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Elizabeth H.

Curriculum Vitae


Ph.D. in English, Indiana University of Pennsylvania, 1995

M.A. in English, University of Southern Mississippi, 1990
B.A. in English, Nicholls State University, 1987, cum laude


Fairfield University, Fairfield, CT, Department of English, 1994-present

 Professor, 2005–present
 Associate Professor, 1999–2005 (Tenured: 1999)
 Assistant Professor, 1994–1999


Fairfield University
 Director, Writing Center (1994–2007, 2013–present)
 Director of Writing, English Department (2013–present)
 Associate Vice President, Office of Academic Affairs (2011–2012)
 Dean, Office of Academic Engagement (2009–2011)
 Associate Dean, College of Arts and Sciences (2007–2009)



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(* denotes publication with undergraduate or graduate students)

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WPAs for Life.” Writing Program Administration 39.1 (Fall 2015): 94-108.

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Reflect: iPod Use in Writing Center Staff Development.” Praxis: A Writing Center Journal 6.1,
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 Rpt. in The Longman Guide to Writing Center Theory and Practice. Ed. Robert Barnett.  
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Simpson, Jeanne, Steve Braye, and Elizabeth Boquet. “War, Peace, and Writing Center Administration.”
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Chapters in Edited Collections

(* denotes publication with undergraduate or graduate students; ** denotes an invited contribution)

**Boquet, Elizabeth H. “Foreword.” Re­Defining Roles: The Professional, Faculty, and Graduate 
Consultant’s Guide to Writing Centers. Eds. Joseph Cheatle and Megan Jewell. Logan, UT: Utah
State University Press, forthcoming. 

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About the Arts. Eds. Steven Corbett, Betsy Cooper, Teagan Decker, and Jennifer LeMesurier. 
WAC Clearinghouse, forthcoming 2019.

Boquet, Elizabeth H. “Before the Heavens Open Up.” How Stories Teach Us: Life Writing, 
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Academic Editing

Boquet, Elizabeth and Neal Lerner, co­editors. Special Issue: Writing Across the Curriculum and High­
Impact Practices. Across the Disciplines, 13 (4). December 2016, Accessed 4 January 2016.

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Independent Publishing Platform, 2014.

Boquet, Elizabeth and Neal Lerner, co­editors. The Writing Center Journal (the official publication of 
the International Writing Centers Association), 2002­2005, 2005­2008. 

Creative Non­Fiction Publications

Boquet, Elizabeth. “How to Make a Grocery List.” Dead Housekeeping, March 2018,­to­make­a­grocery­list. Accessed 10 May 2018.

Boquet, Elizabeth. “Such a Lady.” The Bitter Southerner, Fall 2017,­
project/such­a­lady­beth­boquet. Accessed 05 December 2018.

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Boquet, Elizabeth. “Calling Mom Home.” 100 Word Story, Spring 2017,­
mom­home/. Accessed 15 October 2018.

Boquet, Elizabeth. “Nothing But the Telling.” The Notebook: A Progressive Journal About Women & 
Girls With Rural & Small Town Roots 2 (2014): 50­51.

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Boquet, Elizabeth. “Writer’s Block on the Dark Side.” Chronicle of Higher Education, 15 May 2013,­Block­on­the­Dark/139281. Accessed 23 October 2014. 

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Boquet, Elizabeth. “Hard Work in the Big Easy.” Fairfield Now (Fall 2006): 31­34.


Rev. of Denny, Harry. Facing the Center: Toward an Identity Politics of One­to­One Mentoring. The 
Writing Center Journal 31.1 (2011): 106­110.

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Community Publishing
Poetry for Peace (2017­2018)
Poetry for Peace (2016­2017)
Poetry for Peace (2015­2016)
Hello World: The Newtown Poetry Project (2015)
Through Our Eyes: Cathedral Academy (2015)
Poetry for Peace (2014­2015)
Ripples in the Water, Poems in My Heart: Cathedral Academy (2014)
From the Plain White Table: The Newtown Poetry Project (2014)
In the Yellowy Green Phase of Spring: Poems from Newtown (2013)

Other Publications

**Boquet, Elizabeth. “Case Study for Instructor’s Manual.” In Richard Miller and Ann Jurecic, Habits 
of the Creative Mind. Boston/NY: Bedford/St. Martin’s, forthcoming.

