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“Surely the funniest book ever written
Ann Hodgman

Beat This! Cookbook

Absolutely Unbeatable Knock-’Em-Dead
Recipes for the Very Best Dishes

The cult classic — revised and updated with a new

foreword by the best-selling novelist Elizabeth Berg

“The book I have probably recommended more often than

any other . . . More than a cookbook, it is a humor book
and a self-help book and a security blanket and a kind of
bible.” —Elizabeth Berg, NPR’s All Things Considered

D o you think you have the absolute best recipe for apple
pie? Maybe your neighbor claims to make the best
meatloaf around. Did your Italian grandmother serve the
978-0-547-43700-2 • $14.95 PA best spaghetti sauce this side of the Atlantic? Well, unless
Beat This! Cookbook you or that neighbor or your grandmother is Ann Hodgman,
March • Cooking • 224 pages • 7 ½ x 9 you’re wrong!
Two-color with 50 line drawings • CTN 24 The book that the editor in chief of Vanity Fair called
Terr: US, C, O • Rights: B/T/A/P/M: Writers “the funniest, most engaging book about food I’ve ever come
House • S: HMH
across” has now been revised and updated: more than half
the recipes are completely new, and many of the originals
Also available have been “oomphed up” to make them even more shame-
One Bite Won’t Kill You  lessly delicious.
978-0-395-90146-5 • $16.00 PA
Beat This! Cookbook contains more than a hundred
Beat That! Cookbook all-time favorites, from Burnt Sugar Ice Cream and White
978-0-395-97178-9 • $16.95 PA Chocolate Raspberry Pie to Chili-Cheese Casserole and
• Author appearances in New York, New Onion Rings. Each one is guaranteed to make people take
Jersey, Connecticut a bite, stagger with joy, and beg you for the recipe.
• National media from New York
• National drive-time radio tour
• Online promotion, including recipes and

2 March • Houghton Mifflin Harcourt • • Paperback

about food.”—Corby Kummer, Atlantic Monthly

“F ood has changed a lot since 1993, when the first Beat This!
came out. I myself haven’t changed much, but I’ve been collecting
recipes all these years, and I’ve streamlined everything I cook so that it’s
much healthier now.
That last part is a lie. I still use a lot of butter and cream, so
all the people who’ve asked, “Are you going to make the new edition
healthier?” can put this book down on the table and leave the store
right now. Remember: these are supposed to be the
best recipes for old favorites. Not the healthiest or
the easiest. You can find plenty of quick-cooking,
low-fat cookbooks if you want one. This is the
place to come if you want the best.”

When Ann Hodgman wants to make a recipe better, she says, she “just doubles the
chocolate and adds some bacon.” Along with the original Beat This!, she is the author
of Beat That! Cookbook and One Bite Won’t Kill You. In addition to her cookbooks, she
has written more than forty children’s books. She has written articles for The New
Yorker, the New York Times Magazine, the New York Times Book Review, the Atlantic
Monthly, Food & Wine, and just about all the women’s and parenting magazines.
Hodgman is a regular contributor to, one of AOL’s new food sites.
© David Owen

Author’s residence
Washington, Connecticut • Houghton Mifflin Harcourt • March 3

Margaret Drabble

A Day in the Life of

a Smiling Woman:
Complete Short Stories
Edited and with an introduction
by José Francisco Fernández

The complete short stories by

Margaret Drabble, never before collected

M argaret Drabble’s novels have illuminated the past

fifty years, especially the changing lives of women,
like no others. Yet her short fiction has its own unique bril-
liance. Her penetrating evocations of character and place, her
wide-ranging curiosity, her sense of irony—all are on display
here, in stories that explore marriage, female friendships, the
978-0-547-55040-4 • $24.00
English tourist abroad, love affairs with houses, peace dem-
A Day in the Life of a Smiling Woman:
Complete Short Stories
onstrations, gin and tonics, cultural TV programs; in stories
March • Fiction • 208 pages • 5 x 8 that are perceptive, sharp, and funny. An introduction by the
CTN 12 • Terr: US, C, O • Rights: B/T/A/P/ Spanish academic José Fernández places the stories in the
M/S: Sterling Lord Literistic context of her life and her novels. This collection is a
wonderful recapitulation of a masterly career.
Also available
The Pattern in the Carpet
$14.95 PA

The Sea Lady

978-0-15-603426-5 • $14.00 PA
• National advertising, including the New York
Review of Books
• Academic promotion
• E-book ISBN 978-0-547-55041-1 MARGARET DRABBLE is the author of The
Sea Lady, The Seven Sisters, The Peppered
Moth, and The Needle’s Eye, among other
novels. For her contributions to contem-
porary English literature, she was made a
© Ruth Corney

Dame of the British Empire in 2008.

Author’s residence

4 March • Houghton Mifflin Harcourt •

Tim Wakefield with Tony Massarotti

My Life with Baseball’s Most
Confounding Pitch

The incredible story of one of baseball’s

most resilient performers—and of the crazy
pitch that carried him to greatness

A t forty-four years old, Tim Wakefield is the longest-

serving member of one of baseball’s most popular
franchises. He is close to eclipsing the winning records of
two of the greatest pitchers to have played the game, yet few
realize the full measure of his success. That his career can be
characterized by such words as dependability and consistency
defies all odds because he has achieved this with baseball’s
most mercurial weapon—the knuckleball.
978-0-547-51769-8 • $26.00
Knuckler is the story of how a struggling position player
bet his future on a fickle pitch that would define his career.
March • Sports/Biography • 256 pages
The pitch may drive hitters crazy, but how does the pitcher 6 x 9 • 15 to 20 b/w photos • CTN 12 • Terr:
stay sane? The moment Wakefield adopted the knuckleball, US, C, O • Rights: B/T/A/P/M: The Waxman
his career sought to answer that question. With the Red Sox, Literary Agency S: HMH
Wakefield began to master his pitch only to find himself on
the mound in 2003 for one of the worst post-season losses in • National media from Boston, New York, 
history, followed the next year by one of the most vindicat- and Ft. Myers
ing of championships. Even now, as Wakefield battles, we • Author appearances
see the twists and turns of a major league career pushed to its
• National sports-radio tour and promotion
ultimate extreme.
• National print and online advertising,
A remarkable story of one player’s success despite being including the Boston Globe
the exception to every rule, Knuckler is also a lively medita-
• Online promotion
tion on the dancing pitch, its history, its mystique, and all
• E-book ISBN 978-0-547-51771-1
the ironies it brings to bear.
TIM WAKEFIELD has pitched for the Red
Sox since 1995, has won two World Series,
© Matt Stone / Boston Herald

and has been nominated seven times for

the Roberto Clemente Award. TONY MAS-
© The Boston Red Sox

SAROTTI is a nationally recognized sports

columnist and the author of Big Papi (with
David Ortiz).

Authors’ residenceS
Boston • Houghton Mifflin Harcourt • March 5
Can a computer named Watson beat the
Stephen Baker

Final Jeopardy
Man vs. Machine and the Quest
to Know Everything

Clue: This book documents the amazing quest to

build a computer that can answer any question
on earth. Answer: What is Final Jeopardy?

W hat if there were a computer that could answer virtu-

ally any question? IBM engineers are developing
such a machine, teaching it to compete on the quiz show
Jeopardy. Early next year, it will face off in a nationally
televised match against two of the game’s greatest all-time
winners, possibly including Ken Jennings.
Stephen Baker’s Final Jeopardy carries readers on a
captivating journey from the IBM labs to the showdown in
Hollywood. The story features brilliant Ph.D.s, Hollywood
978-0-547-48316-0 • $24.00
moguls, knowledge-obsessed Jeopardy masters — and a very
Final Jeopardy
March • Science/Technology • 240 pages
special collection of silicon and circuitry named Watson. It
5 ½ x 8 ¼ • CTN 12 • Terr: US, C, O • Rights: is a classic match of Man vs. Machine, not seen since Deep
B/T/P/M: Levine Greenberg Literary Agency Blue bested chess grandmaster Garry Kasparov. But Watson
A/S: HMH will need to do more than churn through chess moves or
find a relevant web page. It will have to understand language,
Also available including puns and irony, and master everything from his-
The Numerati tory and literature to science, arts, and entertainment.
978-0-547-24793-9 • $14.95 PA
At its heart, Final Jeopardy is about the future of knowl-
• Author tour, including New York, edge. What can we teach machines? What will Watson’s
Seattle, San Francisco, Portland, heirs be capable of in ten or twenty years? And where does
Pittsburgh, Philadelphia
that leave humans? What will we need to know? As fast
• National media
and fun as the game itself, Final Jeopardy shows how smart
• Select competitions with Watson machines will fit into our world — and how they’ll disrupt it.
• Online promotion, including a Facebook
application and promotion to sites such
as,, and
• Promotional book trailer 
• Tie-in with Nova documentary
• E-book ISBN 978-0-547-51943-2

6 March • Houghton Mifflin Harcourt •

best Jeopardy players ever?

From Final Jeopardy

The way it looks in the fall of 2009, Watson is very good—but remains
several steps short of great. Time is running out to turn the machine into
a champion. The easy fixes have been made. But Watson continues to
stumble in the obscure categories and fall for the puns and puzzles no
programmer would think of preparing it for. This is the gap between good-
ness and greatness—and between winning and losing.
And despite all the work, sometimes Watson is just out to lunch.
On one Final Jeopardy earlier in the day, the clue under a nineteenth-
century-literature category said: “The whole mystery of the handkerchiefs,
and the watches, and the jewels . . . rushed upon this title boy’s mind.”
Since Watson no doubt has the key works of Charles Dickens in its memory,
finding that passage in Oliver Twist should not have been difficult. But
Watson inexplicably came up with the British pop duo Pet Shop Boys. It
was a few minutes later that the Nova producer asked Watson’s creator,
David Ferrucci, if he would be traveling to California for the final competi-
tion. “I’ll be sedated,” Ferrucci said.

STEPHEN BAKER was BusinessWeek’s senior technology writer for a decade, based
first in Paris and later New York. He blogs at and has 6,500 followers
on Twitter. Roger Lowenstein called his first book, The Numerati, “an eye-opening
and chilling book.” Baker is a graduate of Columbia University’s graduate school
© Carolyn Cole

of journalism.

Author’s residence
Montclair, New Jersey • Houghton Mifflin Harcourt • March 7

Jennifer Grotz

The Needle

The much-anticipated second collection from one of

America’s most gifted and promising young poets

F ollowing her debut collection, Cusp, chosen by Yusef

Komunyakaa to win the Bread Loaf Writers’ Confer-
ence Bakeless Prize, the composed, observed quality of
Jennifer Grotz’s The Needle will remind readers of the poetry
of Elizabeth Bishop and Ellen Bryant Voigt. Whether she is
describing a town square in Kraków, where many of these
poems are set, the ponies of Ocracoke Island, a boy playing
a violin, or clouds, she finds the lyrical details that release an
atmosphere of heightened, transcendent attention in which
the things of the world become the World, what Zbigniew
Herbert called “royal silence.”
978-0-547-44412-3 • $23.00
The Needle
March • Poetry • 80 pages • 6 x 9 • CTN 12
Terr: World • Rights: B/T/A/P/M: HMH
S: Author via HMH

Also available
978-0-618-30246-8 • $12.95 PA

• Online promotion, including

podcasts and author interviews
• National Poetry Month promotion
• Promotional book trailer
• E-book ISBN 978-0-547-54911-8
JENNIFER GROTZ’s debut collection, Cusp, received the 2003
Bakeless Prize and the Best First Book
of Poetry Award from the Texas Institute
© University of Rochester /

of Letters. She currently teaches at the

University of Rochester and serves as the
assistant director of the Bread Loaf Writ-
ers’ Conference.
Brandon Vick

Author’s residence
Rochester, New York

8 March • Houghton Mifflin Harcourt •

Ward Just

Rodin’s Debutante

A finely observed coming-of-age novel from National

Book Award finalist Ward Just, set in Chicago
and at a misbegotten boarding school for boys,
and haunted by a never-solved sex crime  

T ommy Ogden, a Gatsbyesque character living in a

mansion outside robber-baron-era Chicago, declines to
give his wife the money to commission a bust of herself from
the French master Rodin and announces instead his inten-
tion to endow a boys’ school. Ogden’s decision reverberates
years later in the life of Lee Goodell, whose coming of age is
at the heart of Ward Just’s emotionally potent new novel.
Lee’s life decisions—to become a sculptor, to sojourn in
the mean streets of the South Side, to marry into the haute-
intellectual culture of Hyde Park—play out against the crude
978-0-547-50419-3 • $26.00
glamour of midcentury Chicago. Just’s signature skill of Rodin’s Debutante
conveying emotional heft with few words is put into play as March • Fiction • 272 pages • 6 x 9 • CTN
Lee confronts the meaning of his four years at Ogden Hall 12 • Terr: US, C, O • Rights: B/T/A/P/M/S:
School under the purview, in the school library, of a bust Janklow & Nesbit Associates
known as Rodin’s Debutante. And, especially, as he meets
again a childhood friend, the victim of a brutal sexual assault
of which she has no memory. It was a crime marking the end Also available
of Lee’s boyhood and the beginning of his understanding— Exiles in the Garden
978-0-547-33601-5 • $14.94 PA
so powerfully under the surface of Just’s masterly story—
that how and what we remember add up to nothing less than Forgetfulness
our very lives.  978-0-618-91849-2 • $13.95 PA

An Unfinished Season
978-0-618-56828-4 • $13.95 PA

WARD JUST’s sixteen previous novels include Exiles in the • National media from New York and Boston 
Garden, Forgetfulness, the National Book Award finalist Echo
• Online promotion
House, A Dangerous Friend, winner of the
Cooper Prize for fiction from the Society • Advance reading copies
of American Historians, and An Unfinished • E-book ISBN 978-0-547-50420-9
Season, winner of the Chicago Tribune
Heartland Award and a finalist for the 2005
© Nina Bramhall

Pulitzer Prize.  

