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Academic Letter of Appraisal Applicants: Send a link for the letter of appraisal form to your referee by email and include your full name, date of birth and Memorial student number if known). cana ‘Adobe Reader, minimum version 8, is required to complete this form, Download the latest version at, (1) Save the form by clicking on File -> Save As...on the menu bar; (2) Ensure that you are saving the file in PDF format; (3) Specify where you would like to save the file, e.g. Desktop; (4) Complete the entire form and save the file; (5) Attach it in an email to, Do not type beyond the allotted space. This form is confidential when complete. Section 1: Applicant Information MUN No. (if known): | Last Name: First Name: Middle Name: 1201894988 IGUMMA JOSHNA NIA ‘Academic Unit: Date of Birth: GRADUATE STUDIES-SAFETY AND RISKENGINEERING _| Day:29 Month: 06 Year: 1993 Section 2: Referee Information Last Name: First Name: Title/Rank: IPOIBA VENKATARAO ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR Institution: ANDHRA UNIVERSITY ‘Street 1: ANDHRA UNIVERSITY Street 2: DEPARTMENT OF CHEMICAL ENGINEERING City: VISAKHAPATNAM Prov./State: ANDHRA PRADESH Postal/Zip Code: 530003 Country:INDIA Institutional eMail addres Telephone no. #91-9490708299 Section 3: Referee Report How long have you known the applicant? Thave been in contact with her from 2015 to until now. In what capacity? ‘She was my student at her Master's level and also worked for project under my supervision. Which university courses have you taught the applicant? She has been my student for courses such as SEPARATION PROCESS,CORROSION ENGINEERING and | supervised her project work as wel at Andhra University, Visakhapatnam, India Please rank the applicant using the scale below and by using students from the last five years as a comparison group. Top5% Top10% Top25% Top50% Intellectual ability Industry and perseverance Interpersonal skills Ability to work independently Ability to communicate in English (oral) Ability to communicate in English (written) This applicant is highly recommended Bottom 50% —Inal to observe v] Oo00o00000 for admission to graduate school. Section 4: Letter of Reference Please use the space below to comment on the applicant's strengths and overall potential for completing a graduate degree at Memorial Itgives me an immense pleasure to recommend my student Mrs. Joshna Gumma for graduated studies at your University. She has done her project work under my supervision. She works very hard to scale greater heights and she is highly ambitious and career-driven wth a consistent, ‘outstanding academic performance. she has good ability to work in groups and maintains fine rapport with her fellow students. | am confident of her professional excellence and as a research student. She would prove to be an asset to your university ‘She is capable of expressing her ideas clearly which have been demonstrated in the seminars. She is a promising student with a penchant for learning things beyond the scope of her textbooks. She could ask the most penetrating questions about the assigned topics and expound her ideas with effortless elegance, Her genuine curiosity makes her dissatisfied with superficial explanations, In regard with my assessment of her consistent and impressive academic performance, | place her among top 5 % students in the class. | can confidently state that she possess the required preparation, motivation, commitment and intellectual abiliy to meet the demands of the graduate program and that her well rounded personality would make her an attractive acquisition for any University Institute. Hence, | strongly recommend her admission to your Institution Section 5: Declaration, Signature and Submission of Form I certify that the information contained in this form is complete and correct to the best of my knowledge. | understand that the ‘School of Graduate Studies will verify documents submitted in support of a graduate application and that the submission of falsified documents is considered a serious offence. |! have read and agree with the above declaration, Last Name: First Name: Title/Rank: Date: IPOIBA ENKATARAO |ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR _|09 Nov 2018 ‘Memorial Unversity protects your privacy and malntins the confidentiality of personal information. The Information tequested In this form is collected under the general ‘uthorty ofthe Memorial Unversity Act (9SMLISSOCHAPTERI) Is required for administrative purposes ofthe Scheo of Graduate Studies. f you have any questions about the collection and us ofthis information, please contort the Monager~ Enrolment and Strategic Initiatives, School of Graduate Studies, o¢ 709.654.2445 oat sgsmun co Updated January 2012