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February 3, 4, 5 & 6



Preliminary Round – 1

Contact: Rishabh +91 92052 52464 | Shivika +91 97179 66953

Rules and Regulations

 This document consists of 4 distinct questions, all of which must be attempted. Question 1
contains two parts, both of which must be attempted.

 There is no right or wrong answer. Teams will be judged on the basis of creativity,
appropriate reasoning, feasibility and relevance of the solutions.

 No real-life names/specific names are to be used in the answers.

 Teams must submit their solutions by 11:59 PM, 16th January 2018 by mailing it to the
following email address: No late submissions will be

 The solution should be in Portable Document Format (PDF). The solution document and
subject of the mail should be named as “AnthroposKapital_Participant1_Participant2”
(For example: AnthroposKapital_SarthakGoyal_RutwikShah)
Solution document font: Calibri
Font size: 12pts
Line Spacing: 1.5

 The body of the mail should contain the name and contact details of the participants.

 The shortlisted teams will be sent an email, so keep checking your registered email address
at regular intervals. The list of the shortlisted teams shall also be uploaded on the
Anthropos Kapital- Facebook Event page.

 The decision of the organisers shall be final and binding on all the participants.

Happy solving!
1. The atmosphere in the wizarding world is extremely tense in light of the impending doom that the biggest
battle of the century will bring. It’s good versus evil, and your family has been held captive with grave danger
of the unforgivable curses being used on them by the Dark Lord, "He Who Must Not Be Named".

He has grand plans to kill unsuspecting, Horcrux-hunting Harry Potter and wants to recruit an army of Death
Eaters for the ultimate battle. In order to save your family, all you have to do is acquire the support of as
many groups as possible, starting with targeting the students of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and
Wizardry without their Headmaster Dumbledore or other staff finding out. There are four houses in

Gryffindor- Values bravery, daring, nerve, and chivalry. Harry Potter and most of his friends and comrades in
the battle against the Dark Lord, including Ronald Weasley and Hermione Granger are from Gryffindor. Most
of the members of the Order of the Phoenix, a secret society founded by Dumbledore to oppose the Dark
Lord, were from Gryffindor.

Slytherin- Values ambition, cunning and resourcefulness. Many of the present Death Eaters as well as the
Dark Lord himself are Slytherins. It is well known that Gryffindor and Slytherin have had an age-old rivalry.
However after the Dark Lord's earlier defeat, many of the Death Eaters had switched sides and gone back to
their normal lives.

Ravenclaw- Values intelligence, knowledge and. Ravenclaws like Luna Lovegood and Cho Chang have been
supporters of Harry.

Hufflepuff- Values hard work, dedication, patience, loyalty and fair play. One of the most popular and loved
Hufflepuffs, Cedric Diggory, was tragically killed by the Dark Lord in Harry's presence during the last task of
the Triwizard Tournament. The Dark Lord had intended to kill Harry, who barely managed to escape.

(a) You need to state the strategies you would use to bring each of the houses over to the Dark Side.
(b) To achieve the Dark Lord’s aim of world domination, you will also need to describe the roles for every
group post-war. What sort of work would they be best suited for in a world ruled by him?

(The Wizarding World operates much the same way as the non-magical one. They have a governing body
called the Ministry of Magic with Aurors working in departments ranging from handling magical
accidents to magical law enforcement. It is headed by the Minister of Magic. Then there are the schools
for witchcraft and wizardry such as Hogwarts, Durmstrang, Ilvermony, hospitals like St Mungo’s Hospital
for Maladies and Injuries, national Quidditch teams, banks like Gringotts. Jobs include astronomer,
caretaker, author, herbologist, journalist, potion maker, wandmaker, shopkeeper and so on.)

(To be answered in 350 words)

2. Community Catastrophe (CC), a terror organisation, is rigorously fighting to establish its rule over the
fertile lands of Kismatstan. It is currently fighting the government which is supported by world superpowers.
At its peak it had more than half a million fighters and controlled large swathes of territory (almost the size
of Germany). CC after losing the battle in Manzil and Raastha (two major cities previously held by it) to
government forces, is facing the worst crisis ever. Today, it is left with less than 10,000 foot soldiers. After
seeing the organisation suffer heavy setbacks, the remaining foot soldiers want to return to their home
countries negating the aspect of them being arrested there. As a main recruiter of the organisation, how will
you stop your comrades from leaving the organisation at the time it needs them the most?
(To be answered in 200 words)

3. Jatayu Airlines overbooked its flight JAT606 from New Delhi to Bengaluru. Few minutes before take-off,
flight attendants forced a Dalit family of four to de-board the flight to accommodate its officials for an
important meeting. It became ugly when the family refused and one of the flight attendants Satwik turned
abusive and violent. The family was pulled out of the flight and was made to wait five hours for the next
flight. One of the fellow passengers recorded the incident and uploaded it on Twitter, where it went viral and
caught the attention of the media. The family was interviewed post their arrival in Bengaluru. They were
completely shocked and humiliated and blamed the airlines for discriminating against them just because
they belonged to a particular ‘caste’. This incident became a heated topic of debate and also enraged the
entire community. The share prices of Jatayu airlines plummeted and were at an all time low. The accused
attendant Satwik was ‘Employee of the year’ for the past three years with a clean track record. In his
statement to the press, the employee said that he acted in the interests of the company. You as the HR
Manager of Jatayu airlines should release a press release considering the facts of the case and also both
sides of the story.

Format of the press release-

(To be answered in 250 words)

4. It’s quite fascinating to see how the greatest English playwright, William Shakespeare, incorporated the
concept of rumour or hearsay much before it got popularised in corporate culture in the form of grapevine.
His play Much Ado About Nothing includes plotting and deception by Don John, the illegitimate brother of
the crown Prince, who wanted to avenge his defeat in battle at the hands of the Prince's right-hand, Claudio.
Claudio is to marry Hero, the Governor's daughter and Don John has made it his mission to thwart this
alliance by deceiving Claudio into believing Hero has been unfaithful to him.

Here, you take on the role of Leonato, the Governor of Messina. This alliance by way of marriage is extremely
important for your family reputation and you have recently caught whiff of some rumours about your
daughter doing the rounds in your town. You are not aware of the person spreading them, only that the intent
to slander Hero is evident. You cannot let the crown Prince and Claudio hear about any of this, what would
you do?

(To be answered in 200 words)