Author’s residence
Martha’s Vineyard, Massachusetts • Houghton Mifflin Harcourt • March 9

Why does violence beget religion?
James Carroll

Jerusalem, Jerusalem
How the Ancient City Ignited
Our Modern World

From the author of the best-selling Constantine’s

Sword, the richly layered story of Jerusalem
and its extraordinary impact on human
history and contemporary conflict

J ames Carroll’s urgent, masterly Jerusalem, Jerusalem

uncovers the ways in which the ancient city became,
unlike any other in the world—reaching deep into our
contemporary lives—an incendiary fantasy of a city.
In Carroll’s provocative reading of the deep past, the
Bible’s brutality responded to the violence that threatened
Jerusalem from the start. Centuries later, the mounting
European fixation on a heavenly Jerusalem sparked both
978-0-547-19561-2 • $28.00 anti-Semitism and racist colonial contempt. The holy wars
Jerusalem, Jerusalem of the Knights Templar burned apocalyptic mayhem into the
March • History/Religion • 448 pages Western mind. Carroll’s brilliant and original leap is to show
6 x 9 • CTN 12 • Terr: World • Rights: B/T/ how, as Christopher Columbus carried his own Jerusalem-
A/P/S: HMH • M: Bookmark: The Literary
centric worldview to the West, America too was powerfully
shaped by the dream of the City on a Hill—from Governor
Winthrop to Abraham Lincoln to Woodrow Wilson to
Also available Ronald Reagan. The nuclear brinksmanship of the 1973
Constantine’s Sword
978-0-618-21908-7 • $17.00 PA Yom Kippur War helps prove his point: religion and
violence fuel each other, with Jerusalem the ground zero
• National author tour, including of the heat.
New York, Boston, Philadelphia,
Washington, D.C., Chicago, Los
To the standard set by Constantine’s Sword, Jerusalem,
Angeles, San Francisco Jerusalem is again a “rare book that combines searing
• National drive-time radio tour passion . . . with a subject that has affected all our lives”
(Chicago Tribune).
• National print and online advertising,
including The New Yorker
• Academic promotion
• E-book ISBN 978-0-547-54905-7

10 March • Houghton Mifflin Harcourt •


The shofar horn, tolling bells, and the muezzin’s high-pitched call to prayer–such
are the sounds of what otherwise remains silent. Alas, they form cacophony.
Division and dispute, rivalry and tribalism, turf fight and hurled anathemas:
ultra-Orthodox Jews against the secular children of Ben-Gurion; European
Ashkenazic Jews against Sephardic Jews of the Middle East; Russian immigrant
Israelis against native-born sabras; Latin Catholics against Greek Orthodox;
Turks against Armenians; dark-skinned Ethiopians against racial elites of
various traditions; Franciscans, preaching love, against Dominicans, emphasiz-
ing mind; modernity against tradition; doctrine against mysticism; and looming
over all, Palestinians against Israelis; Jews against Arabs; gun-toting religious
Zionists against Jewish atheists; and, within the Arab world, Muslims against
Christians, Hamas jihadists against Fatah bureaucrats—all boiling down to a
contest of life against death.

JAMES CARROLL’s critically admired books include Practicing Catholic, the National
Book Award–winning An American Requiem, House of War, which won the first PEN/
Galbraith Award, and the New York Times bestseller Constantine’s Sword, now an
© Patricia Pingree

acclaimed documentary.

Author’s residence
Boston • Houghton Mifflin Harcourt • March 11

David Albahari
Translated from the Serbian ´
by Ellen Elias-Bursac


A complex, powerful, and darkly funny novel

that reflects the uncertainty of Serbian life
at the end of the twentieth century

T he place is Serbia, the time is the late 1990s. Our pro-

tagonist, a single man, writes a regular op-ed column
for a Belgrade newspaper and spends the rest of his time with
his best friend, smoking pot and talking about sex, politics,
and life in general. One day on the shore of the Danube he
spots a man slapping a beautiful woman. Intrigued, he fol-
lows the woman into the tangled streets of the city until he
loses sight of her. A few days later he receives a mysterious
978-0-15-101502-3 • $24.00 manuscript whose contents seem to mutate each time he
Leeches opens it. To decipher the manuscript—a collection of
April • Fiction • 320 pages • 5 5/16 x 8 • CTN fragments on the Kabbalah and the history of the Jews of
12 • Terr: World English • Rights: B/S: HMH Zemun and Belgrade—he contacts an old schoolmate, now
T/A/P/M: Stubovi kulture-Vreme knjige an eccentric mathematician, and a group of men from the
Jewish community.
Also available As the narrator delves deeper into arcane topics,
Götz and Meyer he begins to see signs of anti-Semitism, past and present,
978-0-15-603110-3 • $13.00 PA throughout the city and he feels impelled to denounce it. But
• Literature-in-translation his increasingly passionate columns erupt in a scandal cul-
promotion minating in murder. Following in the footsteps of Foucault’s
• E-book ISBN 978-0-547-54908-8 Pendulum, Leeches is a cerebral adventure into the under-
ground worlds of secret societies and conspiracy theories.

DAVID ALBAHARI was born in Serbia and emigrated to

Canada in 1994. He is the author of eleven
novels and nine collections of short
stories. His novel Götz and Meyer won
the ALTA Translation Award and was a
Barnes and Noble Discover selection.
© Goranka Matic

Author’s residence

12 April • Houghton Mifflin Harcourt •

Susan Freinkel

A Toxic Love Story

How we can learn to live with the material that never dies

P lastic built the modern world. Where would we be

without bike helmets, baggies, toothbrushes, and pace-
makers? But a century into our love affair with plastic, we’re
starting to realize it’s not such a healthy relationship. Plastics
draw on dwindling fossil fuels, leach harmful chemicals, lit-
ter landscapes, and destroy marine life. As journalist Susan
Freinkel points out in this engaging and eye-opening book,
we’re nearing a crisis point. We’ve produced as much plastic
in the past decade as we did in the entire twentieth century.
We’re drowning in the stuff, and we need to start making
some hard choices.
Freinkel gives us the tools we need with a blend of lively 978-0-547-15240-0 • $27.00
anecdotes and analysis. She combs through scientific stud-
April • Current Affairs/Environment
ies and economic data, reporting from China and across the
320 pages • 6 x 9 • CTN 12 • Terr: US, C, O
United States to assess the real impact of plastic on our lives. Rights: B/T/P/M: Tessler Literary Agency
She tells her story through eight familiar plastic objects: A/S: HMH
comb, chair, Frisbee, IV bag, disposable lighter, grocery
bag, soda bottle, and credit card. Her conclusion: we cannot • National media
stay on our plastic-paved path. And we don’t have to. Plastic
• Online advertising to environmental
points the way toward a new creative partnership with the communities like Green Upgrader, The Good
material we love to hate but can’t seem to live without. Human, and EcoStreet
• Online promotion, including outreach
to environmental blogs dedicated to living
with less plastic, and social networking and
A Day Without Plastic campaigns
• Promotional animated book trailer
SUSAN FREINKEL has written for the New York Times,
Discover, Smithsonian, and Health, among other publications. • E-book ISBN 978-0-547-54914-9
She is the author of The American Chest-
nut, which Mary Roach called “a perfect
book” and Richard Preston described as
“a beautifully written account” filled with
“top-notch” writing and reporting.
© Mikhail Lemkhin

Author’s residence
San Francisco • Houghton Mifflin Harcourt • April 13

Before you save the world, first look in
Eric Greitens

The Heart and the Fist

The Education of a Humanitarian,
the Making of a Navy SEAL

H ow best to save the world—as saint or soldier? 

The answer for Eric Greitens is “both.”
Like many young idealists, Eric Greitens wanted to
make a difference. During college and afterward, he trav-
eled to the world’s trouble spots, working in refugee camps,
serving the sick and the poor on four continents, from Gaza
to Croatia to Mother Teresa’s home in Calcutta, among oth-
ers. Yet he could not prevent violence or save anyone from
becoming a refugee; he could only step in afterward and try
to ease the damage.
So he joined the Navy SEALs and became an elite
978-0-547-42485-9 • $27.00 warrior. In a moving and inspiring memoir, told with
The Heart and the Fist
genuine humility, Eric offers something new in the history
April • Memoir • 320 pages • 6 x 9
of military memoirs: a warrior who wanted to be strong to
16-page b/w insert • CTN 12 • Terr: World
English • Rights: B: HMH be good, only to discover that he had to be good to be
T/A/P/M/S: E.J. McCarthy Agency strong. Throughout his SEAL training and deployments in
Kenya, Thailand, Afghanistan, and Iraq, the lessons of his
humanitarian work bore fruit. The result is a lesson for us
• National author tour, including New York,
Washington D.C., St. Louis, San Francisco, all: the heart and fist together are more powerful than either
San Diego one alone.
• Tie-in with author’s lecture schedule
• National drive-time radio tour
• National print, radio, and online advertising,
including Imus in the Morning 
• Online promotion and outreach to military,
alumni, and humanitarian sites
• Advance reading copies
• E-book ISBN 978-0-547-54916-3

14 April • Houghton Mifflin Harcourt •

the mirror. Then, join the Navy SEALs.


S omeone asked, “Why did they want to kill the Bosnians?”

Before I’d left for Bosnia, I would have had at least a partial answer to the question. I would have described
the rise of nationalist politics and ethnic tension, the weak response of the U.S. and the United Nations. After
having lived in the refugee camps, I was, I think, a bit wiser, and I said, “I don’t really know why, any more than
I know why any human being ever abuses or tortures or kills any other human being.”
The final question came from an elderly lady sitting in the back row. She asked, “What can we do?” It was
a simple question, and one that I should have anticipated, but it caught me off guard. I could have told her to
send used clothing and toys overseas, or to donate money to organizations that helped refugees from genocide.
But the anger of the woman on the train and the words of the refugee in Gasinci echoed in my head.
We need for the Serbs to stop burning villages and raping women and killing brothers.
The pause extended longer than I had intended and the audience looked expectantly at me for an answer.
“We can certainly donate money and clothing, and we can volunteer in the refugee camps. But in the end
these acts of kindness are done after the fact. They are done after people have been killed, their homes burned,
their lives destroyed. Yes, the honey, the bread, the school; they are all good and they are all much appreciated.
But I suppose we have to behave the same way we would if any person — our kids, our sisters, brothers, par-
ents— were threatened. If we really care about these people, we have to be willing to protect them from harm.”

ERIC GREITENS is a senior fellow at the University of Missouri and the founder and
Courtesy of the Author

director of The Mission Continues, a charity that helps wounded veterans find work
back at home. A former Rhodes scholar and White House fellow, Eric served as a
Navy SEAL until he was wounded in Iraq.

Author’s residence
Columbia, Missouri • Houghton Mifflin Harcourt • April 15

Jonathan Wright

The Creation of Christianity from the
Gnostics to the Modern Church

A lively new examination of the heretics who helped

Christianity become the world’s most powerful religion

I n Heretics Jonathan Wright charts the history of dissent

in the Christian Church through the stories of some of its
most emblematic heretics—from Arius, a fourth-century
Libyan cleric who doubted the very divinity of Christ, to
more successful heretics like Martin Luther and John Cal-
vin. As he traces the Church’s attempts at enforcing ortho-
doxy, from the days of Constantine to the modern Catholic
Church’s lingering conflicts, Wright argues that heresy,
by forcing the Church to continually refine and impose its
978-0-15-101387-6 • $28.00
beliefs, actually helped Christianity to blossom into one of
April • History • 400 pages • 6 x 9 • CTN
the world’s most formidable and successful religions.
12 • Terr: US, C, O (-EU) • Rights: B/T/A/P/ Today, all believers owe it to themselves to grapple with
M/S: InkWell Management the questions raised by heresy. Can you be a Christian with-
out denouncing heretics? Is it possible that new ideas chal-
lenging Church doctrine are destined to become as popular
Also available as have Luther’s once outrageous suggestions of clerical
The Ambassadors marriage and a priesthood of all believers? A delightfully
978-0-15-101111-7 • $26.00 CL
readable and deeply learned new history, Heretics overturns
• National media our assumptions about the role of heresy in a faith that still
• Online promotion, including
shapes the world.
outreach to religious outlets
• Academic promotion to religious and
Christian studies departments
JONATHAN WRIGHT received his doctorate in history from
• E-book ISBN 978-0-547-54889-0 Oxford University. He has been a Thouron fellow at the
University of Pennsylvania and a fellow
of the Institute for European History in
Mainz, Germany. He is also the author of
God’s Soldiers, a history of the Jesuits that
has been translated into nine languages,
and The Ambassadors.
© Paul Kildea

Author’s residence
Hartlepool, England

16 April • Houghton Mifflin Harcourt •

William C. Davis

The Rogue Republic

How Would-Be Patriots Waged the
Shortest Revolution in American History

From acclaimed Civil War historian and award-

winning author of The Pirates Laffite comes
the absorbing history of an upstart ninety-day
republic that jump-started Manifest Destiny.

W hen Britain ceded the territory of West Florida—

what is now Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, and
Florida—to Spain in 1783, America was still too young to
confidently fight in one of Europe’s endless territorial con-
tests. So it was left to the settlers, bristling at Spanish mis-
rule, to establish a foothold in the area. Enter the Kemper
brothers, whose vigilante justice culminated in a small band
of American residents drafting a constitution and establish- 978-0-15-100925-1 • $28.00
The Rogue Republic
ing a new government. By the time President Madison sent
April • History • 416 pages • 6 x 9 • One
troops to occupy the territory, assert U.S. authority under
8-page b/w insert & endpaper maps • CTN 12
the Louisiana Purchase, and restore order, West Florida’s Terr: World • Rights: B/T/A/M/S: HMH
settlers had already  announced their independence, becom- P: Author via HMH
ing our country’s shortest-lived rogue “republic.” 
Meticulously researched and populated with the colorful Also available
characters that make American history a joy, this is the story The Pirates Laffite
of a young country testing its power on the global stage and a 978-0-15-603259-9 • $16.00 PA
lost chapter in how the frontier spirit came to define Ameri- An Honorable Defeat
can character. The first treatment of this little-known histori- 978-0-15-600748-1 • $16.00 PA
cal moment, The Rogue Republic shows how hardscrabble
• National media
frontiersmen and gentleman farmers planted the seeds of
civil war, marked the dawn of Manifest Destiny, and laid the • Online promotion, including podcasts,
author interviews, outreach to American
groundwork for the American empire. and military history organizations, and a
social networking campaign
The author of more than forty books,
• Academic promotion
WILLIAM C. DAVIS is the director of pro-
grams at the Virginia Center for Civil War • E-book ISBN 978-0-547-54915-6
Studies. He is also chief consultant for the
A&E television series Civil War Journal and
© Glann Corneau

teaches history at Virginia Tech.

