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Optimal Positioning of WIFI Router using Genetic Algorithm July’17-Nov’17

Course Project, Guide: Prof. R.P.Shimpi
▪ Studying the performance of PSO (Particle Swarm Optimization) in data clustering in
comparison with other population-based Algorithm
▪ Found the best position for a router in a L-shaped house with maximum signal across
house and minimum cost
Ground Effect Vehicle May’18-present
Course Project, Guide: Prof. Shevare
▪ Part of 7 members core team for designing a Ground Effect Vehicle which uses Ground
effect to fly with given cost function, parameters and user requirements
▪ Designed an Optimized structure of vehicle by simulating the Solid works structure using
Ansys Fluent
▪ Studying the performance of GEV compared to other vehicles (both land and Air)
▪ Designed tech and non-tech posters of GEV
Mobile Robot using Vision System July’17-Nov’17
Course Project, Guide: Prof. Ashok Joshi
▪ Designed a controller for to use vision system as measurement device with zero steady
state error and less settling time
▪ Studying the performance of vision system using PI controller in comparison to other
popular controllers
Flight Mechanics July’17-Nov’17
Course Project, Guide: Prof. Ashok Joshi
▪ Design an aircraft with aerodynamic and kinematic trim in steady climb and determining
all control surface deflections and Stick-fixed neutral point
▪ Generated linearized longitudinal dynamic model around the trim point
▪ Detailed analysis of aircraft is done by varying parameters, conditions, control surface
Air Quality & Management Process July’18-present
Course Project, Guide: Prof. Virendra Sethi
▪ Detailed study is done on how to manage Air quality in my city
▪ Outlining the points required to increase air quality in a flow chart
▪ Collecting data from pollution board and analyzing the data, and observing the air
quality trends from past years

Aerodynamics Lab Jan’18-Apr’18

Course Project, Guide: Prof. Shevare, Vineeth Nair
▪Analysis is done on the boundary layer of a flat plate using Blasius profile and to
predict theoretical velocity variation if the boundary layer is assumed to be
▪Analysis on the cp distribution, it’s variation at different locations on a Airfoil at
different angle of attacks

▪ Languages: Java, Python, C++
▪ Web Development: HTML, CSS, JavaScript
▪ Frameworks: Bootstrap
▪ Software: Photoshop, SolidWorks, MATLAB, Ansys, After Effets


Mathematics & Statistics:
▪ Linear Algebra
▪ Differential Equations (I & II)
▪ Calculus
▪ Data Analysis & Interpretations
▪ Introduction to Numerical Analysis
Cs & others:
▪ Computer Programming and Utilization
▪ Organic & Inorganic Chemistry
▪ Economics
▪ Environmental Studies
▪ Hypersonic Flow theory
▪ Basics of Electricity and Magnetism
▪ Quantum Physics and Applications
▪ Did a yearlong course under National Sports Organization, IIT Bombay in Volleyball
▪ Secured a perfect 10 in General Sciences, Mathematics in 10th State Board
Examinations ‘12
▪ Scored 97.4% in PCM (Physics, Chemistry & Mathematics combined) in 12
CBSE Board Examinations ‘14

▪ Language Skills: English, Hindi, Telugu
▪ Personal Interests: Playing video games, Reading books, Swimming, Football and cricket