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Date: 29/12/1439 AH

Corresponding to: 09/09/2018 AD

End of Year Vacation

2018/2019 Boys Section

Assalamu alaikom

Kindly be informed that this academic year of 2018/2019 the end of year vacation is scheduled as follows:

I. Teachers and all staff in teacher’s capacity (deputy principals, academic supervisors, laboratory
assistants, activity supervisors, student counsellors, floor supervisors and student affairs):
1. A 45-day vacation from Friday 10/05/2019 AD, corresponding to 05/09/1440 AH, to Tuesday
25/06/2019 AD, corresponding to 22/10/1440 AH, inclusive.
2. In case of contract termination, the last working day will be Thursday 09/05/2019 AD,
corresponding to 04/09/1440 AH.
II. Administrative Staff
1. The 30-day vacation starts on Tuesday 04/06/2019 AD, corresponding to 30/09/1440 AH, to
Sunday 07/07/2019 AD, corresponding to 04/11/1440 AH inclusive.
III. Support Staff at both the Boys and Girls Sections, Drivers and Guards:
1. The vacation is 21 days for those who have been in service for less than five years and 30 days for
those who have been employed for over five years.
IV. General Notes:
- The School Administration may amend the dates of some employees for the best interest of
business subject to approval of the General Director.
- Irrespective of his department, an employee may request a special vacation without payment
provided that the extension of vacation does not hinder the workflow. The annual vacations may
not be cancelled or rescheduled.
- No employee may return to work after the start of the academic year (scheduled for Sunday
01/09/2019 AD, corresponding to 02/01/1441 AH). If an employee fails to attend without
permission or acceptable reason, he will be penalized by contract termination or a deduction of
two days for each day of absence.
- Employees are entitled to a 4-day holiday for the Fitr Feast following the 29th of Ramadan.
- Employees are entitled to a 4-day holiday for the Adha Feast starting on Arafa Day.

We wish you success and prosperity.


General Director

Abdulaziz bin Ali Al-Sabi