Author’s residence
Blacksburg, Virginia • Houghton Mifflin Harcourt • April 17

The definitive biography
Ian O’Connor

The Captain
The Journey of Derek Jeter

From the best-selling author of Arnie & Jack, the

definitive book on baseball’s most iconic player,
the shortstop-next-door who became the King of
the City and the last clean hero in the game

E very spring, Little Leaguers across the country

squabble over the right to wear his number: 2. Derek
Jeter is their hero. He walks in the footsteps of Ruth, Geh-
rig, DiMaggio, and Mantle, and someday his shadow will
loom just as large. Yet he has never been the best player in
baseball. In fact, he hasn’t always been the best player on
his team. But what he does have is an intangible grace that
makes him the face—and the hero—of the modern Yankee
dynasty, and of America’s game.
978-0-547-32793-8 • $26.00 In The Captain, Ian O’Connor draws on unique access
The Captain to Jeter and more than 200 new interviews to reveal how
April • Sports/Baseball/Biography • 336 a biracial kid from Michigan became New York’s most
pages • 6 x 9 • One 8-page b/w insert • CTN beloved sports figure and the face of the steroid-free ath-
12 • Terr: US, C, O • Rights: B/T/A/P/M: The lete. O’Connor takes us behind the scenes of a legendary
David Black Literary Agency • S: HMH baseball life and career, from Jeter’s early struggles in the
minor leagues, when homesickness and errors threatened
Also available a stillborn career, to the heady days of Yankee superiority
Arnie and Jack and nightlife, to the battles with former best friend A-Rod.
978-0-547-23786-2 • $14.95 PA
All along the way, Jeter has made his Hall of Fame destiny
• National media from New York look easy. But behind that leadership and hero’s grace there
and Florida are hidden struggles and complexities that have never been
• National sports-radio tour explored, until now.
and promotion As Derek Jeter closes in on 3,000 hits, something no
• Online advertising and promotion, including Yankee has ever achieved, The Captain offers an incisive,
e-cards, author interviews, and a social
exhilarating, and revealing new look at one of the game’s
networking campaign
greatest players at the apex of his career.
• E-book ISBN 978-0-547-54906-4

18 April • Houghton Mifflin Harcourt •

of a baseball icon
If you think you know Derek Jeter,
The Captain will make you think again.
Q: Derek Jeter may have been the face of the Q: What really started the infamous A-Rod/
Yankees for his entire career, but Jeter and ev- Jeter rift?
eryone around him expected him to be drafted by A: A magazine article. A-Rod was quoted in
another team picking ahead of the Yankees. Esquire saying that Jeter “never had to lead” the
Name that team. Yanks, and that Jeter is “never your concern”
A: The Cincinnati Reds. Find out how one Reds when putting together a scouting report. Learn
scout went on a three-mile jog on the morning of why a couple of quotes started the destruction
the 1992 draft and made a decision that changed of a close relationship between the two megastar
the course of baseball history, and ultimately shortstops.
reserved a forever place for Derek Jeter in Mon- ________
ument Park. Q: Which apostle of sabermetrics said Jeter’s
________ lousy sabermetric numbers on defense don’t
Q: From day one, the Boss had doubts about Jeter. mean anything when evaluating him as a player?
In March 1996, with a twenty-one-year-old Jeter A: Billy Beane. The architect of the Oakland A’s
trying to make the team, what future Yankee and the inspiration behind Michael Lewis’s best-
superstar did Steinbrenner consider trading selling Moneyball agreed there is no mathemati-
for a backup ( journeyman Felix Fermin) whose cal equation that can capture the essence of
presence would allow the Yanks to demote Jeter Jeter, despite sabermetric rankings suggesting
to the minors? the Yankee is among the worst defensive short-
A: Mariano Rivera. The Yankees would have stops in the game.
lost the greatest closer of all time and the
perfect dynastic partner for Jeter, whose
demotion would’ve cost the Yanks the ’96 World
Series title.

IAN O’CONNOR is a nationally recognized sports columnist who has won numerous
Associated Press awards. Currently he writes for and hosts a
© Thomas E. Franklin

radio show for ESPN. He is the author of Arnie and Jack, a New York Times bestseller,
and The Jump.

Author’s residence
River Vale, New Jersey • Houghton Mifflin Harcourt • April 19

Bill Thompson III and Connie Toops

and Butterflies

Two of the best-known names in birding—Peterson

and Bird Watcher’s Digest—team up again to
provide expert advice on attracting, feeding, and
identifying hummingbirds and butterflies.

H ummingbirds and butterflies are some of the most

beautiful visitors to a backyard, but they can also be
some of the most elusive. This second collaboration between
the Peterson Field Guide series and Bird Watcher’s Digest
includes tips on how to attract hummingbirds and butter-
flies to backyards—and how to identify them once they’ve
arrived. Bill Thompson III and Connie Toops have decades
of firsthand experience and have written the book in a fun,
978-0-618-90445-7 • $14.95 PA lighthearted style, providing both amateur and veteran
Hummingbirds and Butterflies nature watchers with need-to-know information, including
April • Nature • 224 pages • 7 x 9 • 300 where hummingbirds and butterflies live, what they eat, and
color photos • CTN 24 • Terr: US, C, O
the best garden plants to attract them. The species profiles of
Rights: B/T/A/P/M/S: Scovil Galen Ghosh
the 15 most common hummingbirds and 40 most common
Literary Agency
butterflies serve as a field guide, showing ranges, identifying
marks, and preferred habitats. Full-color photographs and
Also available
detailed drawings make attracting, identifying, and feeding
Peterson Field Guides/
Bird Watcher’s Digest Backyard these colorful creatures a snap.
Bird Guides: Identifying
and Feeding Birds
978-0-618-90444-0 • $14.95 PA
BILL THOMPSON III is the editor of Bird Watcher’s Digest and
• Promotion at birding and nature festivals
the author of many birding books.
across the country
• E-galleys CONNIE TOOPS is a nature writer and photographer who
• E-book ISBN 978-0-547-60735-1 frequently travels the country speaking on birding, wildlife
gardening, and nature
photography subjects.
Each copy of
courtesy of the author

Hummingbirds and Butterflies Authors’ residences

comes with a complimentary
Thompson: Whipple,
© Julie Zickefoose

mini-subscription to Bird Watcher’s

Digest, ushering readers deeper Ohio
into the world of birds Toops: Marshall, North
and butterflies. Carolina

20 April • Houghton Mifflin Harcourt • • Paperback

John Muir with photography by Scot Miller

My First Summer
in the Sierra

A beautifully illustrated 100th-anniversary

edition of an American classic, with a new
foreword by Dayton Duncan and Ken Burns

F rom the photographer who brought Thoreau’s Walden

and Cape Cod to life comes a new work combining
classic literature with brand-new photography. This time,
Scot Miller takes on the seminal work of John Muir, My
First Summer in the Sierra. The book details Muir’s first
extended trip to the Sierra Nevada in what is now Yosemite
National Park, a landscape that entranced him immediately
and had a profound effect on his life. The towering water-
falls, natural rock formations, and abundant plant and animal
life helped Muir develop his views of the natural world, 978-0-618-98851-8 • $30.00
views that would eventually lead him to push for the creation My First Summer in the Sierra
April • Nature • 208 pages • 9 x 10 • 90
of the national parks.
color photographs • CTN 12 • Terr: World
Timed to coincide with the 100th anniversary of the
Rights: B/T/A/S: HMH • P/M: Author via HMH
book’s original publication, and published in collaboration
with Yosemite Conservancy, My First Summer in the Sierra
is illustrated with Miller’s stunning photos, showcasing the
Also available
dramatic landscape of the High Sierra. The publication of Cape Cod
My First Summer in the Sierra inspired thousands to jour- 978-0-618-75845-6
$35.00 CL
ney there, and this newly illustrated anniversary edition will
surely inspire thousands more. Walden
$35.00 CL

• Online promotion, including e-blasts

JOHN MUIR (1838–1914) was a naturalist, environmental activ- • Promotional book trailer
ist, and author of over a dozen books on nature and conservation.
• E-book ISBN 978-0-547-54871-5

SCOT MILLER is a professional photographer whose

work has appeared in numerous books and publications,
including Walden: The 150th Anniversary Illustrated Edition
of the American Classic and Cape Cod: Illustrated Edition of
the American Classic.

Author’s residence
Miller: Dallas • Houghton Mifflin Harcourt • April 21
Marie Simmons

Fresh & Fast Vegetarian

Recipes That Make a Meal

Quick and delicious vegetarian meals for weeknights,

by a James Beard Award– and IACP Award–winning author

”Marie Simmons makes books that make people want

to cook.”—New York Post

“Marie Simmons . . . has a genuine palate, a

commitment to seasonal ingredients, and the character
to keep things simple.”—Cook’s Illustrated

M arie Simmons loves bold, imaginative flavors from

around the world, and her magically simple combi-
nations have been featured in many magazines, from Redbook
to Bon Appétit, where she was a popular columnist, and in
978-0-547-36891-7 • $17.95 PA
her award-winning cookbooks. Over the years, she has come
Fresh & Fast Vegetarian
April • Cooking • 336 pages • 7 ½ x 9 •
to rely more and more on vegetables and grains, because, as
2-color text with16 pages of color photos • she says, “They taste good and they make me feel better.”
CTN 24 Terr: US, C, O • Rights: B/T/A/P/M: Now, in Fresh & Fast Vegetarian, she offers up more
Bidnick & Company •S: HMH than 150 of her favorite dinners. Most can be made in half an
hour or less, and for each one, Simmons provides an equally
Also available easy accompaniment. Like Roasted Vegetables and Mozza-
Fresh & Fast rella Quesadillas, some are meals in themselves, while others
978-0-618-44029-0 • $18.00 PA
are smaller dishes that can be paired to create a quick but
The Good Egg sumptuous dinner. A number of Simmons’s nearly effortless,
978-0-618-71194-9 • $15.00 PA vibrant recipes are vegan. Each tells exactly how long it will
take to prepare. Fresh & Fast Vegetarian also provides hun-
• Author appearances in California
dreds of tips for shortcuts and substitutions.
• National media from New York and San
The winner of a Julia Child Award and two James Beard
• Online promotion, including a social Awards, MARIE SIMMONS is a cooking teacher and the author
networking campaign of more than a dozen cookbooks, including
• Promotional author videos Sur La Table’s Things Cooks Love, Fresh &
• E-book ISBN 978-0-547-57515-5 Fast, The Good Egg, and 365 Ways to Cook
Pasta. She was a columnist for Bon Appétit
for eighteen years.
© Luca Travoto

Author’s residence
Richmond, California

22 April • Houghton Mifflin Harcourt • • Paperback

Kenn Kaufman

Kaufman Field Guide

to Advanced Birding

Expert Kenn Kaufman’s guide for experienced

birders has been completely rewritten
to reflect what birders need now

B irders can memorize hundreds of details and still not

be able to identify birds if they don’t really understand
what’s in front of them.Today birders have access to almost
too much information, and their attempts to identify birds
can be drowned out by excess detail. The all-new Kaufman
Field Guide to Advanced Birding takes a different approach,
clarifying the basics and providing a framework for learn-
ing about each group. Overall principles of identification
are explained in clear language, and ten chapters on specific
groups of birds show how these principles can be applied in 978-0-547-24832-5 • $21.00 FLEXI
practice. Anyone with a keen interest in identifying birds will Kaufman Field Guide to Advanced Birding
April • Nature • 448 pages • 4 ½ x 7 ½
find that this book makes the learning process more effective
approx. 900 color photos • CTN 24 • Terr:
and enjoyable, and that truly understanding what we see and
World English • Rights: B/A: HMH T/P/M/S:
hear can make birding more fun. The Strothman Agency

Kaufman Field Guide to Birds of
North America
$18.95 FLEXI
KENN KAUFMAN is the originator of the Kaufman Field Guide
series and author of Lives of North American Birds, Kingbird Flights Against the Sunset
Highway, and Flights Against the Sunset, among other books.
$24.00 CL
Long recognized as an expert on bird identification, he has
been teaching popular workshops on the subject since 1980 • Promotion at birding and nature shows
and has written hundreds of ID articles for Birder’s World, across the country
American Birds, and other publications. A • E-book ISBN 978-0-547-57054-9
field editor for Audubon and a contributor
to every major birding magazine, he has
also led nature tours on all seven conti-
nents. He and his wife, Kimberly, make
their home in northwestern Ohio.
© Kristin CHen

