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Standard 1 CSTP: Engaging and Supporting All Students in Learning

Element 1.1 Emerging Exploring Applying Integrating Innovating

Learns about students Gathers additional data to Uses data from a variety Uses data from multiple Uses comprehensive
through data provided by learn about individual of formal and informal measures to make knowledge of students to
the school and/or students. sources to learn about adjustments to make ongoing
assessments. students and guide instruction and meet adjustments and
selection of instructional individual identified accommodations in
strategies to meet diverse learning needs. instruction.
Using knowledge of learning needs. 9/21/18
students to engage
them in learning Some students may Students engage in single Student engage in Students actively utilize a Students take ownership
engage in learning using lessons or sequence of learning through the use variety of instructional of their learning by
instructional strategies lessons that include some of adjustments in strategies and choosing from a wide
focused on the class as a adjustments based on instruction to meet their technologies in learning range of methods to
whole. assessments. needs. 9/21/18 that ensure equitable further their learning that
access to the curriculum. are responsive to their
learning needs.
At the beginning of each
year, I make sure to
review all my students’
profiles, take notes of
important information
and data that might help
me understand my
students learning needs.
Also, I give my students a
questioner to help me
identify their learning
styles so I can include
different teaching
Evidence methods that meet that
need. 9/21/18
Standard 1 CSTP: Engaging and Supporting All Students in Learning
Element 1.2 Emerging Exploring Applying Integrating Innovating
Develops awareness of Uses gathered Uses school resources and Integrates broad Develops and
prior knowledge, culture, information about family contacts to expand knowledge of students systematically uses
backgrounds, life students’ prior understanding of and their communities to extensive information
experiences, and interests knowledge, cultural students’ prior inform instruction. regarding students’
represented among backgrounds, life knowledge, cultural 9/21/18 cultural backgrounds,
students. experiences, and interest backgrounds, life prior knowledge, life
Connecting learning to support student experiences, and interests experiences, and interests.
to students’ prior learning. to connect to student
knowledge, learning.
backgrounds, life Students can articulate
experiences, and Some students connect Students participate in Students make the relevance and impact
interests learning activities to their single lessons or connections between Students are actively of lessons on their lives
own lives. sequences of lessons curriculum, and their engaged in curriculum, and society.
related to their interests prior knowledge, which relates their prior
and experiences. backgrounds, life knowledge, experiences,
experiences, and and interests within and
interests. across learning activities. .
At the beginning of the
school year, I give my
students some icebreaker
activities that help me
gather information about
their interests, and
cultural background. later
on, I make sure to give
them opportunities to use
their interests in learning.
For example, if I know a
student who likes
Evidence drawing, I will make sure
that he uses this hobby in
some activities such as
drawing something that
reminds them of the
meaning of a new
vocabulary. 9/21/18
Standard 1 CSTP: Engaging and Supporting All Students in Learning

Element 1.3 Emerging Exploring Applying Integrating Innovating

Uses real-life connections Explore using additional Integrates connections Integrates connections to Engages student in
during instruction as real-life connections to from subject matter to meaningful, real-life actively making
identified to curriculum. subject matter in single meaningful, real-life contexts in planning connections to relevant,
lessons or sequence of contexts, including those subject matter instruction meaningful, and real-life
lessons to support specific to students’ and is responsive during contexts throughout
understanding. family and community. instruction to engage subject matter
Connecting subject students in relating to instruction.
matter to subject matter. 9/21/18
meaningful, real-life
contexts Some students relate Students make use of Students utilize real-life Students actively engage Students routinely
subject matter to real-life. real-life connections connections regularly to in making and using real- integrate subject matter
provided in single lessons develop understandings life connections to subject into their own thinking
or sequence of lessons to of subject matter. matter to extend their and make relevant
support understanding of understanding. 9/21/18 applications of subject
subject matter. matter during learning
When designing thematic
units, I make sure to
include tasks that are age
appropriate, connected to
real life and meaningful
contexts. For example, I
ask my students to write
about their new year
resolution when we are
close to New Year.

Standard 1 CSTP: Engaging and Supporting All Students in Learning

Element 1.4 Emerging Exploring Applying Integrating Innovating

Uses instructional Explores additional Utilizes a variety of Creates, adapts, and Refines the flexible use of
strategies, resources, and instructional strategies, strategies including integrates a broad range an extensive repertoire of
technologies as provided resources, and culturally responsive of strategies, resources, strategies, resources, and
by school and/or district. technologies in single pedagogy, resources, and and technologies into technologies to meet
lessons or sequence of technologies during instruction designed to students’ diverse learning
Using a variety of lessons to meet students’ ongoing instruction to meet students’ diverse needs.
instructional diverse learning needs. meet students’ diverse learning needs. 9/21/18
strategies, resources, learning needs.
and technologies to
meet students’ Some students participate Students participate in Students participate in Students actively engage Students take
diverse learning in instructional strategies, single lessons or instruction using in instruction and make responsibilities for using
needs using resources and sequence of lessons strategies, resources, and use of a variety of a wide range of strategies,
technologies provided. related to their interests technologies matched to targeted strategies, resources, and
and experiences. their learning needs. resources, and technologies that
technologies to meet their successfully advance their
individual needs. learning.
I use technology in my
class to meet students’
learning needs. For
example, when
introducing the new
vocabulary, I make sure to
use the PowerPoint that
has the word, and a
picture that describe the
meaning of this new
vocabulary. I also allow
students to use the iPad
Evidence to search for information
that is related to my
lesson and help them in
better understanding.
Standard 1 CSTP: Engaging and Supporting All Students in Learning

rationale for their

answers. 9/21/18

Standard 1 CSTP: Engaging and Supporting All Students in Learning

Element 1.6 Emerging Exploring Applying Integrating Innovating

Implements lessons Seeks to clarify Makes ongoing Adjusts strategies during Makes adjustments to
following curriculum instruction and learning adjustments to instruction based on the extend learning
guidelines. activities to support instruction based on ongoing monitoring of opportunities and provide
student understanding. observation of student individual student needs assistance to students in
engagement and regular for assistance, support, or mastering the concepts
Monitoring student checks for understanding. challenge. flexibly and effectively.
learning and 9/21/18
adjusting instruction Students monitor their
while teaching. Some students receive Students receive Students are able to progress in learning and
individual assistance assistance individually or Students successfully articulate their level of provide information to
during instruction. in small groups during participate and stay understanding and use teacher that informs
instruction. engaged in learning teacher guidance to meet adjustments in
activities. 9/21/18 their needs during instruction.
Formative assessment
helps me assess both
students’ progress as well
as the effectiveness of my
teaching strategies that I
used. Adjustments can be
done to the instruction
based on this kind of
assessment. 9/21/18