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The above diagram shows a _________________.

A mountain
B beach
C river

2. The following are contents of garden soil except __________

A gravel
B dead plants
C key

3. The contents of the clay soil are silt and ___________

A sand
B clay
C gravel

4. The beach contains a lot of __________

A garden soil
B sand
C valley soil

5. Which area and the type of soil are correctly matched?

Area Type of soil

A Beach Garden soil
B Desert Clay
C Paddy field Clay

1. Fill in the blank with the correct answers.

Lake River Mountain Hill Sea



( 10 marks )
2. Look at the experiment below .Answer the questions.
(The answers are given)

Three types of soil are used to compare how well water moves
through them. A cup of water is poured into each type of soil
as shown in the diagram below.

Clay soil Garden soil Sandy soil

Glass A Glass B Glass C

1 Water flows very well through _______________.

2 _______________ does not let water flows through easily.

3 The water level in glass _____________ is the highest.

4 The water level in glass _____________ is the lowest.

5 Plants grow better in ______________.

( 10 marks )
Answers scheme

Section A

1. A
2. C
3. B
4. B
5. C

Section B

1. Lake
2. Mountain
3. Hill
4. Sea
5. River

a. sandy soil
b. clay soil
c. C
d. A
e. garden soil