Author’s residence
Oak Harbor, Ohio

Flexi • • Houghton Mifflin Harcourt • April 23

From the author of King Leopold’s Ghost, the first
Adam Hochschild

To End All Wars

A Story of Loyalty and Rebellion, 1914–1918

A page-turning, epic history of the modern

era’s most morally challenging war

W orld War I stands as one of history’s most senseless

spasms of carnage, defying rational explanation. In a
riveting, suspenseful narrative with haunting echoes for our
own time, Adam Hochschild brings it to life as never before.
He focuses on the long-ignored moral drama of the war’s
critics, alongside its generals and heroes. Thrown in jail for
their opposition to the war were Britain’s leading investiga-
tive journalist, a future winner of the Nobel Prize for Litera-
ture, and an editor who, behind bars, published a newspaper
for his fellow inmates on toilet paper. These critics were
sometimes intimately connected to their enemy hawks: one
978-0-618-75828-9 • $28.00 of Britain’s most prominent women pacifist campaigners
To End All Wars had a brother who was commander in chief on the Western
May • History • 480 pages • 6 x 9 • b/w Front. Two well-known sisters split so bitterly over the
photo insert; 7 maps • CTN 12 • Terr: US, C, war that they ended up publishing newspapers that attacked
O • Rights: B/T/A/P/M/S: Georges Borchardt
each other.
Today, hundreds of military cemeteries spread across
the fields of northern France and Belgium contain the bodies
Also available of millions of men who died in the “war to end all wars.” Can
King Leopold’s Ghost
we ever avoid repeating history?
$15.00 PA

• National author tour, including

New York, Washington, D.C, San
Francisco, Los Angeles
• National print and online advertising,
including the Wall Street Journal, the New
York Review of Books, and Mother Jones
• Promotional author video
• Academic promotion
• E-book ISBN 978-0-547-54921-7

24 May • Houghton Mifflin Harcourt •

history of World War I that includes the war’s critics

From To End All Wars

Even though I was born long after it ended, the First World War always seemed a presence
in our family. My mother would tell me about the wild enthusiasm of crowds at military
parades when—at last!—in 1917 the United States joined the Allies. A beloved first cousin
of hers marched off to the sound of those cheers, to be killed in the final weeks of fighting;
she never forgot the shock and disillusionment. And no one in my father’s family thought
it absurd that two of his relatives had fought on opposite sides, one in the French army,
one in the German. If your country called, you went.
My father’s sister married a man who fought for Russia in that war, and we owed
his presence in our lives to events triggered by it: the Russian Revolution and the bitter
civil war that followed—after which, finding himself on the losing side, he came to Ameri-
ca. We shared a summer household with this aunt and uncle, and friends of his who were
also veterans of 1914–1918 were regular visitors. As a boy, I vividly remember standing
next to one of them, all of us in bathing suits and about to go swimming, and then looking
down and seeing the man’s foot: all his toes had been sheared off by a German machine-
gun bullet, somewhere on the Eastern Front.
Like my uncle’s friend, many of the war’s more than 21 million wounded survived
for long years after. Once in the 1960s I visited a stone, fortresslike state mental hospital
in northern France, and some of the aged men I saw sitting like statues on benches in the
courtyard there, faces blank, were shellshock victims from the trenches.

In King Leopold’s Ghost, Bury the Chains, and other books, ADAM HOCHSCHILD has
won a reputation as a master of suspense and vivid character portrayal. His skill at
evoking such struggles for justice has made him a finalist for the National Book Award
and won him a host of other prizes.
© Spark Media

Author’s residence
San Francisco • Houghton Mifflin Harcourt • May 25

Edited by Suzanne Marrs

What There Is to Say

We Have Said
The Correspondence of Eudora
Welty and William Maxwell

Eavesdrop on one of the most celebrated

literary friendships of American letters—
that of Eudora Welty and William Maxwell.

F or over fifty years, Eudora Welty and William Maxwell,

two of our most admired writers, penned letters to each
other. They shared their worries about work and family,
literary opinions and scuttlebutt, moments of despair and
hilarity. Living half a continent apart, their friendship was
nourished and maintained by their correspondence.
978-0-547-37649-3 • $35.00 What There Is to Say We Have Said bears witness to
What There Is to Say We Have Said Welty and Maxwell’s editorial relationships—both in his
May • Biography • 480 pages • 6 x 9 capacity as New Yorker editor and in their collegial back-and-
8-page b/w insert • CTN 12 • Terr: World forth on their work. It’s also a chronicle of the literary world
Rights: B/T/S: HMH • A/P/M: Russell & of the time; read talk of James Thurber, William Shawn,
Katherine Anne Porter, J. D. Salinger, Isak Dinesen, William
Faulkner, John Updike, Virginia Woolf, Walker Percy, Ford
Also available Madox Ford, John Cheever, and many more. It is a treasure
Eudora Welty: A Biography
978-0-15-603063-2 • $16.00 PA trove of reading recommendations.
Here, Suzanne Marrs—Welty’s biographer and friend—
• National review attention offers an unprecedented window into two intertwined lives.
• Library promotion Through careful collection of more than 300 letters as well as
• E-book ISBN 978-0-547-54924-8 her own insightful introductions, she has created a record of
a remarkable friendship and a lyrical homage to the forgotten
art of letter writing.

SUZANNE MARRS is the author of Eudora

Welty: A Biography and One Writer’s Imagi-
nation: The Fiction of Eudora Welty and is a
© Gil Ford Photography

recipient of the Phoenix Award for Distin-

guished Welty Scholarship. She is a pro-
fessor of English at Millsaps College.

Author’s residence
Jackson, Mississippi

26 May • Houghton Mifflin Harcourt •

José Saramago
Translated from the Portuguese
by Margaret Jull Costa

Small Memories

This memoir of his childhood is “one of Saramago’s last

books, and one of his most touching.” —New York Times

J osé Saramago was eighteen months old when he moved

from the village of Azinhaga with his father and mother
to live in Lisbon. But he would return to the village through-
out his childhood and adolescence to stay with his maternal
grandparents, illiterate peasants in the eyes of the outside
world, but a fount of knowledge, affection, and authority
to young José.
Shifting back and forth between childhood and his teen-
age years, between Azinhaga and Lisbon, this is a mosaic
of memories, a simply told, affecting look back into the 978-0-15-101508-5 • $22.00
author’s boyhood: the tragic death of his older brother at the Small Memories
age of four; his mother pawning the family’s blankets every May • Memoir • 176 pages • 5 5/16 x 8 • 17
spring and buying them back in time for winter; his beloved b/w photos • CTN 12 • Terr: US, C, O (-EU)
Rights: B/T/A/P/M: Literarische Agentur
grandparents bringing the weaker piglets into their bed on
Mertin • S: HMH
cold nights; and Saramago’s early encounters with literature,
from teaching himself to read by deciphering articles in the
Also available
daily newspaper, to poring over an entertaining dialogue in a Blindness
Portuguese-French conversation guide, not realizing that he 978-0-15-600775-7 • $15.00 PA
was in fact reading a play by Molière.
The Elephant’s Journey
Written with Saramago’s characteristic wit and
978-0-547-57411-0 • $15.95 PA
honesty, Small Memories traces the formation of an art- See page 83.
ist fascinated by words and stories from an early age and
• National advertising, including The New
who emerged, against all odds, as one of the world’s most
respected writers.
• Literature-in-translation promotion
• E-book ISBN 978-0-547-54154-9

JOSÉ SARAMAGO (1922–2010) was the

author of many novels, among them Blind-
ness, All the Names, Baltasar and Blimunda,
© José Frade

and The Year of the Death of Ricardo Reis. In

1998 he was awarded the Nobel Prize for
Literature. • Houghton Mifflin Harcourt • May 27

From the publishers of Jane Goodall and
Andrew Westoll

The Chimps of
Fauna Sanctuary
A True Story of Resilience and Recovery

A fascinating and moving account of a remarkable

community of chimpanzees gradually learning to be
chimps again after years spent in laboratories

I n 1997 Gloria Grow started a sanctuary for chimps retired

from biomedical research on her farm outside Montreal.
For the indomitable Gloria, caring for thirteen great apes
is like presiding over a maximum security prison, a Zen
sanctuary, an old folks’ home, and a New York deli during
the lunchtime rush all rolled into one. But she is first and
foremost creating a refuge for her troubled charges, a place
where they can recover and begin to trust humans again.
Hoping to win some of this trust, the journalist Andrew
978-0-547-32780-8 • $25.00
Westoll spent months at Fauna farm as a volunteer and viv-
The Chimps of Fauna Sanctuary
idly recounts his time in the chimp house and the histories
May • Nature/Animals • 256 pages
5 ½ x 8 ¼ • 8-page b/w insert • CTN 12
of its residents. He arrives with dreams of striking up an
Terr: US, O • Rights: B/T/P/M/S: Fletcher & immediate friendship with the legendary Tom, the wise face
Company • A: HMH of the Great Ape Protection Act, but Tom seems all too con-
tent to ignore him. Gradually, though, old man Tommie and
the rest of the “troop” begin to warm toward Westoll as he
• National media from New York and
Washington, D.C. learns the routines of life at the farm and realizes just how far
• National drive-time radio tour
the chimps have come. Seemingly simple things like groom-
ing, establishing friendships and alliances, and playing games
• Online promotion, including outreach to
organizations such as the World Week for with the garden hose are all poignant testament to the capac-
Animals in Laboratories (WWAIL) and other ity of these animals to heal.
animal groups, and a social networking Brimming with empathy and winning stories of
Gloria and her charges, The Chimps of Fauna Sanctuary is
• Advance reading copies an absorbing, bighearted book that grapples with questions
• E-book ISBN 978-0-547-54920-0 of just what we owe to the animals who are our nearest
genetic relations.

28 May • Houghton Mifflin Harcourt •

Dian Fossey, a new primate classic


Slowly, I open the sliding door that leads to the inner courtyard. Regis pulls
back from the bars, a look of intrigue on his face. Then, as quickly as I can,
I disappear outside, run down the outside wall of the chimp house in an awkward
crouch, and pop my head up in the playroom window. Regis is still looking out
the door, wondering where I went. But Jethro, poor guy, spies me immediately.
His huge body erupts in excited convulsions. His great belly shakes with delight.
Arms flailing, feet bobbing, head going in circles, Jethro tries to push himself up
onto all fours but his enthusiasm proves too great. As if tethered to the earth by
his tremendous size, he falls backwards into the caging with a crash. Regis looks
over at his floundering friend, but Jethro is still too excited to direct him my way.
For one glorious moment, Jethro the chimpanzee is completely speechless.

ANDREW WESTOLL is an award-winning narrative journalist and the author

of a travel memoir set in the jungles of Suriname, where he once lived as a
monkey researcher.
© Jason Rothe

Author’s residence
Toronto • Houghton Mifflin Harcourt • May 29

Thomas Perry

The Informant
An Otto Penzler Book

The Butcher’s Boy is back for another one-

man war against the Mafia—and a high-stakes
battle of wits against tenacious Justice
Department official Elizabeth Waring.

I n Thomas Perry’s Edgar-winning debut The Butcher’s

Boy, a professional killer betrayed by the Mafia leaves
countless mobsters dead and then disappears. Justice
Department official Elizabeth Waring is the only one who
believes he ever existed. Many years later, the Butcher’s
Boy finds his peaceful life threatened when a Mafia hit team
finally catches up with him. He knows they won’t stop com-
ing and decides to take the fight to their door.
978-0-547-56933-8 • $27.00 Soon Waring, now high up in the Organized Crime
The Informant Division of the Justice Department, receives a surprise late-
May • Mystery/Thriller • 336 pages • 6 x 9 night visit from the Butcher’s Boy. Knowing she keeps track
CTN 12 • Terr: US, C, O • Rights: B/T/A/P/ of the Mafia, he asks her whom his attackers worked for,
M/S: Lescher & Lescher
offering information that will help her crack an unsolved
murder in return. So begins a new assault on organized
crime and an uneasy alliance between opposite sides of the
Also available
law. As the Butcher’s Boy works his way ever closer to his
978-0-547-24792-2 • $14.95 PA quarry in an effort to protect his new way of life, Waring
is in a race against time, either to convince him to become
978-0-15-603386-2 • $14.95 PA
a protected informant—or to take him out of commission
for good.
978-0-15-603559-0 • $14.95 PA
See page 84.

• National print advertising

• Online promotion, including mystery THOMAS PERRY is the author of the Jane
e-newsletter Whitefield series as well as the best-
• Author website: www.thomasperryauthor selling novels Nightlife, Death Benefits, and
.com/thomas_perry/main.html Pursuit. He won the Edgar Award for The
Butcher’s Boy, and Metzger’s Dog was a
• E-book ISBN 978-0-547-56964-2
New York Times Notable Book of the Year.
© Jo Perry

Author’s residence
Studio City, California

30 May • Houghton Mifflin Harcourt •

Bharati Mukherjee

Miss New India

Internationally acclaimed author Bharati

Mukherjee explores a distinctively newfangled
India in this vividly imagined story of a young
woman’s quest to discover herself.

A njali Bose is “Miss New India.” Born into a traditional

lower-middle-class family and living in a backwater
town with an arranged marriage on the horizon, Anjali’s
prospects don’t look great. But her ambition and fluency in
language do not go unnoticed by her expat teacher, Peter
Champion. And champion her he does, both to other power-
ful people who can help her along the way and to Anjali her-
self, stirring in her a desire to take charge of her own destiny.
So she sets off to Bangalore, India’s fastest-growing
major metropolis, and quickly falls in with an audacious and
978-0-618-64653-1 • $25.00
ambitious crowd of young people, who have learned how to Miss New India
sound American by watching shows like Seinfeld in order to May • Fiction • 336 pages • 6 x 9 • CTN 12
get jobs as call-center service agents, where they are quickly Terr: US, O • Rights: B/T/A/P/M/S: Janklow &
able to out-earn their parents. And it is in this high-tech city Nesbit Associates • Canada: HarperCollins
where Anjali—suddenly free from the traditional confines of
class, caste, gender, and more—is able to confront her past
and reinvent herself. Of course, the seductive pull of moder- • Author appearances
nity does not come without a dark side . . . • Reading group promotion
• Online promotion, including a social
networking campaign
• Advance reading copies
• E-book ISBN 978-0-547-54909-5

Winner of a National Book Critics Circle

author of seven novels, two story collec-
tions, and the coauthor of two books of
nonfiction. She is a professor of English
at the University of California, Berkeley.
© Chip Cooper

Author’s residence
San Francisco • Houghton Mifflin Harcourt • May 31

Ralph Steadman

The Ralph Steadman

Book of Dogs

A new book by the cult favorite artist Ralph Steadman,

capturing man’s best friend in every way imaginable

R alph Steadman—artist of distinction, caricaturist of

brilliance—is also a longtime dog lover. In his latest
book, he shows us dogs on furniture, fashion dogs, wine
dogs, fantastical crossbreeds, and even the insects that live
on dogs. The Ralph Steadman Book of Dogs captures the
fierce and furious, the whimsical and wistful, and everything
in between, including:

• Saloon Bar Dog

978-0-547-53425-1 • $24.00
• Antisocial Blot Dog
The Ralph Steadman Book of Dogs
May • Pets/Art • 96 pages • 8 ¼ x 8 ¼
• Buddhist Dogs Searching for Happiness
Four-color illustrations throughout • CTN • Dog Baby Substitute
12 • Terr: US, C, O • Rights: B/T/A/P/M/S: • Decibelle, the Noisy Mongrel
Sobel Weber Associates
With his trademark style and strong eye, Steadman exposes
the heart and bone of our canine companions to create a
Also available
The Joke’s Over stunning dog book like no other.
978-0-15-603250-6 • $15.00 PA

• National advertising, including

The New Yorker
• Promotional partnership with
Flying Dog Brewery
• E-book ISBN 978-0-547-55917-9

RALPH STEADMAN has illustrated many books, including

Hunter S. Thompson’s Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas and
the fiftieth-anniversary edition of George
Orwell’s Animal Farm. He is the author of
The Grapes of Ralph (for which he won a
Courtesy of the Author

Glenfiddich Food and Drink Award), Still

Life with Bottle, The Book of Jones, and
Gonzo: The Art.

