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Classroom activity plan

Target language skill: English

Main goal Improving writing and speaking skills by making clips (停格動畫)

Level The second graders in senior high school

Total time needed

Preparation Writing essays, drawing, shooting, editing short clips

Resources/equipment Scissors, glue, smart phones or cameras, computer(video editing

needed software)

Evaluation Essays 30%

Participation 10%
Drawing 15%
Clip editing 15%
Narrating 30%

Description of the activity/procedure

Time Purpose of Description of activity Materials

activity needed

1. Finish it Training writing 1. Give students an interesting topic papers

before skills and ask them to write about 100-150
classes words with creative ideas (can be
2. 3-5 things impossible to be done in the
minutes universe)
for each 2. Fix problems or mistakes and give
student them suggestion in classes

1 minute for Oral practice Share the basic idea of their creative
each student (let them know stories with others
how to express)

Finish it Making the Bring the background pictures which

before materials for clips they are going to use in clips to classes

45 minutes Making the Teach them to draw and color the small Scissors,
materials for clips characters based on their scripts and drawing pencils,
cut it down papers
45 minutes Making the Teach them how to shoot the materials Smart phones
materials for clips to make clips(停格動畫)

50 minutes Making clips Teach them to make a 30sec.-1min. Computers

short clip on the basis of their script (video editing

Finish it after Speaking practice Do the narrator part at home and share Computers,
class their work with others in the next class anything that
can record their