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Reflection/Reaction Paper

I. Moonlight on Manila Bay

This poem tackles the beauty of Manila Bay back then, unlike today. It also discusses Manila Bay as a
Historical place in the Philippines. We Filipinos, should honor and treasure the this place as a
tribute for those who fought for our freedom.

II. Soledad
This poem depicts two characteristics of our society, being conservative and religious. If we dig deeper, It
also shows how people condemn someone because of his/her mistakes. We humans are not
perfect, we commit errors, mistakes, and sins, but on the other hand, we should not take it as
reason for us to commit more mistakes in the future. We should learn from our mistakes in the past
and take it as a lesson while living in the present

III. Order for Masks

For me, the message of this poem tackles not just the life of women, but the lives of all people. It shows
different points of view about unity and equality. It depicts that power lies not just in women nor
men alone. It lies equally in the hands of both.

IV. Magnificence
In my own opinion, the message of this poem is about trust and mother’s love. We should not easily give
our trust to someone we don’t fully know. On the other hand, it also shows what a mother can do to
protect her child from any harm.

V. The Emperor’s New Sonnet

I realized that we have the free will to do anything we want, but we should also know our limitations. We
should never rely on other people’s opinion or judgement towards us. The decisions we make will
be the reflection of who we really are.

VI. Ang Uod

I learned in the poem that we will all start from the beginning where we are weak, puny, and small. It is
normal, it will not define our true self. It is the effort from every actions we make that counts. We
can reach our dreams, we can surpass any challenges, we can overcome any struggles, we just
need to believe in ourselves.

VII. The Molave and the Orchid

What I’ve learned in this story is that living with a purpose can make life so meaningful. Living with a reason
can extract all the hate, sadness, anger, and other negative feelings we have. In addition, being
with someone or finding a companion can make you feel the essence of life.

VIII. Taglian Hanggang Saan

I learned that Taglish is widely used across the Philippines. Some people are more comfortable when using
Taglish to express their thoughts and opinions, but we cannot change the fact that Taglish cannot
be considered as a Language. One of the reasons is because it is just a combination of two
different languages.

IX. Sodom Gomora

This story is somehow related to the bible, particularly on the book of Genesis. It teaches us that we should
obey the rules of God. We should repent from our wrong doings before it is too late.

X. Ang Huling Tula na Isusulat ko para sayo

This talks about love and failure. The unfailing love we have for someone may result to our own failure in
life. Also, we should never use anyone just for us to feel better about ourselves.

XI. Textula and Haiku

Textula and Haiku are two of the innovations we have in our current generation. It became a way of
entertainment for some. But for other people, it is their way of expressing their thoughts, feelings,
and opinions.