bottom of the ladder slip?
Vaishnavi, 12 km from city B. What is the speed (A) 7 m. (B) 8 m.
of Vaishnavi ?
(C) 10 m. (D) 15 m.
(A) 8 km/hr
(B) 12 km/hr B
(C) 16 km/hr
(D) 20 km/hr A
1 2 1009
Q.54. If + + = 1 then what is the
x + 1 y + 2 z + 1009
x y z
value of + + - D C
x + 1 y + 2 z + 1009
(A) 0 (B) 2 In the figure given above, a circle is inscribed in a
(C) 3 (D) 4 quadrilateral ABCD. Given that BC = 38 cm, QB
= 27 cm, CD = 25 cm and AD is perpendicular to
Q.55. Suppose y is equal to the sum of two quantities
DC. What is the radius of the circle ?
in which one is directly varies as x and the other
inversely varies as x. If y = 6 when x = 4, and y = (A) 11 (B) 14
10 (C) 15 (D) 16
when x = 3, then what is the relation between
x and y ?
Researchers at the University of Michigan of America have developed the world's smallest
computer 'Michigan Micro Mote'.

1 Q.67. A man cycles with a speed of 10 km/hr and reaches

Q.59. If sinx cosx = then what is the value of sinx - his office at 1 pm. However, when he cycles with a
cos x ? 2
speed of 15 kmph, he reaches his office at 11 am.
(A) 2 (B) 0 At what speed should he cycle so that he reaches
his office at 12 noon?
(C) 1 (D) -1
Q.60. If tan y cosec x - 1 = tan2 y then which one of
2 2 (A) 12 kmph (B) 10 kmph
the following is correct ? (C) 8 kmph (D) 20 kmph
(A) x - y = 0 (B) x = 2y Q.68. A fan in a shop is offered at a discount of 10%.
It is sold during clearance sale at a 6% discount
(C) y = 2x (D) x - y = 1
price at Rs. 846. The original marked price of the
Q.61. The mean of a set of 10 numbers is 20. If each fan is ?
number is first multiplied by 2 and increased by
5, then what is the mean of new number ? (A) 900 (B) 946

(A) 20 (B) 25 (C) 850 (D) 1000

Q.69. A man standing at a point P is watches the top of
(C) 40 (D) 45
a tower, which makes an angle of elevation of 300.
Q.62. Which one is one of the factors of The man walks some distance towards the tower
1  1 and then his angle of elevation of the top of the
x 2 + 2 + 8  x +  + 14 ?
x  x tower is 600. If the height of tower is 30 m, then
find the distance he moves.
1 1
(A) x + + 1 (B) x + +3 (A) 22 m. (B) 22 3 m.
x x
(C) 20 m. (D) 20 3 m.
1 1
(C) x + +6 (D) x + +7 Q.70. A and B started a business in a partnership invest-
x x
Q.63. In a class of 110 students, x students take both ing in the ratio of 7 : 9. After 3 months A withdraw
mathematics and statistics, 2x+20 students take 2 of its investment and 4 months after the begin-
mathematics and 2x + 30 students take statistics. 3 1
There are no students who take neither mathemat- ing B withdraw 33 % of its investment. If a total
ics nor statistics. What is x equal to-
earned profit is Rs. 10201. at the end of 9 months.
(A) 15 (B) 20
What will be the share of each of them ?
(C) 25 (D) 30
(A) 3535, 6666 (B) 3055, 5555
Q.64. 195 + 215 is divisible by-
(A) 10 only (B) 20 only (C) 4503, 1345 (D) 3545, 3333
(C) Both 10 and 20 (D) Neither 10 nor 20 Q.71. In a triangle ABC, BC is produced to D so that
CD = AC. If BAD = 1110 and ∠ACB = 80o
x y 2 3
Q.65. If 2 + 3 = 4 and x + y = 1 then what is x + y then the measure of ∠ABC -

equal to- (A) 31o (B) 33o

(A) 11 (B) 10 (C) 35o (D) 29o
(C) 9 (D) 8 Q.72. Two circles intersect at A and B, BA is produced
Q.66. 2 men and 1 woman can complete a piece of work up to the point P. PT and PQ are tangents to the
in 14 days, while 4 women and 2 men can do the circles. The relation of PT and PQ is-
same work in 8 days. If a man gets Rs. 90 per day, (A) PT = 2 PQ (D) PT < PQ
what should be the wages per day of a woman ?
(C) PT > PQ (D) PT = PQ
(A) 85 (B) 60
Q.73-75. Study the following graph carefully and answer
(C) 70 (D) 75 the questions.

