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Publication 002-47 issue 06/13

Workshop and Spare Parts manual

IQ & IQM MK3 Actuators Pub 002-047 Issue 06/13

Full details from the actuator nameplate must be given when enquiring about or ordering spare parts
Publication 002-47 issue 06/13
Workshop and Spare Parts Manual for
IQ, IQM and IQML Mk 3 Range Actuators
issue 06/13

Pic 3 Pic 8

Module 2 Bases & Drive Nuts Module 1 Gearcase Module 7 Terminal Bung
Sizes 10-95

Pic 11

Module 4 Handwheel Module 11 Comprehensive

Spares Kit

Module 20 Electronics Cover

Module 18 Linear Drive Assembly

Pic 5 Pic 71 Pic 9

Module 5 Motor Module 6 Electronics Module 55 Terminal Cover

Publication 002-47 issue 06/13

Health and Safety

This manual is produced to enable The mechanical installation should code of practice relevant for that Only persons competent by virtue
a competent user to install, be carried out as outlined in the particular Hazardous Gas Area of their training or experience
operate, adjust and inspect Rotork manual and also in accordance certification. should be allowed to install,
IQ range valve actuators. with relevant standards such as maintain and repair Rotork
British Standard Codes of No inspection or repair should be actuators. Work undertaken must
The electrical installation, Practice. undertaken unless it comforms to be carried out in accordance with
maintenance and use of these the specific Hazardous Gas Area instructions in the manual. The
actuators should be carried out in If the actuator has nameplates certification requirements. Under user and those persons working
accordance with the National indicating that it is suitable for no circumstances should any on this equipment should be
Legislation and Statutory installation in Hazardous Gas modification or alteration be familiar with their responsibilities
Provisions relating to the safe use Areas then the actuator is suitable carried out on the actuator as this under any statutory provisions
of this equipment, applicable to the for use in Zone 1 and Zone 2 (or could invalidate the conditions relating to the Health and Safety
site of installation. Div.1 and Div.2) explosive under which its certification was of their workplace.
atmospheres where gasses are granted.
For the UK: Electricity at Work present with an ignition WARNING
Regulations 1989 and the temperature less than 135oC, Access to live electrical Motor Temperature
guidance given in the applicable unless suitability for lower ignition conductors is forbidden in the With excessive use the motor
edition of “IEE Wiring Regulations” temperatures has been indicated hazardous area unless this is done surface temperature could reach
should be applied. Also the user on the actuator nameplate. under a special permit to work, 132oC (270oF).
should be fully aware of his duties otherwise all power should be
under the Health and Safety Act Any test instruments applied to the isolated and the actuator moved to
1974. actuator should be of equivalent a non hazardous area for repair or
For the USA: NFPA70, National certification. The electrical attention.
Electrical Code is applicable.®. installation , maintenance and the
use of these actuators should be
carried out in accordance with the

Before starting work on Remember that your actuator is Ordering of spare parts
actuator only as watertight or
explosionproof as you make it, It is essential when ordering a
The Rotork spare parts module after completing work. Conduit spares module to give the
sheets, contained in this manual, entries should be sealed in actuator type and serial
give detailed instructions on the accordance with surrounding number.
removal and replacement of environment and with any
modules. requirements of the regulatory Additional information obtained
authority. from the actuator name plate
Before commencing work, isolate would be helpful to enable Rotork
all electrical supplies to the Seal unused entries with threaded to double check the actuator
actuator and observe site safety metal plugs. Do not use plastic specification.
regulations. plugs if supplied with the actuator,
as these are purely to protect the Spares modules may be ordered
On completion of repair, refer to actuator during transit. from your local representative,
publication Pub 002-39 for valve supplier, or direct from
commissioning and start up For ease of dismantling the Rotork Rotork.
procedures. IQ tool kit is available.