Boquet, Elizabeth. “Who Is Listening? Gun Violence on Campus.” Blog Post, University Press of 
Colorado, 13 October 15,­us/blog/item/2849­who­is­listening. Accessed 
15 November 2018.

*Cushman, Tara, Lindsey Marx, Carleigh Brower, Katie Holahan, and Elizabeth Boquet. “Using Focus 
Groups to Assess Writing Center Effectiveness.” The Writing Lab Newsletter 29.7 (March 2005):

Boquet, Elizabeth H. “Responsible Practice in the Writing Center.” The Writing Lab Newsletter 22.6 
(1998): 4­5.

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Journal 16 (1995): 86­87.



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Keynote, Plenary, and Invited Addresses

“Guns in the Hands of Artists, Pens in the Hands of Writers.” Remarks given at the FIT Writing Studio’s
10th Anniversary Celebration, Fashion Institute of Technology, New York City, NY, September 2018.

“Selections from Nowhere Near the Line.” Reading given at the annual meeting of the Nebraska Writing
Centers Consortium annual meeting, Metropolitan Community College, Omaha, NE, September 2018.

“Mindful Reading, Meaningful Writing: Essaying Academic Literacies.” Invited address presented at 
Eastern Connecticut State University, Windham, CT, February 2018.

“Essaying Academic Support.” Keynote address delivered at the 2017 Gulf Coast Student Success 
Conference, Brazosport Community College, Houston, TX, November 2017.

“Selections from Nowhere Near the Line.” Reading given at the annual meeting of the Rhode Island 
Writing Center Directors, Brown University, Providence, RI, May 2017.

“Selections from Nowhere Near the Line.” Reading given as part of the Inspired Writers series at 
Fairfield University, Fairfield, CT, February 2017.

“COIK Goes to College.” Keynote address delivered at the 2016 Transitioning to College Writing 
Conference, University of Mississippi, Oxford, MS, October 2016.

“Writing Center States of Mind.” Keynote address delivered at the 2016 Mississippi State Writing 
Centers Association Meeting, Mississippi State University, Starkville, MS, April 2016.

“Nowhere Near the Line: Pain and Possibility in Teaching and Writing.” Invited address delivered to 
English Department faculty and students at the University of Connecticut, Storrs, CT, January 2016.

“What Remains, What Sustains: Colleagues in Action, Companions in Mission, WPAs for Life.” 
Plenary address delivered at the Council of Writing Program Administrators Conference, Boise, ID, July

“Searching for the Poetry in Writing Program Administration: A Synthesis of Writing­Central 
Research.” Invited address delivered to English Department faculty and students at Louisiana State 
University, Baton Rouge, LA, March 2015.

“It’s All Coming Together Right Before My Eyes: On Poetry, Peace, and Creative Placemaking in 
Writing Centers.” Keynote address delivered at the joint meeting of the International Writing Centers 
Association and the National Conference on Peer Tutoring in Writing, Orlando, FL, October 2014.

“Ctrl/Alt/Del.”  Keynote address delivered (in collaboration with my Everyday Writing Center co­
authors) at the Northeast Writing Centers Association Conference, Burlington, VT, April 2008.

“What’s Jazz Got To Do With It?:  Writing Centers and Improvisation.”  Inaugural address delivered at 
the Roger and Joyce Howe Student Center for Writing Excellence, Miami University–Ohio, October 

“Tuning In to Writing Centers in the Music City.”  Keynote address delivered at the Southeastern 
Writing Centers Association Conference, Nashville, TN, February 2007.

“Teaching, Tutoring, and Remembering.”  Keynote address delivered at the IUP Graduate Student 
Association Conference, Indiana, PA, February 2003.

