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Shahad Ismail

Amani Rashid

Lesson Planning Year 2, Sem 1

Shahad H00354546
Date: Day: 26 Month:9 Year:2018 Name of Student:
Amani H00354513

Time: from: length of

Name of School:
to: class:
Name of Grade: No. Ss:
Details about the book that Name of book: Unit: page(s)
the MST uses: English Letter B

PURPOSE – Why am I teaching this lesson? What do I want the students to know/to be able to do by the end of the
lesson that they could not do before?


Students will be able to ….

 By the end of the lesson, students will be able to recognize the litter (B, b).

 By the end of the lesson, students will be able to develop their skills in reading words start with letter (B).

 By the end of the lesson, students will be able to write the letter (B, b) in easy way.

 By the end of the lesson the students will be able to create a bunny.

LANGUAGE – What is the language I hope to teach? Specifically – what do I want the students to be able to say or write
or read or listen to? Is it new language, or am I revising something I or my MST has already presented and practiced, or
is it a mixture?

Our lesson is about letter (B, b) we will present for them a PowerPoint that included videos and
helps them and show them how to write with some pictures.
SKILLS – Which skill(s) am I teaching and what aspect of that / those skill(s) will I focus on?

Vocabulary, Spilling, Speaking, Writing

RESOURCES –– What resources do I need to create the context and provide practice so the students can do what they
need to do to develop? - Include realia, books, handouts, multimedia, songs, games, etc.

small white board, worksheet, flash card, white board marker, pencil, glue, colored papers, straw, cotton, fake eyes, white

ACTIVITIES – What activities can I design that use the resources and are appropriate in the context? Are my activities
authentic and purposeful?

1- create a boat

2- a worksheet that included few pictures that start with litter B and not start with litter B

circle the picture that start with latter b
cut the picture and put it in latter b
5- what is this picture activity Example:
we will put picture like 🍌 under the picture we will write
__anana the students should write the latter b
writing card Question & Answer
Shahad Ismail
Amani Rashid

Purpose / objective of the

Activity Time Interaction Teacher (activity + exact Student (what they do + language MCT comments
instructions you intend to give) you expect them to use) activity

Rules - reminder
Engage T-s T tells student to sit on S sit on mat To make it organized
S-T the mat and repeat the
duaa with Quran.
T talk about the lesson
that they took yesterday
and do quake revision on
What do they recognize
T give the student a from the material
balloon and asks
children to blow it S blow the balloon and
Do you know how to answer the question in
blow it? public
Do you know what is
T show other material
like bear and baby to
think more about our S think deeply about the
lesson that they are lesson they will going to
going to take it today – learn.
Do anyone know what To think
S-S our lesson is about?

T asks children to ask S The students discuss

each other about things each other to answer the
start with letter B question
Practice their knowledge
Shahad Ismail
Amani Rashid

Each group will have a
Transition card included colour T
will divided them in to 4
group each group will
have 3 students except 1
group after they finish
from the mat T ask them
to line up and find their
T present pictures things
Building T-S started with letter B such S will say what do they To help students to know
Knowledge as bed, bear, balloon, see and repeat after the T new vocab
S-T Bee, banana, bag, bat,
blue and butterfly
To teach students how to
answering the questions spell letter B in clearly
things that start with S will listen and repeat way.
letter B– clearly and with the song in the video
individually/ show them
video about spelling
letter B

T corrects any mistakes

and uses the finger
technique and gets
students to repeat it
correctly. To get more knowledge
T practices the question Ss will work in groups from other and share
SS-SS with the students by asking and answering information
giving them some questions/
Shahad Ismail
Amani Rashid

pictures and drilling the

question with each one.
T tells students to ask
each other a question in
their groups.

T will teach them how to S will try to write To learn how to write B
write letter B

T-S 1- Boat Activity: T Ss listen carefully to the

Transformation put the materials teacher and understand
in front the the activity, look at the To make their own boat
(activities) students on the model boat to know where
table then T they should put the boat
Present a model shapes.
boat to show the
students how she
wants them to
create a boat by
them self.

2- Bunny’s Activity:
T will distribute a
collection of
papers containing
the dotted letter B To use the letter, they
S-s and she will put Ss listen to the T and start have learned today and
on the table the doing the Activity, creating now the animal that start
tools they will their own Bunny. with letter B.
need such as
scissors, cotton,
Shahad Ismail
Amani Rashid

glue, Colourful
Pens, Glitter. T
explain for the
students what
they should do.

3- Circle latter B
Activity: T give
the activity sheets
to the students
and ask them try Ss try to circle the things
to circle the on the picture that only
things whom start with letter B.
started with letter
B only.

4- Cut the picture

stick it on letter B Ss will cut the picture and
Activity: T think carefully try to stick
distribute the the picture in to the right
activity sheets place.
with scissors and
glue ask them to
stick the picture
on the right place.

5- Guess Activity

6- Cards Activity
Transition How you will settle them back to their desks
When they will finish from their activity we will Hear the bill and return to
put for them a clean-up song so they know that their place
its time to clean their place Quigley and go back
to their group
Shahad Ismail
Amani Rashid

Reflection T explain that will Ss will Pay attention to the

T-s present quick revision it board and answer the
is about some pictures question To make sure that the
Wrap Up that start with letters b students understand the
S-s and some pictures start lesson
with other letters


Shahad Ismail
Amani Rashid