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Objectives Course: Fundamentals 3 Skills: speaking, grammar,

Unit: 8 Lesson: B-C Date: October 06th 2018

 Describing routines
Number of Students: 14 Lesson Plan by: Byron Giovanni
Marmolejo Diaz
Questions, paper cards, masking tape.

Stage Activity Description Time

Introduction or Check the homework. Page 97 exercise 10. 10
warm up
Review the present simple tense with frequency adverbs. Write on the board;

One thing you always do in the morning

Two things you never do in the afternoon
One thing your father or mother do in the evening
One thing your father or mother don’t do in the morning
Two things the person next to you usually does on Saturdays at 7pm
Snap Snap game.

Students will make small groups of 4 and then they will their hands one on top of the other, I will say X
number and then they will remove their hands and the number who matches the remaning hand has
to go over one of the sentences on the board.
transition Let’s move the fuck on. I’m hyped
Extension Review questions. 15 min
activity Paste a question on every student’s back, have them walk around showing their question to their
friends. Their friends will answer the questions. after many rounds of getting responses, students will
think of the possible question and then they will write it on a piece of paper to compare it with the
original question. Students will reflect on positive and negative aspects.

Check the questions with the entire class and correct or give any feedback.
Extension Group work.
Activity 30 min
Now it is time to do a dynamical game with some memory games. Students will get small pieces of
blank paper. 10 in total. They will write ten action verbs and then exchange them with another group.
Have students create a story where each person has to take one paper card and has to add a new
sentence to the story. The story that has the good progression, frequency adverbs, and third person
singular and negative statements is the winner. (Bring cake for added stimulus).

Students will make 3 comprehension questions about their stories. Two ye/no questions and two
information questions.

One group member will have to tell the story in front of the class.
Wrap-up or Independent work on page 98. Just have them read along and understand what their reading. 20 min
feedback Talk to them, aks them, listen top them

Excellence is key