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am petitioning You, don't leave me 'Gaur Hari'

(what's that mean exactly?). Then I'll know that You are
GAURI DASA PANDITA the deliverers of the fallen."
"Sri Gauranga Mahaprabhu replied, 'Gauri dasa! Give
Krsna dasa Kaviraja Gosvami, in describing the up this idea. You can just serve My Deity form, for I am
branches of the main trunk (Nityananda) of the tree personally present in that form also. You should know
nurtured by Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu, praised Gauri this to be a fact. Just accept what I am telling you as the
dasa Pandita in this way: (check trans) "Gauri das truth."
Pandit's loving devotion was very intense and powerful.
He especially empowered himself to deliver, as well as "Hearing this, Gauri dasa simply let out a deep sigh and
to receive, love of Krsna. He completely surrendered continued to cry piteously. Again the two brothers
himself along with his caste distinction and his tried to console him but his heart refused to be pacified.
religious dictates at the lotus feet of Nityananda
"Dina Krsna dasa is praying at the lotus feet of Lord
Prabhu. Lord Caitanya and Lord Nityananda Prabhu
Caitanya, that these two brothers might remain there.
were the Lords of his life."
Thus the two of them were bound by the love of Gauri
[C.c. Adi 11.26-27] dasa and therefore the Lord is known as bhakta-vatsala
or one who is affectionate to His devotees.
His father's name was Sri Kamsari Misra and his
mother's name Sri Kamala Devi. Together they had six "Seeing that Gauri dasa was extremely distraught,
son: Damodara, Jagannatha, Surya dasa, Gauri dasa, Mahaprabhu spoke to him very gently, 'All right,
Krsna dasa and Nrsimha Caitanya. Amongst twelve We'll stay with you. Know in all certainty that We two
cowherd boys in Vraja, Gauri dasa was Subal Sakha. brothers will stay in your house.'
Across the Ganges from Santipur, in a small town called "Consoling him in this way the two Lords came
Ambika Kalna, which is within the present district of before him in the company of two Deities. Seeing the
Barddhama, is where Gauri dasa Pandita's temple is four of them standing before him, Panditji was
located. His worshipable Deities Sri Sri Gaura- astonished, and though tears continued to flow from
Nityananda are still residing in all their splendor there. his eyes, now it was not out of sadness. The Lord
There is a railway station at Ambika Kalna on the again spoke to him, 'Whichever two you choose, you
Howrah-Navadvipa line. From there one can proceed can keep in your room. Whichever two you can
by ricksaw to Mahaprabhu Mandira. In the temple is an recognise as Us will stay with you and depend on you to
old copy of the Bhagavad-gita on palm leaves which is feed Us. Know this to be the truth of truths within your
supposed to have been written by the hand of heart.
Mahaprabhu Himself. There is also an oar from a boat
"Having heard Mahaprabhu speak these words, Gauri
which has an interesting story behind it.
dasa immediately began to cook. He fed all four of
One day, the two Lords Caitanya and Nityananda them sumptuously and then offered them nice cloths
came to Kalna from Santipur by boat, paddling it and garlanded them with garlands of lotus flowers.
themselves. Lord Caitanya kept the oar in His hand, Then he offered pan and betal nuts for chewing and
and when He entered Gauri dasa's house He gave it to smeared sandlewood paste on Their bodies. By serving
him, saying, "With this you should cross over the them in various ways, he gradually regained his former
ocean of material existence, taking all the living entities composure and at the same time decided which two he
with you." would keep in his house. Due to the Pandita's pure love,
two Lords remained with him and asked him to feed
Gauri dasa Pandita's older brother, Surya dasa them when they were hungry, while the other two went
Sarakkali, had two daughters, Sri Vasudha and Jahnava to Nilacala Puri. Gauri dasa Pandita served his two
Devi. He gave them in marriage to Nityananda Prabhu. Lords according to Their whims and enjoyed many
Near the conclusion of His Navadvipa pastimes, when pastimes with Them.