Author’s residence

32 May • Houghton Mifflin Harcourt •

Mickey Spillane and Max Allan Collins

Kiss Her Goodbye

An Otto Penzler Book

Recovering from a gunshot wound, Hammer returns to

New York to investigate an old friend’s death, a fortune
in Nazi diamonds, and the disco-era drug trade.

M ike Hammer has been away from New York too long.
Recuperating in Florida after a deadly mob shoot-
out, the private eye learns that an old mentor on the New
York police force has committed suicide. Hammer returns
for the funeral—and because he knows that Inspector Doolan
would never have killed himself. But Manhattan in the 1970s
no longer feels like home. Hammer’s lovely longtime part-
ner, Velda, has disappeared after he broke it off for her own
safety, and his office is shut down.
When a woman is murdered practically on the funeral 978-0-15-101460-6 • $25.00
home’s doorstep, Hammer is drawn into the hunt for a cache Kiss Her Goodbye
of Nazi diamonds that makes the Maltese Falcon seem like May • Mystery • 288 pages • 6 x 9 • CTN 12
Terr: US, C, O • Rights: B: Atlantic Books
a knickknack, and for the mysterious beauty who had been
T/A/S: HMH • P/M: Dominick Abel Literary
close to Doolan in his final days. But drug racketeers, who
had it in for the tough old police inspector, attract Hammer’s
attention as well. Soon he is hobnobbing with coke-snorting
Also available
celebrities at the notorious disco Club 52 and playing footsie The Big Bang
with a sleek lady D.A., a modern female on the make for old- 978-0-547-52170-1 • $13.95 PA
fashioned Hammer. Everything leads to a Mafia social club
The Goliath Bone
where Hammer and his .45 come calling, initiating the wild- 978-0-15-603578-1 • $13.95 PA
est showdown since Spillane’s classic One Lonely Night.
• Online promotion, including mystery
MICKEY SPILLANE (1918–2006) sold hundreds of millions of
books. He introduced iconic detective Mike Hammer to read- • Author website:
ers in 1947 with I, the Jury, and was named a Mystery Writers • E-book ISBN 978-0-547-54907-1
of America Grand Master in 1995.

MAX ALLAN COLLINS is the author of

many works, including the best-selling
graphic novel Road to Perdition and the
© Bamford Studios

Shamus-winning Nathan Heller novels.

© Galati

Author’s residence
Collins: Muscatine, Iowa • Houghton Mifflin Harcourt • May 33

Willa Cather

My Ántonia / O Pioneers! 2
wo rks

F irst published in 1918, My Ántonia is the unforgettable story

of an immigrant woman’s life on the hardscrabble Nebraska
plains. Together here with O Pioneers!, a classic American tale of
pioneer life and the transformation of the frontier, this volume of Willa
Cather’s works captures a time, a place, and a spirit that are part of our
national heritage.

WILLA CATHER (1873–1947), the Pulitzer Prize–winning author of more

978-0-547-55502-7 • $22.00 than fifteen books, was one of the most distinguished American writers of
My Ántonia / O Pioneers! the early twentieth century.
May • Fiction • 496 pages • 5 ½ x 8 ¼
CTN 12 • Terr: World

Alice Walker

The Color Purple /

The Temple of My Familiar 2
wo rks

W inner of the Pulitzer Prize and the National Book Award, The
Color Purple is the moving story of a young woman’s endurance
of shame and suffering to become whole and to know God. The novel
became an instant classic and has been adapted into a film and musical.
Paired here with The Temple of My Familiar, which the author describes
as “a romance of the last 500,000 years,” this edition brings together two
works that established Walker as a major voice in modern fiction.

Best-selling novelist ALICE WALKER is the author of five other novels, five
collections of short stories, six collections of essays, seven volumes of
978-0-547-55563-8 • $22.00
poetry, including most recently Hard Times Require Furious Dancing, and
The Color Purple / The Temple of My
several children’s books. Her books have been translated into more than
two dozen languages.
May • Fiction • 672 pages • 5 ½ x 8 ¼
CTN 12 • Terr: US, C, O • Rights: B/T/A/
Author’s residence
P/M/S: The Wendy Weil Agency
Berkeley, California

34 May • Houghton Mifflin Harcourt •

Eudora Welty

Delta Wedding / The Ponder Heart 2

wo rks

S et in 1923, Delta Wedding is an exquisitely woven story of southern

family life, centered around the Fairchild family’s preparations for
a wedding at their Mississippi plantation. In The Ponder Heart, a comic
masterpiece, Miss Edna Earle Ponder, one of the few living members of a
once prominent family, tells a traveling salesman the history of her family
and fellow townsfolk. This edition brings together two fine works from
one of the most beloved writers of the American south.

978-0-547-55564-5 • $22.00
EUDORA WELTY (1909–2001) was born in Jackson, Mississippi, and Delta Wedding / The Ponder Heart
attended the Mississippi State College for Women, the University of Wis- May • Fiction • 512 pages
consin, and Columbia University (where she studied advertising). In addi- 5 ½ x 8 ¼ • CTN 12 • Terr: US, C,
tion to short fiction, Welty wrote novels, novellas, essays, and reviews, and O • Rights: B/T/A/P/M/S: Russell
was a winner of the National Book Award and the Pulitzer Prize. & Volkening

José Saramago

Blindness / Seeing 2
wo rks

I n Blindness, a city is overcome by an epidemic of blindness that spares

only one woman. She becomes a guide for a group of seven strangers
and serves as the eyes and ears for the reader in this profound parable of
loss and disorientation. We return to the city years later in Saramago’s
Seeing, a satirical commentary on government in general and democracy
in particular. This beautiful volume, pairing the two books for the first
time, will be a welcome addition to the library of any Saramago fan.

978-0-547-55488-4 • $22.00
Blindness / Seeing
May • Fiction • 672 pages
JOSÉ SARAMAGO (1922–2010) was the author of numerous novels, includ- 5 ½ x 8 ¼ • CTN 12 • Terr: US,
ing All the Names, The Cave, and The Elephant’s Journey. In 1998 he was C, O • Rights: B/T/A/P/M/S:
awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature. Editorial Caminho • Houghton Mifflin Harcourt • May 35

Lawrence M. Page and Brooks M. Burr

Peterson Field Guide

to Freshwater Fishes
Second Edition

A new edition of the top-selling identification

guide to freshwater fishes

T here are nearly 1,000 species of freshwater fishes in

North America alone, and identifying them can some-
times be a daunting task. In fact, in just the twenty years
since publication of the first edition of the Peterson Field
Guide to Freshwater Fishes, the number of species has risen
by almost 150, including 19 marine invaders and 16 newly
established nonnative species. This second edition incorpo-
rates all of these new species, plus all-new maps and a col-
978-0-547-24206-4 • $20.00 PA lection of new and revised plates. Some of the species can be
Peterson Field Guide to Freshwater Fishes, told apart only by minute differences in coloration or shape,
Second Edition and these beautifully illustrated plates reveal exactly how to
April • Nature • 592 pages • 4 ½ x 7 ¼ distinguish each species.
41 color plates; 15 b/w plates; 64 b/w The guide includes detailed maps and information
figures; 566 color maps • CTN 24 • Terr: showing where to locate each species of fish—whether that
World • Rights: B/T/A/P/M/S: HMH
species can be found in miles-long stretches of river or small
pools that cover only dozens of square feet. The ichthyologic
• Promotion at nature shows across
world of the twenty-first century is not the same as it was in
the country
the twentieth, and this brand-new edition of the definitive
• Online promotion, including e-blasts
field guide to freshwater fishes reflects these many changes.

LAWRENCE M. PAGE is curator of fishes at the Florida

Museum of Natural History, principal scientist emeritus for
the Illinois Natural History Survey’s Center for Biodiversity,
and an affiliate professor at the University of Florida.

BROOKS M. BURR is a professor in the Department of Zool-

ogy, Southern Illinois University at Carbondale, and an affili-
ate scientist at the Illinois Natural History Survey.

Authors’ residences
Page: Gainesville, Florida
Burr: Carbondale, Illinois

36 April • Houghton Mifflin Harcourt • • Paperback

Paul Theroux

The Tao of Travel

Enlightenments from Lives on the Road

A literary traveler’s handbook from

one of our finest travel writers

P aul Theroux celebrates fifty years of wandering the

globe by collecting the best writing on travel from the
books that shaped him, as a reader and a traveler. Part philo-
sophical guide, part miscellany, part reminiscence, The
Tao of Travel enumerates “The Contents of Some Travel-
ers’ Bags” and exposes “Writers Who Wrote about Places
They Never Visited”; tracks extreme journeys in “Travel
as an Ordeal” and highlights some of “Travelers’ Favorite
Places.” Excerpts from the best of Theroux’s own work
are interspersed with selections from travelers both familiar
and unexpected: 978-0-547-33691-6 • $25.00 Flexi binding
with elastic bookmark
The Tao of Travel
Vladimir Nabokov Samuel Johnson
May • Travel • 304 pages • 5 ½ x 8 • Line
Evelyn Waugh Charles Dickens
drawings • CTN 12 • Terr: US, O • Rights:
Henry David Thoreau Mark Twain B/T/A/P/M/S: The Wylie Agency
Bruce Chatwin Freya Stark
Graham Greene J.R.R. Tolkien
Eudora Welty Isak Dinesen Also available
James Baldwin Pico Iyer A Dead Hand
978-0-547-39449-7 • $14.95 PA
Anton Chekhov John McPhee
Peter Matthiessen Ernest Hemingway Ghost Train to the Eastern Star
978-0-547-23793-0 • $15.95 PA
The Tao of Travel is a unique tribute to the pleasures and
• Online promotion, including a social
pains of travel in its golden age. networking campaign
• E-book ISBN 978-0-547-54919-4

PAUL THEROUX is the author of many

highly acclaimed books. His novels include
A Dead Hand and The Mosquito Coast, and
© Yingyong Un anongrak

his renowned travel books include

Ghost Train to the Eastern Star and
Dark Star Safari.

Author’s residences
Hawaii and Cape Cod

Flexi • • Houghton Mifflin Harcourt • May 37

Meet Claire DeWitt, part Sam Spade
Sara Gran

Claire DeWitt and the

City of the Dead

A new series from Sara Gran, “a latter-day Raymond

Chandler” (Glamour), featuring the world’s
best—and most eccentric—private investigator

C laire DeWitt is not your average private investigator.

She has brilliant deductive skills and is an ace at dis-
covering evidence. But Claire also uses her dreams, omens,
and mind-expanding herbs to help her solve mysteries,
and relies on Détection — the only book published by the
late, great, and mysterious French detective Jacques Silette.
The tattooed, pot-smoking Claire has just arrived in
post-Katrina New Orleans, the city she’s avoided since her
mentor, Silette’s student Constance Darling, was murdered
there. Claire is investigating the disappearance of Vic Will-
978-0-547-42849-9 • $24.00 ing, a prosecutor known for winning convictions in a homi-
Claire DeWitt and the City of the Dead cide-plagued city. Has an angry criminal enacted revenge
June • Mystery • 288 pages • 6 x 9 • CTN on Vic? Or did he use the storm as a means to disappear?
12 • Terr: US, C, O • Rights: B/T/A/P/M/S: Claire follows the clues, finding old friends and making new
Writers House
enemies — foremost among them Andray Fairview, a young
gang member who just might hold the key to the mystery.
Littered with memories of Claire’s years as a girl detec-
• Extensive review attention from literary and tive in 1980s Brooklyn, Claire DeWitt and the City of the
mystery communities
Dead is a knockout start to a bracingly original new series.
• National advertising, including McSweeney’s
and Believer
• Mystery promotion, including monthly
newsletter features and Strand group
• Online promotion, including a Facebook page
for Claire DeWitt
• Advance reading copies
• Author website:
• E-book ISBN 978-0-547-54885-2

38 June • Houghton Mifflin Harcourt •

and part hipster Nancy Drew.


First I took a control print; Vic Willing’s. Next I took prints from some spots
around the house a visitor was likely to touch. The doorknobs. The refrigerator.