ICC Women’s World T20 will be held in the West Indies. SEPTEMBER 2018 MICA 107
Result of Annual Exam in a school. Q.73. In which class is the difference between the result
of girls and boys maximum?
Boys Girls
yM+ds yM+fd;ka (A) IX (B) X
Result (in percentage)

80 Q.74. In which class is the result of boys less than the

ifj.kke ¼izfr'kr esa½

average result of the girls?
50 (A) X (B) IX
30 (C) VIII (D) VII
10 Q.75. In which pair of class are the result of boys and girls
0 in inverse proportion?
(A) VIII and IX (B) IX and VI
d{kk (C) VII and X (D) VII and VIII

English Language
Q.76-80. Read the following passage carefully and Q.76. What is the suitable title of the given passage?
answer the questions given below it. (A) Endangered species
At a time when the relevance of planting native (B) Cherished forefathers
trees has come to the fore, Nanal, a city-based
(C) Caring for native trees
environmentalist youth group has documented
rare and endangered species of plants and trees (D) Concept of sacred groves
under the initiative ‘Mannin Marangal’. Q.77. What has the environmentalist youth group
In the last two years, they have carried out walks documented?
and events to various pockets in and around (A) Gods in the villages
Madurai to identify area-specific trees. "So far, (B) Rare and endangered species of plants and
we have identified over seven sacred groves in trees
the district and around 12 trees that are regarded
(C) Sense of belonging towards native trees
as Gods in the villages," says Tamil Dasan, a
member of Nanal. "The idea is to redefine and (D) Rebuild the relationship between man
rebuild the relationship between humans and and universe
trees. Presently, we seem to have lost the ties Q.78. What is there which is a pressing need, to
our forefathers cherished with trees and plants. revive?
There’s a pressing need to revive our sense of (A) The initiative ‘mannin marangal’
belonging towards native trees."
(B) The village
Nearly 500 sacred groves have been identified
(C) Our sense of belonging towards native trees
in Tamil Nadu. The biggest grove in Madurai
district is the Vellimalai shrub forest at Idayapatti (D) The shrub forest
that’s spread over 150 acres. The tradition of Q.79. Which is the biggest grove in Madurai
sacred groves finds mention in the Sangam district?
literature and inscriptions. Certain native trees (A) The Vellimalai shrub forest at Varangal
are associated with rural deities and worshipped. that’s spread over 250 acres.
"On a trip to Sathyamangalam, we documented
(B) The prachi shrub forest in Bali that’s spread
the practice of the Solagar tribes who plant a
over 150 acres.
wild tree in the place where they bury their
dead. The tree is later regarded as incarnation (C) The Vellimalai shrub forest at Idayapatti
of the dead person and they even call the trees that’s spread over 150 acres.
as their ‘thatha’ or ‘paati’. They nurture a deep (D) The Vellimalai shrub forest at Indraprastha
relationship with plants and trees." that’s spread over 350 acres.