“Gator Bait:  A Little Story (in Hartwellian Terms) About Teaching, Tutoring, and Growing Up on the 
Bayou.”  Keynote address delivered at the Louisiana Association of College Composition Conference, 
Thibodaux, LA, February 2003.

“Knit One, Purl Two:  What Tutors Can Teach Teachers About Writing.”  Keynote address delivered at 
the North Carolina Consortium of Teachers of Writing, Chapel Hill, NC, November 2002.

“Three­Twist Dogs and Four­Part Harmonies:  Remembering Tutors, Teaching, and Learning.”  
Keynote address delivered at the National Conference on Peer Tutoring in Writing, Lawrence, KS, 
October 2002.

“The Writing Center as Intellectual Property.”  Keynote address delivered at the 2000 Northeast Writing
Centers Association, Keene State College, Keene, NH, March 2000.

“Writing Center Research:  Problems and Possibilities.”  Address given at the Writing Center Special 
Interest Group Session, Conference on College Composition and Communication, Atlanta, GA, April 

“Responsible Practice in the Writing Center.”  Address given at the Writing Center Special Interest 
Group Session, Conference on College Composition and Communication, Phoenix, AZ, March 1997.

Institutes Led

Co­Leader, “WPAs and Intra­Institutional Collaborations: Conducting Writing­Central Research.” 
Council of Writing Program Administrators Research Institute, Normal, IL, July 2014.

Co­Leader, “Developing Writing Programs and Writing Centers.” Santa Clara University, Santa Clara, 
CA, October 2005.

Co-Leader, International Writing Centers Association Summer Institute, University of Kansas,

Lawrence, KS, July 2005.

Conference Presentations (National/International)

(* denotes presentation with undergraduate or graduate students)

“Pens in the Hands of Writers: #UNLOADing Gun Violence (An Art and Literacy Collaboration). 
NCTEAR, Birmingham, AL, February 2019.

“Feminist Creative Nonfiction as Embodied Intervention.” Conference on College Composition and 
Communication, Kansas City, MO, March 2018. (Note: Panel accepted but not presented.)
“Cross­National Publishing in Business and Economics: A Case Study.” (Poster.) European Association 
of Teachers of Academic Writing Conference, Surrey, England, June 2017.

*“Feminist Action for Women Writing Program Administrators: Movements for Change in the 
Academy.” Conference on College Composition and Communication, Houston, TX, April 2015. 

*“’In the Yellowy Green Phase of Spring’: The Newtown Poetry Project.” National Council of Teachers
of English Conference. Washington, DC, November 2014.

“Remember the Sabbath and Keep It Holy: Research Leaves, Comebacks, and the Challenges of WPA 
‘Downtime’.” Council of Writing Program Administrators Conference. Savannah, GA, July 2013.

“Take My Words, Please:  The Textual Gifts of Student Writers.” Conference on College Composition 
and Communication, St. Louis, MO, March 2012.

“The Spiritual Life of Academic Writing.” European Association of Teachers of Academic Writing, 
Limerick, Ireland, June 2011.

*“iPods in the Writing Center: Using Technology to Encourage Reflection.” (Featured Session.) 
National Council of Teachers of English Convention, New York, NY, November 2007.

“Dear Co­Authors:  Epistolary Revelations of Five Writing Center Directors.” Conference on College 
Composition and Communication, New York, NY, March 2007.

“If Darwin Ran the Writing Center.” International Writing Centers Association Conference, 
Minneapolis, MN, October 2005.  

*“Using Focus Groups to Assess Writing Center Effectiveness.”  International Writing Centers 
Association Conference/National Conference on Peer Tutoring in Writing (Joint Conference), Hershey, 
PA, October 2003.

“Gator Bait:  A Little Story (in Hartwellian Terms) about Teaching, Tutoring, and Growing up on the 
Bayou.” International Writing Centers Association Conference, Savannah, GA, April 2002.

“’Please Pass the Beast’:  Engaging Tutors’ (and Students’) Multiple Literacies.” Conference on College
Composition and Communication, Chicago, IL, March 2002.