The safe. The television—you’d be surprised how many murderers put the TV
on before or after they kill someone. I put all my little papers in an envelope and
stuck them in my purse.
I had a feeling there was more to the apartment than I’d seen. Vic had held
secrets here. People bury things in their houses, things they can’t get rid of but
can’t take with them. They weren’t physical but they were there all the same.
I went to the bedroom and turned off the lights and lay down on Vic’s bed.
The sheets were crisp and possibly ironed and not very comfortable. I let my
breathing slow down and my mind drain until I was almost asleep.
Almost immediately I sat up and got out of bed. What I’d felt wasn’t rest or
peace. It was struggle.
I asked Leon if I could hold on to the keys so I could come back
and look for more clues if I needed to.
“It’s just that I only have one set,” he said, shuffling
in place a little. “It’s not that I don’t trust you.”
“It’s just that you don’t trust me,” I said.
He hemmed and hawed a little before I let him off the hook.
“It’s okay,” I lied. “You will.”
“I’m sure,” he said. “I will.”
He was lying too.

SARA GRAN’s previous novels include Come Closer, a psychological thriller hailed as
“hypnotic, disturbing . . . genuinely scary” (Bret Easton Ellis), and Dope, a noir hom-
age. Television rights to Claire DeWitt have been bought by Fremantle (the company
that brought you American Idol) and the Todd sisters (responsible for Memento, Boiler
Room, and all three Austin Powers films). A former bookseller and native of Brooklyn
© Deborah Lopez

who lived in New Orleans during Katrina, she now lives in northern California.

Author’s residence
Sebastopol, California • Houghton Mifflin Harcourt • June 39

Jason Felch and Ralph Frammolino

Chasing Aphrodite
The Hunt for Looted Antiquities at
the World’s Richest Museum

From the reporters who exposed it, the dramatic story

of the looted antiquities scandal at the Getty Museum

I n recent years, several of America’s leading art museums

have voluntarily given up their finest pieces of classical art
to the governments of Italy and Greece. The monetary value
is estimated at over half a billion dollars. Why would they be
moved to such unheard-of generosity?
The answer lies at the Getty, one of the world’s richest
and most troubled museums, and scandalous revelations that
it had been buying looted antiquities for decades. Drawing on
a trove of confidential museum records and frank interviews,
978-0-15-101501-6 • $28.00
Felch and Frammolino give us a fly-on-the-wall account of
Chasing Aphrodite
May • Art/Current Events • 384 pages
the inner workings of a world-class museum and tell the story
6 x 9 • 8-page b/w insert • CTN 12 • Terr: of the Getty’s dealings in the illegal antiquities trade. The
US, C, O • Rights: B/T/A/P/M: William Morris outlandish characters and bad behavior could come straight
Endeavor • S: HMH from the pages of a thriller—the wealthy recluse founder, the
cagey Italian art investigator, the playboy curator, the narcis-
• Online Marketing sist CEO—but their chilling effects on the rest of the art world
• Academic promotion have been all too real, as the authors show in novelistic detail.
Fast-paced and compelling, Chasing Aphrodite exposes
• E-book ISBN 978-0-547-53802-0
the layer of dirt beneath the polished façade of the museum

The investigation into the Getty led by JASON FELCH and

RALPH FRAMMOLINO, reporters for the Los Angeles Times,
sparked an international controversy and prompted the
departure of several senior museum staff members.
For their work they were
named as finalists for the
2006 Pulitzer Prize for
© THe Daily Star, Dhaka

Investigative Reporting.
© Luis Sinco

AuthorS’ residenceS
Felch: Pasadena, California
Frammolino: Austin, Texas

40 May • Houghton Mifflin Harcourt •

Dean Bakopoulos

My American Unhappiness

Introducing Zeke, one of the wittiest, most

unpredictable, and charmingly deluded
narrators to come along in years.

“W hy are you so unhappy?” That’s the question that

Zeke Pappas, a thirty-three-year-old scholar, asks
almost everybody he meets as part of an obsessive project,
“The Inventory of American Unhappiness.” The answers he
receives—a mix of true sadness and absurd complaint—cre-
ate a collage of woe. Zeke, meanwhile, remains delightfully
oblivious to the increasingly harsh
realities that threaten his daily routine, opting instead to
focus his energy on finding the perfect mate so that he
can gain custody of his orphaned nieces. Following steps
outlined in a women’s magazine, the ever-optimistic Zeke 978-0-15-101344-9 • $24.00
identifies some “prospects”: a newly divorced neighbor, a My American Unhappiness
coffeehouse barista, his administrative assistant, and Sofia June • Fiction • 288 pages • 6 x 9 • CTN 12
Coppola (“Why not aim high?”). Terr: World English • Rights: B/S: HMH T/A/
A clairvoyant when it comes to the Starbucks orders of P/M: McCormick & Williams
strangers, a quixotic renegade when it comes to the federal
bureaucracy, and a devoted believer in the afternoon cock-
tail and the evening binge, Zeke has an irreverent voice that Also available
Please Don’t Come Back from the
is a marvel of lacerating wit and heart-on-sleeve emotion,
underscored by a creeping paranoia and made more urgent 978-0-15-603167-7 • $14.00 PA
by the hope that if he can only find a wife, he might have a
second chance at life. • Author appearances
• Online promotion, including a social
networking campaign
• Promotional book trailer
• Advance reading copies

Author of the award-winning debut novel • E-book ISBN 978-0-547-54910-1

Please Don’t Come Back from the Moon,
Dean Bakopoulos is the founding direc-
tor of the Wisconsin Book Festival and a
© Julian Goldberger

creative writing professor at Iowa State


Author’s residence
Ames, Iowa • Houghton Mifflin Harcourt • June 41

Earl Swift

The Big Roads

The Untold Story of the Engineers,
Visionaries, and Trailblazers Who
Created the American Superhighways

A road trip through the revelatory history

of American interstate highways

A man-made wonder, a connective network, an economic

force, a bringer of blight and sprawl and the possibility
of escape—the U.S. interstate system changed the face of our
country. The Big Roads charts the creation of these essential
American highways. From the turn-of-the-century car rac-
ing entrepreneur who spurred the citizen-led “Good Roads”
movement, to the handful of driven engineers who conceived
978-0-618-81241-7 • $27.00
of the interstates and how they would work—years before
The Big Roads President Eisenhower knew the plans existed—to the pro-
June • History • 368 pages • 6 x 9 • 8-page tests that erupted across the nation when highways reached
b/w insert • CTN 12 • Terr: US, C, O the cities and found people unwilling to be uprooted in the
Rights: B/T/P/M/S: The David Black Literary name of progress, Swift follows a winding, fascinating route
Agency • A: HMH through twentieth-century American life.
How did we get from dirt tracks to expressways, from
Also available main streets to off-ramps, from mud to concrete and steel,
Where They Lay
in less than a century? Through decades of politics, activism,
978-0-618-56242-8 • $14.00 PA
and marvels of engineering, we recognize in our highways
• National media from New York the wanderlust, grand scale, and conflicting notions of
and Washington, D.C.
citizenship and progress that define America.
• National drive-time radio tour
• National print and online advertising,
including Google Maps, AAA, MapQuest
• Online promotion, including targeted
outreach to transportation blogs and a social
networking campaign
• Academic promotion to urban planning
EARL SWIFT is the author of three previ-
ous books, including Where They Lay, a
• Advance reading copies 2003 PEN finalist. He lives in Virginia with
© Saylor Denney

• E-book ISBN 978-0-547-54913-2 his daughter Saylor.

Author’s residence
Norfolk, Virginia

42 June • Houghton Mifflin Harcourt •

David Wise

Tiger Trap
America’s Secret Spy War with China

Honey traps, double agents, nuclear secrets, and

a future president’s female friend: a revelatory
history of Chinese espionage in America

F or decades, while America obsessed over Soviet spies,

China quietly penetrated the highest levels of govern-
ment. Now, for the first time, based on numerous interviews
with key insiders at the FBI and CIA as well as with Chinese
agents and people close to them, David Wise tells the full
story of China’s many victories and defeats in its American
spy wars.Two key cases interweave throughout: Katrina
Leung, code-named parlor maid, worked for the FBI for
years, even after she became a secret double agent for China,
aided by love affairs with both of her FBI handlers. Here, 978-0-547-55310-8 • $28.00
too, is the inside story of the case, code-named tiger trap, Tiger Trap
of a key Chinese-American scientist suspected of stealing June • Politics/International Relations
304 pages • 6 x 9 • 8-page b/w photo insert
nuclear weapons secrets. These two cases led to many oth-
CTN 12 • Terr: World • Rights: B/T: HMH
ers, involving famous names from Wen Ho Lee to Richard
A/P/M/S: Sterling Lord Literistic
Nixon, stunning national security leaks, and sophisticated
cyberspying. The story takes us up to the present, with a
• National media from New York and
West Coast spy ring whose members were sentenced in Washington, D.C.
2010—but it surely will continue for years to come, as China
• National drive-time radio tour
faces off against America. David Wise’s history of China’s
• National print and online advertising,
spy wars in America is packed with eye-popping revelations. including the New York Review of Books
• Online promotion, including podcasts
and author interviews on history, CIA, and
spy-fan blogs
• Academic promotion
• Promotional author video
DAVID WISE’s best-selling books on espio-
nage and national security include Spy: The • E-book ISBN 978-0-547-55487-7
Inside Story of How the FBI’s Robert Hans-
sen Betrayed America, Nightmover: How
Aldrich Ames Sold the CIA to the KGB for
$4.6 Million, and The Invisible Government.
© Jon Wise

Author’s residence
Washington, D.C. • Houghton Mifflin Harcourt • June 43

The closest look into the Googleplex
Douglas Edwards

I’m Feeling Lucky

The Confessions of Google
Employee Number 59

One of Google’s early employees takes us on

a trip inside the hyperenergized company that
broke the rules and rocked the world.

C omparing Google to an ordinary business is like

comparing a rocket to an Edsel. No academic analysis
or bystander’s account can capture it. Now Doug Edwards,
Employee Number 59, offers the first inside view of Google,
giving readers a chance to fully experience the bizarre mix
of camaraderie and competition at this phenomenal com-
pany. Edwards, Google’s first director of marketing and
brand management, describes it as it happened. We see the
first, pioneering steps of Larry Page and Sergey Brin, the
978-0-547-41699-1 • $27.00 company’s young, idiosyncratic partners; the evolution of
I’m Feeling Lucky the company’s famously nonhierarchical structure (where
June • Business/Memoir • 320 pages every employee finds a problem to tackle or a feature to cre-
6 x 9 • CTN 12 • Terr: World • Rights: B/T/
ate and works independently); the development of brand
A/S: HMH • P/M: The Amy Rennert Agency
identity; the races to develop and implement each new
feature; and the many ideas that never came to pass. Above
all, Edwards—a former journalist who knows how to write—
• National media from New York and
captures the “Google Experience,” the rollercoaster ride
San Francisco
of being part of a company creating itself in a whole new
• National drive-time radio tour
• National advertising, including I’m Feeling Lucky captures for the first time the unique,
Google AdWords campaign and self-invented, yet profoundly important culture of the
world’s most transformative corporation.
• Online promotion, including a social
networking campaign
• E-book ISBN 978-0-547-54903-3

44 June • Houghton Mifflin Harcourt •

without a badge and ID card


“Larry,” I began, once I had garnered some subset of his attention, “I know I haven’t always
agreed with the direction you and Sergey have set for us. But I’ve been thinking about it and
I just wanted to tell you that—in looking back—I realize that more often than not you’ve been
right about things. Sergey was right about changing the homepage logos. You were right about
launching self-service AdWords. I feel like I’m learning a lot and I appreciate your patience as
I go through that process.”
I smiled inwardly. It was a well-framed corporate kiss-up. I’d humbled myself and
admitted that despite my intelligence, job skills, convictions, and professional pride, I was still
learning new ways to approach things. I’d given Larry an opportunity to analyze my strengths
and weaknesses as a member of Google’s management team and to reward me with comforting
words and reassurances about the value I brought to the company. Now he would recount those
occasions when my counsel had been sage and congratulate me on my perspicacity. Then we’d
engage in the nonphysical equivalent of a man-hug and I’d be off to savor the moment while
swilling freshly made cappuccino in the micro-kitchen.
That’s how you “manage up” in a big company. Display flexibility and sufficient humility,
and senior management responds by encouraging personal growth while reinforcing traditional
corporate values.
Larry looked at me with the same stare he had directed at the code on his screen, as if
he were trying to decipher some undigested bit of an equation that refused to resolve itself.
“ ‘More often than not’?” he asked me. “When were we EVER wrong?”

DOUG EDWARDS was the director of consumer marketing and brand management at
Google from 1999 to 2005 and was responsible for setting the tone and direction of the
company’s communications with its users. Prior to joining Google, Edwards was the
online brand group manager for the San Jose Mercury News, where he conceived and
led development of the technology news site
© Joanne Rise

Author’s residence
Los Altos, California • Houghton Mifflin Harcourt • June 45

Andrzej Stasiuk
Translated from the Polish by Michael Kandel

On the Road to Babadag

Travels in the Other Europe

A Beat-style collection of travel narratives

from central and eastern Europe

A ndrzej Stasiuk is a restless and indefatigable traveler.

His journeys take him from his native Poland to Slo-
vakia, Hungary, Romania, Slovenia, Albania, Moldova,
and Ukraine. By car, train, bus, ferry. To small towns and
villages with unfamiliar-sounding yet strangely evocative
names. “The heart of my Europe,” Stasiuk tells us, “beats in
Sokolow, Podlaski, and in Husi, not in Vienna.”
Where did Moldova end and Transylvania begin, he
wonders as he is being driven at breakneck speed in an
978-0-15-101271-8 • $23.00
ancient Audi—loose wires hanging from the dashboard—by
On the Road to Babadag
a driver in shorts and bare feet, a cross swinging on his chest.
June • Travel • 224 pages • 5 ½ x 8 ¼
2 b/w photos • CTN 12 • Terr: US, C, O
In Comrat, a funeral procession moves slowly down the
Rights: B/T/A/P/M: Suhrkamp Verlag main street, the open coffin on a pickup truck, an old woman
S: HMH dressed in black brushing away the flies above the face of the
deceased. On to Soroca, a baroque-Byzantine-Tatar-Turkish
Also available encampment, to meet Gypsies. And all the way to Babadag,
Nine between the Baltic Coast and the Black Sea, where Stasiuk
978-0-15-101064-6 • $23 CL sees his first minaret, “simple and severe, a pencil pointed at
• National media the sky.”
A brilliant tour of Europe’s dark underside—travel
• Online promotion, including targeted
outreach to niche travel publications, sites writing at its very best.
and blogs, and a social networking campaign
• Literature-in-translation promotion
• Advance reading copies
• E-book ISBN 978-0-547-54912-5 Born in Warsaw in 1960, ANDRZEJ
STASIUK is the author of five novels and
a collection of essays, Fado (2009). On the
Road to Babadag won the prestigious Nike
Award on its original publication in Poland
© Kamil Gubala

in 2005.

