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Red pandas are arboreal dwellers,

Reproduction meaning they spend most of their

Red pandas are able to reproduce after 18 time in trees.
months, and are fully mature at 2-3 years.
When mating both sexes may mate with
more than one partner during mating
season. A red panda’s litter averages to 1-7
with a sex ratio of 17:2 males to female. The
gestation period averages to 131 days.
Before birthing, the females collect material
such as brushwood, and grass to build a
nest. When the cubs are born they could
weigh between 110-130 g each. The mother
can recognize each by its distinctive smell.
Around 90 days they cubs attain adult fur,
and begin to venture outside the nest.

The Red Panda

Refrences Ailurus fulgens The red panda has a “false” thumb;

descending head first it rotates its Kyndra Prietzel
Wei, Fuwen et al. “Habitat use and separation between the giant
panda and the red panda.” Journal of Mammalogy 81.2 (2000): 448-455 ankle to control the descent; one of
Roberts, Miles S., and David S. Kessler. “Reproduction in red
pandas, Ailurus fulgens (Carnivora: Ailuropodidae).” Journal of
the few animals to do so.
Zoology 188.2 (1979): 235-249.
Panda Time! Endangered Species More Information!

Diet Red Pandas are among the most

Bamboo, berries, bugs, flowers, small endangered species. Less than
mammals, and sometimes birds 10,000 individuals remain in the

Territorial, red pandas walk their Reasons:

terrirotires marking with urine. They are  Habitat loss
usually quiet execpt for a few squeking  Fragmentation
(communication). It is known that red  Poaching
pandas are nocturnal (sleeps during the  Inbreeding depression
day, has fun at night). Red pandas use trees
or rocks to scratch their backs. However,
when threatened by predators such as snow
leapords or humans they hiss, flee, or stand
on their paws trying to appear large
(though they are only 22-24 inches tall).


Central Nepal eastward, along the

Himalayas; Bhutan, India, and into China.
They reside in forests.
Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Chordata
Class: Mammalia
Order: Carnivora
Donate to Save The Red Pandas! Family: Ailuridae
Genus: Ailurus
Species: A. fulgens