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Metaiietphosis Alpha is Omega hy Slade Henson ‘The AMAZING ENGINE Role-Playing System Preface The History of the Starship Warden The Role of the Player Character. The Role of the Gamemaster. Starting a Metamorphosis Alpha 10 Omega Campaign Player Character Generation Mutations. Skills ‘Awards and Experience Tech Levels. Artifacts Combat Creatures The Robotic Opponent Deck Overview of the Starship Warden Deck Nine Deck Eight Deck Seven Deck Six Deck Five. Deck Four Deck Three. Deck Two Deck One Character Sheet Map. Lake Geneva wi53147 USA. 3 19 20 23 23 24 27 32 50 37 58 60 7 81 a 102 104 110 116 122 128 131 133 134 136 144 bound in back TSR Lid, 120 Church End Cherry Hinton Cambridge, CB1 3LB United Kingdom Credits Based upon the original work by James M. Ward Design: Slade Henson System Guide: David "Zeb" Cook, with development by K. 8. Boomgarden Additional MA Design: Shane Hensley (Artifacts) and John Rateliff IV (Creatures) Editing and Development: john Rateliff IV Ship Design/Modeling: Dennis Kauth Dome Interiors: Susan & Heather Sutherland Cover Photography: Charles Kohl Internal Art: Newton Ewell Additional Art jeff Easley, Larry Elmore, Mark Nelson, David C. Sutherland I, and David A. Trampier Cartography: Dennis Kauth Graphic Design: Dawn Murin Production: Paul Hanchette ‘Typography: Nancy J. Kerkstra