Author’s residence
Sekowa, Poland

46 June • Houghton Mifflin Harcourt •

Davis Phinney with Austin Murphy

The Happiness of Pursuit

A Father’s Courage, a Son’s Love
and Life’s Steepest Climb

An inspiring and moving story of fathers and sons

and bikes, as U.S. cycling legend Davis Phinney battles
early-onset Parkinson’s disease on the road back to life

F or two decades, Davis Phinney was one of America’s

most successful cyclists. He won two stages at the Tour
de France and an Olympic medal. But after years of feeling
off, he was diagnosed with early-onset Parkinson’s. The
body that had been his ally was now something else: a prison.
The Happiness of Pursuit is the story of how Davis
sought to overcome his Parkinson’s by reaching back to
what had made him so successful on the bike and adjust-
978-0-547-31593-5 • $25.00
ing his perspective on what counted as a win. The news of
The Happiness of Pursuit
his diagnosis began a dark period for this vibrant athlete,
May • Sports/Cycling/Memoir • 256 pages
but there was also light. His son Taylor’s own bike-racing 5 ½ x 8 ¼ • 8-page b/w insert • CTN 12 • Terr:
career was taking off. Determined to beat the Body Snatcher, US, C, O • Rights: B/T/A/P/M: The David Black
Davis underwent a procedure called deep brain stimulation. Literary Agency • S: HMH
Although not cured, his symptoms abated enough for him to
see Taylor compete in the Beijing Olympics. Davis Phinney • National author tour, including New York,
had won another stage. But the joy, he discovered, was in Austin, Boulder, San Francisco
the pursuit. • Reading group promotion, including online
With humor and grace, Phinney weaves the narrative of reader’s guide
his battle with Parkinson’s with tales from his cycling career • Online promotion
and from his son’s emerging career. The Happiness of • Library promotion
Pursuit is a remarkable story of fathers and sons and bikes,
• E-book ISBN 978-0-547-52364-4
of victories large and small.

DAVIS PHINNEY is a former professional

cyclist and TV commentator. Today he
and his wife, Connie Carpenter Phinney,
an Olympic gold medalist, run the Davis
Phinney Foundation. AUSTIN MURPHY is a
senior writer at Sports Illustrated.
© Al Tielemans
© Peggy Dyer

Authors’ residences
Phinney: Boulder, Colorado
Murphy: San Anselmo, California • Houghton Mifflin Harcourt • May 47

“Earle has always told a great story in song . . . Turns out he

Steve Earle

I’ll Never Get Out of

This World Alive

From celebrated musician Steve Earle comes

a novel imagining the life, addiction, and
redemption of Doc Ebersole as he is haunted
by his former patient, Hank Williams.

D oc Ebersole lives with the ghost of Hank Williams—

not just in the figurative sense, not just because he was
one of the last people to see him alive, and not just because
he is rumored to have given Hank the final morphine dose
that killed him.
In 1963, ten years after Hank’s death, Doc himself is
wracked by addiction. Since he lost his license to practice
medicine, his morphine habit isn’t as easy to support as it
used to be. So he lives in a rented room in the red-light dis-
978-0-618-82096-2 • $26.00 trict on the south side of San Antonio, performing abortions
I’ll Never Get Out of This World Alive and patching up the odd knife or gunshot wound. But when
July • Fiction • 256 pages • 5 ½ x 8 ¼ Graciela, a young Mexican immigrant, appears in the neigh-
CTN 12 • Terr: US, C, O • Rights: B: Harvill borhood in search of Doc’s services, miraculous things begin
Secker • T/S: HMH • A/P/M: Carroll, Guido to happen. Graciela sustains a wound on her wrist that never
& Groffman
heals, yet she heals others with the touch of her hand. Every-
one she meets is transformed for the better, except maybe
• National author tour for Hank’s angry ghost—who isn’t at all pleased to see Doc
• National print and online advertising doing well.
A brilliant excavation of an obscure piece of music his-
• Online promotion and outreach, including
e-cards, musical widget, and a social tory, Steve Earle’s I’ll Never Get Out of This World Alive is
networking campaign also a marvelous novel in its own right, a ballad of regret and
• Advance reading copies redemption, and of the ways in which we remake ourselves
• E-book ISBN 978-0-547-54904-0 and our world through the smallest of miracles.

48 July • Houghton Mifflin Harcourt •

puts ’em down on the page pretty well, too.” — Boston Globe

I'll Never Get Out of

This World Alive
Doc opens his eyes and finds the apparition perched on the edge of the spare chair in
the corner, narrow shoulders hunched over as if he were racked by pain or cold. Impossibly thin,
Hank is, and the straw-colored western-cut suit he’s wearing hangs flat and limp on his frame as
if there is nothing substantial inside to fill it out and there’s not. His silver belly Stetson hat casts
a diagonal shadow across his face, which is as pale and drawn as it was in life and his one vis-
ible eye is hungry, expectant; one of a pair of frightened animal eyes frozen in a perpetual, silent
scream, and Doc knows better than to allow him to himself to look in there. He focuses his gaze
a little lower and shudders as he realizes that he can easily read the house rules posted on the door
through the visitor’s transparent torso. There are some things about being haunted that Doc will
never get used to . . .
The ghost stands up, or maybe he simply grows like the afternoon shadow of a ram-
shackle church spreading across a graveyard, until he looms over Doc wagging a skeletal finger in
his face.
“Now, you just hold you horses there, Doc! Maybe I’m dead and maybe I ain’t, but one
thing for goddamn certain is I ain’t no hophead! I never took nothin’ that a doctor didn’t order!”

Praise for Doghouse Roses

A Los Angeles Times Book of the Year

“Earle’s musical heart has always been pure and strong;

now we know this literary one beats just as true.”
—Austin Chronicle

“Terrific . . . As he does in his songs, Earle finds the tenuous points

of emotional connection between characters who are living not only on the
edges of their own ability to cope, but often on the very margins of society itself.”
—Rolling Stone

STEVE EARLE is a singer-songwriter, actor, activist, and the author of the story
collection Doghouse Roses. He has released more than a dozen critically acclaimed
albums, including the Grammy winners The Revolution Starts Now, Washington Square
Serenade, and Townes. He has appeared on film and television, with celebrated roles
in The Wire and Treme. Frequently interviewed and profiled in the press, he often tours
with his wife, singer-songwriter Allison Moorer.
© Ted Barron

Author’s residence
New York City • Houghton Mifflin Harcourt • July 49

An eye-opening investigation that pulls back the
Janet Reitman

Inside Scientology
The Story of America’s Most
Secretive Religion

The first full account of Scientology by a journalist

who gained unprecedented access to the church

S cientology, created in 1954 by a prolific sci-fi writer

named L. Ron Hubbard, claims to be the world’s fast-
est growing religion, with millions of members around the
world and huge financial holdings. Its celebrity believers
keep its profile high, and its teams of “volunteer ministers”
offer aid at disaster sites such as Haiti and the World Trade
Center. But Scientology is also a notably closed faith, harass-
ing journalists and others through litigation and intimida-
tion, even infiltrating the highest levels of the government to
further its goals. Its attacks on psychiatry and its requirement
978-0-618-88302-8 • $28.00 that believers pay as much as tens and even hundreds of
Inside Scientology thousands of dollars for salvation have drawn scrutiny and
July • Current Affairs/Religion • 400 pages
skepticism. And ex-members use the Internet to share stories
6 x 9 • CTN 12 • Terr: US, C, O • Rights: B/T/
of harassment and abuse.
P/M: Sterling Lord Literistic • A/S: HMH
Now Janet Reitman offers the first full journalistic his-
tory of the Church of Scientology, in an evenhanded account
that at last establishes the astonishing truth about the contro-
• National author tour, including New York,
Washington, D.C., Los Angeles, San Francisco
versial religion. She traces Scientology’s development from
the birth of Dianetics to today, following its metamorphosis
• National print advertising in the
Los Angeles Times from a pseudoscientific self-help group to a worldwide spiri-
tual corporation with profound control over its followers and
• National drive-time radio tour
even ex-followers.
• Online outreach and promotion, including a
social networking campaign
Based on five years of research, unprecedented access
to Church officials, confidential documents, and extensive
• Academic promotion
interviews with current and former Scientologists, this is the
• E-book ISBN 978-0-547-54923-1 defining book about a little-known world.

50 July • Houghton Mifflin Harcourt •

curtain on life inside the Scientology bubble


If anyone helped to get the message across in Washington, it was John Travolta.
He was an outspoken supporter of Scientology’s ongoing campaign against the German
government: Germany was notably hard on groups it suspected of cultlike activities, and German
Scientologists claimed to have been fired from jobs and prevented from joining political parties
because of their affiliation with the Church.
In response to these reports, Travolta’s attorney, Bertram Fields, wrote an open letter to
German Chancellor Helmut Kohl, which was published in January 1997 in the International
Herald Tribune. It was signed by thirty-three other well-known figures, including Dustin Hoffman,
Goldie Hawn, Oliver Stone, Gore Vidal, and Warner Bros. chief Terry Semel, and drew an analogy
between the mistreatment of Scientologists in Germany and the Nazis’ persecution of the Jews.
Several weeks later, the U.S. State Department released its annual human rights report,
which, in carefully worded language, detailed German Scientologists’ claims of “government-
condoned and societal harassment.” Though the report did not directly take the German govern-
ment to task for human rights abuses, it dedicated more than five paragraphs to describing the
various measures that had reportedly been taken against German Scientologists, as opposed
to just a single paragraph the previous year.

JANET REITMAN is a contributing editor at Rolling Stone. Her work has appeared in
GQ, Men’s Journal, the Los Angeles Times Sunday Magazine, Marie Claire, and the Wash-
ington Post, among other publications. She holds a master’s degree in journalism from
Columbia University and was a finalist for a National Magazine Award in 2007 for the
© Deborah Loez

story “Inside Scientology.”

Author’s residence
Brooklyn • Houghton Mifflin Harcourt • July 51

Thomas H. Cook

The Quest for Anna Klein

An Otto Penzler Book

On the eve of World War II, an international

plot gone wrong leads a wealthy man on a
quest that spans decades and continents, to
the dawn of a troubled new century.

T homas Danforth has lived a fortunate life. The son of a

wealthy importer, he traveled the world in his youth,
and now, in his twenties, he lives in New York City and runs
the family business. It is 1939, and the world is on the brink
of war, but Danforth’s life is untroubled, his future assured.
Then, on a snowy evening walk along Gramercy Park, a
friend poses a fateful question.
As it turns out, this friend has a dangerous idea that
978-0-547-36464-3 • $27.00 can change the world. Danforth is to provide a place where
The Quest for Anna Klein a “brilliant woman” can receive training in firearms and
June • Mystery/Thriller • 368 pages explosives. This is to be the beginning of an international
6 x 9 • CTN 12 • Terr: US, C, O • Rights: B: plot carried out by the mysterious Anna Klein—a plot that
Corvus/Atlantic Books UK • T: HMH • A/P/
will ensnare Danforth in more ways than one. When the plan
M/S: Author via HMH
goes wrong and Klein disappears, Danforth’s quest begins:
it is a journey of ever-shifting alliances and betrayals that will
Also available
The Last Talk with Lola Faye
lead him across a war-torn world in search of answers. Now
978-0-547-52029-2 • $14.95 PA in his ninety-first year, at the dawn of a troubled new era,
he sits in luxury at the Century Club and tells his tale to the
See also page 93.
young man from Washington he has summoned, for reasons
The Fate of Katherine Carr of his own, to hear it.
978-0-547-26334-2 • $13.95 PA

Master of the Delta

978-0-15-603320-6 • $13.95 PA

• National print advertising THOMAS H. COOK was born in Fort Payne,

• Online promotion, including mystery Alabama. He has been nominated for the
e-newsletter, mystery sites, and blogs Edgar seven times in five different catego-
• E-book ISBN 978-0-547-54922-4 ries. He received the Best Novel Edgar,
the Barry for Best Novel, and has been
© Richard Perry

nominated for numerous other awards.

Author’s residences
New York and Cape Cod

52 June • Houghton Mifflin Harcourt •

Elizabeth Speller

The Return of Captain

John Emmett

In this stellar debut of a new mystery series,

a friend’s death and a string of murders lead
reluctant detective Laurence Bartram back
to the horrors of the Western Front.

L ondon, 1920. In the aftermath of the Great War and

a devastating family tragedy, Laurence Bartram has
turned his back on the world. But with a well-timed letter,
an old flame manages to draw him back in. Mary Emmett’s
brother John—like Laurence, an officer during the war—has
apparently killed himself while in the care of a remote veter-
ans’ hospital, and Mary needs to know why.
Aided by his friend Charles—a dauntless gentleman
with detective skills cadged from mystery novels—Laurence 978-0-547-51169-6 • $26.00
begins asking difficult questions. What connects a group of The Return of Captain John Emmett
war poets, a bitter feud within Emmett’s regiment, and a hid- July • Mystery • 384 pages • 5 ½ x 8 ¼
CTN 12 • Terr: US, O • Rights: B/T/P/M: Capel
den love affair? Was Emmett’s death really a suicide, or the
& Land • A/S: HMH
missing piece in a puzzling series of murders? As veterans
tied to Emmett continue to turn up dead, and Laurence is
forced to face the darkest corners of his own war experi-
• National print advertising, including the
ences, his own survival may depend on uncovering Strand
the truth.
• Online promotion, including mystery
At once a compelling mystery and an elegant literary e-newsletter and a social networking
debut, The Return of Captain John Emmett blends the psy- campaign
chological depth of Pat Barker’s Regeneration trilogy with • E-book ISBN 978-0-547-51176-4
lively storytelling from the golden age of British crime fiction.