“Channeling Jimi Hendrix, or Ghosts in the Feedback Machine.” Conference on College Composition 
and Communication, Minneapolis, MN, April 2000.

“Noise from the Writing Center.” Conference on College Composition and Communication, Atlanta, 
GA, April 1999.

“Writing Center Directors:  Regulators or Outlaws?” International Writing Centers Association 
Conference, Bloomington, IN, March 1999.

Workshops Led (Selected)

“Collaborative Prose Poetry Writing in the Center.” Nebraska Writing Centers Consortium Meeting, 
Metropolitan Community College, Omaha, NE, September 2018.
“Passing the Leadership Torch: From Initiative to Institutional Practice.” AAC&U Conference on 
General Education Assessment: From My Work to Our Work. New Orleans, LA. February 2016. 

“Undergraduate Research In/And Writing Centers.” International Writing Centers Association 
Conference. San Diego, CA. October 2012.

“Getting Lost: Consulting as Inquiry.” Joint Meeting of the International Writing Centers Association 
and the National Council on Peer Tutoring in Writing. Baltimore, MD. November 2010.

“Teaching and Learning at the Writing Center’s Crossroads:  A Few Lessons from Jazz Improvisation.” 
European Writing Centers Association Meeting, Freiburg, Germany, June 2008.

“Writing Up a Storm: Writing Centers as Sites of Social Justice Activism.” Conference on College 
Composition and Communication, New Orleans, LA, April 2008.

“Engaging Anti­Racism Work Through Writing Center Practice.” Conference on College Composition 
and Communication, San Antonio, TX, March 2006.

“Origami, Anyone?:  Tutors as Learners.” 2005 International Writing Centers Association Conference, 
Minneapolis, MN, October 2005.

Invited Writing Center Staff Education Workshops and Presentations

 College of New Rochelle, New Rochelle, NY, February 2013
 Southern Connecticut State University, Farmington, CT, February 2013
 University of Connecticut, Storrs, CT, September 2011
 Loyola College, Baltimore, MD, October 1999
 Miami University—Middletown Campus, Middletown, OH, November 1995

Invited Connecticut Writing Project Institutes and Workshops

 Cesar Batalla Middle School Workshop, November 2018
 Weston High School Professional Development Workshop, November 2018
 CWP­Summer Teachers’ Institute, July 2018
 Greenwich High School Workshop, May 2018
 Joel Barlowe Portfolio Assessment, February 2018
 Barlowe­Bassick­Fairfield University Mini­Conference, December 2017
 Darien High School Professional Development Workshop, August 2017
 CWP­Summer Teachers’ Institute, July 2017
 CWP­Summer Teachers’ Institute, July 2016
 CWP­Summer Teachers’ Institute, July 2015



2008 International Writing Centers Association Outstanding Scholarship Award for “After ‘The Idea of a
Writing Center’” (co-authored and award shared with Neal Lerner)

2002 Learning Assistance Association of New England Book Award for Noise from the Writing Center

1999 International Writing Centers Association Outstanding Scholarship Award for “’Our Little Secret’:

A History of Writing Centers, Pre- to Post-Open Admissions

Grants and Sponsored Research (Awarded), External

U. S. Department of Education, Student Support Services Grant, Fairfield University’s Upward Bound 
(High School­to­College Access Program), 1.7 million over 5 years (2011). Principal grant writer and 
project supervisor.

U. S. Department of Education, Student Support Services Grant, Fairfield University’s Project Excel 
(College Access Program), 1.4 million over 5 years (2010). Principal grant writer and project supervisor.

Grants and Sponsored Research (Awarded), Internal

Fairfield University Humanities Institute Faculty Development Grant for programming related to “Guns 
in the Hands of Artists” exhibit (2018)

Fairfield University Social Change Partnership Grant to support secondary school writing center 
development (2017)

Fairfield University Humanities Institute Faculty Development Grant for Digital Humanities Speaker 
Series (2013, 2014).