Mahaprabhu desired to accept sannyasa, He came
to Kalna to bid farewell to Gauri dasa. At that time "Praying at the lotus feet of such a rare devotee as
Gauri dasa became extremely afflicted by separation. Pandita Gauri das, Dina Krsna dasa concludes his
Hereafter is a nice song which describes what occured song. Becoming subservient to Gauri dasa' love, Sri
at that time. Sri Gaur-Nityananda accepted the arca vigraha form
and remained with him to enjoy sporting pastimes."
"In the Thakur Pandit's house, Lord Gauranga was
dancing ecstatically, revolving around and around, One day the two Lords smilingly spoke to Panditji
while Lord Nityananda chanted 'Hari! Hari!' Gauri "Gauri dasa! Previously you were our friend, Subal.
dasa, however, was crying very piteously and Don't you remember how we used to play and frolic,
incessantly. He fell at the Lord's feet and begged Him, enjoying different pastimes on the banks of the
'Please don't ever go away from here! Just honor this Yamuna?" Speaking in this sweet way, suddenly they
one request: stay here in Ambikanagar - this is my last took the form of Krsna and Balarama. Dressed like
submission at your lotus feet. If You go away, surely I'll cowherd boys, They held buffalo horn, cane and flute in
die. Don't try to trick me like You did the gopis, Their hands. Their heads were decorated with peacock
giving some high philosophy about Your 'Bhava-murti' feathers and around their necks were garlands of forest
(or anything like that). I must keep You here in such a flowers, and their lotus feet were decorated with
way that I can see You. You two brothers just stay here ankle bells. Gauri dasa also assumed his previous
with me, thus everyone will become liberated. Again I appearance and in this way they enjoyed some fun

together. After some time, Gauri dasa calmed himself, But instead of accepting the donation himself,
and the two Lords againsat down on the simhasana. Hrdayananda sent him to his guru. However, Gauri
dasa sent the man back to Hrdayananda and told him to
Every day, Gauri dasa used to cook many varieties of
accept the donation and with it to hold a festival on the
vegetables and offer them to Their Lordships. He was banks of the Ganga.
always absorbed in their service and never perceived his
own bodily discomfort. As the years went by, gradually As per the order of his guru, Hrdayananda began to
he attained a ripe old age. Nevertheless he continued make the necessary preparations. Gradually, the people
to serve his Lordships as before, cooking many various that he had sent invitations to began to arrive, but
preparations for Them. Seeing that he was having to upon hearing that a festival was being held on the
exert himself so much to do so much cooking, one day Ganges riverbank, they proceeded there first. In the
Sri Sri Gaura-Nityananda feigned anger and refused to company of the many devotees, Hrdayananda chanted
eat. Panditji was in turn hurt by this and said, "If You and dance ecstatically. The sankirtan was so blissful
get happiness by not eating, then why do You have me and attractive that Their Lordships themselves, Sri
cook in the first place?" After saying this he became Sri Gaura-Nityananda, came to take part in the dancing
silent. and singing. Hrdayananda was very fortunate to see all
of this.
Lord Gauranga smiled and replied softly, "Your
cooking is no small accomplishment. You prepare rice Meanwhile, Gauri dasa was also holding a festival in
and so many varieties of vegetables. You won't listen if his house. When the time came for making an
We request you not to make so much but We can't bear offering, the pujari, Boro Ganga dasa Pandita entered
to see your hard labor. Whatever you can prepare the Deity room only to find that there were no Deities.
easily that would be best." He immediately informed Gauri dasa. Gauri dasa could
understand the matter very well and, smiling, he
Hearing Their statement, Gauri dasa replied, "Anyway, picked up a stick and proceeded towards the kirtana
whatever I have prepared today, please accept that.
