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Adobe Acrobat Reader 5.

0/Windows Keyboard Shortcuts

Selecting Tools Display In Navigation Pane Files & Dialog Boxes
Hold down Shift to switch between tools in set > Use To Switch To … Use To … Use To …
Press To Select … Ctrl+0 Fit in Window view Shift+F6 Switch between doc. & Ctrl+F6 Cycle between open files
h Hand Ctrl+1 Actual Size view navigation panes Ctrl+O Open file
(Space selects temporarily) Ctrl+2 Fit Width view Ctrl+W Close file (or Ctrl+F4)
Ctrl+Tab Switch tabbed panels
z Zoom In > Zoom Out Ctrl+3 Fit Visible view Ctrl+Alt+W Close all files
↓ (or Tab) Select next bookmark/
To select temporarily: Ctrl+Space to
Ctrl+4 Reflow thumbnail Ctrl+P Print (Ctrl+click or Shift+ click
zoom in; Ctrl+Alt+Space to zoom thumbnails to print non-
out • Press Ctrl while clicking or Ctrl+L Full-screen view ↑ (orShift+Tab) Select Prev. bookmark/ contiguous pages or range)
dragging to reverse zoom (Ctrl+L or Escape to exit) thumbnail Ctrl+Q Quit Acrobat (or Alt+F4)
v Text Select >
Use To Rotate View … → Expand bookmark
Column Select > Use To Open …
g Graphics Select
Ctrl+Shift+ + 90° clockwise ← Collapse bookmark Ctrl+D Document Summary
Ctrl+Shift+ – 90° counter-clockwise
Note: Tool selection shortcuts work only when Enter Activate bookmark/ Ctrl+K Preferences
the document pane is active. To switch between thumbnail Ctrl+Shift+P Print Setup
navigation and document panes, click pane or Use To …
use Shift+F6 . Ctrl+ + Zoom in
Ctrl+ – Zoom out
Editing Navigation
Search Ctrl+M Zoom to … Use To … Use To Go To …
Use To … Shift+F3 Tile vert. (or Ctrl+Shift+L) Ctrl+C Copy Home First page
Ctrl+Shift+F Enter a search query Shift+F4 Tile horiz. (or Ctrl+Shift+K) Ctrl+X Cut End Last page
(Press Ctrl to Refine) PgDn Next screen
Shift+F5 Cascade files (or Ctrl+Shift+J) Ctrl+V Paste
Ctrl+Shift+X Select indexes to search
PgUp Previous screen
Ctrl+Shift+G See search results Use To Show/Hide … Ctrl+I Properties
F4 Thumbnails
↓ Forward one line
Ctrl+Shift+W Open Word Assistant Ctrl+Z Undo
Ctrl+[ Show prev. search result F5 Bookmarks ↑ Back one line
Ctrl+Shift+Z Redo
Ctrl+] Show next search result F6 Navigation pane → Next page
Ctrl+A Select all
Ctrl+Shift+[ Show previous document F8 Tool bar ← Previous page
Ctrl+Shift+] Show next document Ctrl+Shift+A Deselect all Ctrl+N Specific page
F9 Menu bar
Alt+ ← Previous view
Find Help Miscellaneous Alt+ → Next view
Use To … Use To … Use To … Alt+Shift+ ← Back one document
Ctrl+F Find F1 Open Acrobat help Alt+Shift+ → Forward one document
Ctrl+click a link Override “Open Cross-
F3 Find again (or Ctrl+G) Doc Links In Same Tab Next form field
Window” preference
Shift+Tab Previous form field