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Lesson 2 Mini Project Rubric

Mini Project Rubric (Options 2 and 3)

Criteria 4 = 100 3 = 85 2 = 70 1 = 50
Word Choice Most or all verbs, Some specific Few specific words No specific words
adverbs, and words have replaced have been used in have been used.
adjectives are precise lackluster or over- the piece. There is Evidence of no
and vivid. It is used verbs, adverbs, little evidence that a revision.
evident that a and adjectives. thesaurus was used
thesaurus was used in Some evidence that or that revision
the revision process. a thesaurus was used occurred.
in the revision

Figurative Student effectively Student uses figures Student uses few Student does not use
Language employs original of speech, but some figures of speech; figures of speech at
figures of speech on a may be incorrect, many examples are all; no attempt was
regular basis to unclear, and/or don’t confusing and/or made to use
broaden the meaning serve to broaden the hamper a clear descriptive
behind details, meaning behind understanding of the language.
descriptions, and details, descriptions, story.
ideas presented. and ideas presented.

Imagery Visual picture is Visual picture is Visual picture is Visual picture is not
created and at least 3 sufficiently created barely created with created throughout
of the 5 senses are and at least 2 of the only 1 of the 5 the piece.
appealed to 5 senses are senses appealed to
throughout the piece. appealed to throughout the
throughout the whole piece. .
Organization & Writing exhibits Writing mostly Writing establishes Writing shows no
Conventions sound organization exhibits sound but fails to maintain focus or
and a coherent organization and a a clear focus with organizational skills;
structure; coherent structure; little organization; demonstrates little
demonstrates a demonstrates a basic exhibits control of standard
command of standard control of standard conventional errors English, exhibiting
English, spelling, English, exhibiting that hinder many errors that
sentence structure, some errors that do understanding of the make
punctuation, etc. not hinder vignette. There is comprehension
There is much comprehension. little evidence of difficult. There is
evidence of There is some proofreading and no evidence of
proofreading and evidence of revising. proofreading and
revising. proofreading and revising.