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January 15, 2018


3:00 PM

Topic: Puberty

Venue: RMMES Social Hall

Presentors: Canones, Strong, Bayon, Pinero K.

The first day of implementation phase was officially started with

the topic of puberty to both girls and boys. The discussion made by the presenters includes the

following. First, the meaning of puberty and then the physiologic changes of the body during the

pubertal stage as well as the common issues during puberty stage associated with respective

management because some of the issues seemed negative in the mind of the pupils but the

presenter highlighted that those issues during the pubertal stage are common that made them to

feel relief. During the lecture, the presenters consisted of four members with two men and two

women and the pupils of RMMES specifically the girls and boys were segregated during the

lecture since the lecture is exclusive for the boys and exclusive for the girls. The lecturers of both

girls and boys prepared a handout for the pupils for them to be guided during the lecture. To start

the discussion the presentor showed a short video clip about puberty to both sexes respectively

and the pupils were attentive during the lecture they even raised their hands to answer what the

lecturer was asking and the presentor also recognized the efforts of the pupils by giving them

prizes. After all the discussion, the BSN IV gave snacks to the pupils.