108 MICA SEPTEMBER 2018 International Day Against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking has been observed on 26th June.
Q.80. What did we document regarding the practice Q.91. A written attack using humour to provoke
of the Solagar tribes? contempt
(A) They plant a wild tree and nurture them. (A) felicitate (B) lampoon
(B) They call the trees as their ‘amma’ or ‘baba’. (C) peer (D) venial
(C) They plant a wild tree in the place where Q.92. A person who is pure and clean
they bury their dead. (A) immaculate (B) hippy
(D) Not given in the passage (C) inexorable (D) altruism
Q.81-83. In the questions given below, choose the word Q.93. Art of cutting tree and bushes into ornamental
most similar in meaning to the given word and shape
mark your answer. (A) fable (B) aeronaut
Q.81. Aloof (C) allegory (D) topiary
(A) close (B) isolated Q.94-95. Which of the following best expresses the
(C) avert (D) near meaning of the given Idiom/phrases and mark
Q.82. Dispense your answer.
(A) supply (B) ruin Q.94. To put one’s oar in
(C) conceal (D) take (A) To be free from (B) To interfere with
Q.83. Sumptuous (C) To be idle (D) To finish off
(A) paltry (B) rise Q.95. To go into particulars
(C) abandon (D) splendid (A) To finalise (B) To be careful
Q.84-85. In the questions given below, choose the word (C) To be admired (D) To give details of
most opposite in meaning to the given word and Q.96-98. In the following questions sentences are given
mark your answer. with blanks to be filled in with an appropriate
Q.84. Thrive word(s). Four alternatives are suggested for
(A) sporadic (B) deteriorate each question. Choose the correct alternative
out of the four and mark your answer.
(C) develop (D) flourish
Q.96. She spent________ amount of money she had.
Q.85. Wary
(A) the few (B) the little
(A) vigilant (B) careful
(C) little (D) much
(C) oblivious (D) leave
Q.97. The boy swam right _______ the river.
Q.86-90. In the following questions some have error
and some have none. Find out which part of a (A) across (B) through
sentence has an error and mark the answer to (C) on (D) over
the appropriate letter (A),(B) and C). If there Q.98. It ________ very hot tomorrow.
is no error, mark your answer as (D). (A) is being (B) has been
Q.86. The sceneries (A)/ of Kashmir is (B)/ very (C) is (D) will be
charming. (C)/ No error (D)
Q.99-100. In questions given below, a part of the sentence
Q.87. I would appreciate if readers (A)/ would write is underlined. Below are given alternatives to
to me (B)/ about how they meditate. (C)/ No the underlined part at (A), (B) and (C) which
error(D) may improve the sentence. Choose the correct
Q.88. Neither of the two children (A)/ said their prayer alternative. In case no improvement is needed
(B)/ before going to bed. (C)/ No error (D) your answer is (D).
Q.89. I sat down opposite him (A)/ and offer (B)/ the Q.99. My little cousin is seeing television.
packet of cigarettes. (C)/ No error (D) (A) looking (B) watching
Q.90. A variety of pleasant items (A)/ in the shop (B)/ (C) observing (D) No Improvement
attract everybody. (C)/ No error (D)
Q.100. The inflation rate raise to ten percent last month.
Q.91-93. In questions below out of the four alternatives,
(A) rose (B) rise
choose the one which can be substituted
for the given sentence and mark it as your (C) raised (D) No Improvement

Santosh Kumar Mohanty has taken charge as whole-time member of SEBI. SEPTEMBER 2018 MICA 109
Explanation/Reasoning Ability
Q.1.(A) A U D I T O R I U M → M U I R O T I D U A Distance = AD+AB= 5+4 = 9 km.
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 → 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 Q.11.(B)
Similarly B
M I S F O R T U N E→ E N U T R O F S I M
E+ D – C
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 →1 0 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1