festival on the banks of the Ganges. Arriving there,
From tomorrow I won't feed You with so many he saw the two transcendental brothers engaged in
preparations. I'll just put some sak on Your plate."
ecstatic dancing. Sri Sri Gaura-Nityananda also saw
Having heard the reply of Gauri dasa, the two Lords Gauri dasa approaching in an angry mood with a stick
laughed and began to eat.
in his hand, and They quickly and silently entered the
Sometimes Gauri dasa desired to decorate Their temple of Hrdayananda's heart. Seeing this Gauri das
Lordships with ornaments. Coming to know of this, couldn't restrain his tears of ecstasy. He forgot his
Sri Gaura-Nityananda put on various ornaments and anger and ran towards Hrdayananda with his arms
exhibited themselves in Their full opulence. When outstretched. Firmly embracing him he said, "You are
Panditji entered the temple, he smiled with wonder. so fortunate! From today your name is Hrdaycaitanya."
"Where did so many ornaments come from?" He was
Gauri dasa began to bathe him with his tears as
simply astonished in ecstasy. In this way Sri Sri Hrdaycaitanya fell at his lotus feet. Then Gauri dasa
Gaura-Nityananda began to manifest Their
took Hrdaycaitanya and all of the devotees to his
opulences through various sporting pastimes in Gauri courtyard where intense chanting and dancing
das's house.
continued. The assembled Vaisnavas filled the day with
Gauri dasa's dearmost disciple was Sri Hrdayananda. the vibrations of "Hari! Hari!" In this way the birth
One time, on the occasion of Lord Gaursundara's birth anniversary celebration of Gaursundara was observed.
anniversary, Gauri dasa went to visit some of his Thereafter Gauri dasa appointed Hrdaycaitanya as the
disciples. At the time of going he left Hrdayananda in sevaka of the Deities.
charge of worshiping the Deities, which Hrdayananda His disappearance is on the thirteenth day of the bright
began to do in full love. Gradually the appearance day
fortnight of the month of Sravana.
of Mahaprabhu drew very near. When there were only
three days remaining, still Gauri dasa hadn't returned In Vrindavana, on the banks of the Yamuna, there is a
home yet. Hrdayananda deliberated for some time place called Dhir Samir. Gauri dasa Pandita's samadhi
about what should be done and finally, being is located here as are his worshipable Deities, Sri Sri
prompted on his own, sent out invitations to all the Syama-Raya.
devotees and disciples to attend the festival.
Just after that, Gauri dasa returned. Hrdayananda
informed his gurudeva that he had written out
invitations and had then sent them to the devotees.
Within himself, Gauri dasa was very pleased by GAURI DASA PANDITA
Hrdayananda's service, but externally he feigned great
anger and said, "Even in my presence you show so In Shri Chaitanya Charitamrita, Krishna dasa
much independence, sending out invitations hither and Kaviraja Goswami has written:
thither. Anyway, whatever this upstart has done is done,
but he won't be able to remain here." “Shri Nityananda Prabhu is the topmost branch of the
indestructible tree of eternal love of Godhead, Shri
Hearing this, Hrdayananda offered his obeisances Krishna Chaitanya Mahaprabhu. I offer my respectful
and went to sit underneath a tree on the banks of the obeisances to all the sub-branches of that topmost
Ganga. Shortly thereafter, a rich man passing by in a branch.” Gauridasa Pandit is one of the most important
boat hailed Hrdayananda, wishing to make a donation.

