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Bridge management

2.1 Bridge management system

In our country after many changes ,now have 3 road and bridge management system :

- highways management system

-Local roads management system

-railway bridge management system

These management systems owned the transportation, directly or indirectly perform the function of
state management of transportation.

2.1.1 Highways management system

In the system highest organ is the road department Viet Nam , below the road department Viet Nam
have 4 department road management ( before 2014 called zones road management ):

- department road management I has its head office in Ha Noi City, scale management is highway
from the northern provinces until the end of Ninh Binh province , the boundary point with
department road management II is Xay slope (Thanh Hoa province );
- Department road management II has its head office in Vinh City, Nghe An province ,scale
management from Thanh Hoa province with the starting point is Xay slope until the end Thua
Thien Hue province ( the boundary point is top of Hai Van mountain pass )
- department road management III has its head office in Da Nang City . Scale management from
Da Nang City with the starting point is top of Hai Van mpuntain pass until the end Khanh Hoa
province ( the boundary point is Da bridge );
- department road management IV has its head office in Ho Chi Minh City . Scale management
from Ninh Thuan province with Da bridge until the end Southern Province.

In principle, all highways in the scope of management be long to departments QLDB, however some
sections of the highway are the road department Viet Nam entrusted to transportation facilities of
province management. Example : Highway 5 from Ha Noi to Hai Phong ; Part from Ha Noi to Hai
Duong managemented by the department road management I , the rest commission for service Hai
Phong transportation management .

Below department road management has branchs of road management, one branch managements
one or a number of part highway .Branchs not direct participate in the management, maintenance
bridge and road construction but to perform the state management function in their assigned

Example about organizational structure of department road management I:

There are organized rooms –administrative, plan- technology; finance ; management, maintenance
road; Traffic safety and 08 branch .
In recent years , the road department Viet Nam organized bidding for management work, regular
maintenance of the entire national highway system . Companies about road management
maintenance ( before it belong to zones road management ) or orther companies can participate in
this work.

2.1.3 Local roads management system

In addition to managing some parts ,line highway commission by the road department Viet Nam
then service transportation management Local roads system within province . This system include
road province and roads suburban system .

Present in our country have 63 service transportation corresponding to the provincial administrative
units, independent cities.

Service transportation is also a state administrative unit that directly performs the work check ,
maintenance are companies road management.

According to the policy of socialization of the transport sector, every company can participate in
bidding for the maintenance work.

2.1.3 Railway bridge management system

Present, Railway management system to be responsible by head of company railway Viet Nam .
Below head of company are companies management railway to be responsible one line or one part
line, companies management bridge constructions within the scope of those line . These companies
are Hà Hải, Hà Thái, Yên Lào, Hà Lạng, Vĩnh Phú, Hà Ninh , Thanh Hóa , Nghệ Tĩnh, Quảng Bình , Bình
Trị Thiên, Quảng Nam- Đà Nẵng, Nghĩa Bình , Phú Khánh, Thuận Hải, Sài Gòn