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False Reactions With Rh Typing Reagents

1. Cell suspension too heavy 1. Adjust suspension, retype 1. Immunoglobulin-coated cells 1. Use saline-active typing reagent
(in vivo)

2. Cold agglutinins 2. Wash with warm saline, 2. Saline-suspended cells (slide) 2. Use unwashed cells
3. Test incubated too long or 3. Follow manufacturer’s 3. Failure to follow 3. Review directions; repeat test
drying (slide) instructions precisely manufacturer’s directions

4. Rouleaux 4. Use saline-washed cells, 4. Omission of reagent 4. Always add reagent first and
retype manufacturer’s directions check
before adding cells

5. Fibrin interference 5. Use saline-washed cells, 5. Vigorous shaking during 5. Resuspend all tube tests
retype resuspension gently

6. Containing low-incidence 6. Try another manufacturer’s 6. Incorrect reagent selected 6. Read vial label carefully;
antibody in reagent reagent or use a known serum repeat

7. Polyagglutination 7. Variant antigen 7. Refer sample for further

8. Bacterial contamination of 8. Open new vial of reagent, 8. Reagent deterioration 8. Open new vial
reagent vial retype

9. Incorrect reagent selected 9. Repeat test; read vial 9. Centrifugation too short 9. Repeat test using longer
label carefully centrifugation time

10. Centrifugation too long 10. Repeat test using shorter 10. rpm too low 10. Repeat testing using higher
centrifugation time rpm
11. rpm too high 11. Repeat test using lower rpm