sub-branches of the Nityananda branch of the Chaitanya The sons of Raghunatha were Mahesha Pandita and
tree of bhakti. Of this particular sub-branch of Govinda. Gauridasa Pandit’s daughter was known as
Nityananda, Shri Krishna Dasa Kaviraja Goswami has Annapurna.” According to Bhaktivinoda Thakura,
written: gauridasa pandit yara premoddanda-bhakti, some of the descendants of Gauri Dasa Pandit are living
krishna-prema dite, nite, dhare mahashakti. nityananda today in the village of Shaligram.
samarpila jati kula-panti, shri chaitanya-nityananda kari
Bhaktivedanta Swami gives the location of Ambika-
pranapati. “Gauridasa Pandita, the emblem of the most
kalna as follows: “The village Ambika-kalna, which is
elevated devotional service in love of Godhead, had the
situated just across the River Ganges from Shantipura,
greatest potency to receive and deliver such love.
is two miles east of the Kalakanorta railway station on
Making Lord Chaitanya and Lord Nityananda the Lords
the Eastern Railway.” It may be noted that Ambika-
of his life, Gauridas Pandit sacrificed everything for the
Kalna may be visited by catching to train to Nabadwip
service of Lord Nityananda, even the fellowship of his
—dham at Howrah station in Calcutta and getting off at
Ambika-Kalna. Bhaktivedanta Swami writes: “In
Shri Gauridasa Pandit’s father’s name was Shri Kamsari Ambika-Kalna there is a temple constructed by the
Mishra. His mother’s name was Shri Kamala Devi. He Zamindar of Burdwan. In front of the temple there is a
had five brothers: Damodara, Jagannatha, Suryadasa, big tamarind tree, and it is said that Gauridasa Pandita
Krishnadasa, and Nrishinga-Chaitanya. Previously, in and Lord Chaitanya Mahaprabhu met under this tree.
Vrindvana, Gauridasa Pandit was Subala Shakha, one of The place where the tempole is situated is known as
the twelve most important cowherd-boy friends of Ambika, and because it is in the area of Kalna, the
Krishna who were known as the dvadasha-gopals. village is known as Ambika-kalna. It is said that a copy
of Bhagavad-gita written by Shri Chaitanya
In the Bardhaman district lies the town of Ambika-
Mahaprabhu still exists in this temple.”
kalna, not far from the city of Shantipura. In Ambika-
kalna lived Gauridasa Pandit. At present, in the house of When Shri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu, after performing
Shri Gauridasa Pandit there is a temple where the different kinds of pastimes in Navadwipa, wanted to
deities of Gaura-Nityananda are installed. In that take sannyasa, at that time he went to bid goodbye to
temple there is an ancient manuscript, which is said to Gauridasa Pandita. At that time, Gauridasa Pandita felt
be a copy of the Bhagavad-gita written in Shri great separation from Shri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu.
Chaitanya Mahaprabhu’s own hand, although this is not This is described in a song by a devotee named Krishna
accepted by some authorities. Hearsay has it that dasa:
Shriman Mahaprabhu crossed the Ganges in a boat with
“Shri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu, dancing, with
an oar. Giving the oar to Gauridasa Pandita,
Nityananda who was chanting, “Hari Hari” arrived at
Mahaprabhu is supposed to have said, “With this oar,
the house of Gauridasa Pandita to bid farewell. Weeping
you may help the fallen souls cross over the ocean of
and weeping in separation, Gauridasa fell at the feet of
material existence.” That oar is still found at the temple
the Lord and said, ‘You must never leave my house!
of Gauridasa Pandit.
Please heed my words. Stay here in Ambika Kalna. This
Gauridasa Pandit had an elder brother named Suryadas is my humble submission. If you leave me, I shall
Sarakhela. Suryadasa Sarakhela lived a few miles from surely die. You must stay here. And I will always stay
Navadwipa in a place called Shaligram. At that time he here and view your divine form. You are two brothers.
accepted employment as a secretary in the Stay here at my place, and everyone will be delivered
Mohammedan government. He had two daughters: Shri just by seeing you. Again I submit-don’t leave, O
Vasudha and Jahnava Devi. These two daughters later Gaurahari: you are the savior of the fallen.’
married Shri Nityananda Prabhu. Of Gauridasa
“The Lord said, ‘Gauridasa, allow me to fulfill your
Pandit’s brothers, Krishnadasa Kaviraja Goswami has
hope in this way: I shall give you an exact copy of
written: “Suryadasa Sarakhela and his younger brother
Gaura and Nityananda, a murti that you may worship.