Spares module assemblies for each size of actuator

Module Number Description


1A Gearcase, Centre Column, Wormshaft & Wormwheel, Torque Transducer . Encoder NOT Included
1B Centre Column, Clutch Assembly, Wormwheel, Wormshaft.
1B/1 Spring & Sliding Coupling
1C Encoder Drive Mechanism, PCB, Oil Seals, Drive Shaft Gear.
1D Encoder Assembly
1E Wormshaft & Wormwheel Maintenance Kit, ‘O’ Rings, Seals, Bearings, Screws etc.
1F Gearcase Maintenance Kit, ‘O’ Rings, Seals, Bearings, Circlips, Screws etc.
1G Hand/Auto Mechanism, Lever, Cam, Spring, Seal
1G/1 Hand /Auto Kit ( No Lever) Cam, Spring, Seal
1J Torque Transducer
1K Battery Removal Strap, Cover Plug
1K/1 Battery only
1L Battery Cover Plug only
Spares module assemblies for each size of actuator Publication 002-47 issue 06/13

Module Number Description

Module 2 Bases
2A Base Assembly Complete, Castings, Bearing, Drive Bush, Seals, Screws. Sizes 10 to 95
2B Base Assembly Less Drive Bush
2C Drive Bush only. Sizes 10 to 95
2D Thrust Bearing Assembly only. Sizes 10 to 95
2E Drive Bush & Thrust Bearing Assembly. Sizes 10 to 95
2F Base Maintenance Kit.

Module 4 Handwheel

4A Top Handwheel Assembly - Complete.

4B Side Handwheel Assembly - Complete.
4C Handwheel Maintenance Kit.
4D Cover Tube Assembly or Cap Assembly

Module 5 Motor

5A Stator/Rotor Assembly, Motor Cover, Bearing, Screws & ‘O’ Ring.

5B Stator/Rotor Maintenance Kit, Bearing, Screws & ‘O’ Ring.

Module 6 Electronics

6A Complete Electronics Assembly, Chassis, PCB’s, Transformer, Cable Looms,Contactors, Fixings.

6B Electronic Chassis Assembly Power 1, Power PCB with Transformer.
6C Electronic Chassis Assembly Power 2, as Module 6B plus Contactors.
6D Contactor Assembly, Contactors & Bracket only.
6E BBC Remote Input PCB, 120VDC Remote Input PCB, Positive or Negative Switching.
6F Optional Extra Relays (S5-S8) (S9 - S12)
6G Logic Control PCB .
6H Analogue Input PCB
6J Folomatic & Current Position Transmitter (CPT) Combined PCB.
6L CPT & Current Torque Transmitter (CTT) Combined PCB.
6M Pakscan 2 Wire Control PCB.
6P CTT only PCB.
6Q DC/DC Convertor PCB. (Aux Power )
6R Single or Dual Channel Modbus / Repeater PCB.
6S Hart PCB
6W Power Module & Single Phase Starter.
6X Single or Dual Channel Profibus PCB.
6Y Foundation Fieldbus PCB.

Module 6/2 Electronics for IQM & IQML Actuators

6T Power Module and Solid State Starter (SSS).

Module 7 Terminal Bung

7A Terminal Bung, Cable Looms, Watertight & Explosionproof.
7B Commissioning Bag, Terminal Screws & Washers, ‘O’ Ring Seal.
7C Power Terminal - Flash guard

Module 11 Comprehensive Spares Kit

Comprised of all components in kits 1E, 1F, 2F, 4C/1, 4C/2, 5B & 55C.

Module 18 Linear Drive Unit

18A Linear Drive Assembly Complete

Module 20 Electronics Cover

20A Electronics Cover Complete, Control Knobs, HMI PCB, Glass Window,
Enclosures, Watertight, Explosionproof, ATEX, FM & CSA.
20B Electronics Cover Without HMI PCB.
20C HMI PCB Assembly
20D UV Screen Protector
20G Locking Latch Assembly.
20H Control Knob Kit Open/Close Knob & Local/Stop/Remote Knob (Red), Fixing Clip.
20K Vandal Resistant Cover Assembly

Module 55 Electrical Covers

55A Terminal Cover, Fixing Screws, ‘O’ Ring , Label.
55B Profibus Disconnect Module
55C Cover Maintenance Kit, Terminal Cover Screws & ‘O’ Ring Seal. Electronics Cover Screws & ‘O’ Ring Seal.
55D Extra Conduit Adaptor Assembly
55E Pakscan Wireless Option Module