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Spirituals : fr Choirs \ Ry” Compiled and edited by 10. lL. 12. 13, 14, 15. 16. 17. 18. 19. 20. CONTENTS All my trials arr. Bob Chilcott Balm in Gilead arr, Jon Washburn By and by arr, Bob Chilcott Deep river arr. Paul Hart Didn't it rain arr, Bob Chilcott Didn't my Lord deliver Daniel? arr. Paul Hart Ev'ry time I feel the Spirit arr. Bob Chilcott Goin’ home to God arr, Steve Barnett Go tell it on the mountains arr. Péter Louis van Dijk I got a robe arr. Roderick Williams I want Jesus to walk with me arr, Roderick Williams Joshua fit the battle of Jericho arr. Steve Barnett Nobody knows the trouble I've seen arr. Bob Chilcott Peter, go ring them bells, arr, Roderick Williams Steal away arr. David Blackwell Surely He died on Calvary arr. Joseph Jennings Swing low, sweet chariot arr. Andrew Pryce Jackman Wade in the water arr. Lydia Adams Way over in Beulah-lan’ arr, Joseph Jennings ‘Were you there? arr, Paul Hart page 17 26 34 37 49 58 72 88 98 107 123 133 143 149 155 161 169 175 {for Norman Morris and the Reading Phoenix Choir 1. All my trials | arr. BOB CHILCOTT Expressive, but with a regular beat J = ¢.88 SOPRANO, SOLO SOPRANO, ‘ALTO i TENOR PIANO 5 SOPRANO & 5 REREANC ® imp espress. eres. ——$——— mon-ey could ‘This collection © Oxford University Press 2001 Printed in Great Britain (OXFORD UNIVERSITY PRESS, MUSIC DEPARTMENT, GREAT CLARENDON STREET, OXFORD, OX2 6DP 4 ‘Photocopying this copyright material is ILLEGAL.