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Essential English-7
Detailed Lesson Plan

I. Objectives

At the end of the discussion, students are able to

a. Identify the distinguishing features of selected literary genre during the summarizing period.

b. Explain how different characteristics of expository text contribute to the theme of a particular
literary selection through group mapping activity.

c. Express the feeling of being courageous to fight bullied people by acting it out in role playing.

II. Subject Matter

a. Topic: Expository Texts-- Meeting Challenges "How to Fight Big Bullies"

b. Reference: Essential English (Worktext in Literature and Language) Lesson 13- pp.276-281
c. Materials: Chart, pictures, handouts, playcards, laptop, projector
d. Values: Boosting students’ self-esteem through realization.
III. Procedure

Teacher's Activity Students' Activity

a. Preliminary Activities

1. Greetings
Good morning class! Good morning Ma'am!
How are you? Fine Ma’am!

2. Opening Prayer
Class let us Pray. …Amen.
3. Checking of Attendance
No absent
Who are absent today? Group 1,2, 3,4? Problem-Solution Ch
What is the
4. Review problem?
What good attitudes have you learned from your
parents since you were born?
Being courteous, What are
That’s kind, humble, the effects?
good honest,
to respectful and What are
hear other valuable the causes?
class! traits.
What are
5. some of the
Drill solutions?
Class can you give some ways of showing respect
to other people? By using proper words, giving attention to someone who nee
not abusing someone’s trust and a lot more Ma ’am.

Very good class!

6. Motivation
(The teacher will
present a
quotation using a

It can mean that we should be proud to ourselves even some

destroying us. Don’t mind what other people are saying, beca
maybe they are just envy of how special we are.

Class what can you say about this quotation?

Ma’am maybe our topic for today is about being brave.