Fairfield University Humanities Institute Faculty Development Grant for Community Poetry Program 
(2013, 2014)

Fairfield University Research Committee Research Grant (2013)

Fairfield University Humanities Institute Faculty Development Grant for Speaker and Workshop Series 
on Authorship and Intellectual Property (2010)

Sabbatical, Fairfield University (Spring 2007)

Fairfield University Humanities Institute Faculty Development Grant for partnership program 
development between the Writing Center and the Center for Academic Excellence (2007)

Fairfield University Research Committee Summer Stipend (1997, 2002, 2016)

Fairfield University Research Committee Research Grant (2013)

Fairfield University Humanities Institute Faculty Development Grant for Writing Across the Curriculum
workshop (2002)

Sabbatical, Fairfield University (2000)

Humanities Institute Faculty Development Grant (1996)

Grants and Sponsored Research, Pending

Fulbright Scholar Award (2019­2020, advanced to second level of review)
National Endowment for the Humanities Summer Research Stipend (2019)



 Texts and Contexts I (First-Year Writing Sequence)

 Texts and Contexts II (First-Year Writing Sequence)

Honors Program

 Ideas That Shaped the West (Team-taught with faculty member in business ethics)
 Minds and Bodies (Team-taught with faculty member in biology; Team-taught with faculty
member in computer science)


 Teaching and Learning Grammar (Cross-listed with Education)

 Introduction to Rhetoric and Composition Studies
 Writing and Responding (Cross-listed with Service Learning)
 Literature of Illness and Healing
 Advanced Composition
 Special Topics: Women Writing Women (Cross-listed with Women’s Studies)
 Persuasive Writing
 Autobiography (Cross-listed as Diversity course)


 Seminar, Rhetoric and Composition Theory

 Practicum, Teaching College Writing


International and National

 Chair, CCCC Advancement of Knowledge Award Selection Committee (2015)
 Co­Editor, The Writing Center Journal (2002 –2008)
 Board Member, International Writing Centers Association
 Ex Officio (2002 –2008)
 At-Large Representative (1995 –1998, 1998–2001)
 Chair, International Writing Centers Association Finance Committee (Ad Hoc 2002–2003)
 Liaison, Planning Committee, International Writing Centers Association Conference (2002)
 Member, Best Article Committee, International Writing Centers Association (2014)
 Member, Research Grants Committee, International Writing Centers Association (2002–2005)


 Fairfield University Representative, Connecticut Campus Compact (2010–2012)
 Member, Engaged Scholarship Subcommittee (2011­2012)
 Fairfield University Representative, Connecticut ACE Women’s Network (2010–2012)
 Coordinator and Co­Chair, 14th Annual Northeast Writing Centers Association Conference, 
Connecticut College (March 1998)
 President, Northeast Writing Centers Association (1997–1998)
 Executive Committee Member, Northeast Writing Centers Association (1996–2000)

Editorial Board Member or Reviewer

 Editorial Board, Journal of Centers for Teaching and Learning (2007- present)
 Reviewer, The Writing Center Journal
 Reviewer, College English
 Reviewer, College Composition and Communication
 Reviewer, Journal of Centers for Teaching and Learning
 Reviewer, The Peer Review
 Reviewer, Utah State University Press
 Reviewer, Routledge

 Reviewer, Oxford University Press

External Reviewer, Tenure and Promotion

Provided eleven reviews for tenure and promotion to associate professor

Provided seven reviews for promotion to professor

Consulting and Program Evaluation

 Consultant, Eastern Connecticut State University (2017–2019)
 Program Evaluator, John Carroll University, Cleveland, Ohio (2017)
 Program Evaluator, St. Joseph’s University, Philadelphia, PA (2009)
 Consultant, Miami University of Ohio, Oxford, OH (2007)
 Consultant, Santa Clara University, Santa Clara, CA (2005)
 Program Evaluator, Yeshiva University, New York, NY (2001)
 Consultant, Keene State College, Keene, NH (1999)
 Consultant, Loyola College, Baltimore, Baltimore, MD (1999)
 Consultant, Miami University–Middletown, Middletown, OH (1995)

