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Dear Respondent,

We, the Grade 12 Students of Notre Dame of Marbel University taking up the STEM (Science, Technology,
Engineering and Mathematics) Strand, are having our practical Research II for the 2nd Semester. Presently, we are
conducting research on the study entitled “Perception of Grade 12 Students at NDMU in Drinking Alcohol”. The
purpose of this study is to know and discuss the insights and perceptions of Grade 12 NDMU Students in drinking

In line with this, we would like you to be a respondent in our study. The information that will be gathered from
you will be kept with confidentiality.

We are sincerely hoping for your consideration and kind cooperation.

Truly yours,



A. Profile of the Respondent

Name (optional): _______________ Age: ___ Sex: ____ Strand and Section: ____________

B. Questionnaire
Direction: Please check the box of your choice to represent your answer that best fits with how the following applies to
you. Use the rating scale provided below.
4- Always 2- Sometimes
3- Often 1- Never

4 3 2 1
1. How often do you drink alcohol?
2. Do you ever have five or more drinks of alcohol at a time when drinking?
3. Do your parents know you drink alcohol?
4. Do your parents permit you to drink alcohol at home?

C. Perception of Students Drinking Alcohol

Directions: Read each statement mentioned thoroughly and check the box with the answer that best fits you. The
following are the indicators:
Scale Response
4 Strongly Agree
3 Agree
2 Disagree
1 Strongly Disagree

1. I believe people have the right to drink if they want to.
2. Alcoholic beverages are enjoyable and make people feel good.
3. The use of alcoholic beverages is normal.
4. I believe that drinking any type of alcoholic beverage is considered as drinking socially.
5. Beverages, in any amount, will make an individual dependent.
6. Drinking alcoholic beverages moderately is not harmful.
7. I am against using alcohol at any time.
8. Alcohol, in small amounts, is considered beneficial.
9. Alcoholic beverages relieve the daily tensions.
10. I am favorable to drinking moderately.
11. Small amounts of alcohol can cause dependence.
12. There are people who know how to drink and know how to control themselves.

Thank you for your participation!