ELIZABETH SPELLER studied classics at

Cambridge. She has written for various
publications, and has taught at the uni-
© Michael Bywater

versities of Cambridge, Birmingham, and


Author’s residences
Gloucestershire, England, and Greece • Houghton Mifflin Harcourt • July 53

In the tradition of Paddy Clarke Ha Ha Ha and
Stephen Kelman

Pigeon English

A jubilant, endearing debut told in the infectious

voice of an eleven-year-old boy named Harri

L ying in front of Harrison Opuku is a body, the body of

one of his classmates, a boy known for his crazy basket-
ball skills, who seems to have been murdered for his dinner.
Armed with a pair of camouflage binoculars and detec-
tive techniques absorbed from television shows like CSI,
Harri and his best friend, Dean, plot to bring the perpetrator
to justice. They gather evidence—fingerprints lifted from
windows with tape, a wallet stained with blood—and lay
traps to flush out the murderer. But nothing can prepare
them for what happens when a criminal feels you closing in
on him.
Recently emigrated from Ghana with his sister and
mother to London’s enormous housing projects, Harri is
978-0-547-50060-7 • $24.00
pure curiosity and ebullience—obsessed with gummy candy,
Pigeon English
July • Fiction • 272 pages • 5 ½ x 8 ¼ a friend to the pigeon who visits his balcony, quite possibly
15 chapter openers and line art • CTN 12 the fastest runner in his school, and clearly also fast on the
Terr: US, O • Rights: B/T/A/P/M: Conville & trail of a murderer.
Walsh • S: HMH Told in Harri’s infectious voice and multicultural slang,
Pigeon English follows in the tradition of our great novels of
• National advertising, including the New York friendship and adventure, as Harri finds wonder, mystery,
Times Book Review and danger in his new, ever-expanding world.
• Reading group promotion, including
online reader’s guide, promotion
with,, and Good Reads
• Library promotion
• Advance reading copies
• E-book ISBN 978-0-547-50168-0

54 July • Houghton Mifflin Harcourt •

The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time

“Simultaneously accurate and fantastical, this boy’s love letter to the world
made me laugh and tremble all the way through. Pigeon English is a triumph.”

—Emma Donoghue, author of Room

From pigeon english

The river is behind the trees. It’s only dark. It’s too small for swimming and the water is acid, if you
fell in all your skin would burn off. There’s a platform that goes over the shit pipe that’s big enough for
both the two of you to sit on.
You can just sit there and watch all the things in the river go past. It’s usually just sticks or cans or
paper. Whoever sees a human head first gets a million points.
We were looking for the knife the dead boy got killed with. It’s called the murder weapon. If we
see it, we’re going to fish it out and take it to the police.
Me: “Keep your eyes peeled, it could be anywhere.”
Dean: “Roger that. I’m on it, Captain.”
We’re proper detectives now. It’s a personal mission. The dead boy even told the rogues to leave
me alone one time when they were hooting me for wearing ankle-freezers (that’s when the legs of your
trousers are too short). I didn’t even ask him, he just helped me for no reason. I wanted him to be my
friend after that but he got killed before it came true. That’s why I have to help him now, he was my
friend even if he didn’t know about it. He was my first friend who got killed and it hurts too much to
forget. There’d be fingerprints and blood on the murder weapon. If we found it we could identify the
killer, that’s what Dean said. He’s seen all the shows.
Dean: “And if we help catch the killer we’ll get a reward, innit.”
Me: “How much?”
Dean: “Dunno. A grand. Maybe more.”
A grand is a thousand. It sounded like too much. If I got a grand I’d buy a ticket for Papa and
Agnes and Grandma Ama and if there was any left over I’d buy a proper football made of skin that
doesn’t fly away.

STEPHEN KELMAN grew up in the housing estates of Luton. He’s worked variously as
a careworker, a warehouse operative, and in marketing and local government admin-
istration. Pigeon English is his first novel.
© Johnny Ring

Author’s residence
Luton, England • Houghton Mifflin Harcourt • July 55

Julian Guthrie

The Grace of
Everyday Saints
How a Band of Believers Lost Their
Church and Found Their Faith

“A gem of a book . . . With the gift of an accomplished

storyteller, Guthrie tells of an amazing community
of people come together.” — Ken Auletta

S t. Brigid Church was one of San Francisco’s great land-

marks in the early 1990s. The church itself had weath-
ered depressions and natural disasters, epic earthquakes and
a massive fire. Its loyal congregation was active, vibrant, and
growing. But in 1993, without warning, the Catholic arch-
diocese mysteriously ordered its doors to be closed.
978-0-547-13304-1 • $25.00 The Grace of Everyday Saints is the story of how a ragtag
The Grace of Everyday Saints group of believers came together in a crusade to save their
August • Religion/Spirituality • 288 pages church. What they discovered would be devastating: that
5 ½ x 8 ¼ • 8-page b/w insert • CTN 12 around the country, parishes like theirs were threatened
Terr: US, C, O • Rights: B/T/A/P/M/S: Artists by the higher echelons of the Church, all to hide a terrible
Literary Group
secret. Soon there were near-daily headlines that shocked the
world. But still this unlikely group of heroes—led by a ren-
• Author tour egade lawyer, a reformed Catholic, and an antiestablishment
• National media priest—continued to meet weekly, to fight, to prove that their
• Reading group promotion, including beloved St. Brigid was worth saving.
online reader’s guide, promotion A dramatic narrative that takes readers from the streets
with,, Book Reporter,
of San Francisco to the halls of the Vatican, The Grace of
and Good Reads Everyday Saints is about injustice and betrayal, redemption
• Online promotion, including targeted and grace.
outreach to religious blogs and websites
• E-book ISBN 978-0-547-52361-3
JULIAN GUTHRIE is a reporter at the San
Francisco Chronicle. She has won numer-
ous awards for her work, including the
Best of the West Award and the Society of
Professional Journalists’ Public Service
© Lance Iversen


Author’s residence
San Francisco

56 August • Houghton Mifflin Harcourt •

Karin Fossum
Translated from the Norwegian
by Charlotte Barslund

Bad Intentions

“The seventh Inspector Sejer novel from

Norway’s leading female crime writer is, like
its predecessors, a gem.” — Guardian

I n the wake of Stieg Larsson’s best-selling novels, readers

are discovering the rich trove of modern Scandinavian
crime fiction. If you’ve devoured the Millennium trilogy
and are looking for your next read, Karin Fossum and her
bone-chillingly bleak psychological thrillers have won the
admiration of the likes of Ruth Rendell and Colin Dexter
(of Inspector Morse fame).
In Bad Intentions, the newest installment in the Inspec-
tor Sejer series since The Water’s Edge in 2009, Konrad 978-0-547-48334-4 • $24.00
Sejer must face down his memories and fears as he struggles Bad Intentions
to determine why the corpses of troubled young men keep August • Mystery • 224 pages • 6 x 9 • CTN
surfacing in local lakes. 12 • Terr: US, O • Rights: B/T/A/P/M: Harvill
The first victim, Jon Moreno, was getting better. His Secker • S: HMH

psychiatrist said so, and so did his new friend at the hospital,
Molly Gram, with her little-girl-lost looks. He was racked by
a mysterious guilt that had driven him to a nervous break- Also available
The Water’s Edge
down one year earlier. But when he drowns in Dead Water 978-0-547-33611-4
Lake, Sejer hesitates to call it a suicide. $13.95 PA
Then another corpse is found in a lake, a Vietnamese
• Online promotion, including
immigrant. And Sejer begins to feel his age weigh on him. mystery e-newsletter and a
Does he still have the strength to pursue the elusive explana- social networking campaign
tions for human evil? • E-book ISBN 978-0-547-51942-5

KARIN FOSSUM is the author of the inter-

nationally successful Inspector Konrad
Sejer crime series. Her recent honors
include a Gumshoe Award and the Los
Angeles Times Book Prize for Mystery/
© B0-Aje Mellin

Author’s residence
Sylling, Norway • Houghton Mifflin Harcourt • August 57

Marlene Zuk

Sex on Six Legs

Lessons on Life, Love, and Language
from the Insect World

A remarkable examination of insect behavior and

what it can teach us about human development,
by “one of the best science journalists at
work today.” — Tara Parker-Pope

I nsects have inspired fear, fascination, and enlightenment

for centuries. They are capable of incredibly complex
behavior, even with brains often the size of a poppy seed.
How do they accomplish feats that look like human activity—
personality, language, childcare—with completely different
pathways from our own? What is going on inside the mind
of those ants that march like boot-camp graduates across
978-0-15-101373-9 • $25.00 your kitchen floor? How does the lead ant know exactly
Sex on Six Legs
where to take his colony, to that one bread crumb that your
August • Nature/Science • 272 pages
nightly sweep missed? Can insects be taught new skills as
5 ½ x 8 ¼ • CTN 12 • Terr: World • Rights:
B/T/A: HMH • P/M/S: The Strothman Agency
easily as your new puppy?
Sex on Six Legs is a startling and exciting book that
provides answers to these questions and many more. With
Also available
the humor of Olivia Judson’s Dr. Tatiana’s Sex Advice to All
Riddled with Life Creation, Zuk not only examines the bedroom lives of creepy
978-0-15-603468-5 • $14.00 PA crawlies but also calls into question some of our own long-
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held assumptions about learning, the nature of personality,
and what our own large brains might be for.
• E-book ISBN 978-0-547-54917-0

MARLENE ZUK is a professor of biology

at the University of California, Riverside,
where she studies behavior in a variety
of animals. She has written articles for
numerous publications, including the Los
Angeles Times and the New York Times.
© Steve Walag

Author’s residence
Riverside, California

58 August • Houghton Mifflin Harcourt •

Ray Banks

Beast of Burden

Down-at-heel private eye Cal Innes has finally

taken all he can stand in this all-out final
installment of the Manchester-based series.

I n his short career as Manchester’s most indestructible

private eye, Callum Innes has been run over by a car,
beaten within an inch of his life, shot in the ear, left for dead
on a desert roadside, and halfway blown up by a car bomb.
Now, mourning the death of his addict brother, walk-
ing with a cane, and barely able to speak following a massive
drug-related stroke, Cal is a wreck. Enter Manchester gang-
lord Morris Tiernan to make his life even worse. Tiernan’s
ne’er-do-well son Mo has gone missing, and Cal Innes is the
only person the distraught gangster trusts enough to con-
duct the search. There’s nobody Cal would like to find less, 978-0-15-101453-8 • $25.00
but you don’t say no to Uncle Morris. And it turns out that Beast of Burden
Innes is not the only one working the case — the corrupt and August • Mystery • 304 pages • 6 x 9 • CTN
parasitic Detective Sergeant “Donkey” Donkin has a vested 12 • Terr: US, C, O • Rights: B/T/P/M: Polygon
interest in the fate of the Tiernans, as well as a long-standing (Birlinn Ltd) • A/S: HMH
grudge against the intrepid private eye.
In this fourth and final installment of the Cal Innes
Also available
series, our hero gives up acting as a pawn in Manchester’s No More Heroes
underworld disputes. He has his own burdens to bear and 978-0-15-1014590 • $26.00 CL
scores to settle — with the Tiernan family, with Sergeant
Sucker Punch
Donkin, and with the darkness in his own past. 978-0-15-101323-4 • $25.00 CL

Saturday’s Child
978-0-15-603457-9 • $13.95 PA

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mystery e-newsletter
• E-book ISBN 978-0-547-54881-4
RAY BANKS has been a double-glazing
salesman, a croupier, a dole monkey, and
a disgruntled temp. The author of The Big
Blind, Saturday’s Child, Sucker Punch, and
No More Heroes, he was born in Kirkcaldy,
© Anastasia Banks

Scotland, and now lives in England.

Author’s residence
North Tyneside, England • Houghton Mifflin Harcourt • August 59

Filip Florian
Translated from the Romanian
by Alistair Ian Blyth

The Days of the King

A lighthearted adventure about friendship,

diplomacy, and love in the heady days of
the last half of the nineteenth century

J oseph Strauss (a dentist and bachelor, client of the

Eleven Titties brothel and of Der Große Bär beer cel-
lar) leaves Prussia in the spring of 1866 and follows a captain
of dragoons to Bucharest, where the officer is to ascend the
throne as prince of the United Principalities of Romania.
War is imminent in central Europe, but the company of a
special tomcat, a guardian angel of sorts, helps him to over-
come all dangers.
978-0-547-38835-9 • $22.00 In Bucharest, Joseph will meet and fall in love with an
The Days of the King attractive nanny, while the prince distances himself from the
August • Fiction • 208 pages • 5 ½ x 8 ¼ dentist, seeking to erase all stains from his past, particularly
CTN 12 • Terr: World English • Rights: his involvement with a beautiful blind prostitute. But unbe-
B/A/S: HMH • T/P/M: Simona Kessler knownst to him, she has given birth to a baby boy with a sus-
piciously aristocratic nose . . .
Nations are invented and dissolved overnight, kingdoms
Also available are for sale, Bucharest grows from a muddy pigsty into an
Little Fingers
978-0-15-101514-6 • $24.00 CL elegant capital city, and love turns everything upside down
in The Days of the King.
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and Good Reads
• Online promotion, including e-blasts and a
social networking campaign FILIP FLORIAN is the author of Little Fin-
• Literature-in-translation promotion gers, which received numerous awards,
including Best Debut Novel from the
• Advance reading copies
Romanian Writers’ Union. He has also
© Mircea Struteanu

• E-book ISBN 978-0-547-54902-6 worked as a journalist and reporter for

Radio Free Europe.

Author’s residence

60 August • Houghton Mifflin Harcourt •