↓ ↓ ↓ ↓ ↓ ↓↓↓ ↓↓↓
Q.12.(D) Tree → Axe → Cutting → Wood → Coal
(3) (5) (2) (1) (4)
∴ T A R I F F
Q.13.(A) Only I an be concluded
↓ ↓ ↓ ↓ ↓ ↓
Q.14.(D) Neither I nor II follow
Q.15.(C) A = 00, 12, 24, 31, 43
West I = 55, 68, 76, 89, 97
West North R = 57, 65, 78, 86, 99
West S = 58, 66, 79, 87, 95
11 12 1 Q.16.(C) F= 00, 12, 24, 31, 43
10 2 South North
9 3 A = 01, 13, 20, 34, 41
8 4
T = 59, 68, 76, 87, 95
7 6 5 South
East East East H = 57, 65, 79, 86, 98
Q.4.(C) In the given word COMPETITION compose
cannot be formed as due to lack of 'S'.
Q.5.(D) 2×2 = 4
3×3 = 9 Students Childrens birds
4×4 = 16 Q.18.(A)
8×? = 64
∴ ? = 64/8 = 8 Thief
Q.6.(D) 35–18+7 = 24 Criminal
25–16+23 = 32
? – 7+58=65
? = 65–58+7 = 14
9 15 23 33 45
+6 +8 +10 +12
Q.9.(D) Q.20.(C)
+7 +7 Q.21.(B) 45–29 = 16
87–71 = 16
3 5 35 10 12 35 17 19
21–5 = 16
+2 +2 +2 68–48 = 20 ≠ 16
+7 Q.22.(B) All numbers in each option are odd or even.
Q.10.(C) Q.23.(C) 71 is divisible by 3.
North Q.24.(A) 42 ÷ 2 = 16 ÷ 2 = 8
Shyam A B 62 ÷ 2 = 36 ÷ 2 = 18
Ram 82 ÷ 2 = 64 ÷ 2 = 32
3 3 22 ÷ 2 = 2 (not 4)
West East
CSO Q.25.(A) 15×15 = 225
5×45 = 225
25×9 = 225
South 55×5 ≠ 225

110 MICA SEPTEMBER 2018 The 15th India-Australia Joint Ministerial Commission (JMC) was held in Canberra, Australia.
Explanation/General awareness
Q.26.(A) Ustad Isa designed Taj Mahal. Q.34.(B) Madurai
Q.27.(B) Garuda Q.35.(D)
Q.28.(B) Q.36.(C) Jim Yong Kin
Q.29.(B) Navy Day is celebrated on 4 December Q.37.(B)
1 December - World Aids Day.
Q.38.(C) In wheat Karnal bunt is the fungal infection caused
7 December - Armed Force Flag Day.
10 December -Human Right Day. by "Tilletia India"?
Q.30.(A) UNICEF was established in the year 1946. It Q.39.(A) Q.40.(D) Q.41.(B) Q.42.(A)
headquarter is in New York city. Q.43.(D) Q.44.(B) Q.45.(B) Q.46.(C)
Q.31.(B) The Estimates Committee is the largest committee Q.47.(C) Indonesia
of the parliament Q.48.(A) Joko Widodo
Q.32.(A) S. Chandrasekhar Q.49.(B) Christine Lagarde
Q.33.(C) Bandipur Sancturary is located in the state of Q.50.(D) Washington DC
Explanation/Quantitative Aptitude
Q.51.(C) y q Q.55.(D) By option you can solve clearly option d is correct.
a=c =cz x
Q.56.(C) 60 + 40 = 100
xy = qz 3+2=5

Q.52.(C) First time 3 × 70 + 2 × 40 = 5 × k

k = 58%
1 2 3 4 5 6 7
26 5 4 3 2 1 -1
64 = = 2 2 2 2 2 1 2
2 25 4
-2 -3 -4 -5 -6 -7 -8 -9 24
2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2
2-10 k 7
48 kmph (25)2 = (20)2 + (k+7)2
A 60 kmph 12 B
225 = (k+7)2

k+7 = 15
72 48
v v−4 k = 8 m/eh-

6 v - 24 = 4 v Q.58.(B)

v = 12 km/ph 1
Q.59.(B) ∴ sinx.cosx =
v - 4 = 12-4 = 8 kmph Hence
Q.54.(B) ∴ 1 + 2 + 1009 = 1 2 sin x.cos x = 1 ⇒ sin 2x = 1
x + 1 y + 2 z + 1009
sin2x = sin 90o
1 2 1009
x = 45o
− 1+ − 1+ − 1 = 1− 1− 1− 1
x +1 y+2 z + 1009
sin 45o - cos45o
−x y z =0
− − = −2
x + 1 y + 2 z + 1009 Q.60.(A) tan2 y (cosec2 x-1) = 1

x y z tan2 y. cot2 x = 1
+ + =2
x + 1 y + 2 z + 1009 tan y. cot x = 1

India and Seychelles has agreed to work together on a project to develop a naval base at the
Assumption Island. SEPTEMBER 2018 MICA 111
tan y = tan x 3x 2y
1+ + +1= 4
x=y 2y 3x