Participation, Professional Development Institutes

 Rhetorics and Feminisms, Rhetoric Society of America, University of Maryland, College Park,
MD (2019, application pending)
 Summer Immersive Institute on Multimedia Scholarship, Plangere Writing and Culture Lab,
Rutgers University, New Brunswick, NJ (2013)
 WYE Deans’ Summer Seminar, Aspen Institute, Queenstown, MD (2012)
 Conflict Management Workshop, 2011 Council of Colleges of Arts and Sciences Meeting,
Montreal, Canada
 National Academic Advising Association (NACADA) Administrators’ Institute, Clearwater
Beach, FL (2009)
 HERS Management Institute for Women in Higher Education Administration, Wellesley (2008–
 NYU Faculty Resource Network Seminar, Contemporary Methods in Teaching English as a
Second Language, San Juan, Puerto Rico (January 2007)

University Service

Community Partnerships
 Co­Director, Poetry for Peace (Cross­District Poetry Contest; 2013–2018)

 Co­Director, Community Poetry Program (Multi­district, cross­age poetry workshops; 2013 –

Elected Committee Service  
 Undergraduate Core Curriculum Revision Committee (2017–2018)
 Faculty Library Committee (2017–present; Chair, 2018–2019)
 Academic Council (2000–2001; 2015–2017)
 Search Committee, College of Arts and Sciences Dean (2014–2015)
 Faculty Salary Committee (2003–2006; chair, 2005–2006)
 Research Committee (2002–2005; chair, 2003–2004)
 Undergraduate Curriculum Committee (1999–2002; chair, 2001–2002)
 Search Committee, Dean of First­Year Students (1999–2000)
 Faculty Development and Evaluation Committee (1998–1999)
 Admissions and Scholarships Committee (1996–1999; chair, 1998–1999)
 Public Lectures and Events Committee (1995–1998; chair, 1996–1997)

Invited or Appointed Committee Service
 Self­Study Team, Sophomore Residential College Program (2018­2019)
 Faculty Liaison, Guns in the Hands of Artists exhibit (2017–2018)
 Office of Service Learning Advisory Council (2010–present)
 Center for Academic Excellence Advisory Committee (2002–2005, 2008­2013)
 NEASC (New England Association of Schools and Colleges) Five Year Accreditation Review 
Team (2012)
 Chair, NEASC Subcommittee on Academic Advising (2012)
 President’s Institutional Diversity Council (2008–2012)
 President’s Commission on University Governance (Spring 2008)
 Strategic Planning Advisory Group, Goal I (Integration of Core Curriculum; 2006 –2008)
 Elementary Education Advisory Committee (2002–2009)
 NEASC Accreditation Subcommittee on Instruction (1995–1996)

College and Departmental Committees
 Search Committee, Core Writing Assistant Professors of the Practice (four positions from 2017–
 Search Committee, Director of Core Writing (2016–2017)
 Search Committee, Assistant Professor of the Practice, Professional Writing (2015–2016)
 College of Arts and Sciences Merit Awards Committee (2013–present)

 Search Committee, Writing Program Administrator Hire (2007–2008)
 English Department Committee on Development of Merit Guidelines (2006–2007)
 Search Committee, Music Education Hire (2003–2004)
 First­Year Writing Assessment Committee (2000–2004; chair, 2002–2003)
 Search Committee, Elementary Education Hire (2002–2003)
 Search Committee, Professional Writing Hire (2000–2001)
 Arts and Sciences Curriculum Committee (1999–2002)
 Women’s Studies Coordinating Committee (1998–2000)
 Search Committee, Journalism Hire (1996–1997)
 English Department Committee on First­Year Writing (1995–1996, 2002–2007)
Memberships: Professional Organizations

 National Council of Teachers of English
 International Writing Centers Association
 American Association of University Professors
 Council of Writing Program Administrators
 Association of Writers and Writing Programs

Memberships: Community Organizations

 CONECT (Congregations Organized for a New Connecticut)
 Friends of CONECT Action Caucus
 DNSIB (Do Not Stand Idly By) Working Group