3x 2y
+ =2
Q.61.(D) Sum of 10 numbers 2y 3x

= 10 × 20 = 200 3x 2y
Hence = =1
New Sum = 2 × (200) + 5 × 10 = 450 2y 3x
Average = = 45 x 2
10 = ⇒ x: y = 2:3
y 3
1  1 2k 3k
Q.62.(C) ∴ x + + 8  x +  + 14
 + =4
x2 x 2 3

2 k = 2 means x = 2k =4
1  1
∴ x2 + = x +  − 2 y = 3k = 6
x2  x
x + y = 10
Q.66.(B) (2M + 1W) × 14 = (4W+2M)×8
 1  1 28M + 14W = 32W + 16M
 x +  + 8  x +  + 12
x x
12M = 18 W
 1  1  2M = 3W
 x + + 2  x + + 6
x x M:W=3:2
1 3 = 90 then 2 = 60
x+ + 6 is a factor
x x x
Q.67.(A) − =2
10 15
Q.63.(B) x = 60 km
Every speed = = 12kmph
x+20 x x+30 10 × 6
Q.68.(D) 10 + 6 - = 15.4%

x× = 846
x + 20 + x + x + 30 = 110 100
3x = 60 x = Rs. 1000
x = 20 Q.69.(D)
Q.64.(C) ∴ an + bn is divisible by a + b when n = odd A
195 + 215 = 19 + 21 = 40
Hence 40 is divisible by 10 and 20 both
x y 30m
Q.65.(B) + = 4 ................(i)
2 3
600 300
2 3 B C P
+ = 1 ................(ii)
x y 30
tan30o = ⇒ BP = 30 3
Multiply (I) and (II)

112 MICA SEPTEMBER 2018 RBI has imposed a penalty of Rs. 6 Crore on Tamilnad Mercantile Bank.
30 30 ∠CAD = 40o
tan60 = ⇒ BC = = 10 3
BC 3
∠CAB = 111 − 40o = 71o
PC = BP − BC = 30 3 − 10 3 = 20 3 ∠ABC = 180 − (71 + 80) = 29o

 1 
Q.70.(A) A =  7x × 3 + 7x × × 6 = 35x Q.72.(D)
 3 

 2 
B ⇒  9x × 4 + 9x × × 5 = 66x
 3 

10201 Q
Share of A = × 35 =3535

Hence, PT2 = PA × PB ...........(i)
PQ2 =PA × PB .............(ii)
PT2 = PQ2
800 Q.73.(A) I X
B C D Q.74(C) Average result of girls
∠ACD = 100o 1
= (60 + 70 + 60 + 60 + 80)
∠ACD + ∠CAD + ∠ADC = 180 o 5

Class VIII
2∠CAD = 180 − 100 = 80o
Q.75.(C) VII and X
Explanation/English Language
Q.76.(C) Q.77.(B) Q.78.(C) Q.89.(B) use ‘offered him’ instead of ‘offer’
Q.79.(C) Q.80.(C) Q.81.(B) Q.90.(D) No error
Q.82.(A) Q.83.(D) Q.84.(B) Q.91.(B) Q.92.(A) Q.93.(D)
Q.85.(C) Q.94.(B) Q.95.(D) Q.96.(B)
Q.86.(A) use ‘scenery’ instead of ‘scenieries’ Q.97.(A) Q.98.(D) Q.99.(B)
Q.87.(B) use ‘wrote’ instead of ‘would write’ Q.100.(A)
Q.88.(B) use ‘his’ instead of ‘their’

Yousaf Saleem has become the first blind judge of Pakistan. SEPTEMBER 2018 MICA 113