Krishnadasa Sarakhela both possessed firm faith in
By seeing this murti you can think of us. My murti is as
Nityananda Prabhu. They were a reservoir of love of
good as I am. Know it for certain that my words are
Godhead. “
Regarding Gauridasa Pandita, Bhaktivedanta Swami
“Hearing this, Gauridasa, let out a deep breath and
translates the comments of Srila Bhaktivinoda Thakura
began sobbing and sobbing, wept and wept. Again, the
i as follows: “It is said that Gauridasa Pandit was always
two brothers tried to console him. Still, nothing they did
patronized by King Krishnadasa, the son of Harihoda.
could steady or pacify him. Thus sings the fallen
Gauridasa Pandit lived in the village of Shaligrama,
Krishna dasa who aspires for the lotus feet of Shri
which is situated a few miles from the railway station
Chaitanya, of how those two brothers stayed in Ambika
Muragaccha, and later he came to reside in Ambika-
Kalna. In ecstasy, Gauridasa Pandit begged the two
kalana. It is stated in Gaura-ganodesha-dipika, verse
brothers to stay, and because Chaitanya and Nityananda
128, that formerly he was Subal, one of the cowherd boy
are bhakta-vatsala-always affectionate to his devotees-
friends of Krishna and Balarama in Vrindavana.
they were captured by Gauridasa Pandit. He imprisoned
Gauridas Pandit was the younger brotehr of Suryadasa
those two Lords in a temple of divine love from which
Sarakhela, and with the permission of his elder brother
they could not escape.
he shifted his residence tot he bank of the Ganges,
living there in the town known as Ambika-Kalna....The “Seeing the great anxiety of Gauridasa Pandita, Shri
eldest son of Gauridasa Pandita was known as big Chaitanya Mahaprabhu said, with great gravity, ‘We
Balrama, and the youngest was known as Raghunatha. will stay here at your place. Know for certain that we

two brothers will always stay here in your home.’ you happy.” Saying this, Gauridasa Pandita fell silent.
Consoling him with these words, those two brothers Smiling, the Lord then said in great seriousness, “There
manifest themselves in the form of two perfect deity is nothing wrong with your cooking. But there is no
forms. need, at your advanced age, to cook so many
preparations. We can’t tolerate seeing you go to such a
“The four of them stood there: Gaura-Nityananda and
great effort on our behalf. We would be happier if you
the exact replicas of Gaura-Nityananda. Gauridas Pandit would exert less effort and just do something simple.”
was stunned. Tears of divine love filled his eyes. Again
the Lord told him, ‘Your wish is fulfilled. These two Gauridasa Pandit said, “Eat what I have cooked today.
will stay here in your home forever. You will always In the future, I won’t take such great steps. Everything
internally realize that in this way, at your home we shall will be kept simple. I will only cook a little shak and
eternally stay and beg to eat the offerings you cook.’ offer it on a fresh banana leaf.” Hearing the words of the
Pandit, the brothers, Gaura and Nityananda, smiled and
“Hearing this, Gauridasa the king of pandits, began to laughed and ate everything on their plates.
cook. When the preparations were ready, he offered
everything before his four guests. After this he offered Once Gauridasa Pandita wanted to decorate Gaura and
them garlands made of lotuses and fresh cloth, along Nityananda lavishly with beautiful ornaments. Knowing
with tambula and other fine things. Then he decorated his mind, Gaura-Nityananda decorated themselves with
their limbs with sandalwood pulp. ornaments and then got back up on their throne on the
altar. When the pandit entered the temple, he was
“After all these various things were realized, it was time speechless with delight. He thought, “Where did they
for the two Lords to go. The two Lords left the two
get these ornaments?” In this way, Gaura and
Lords standing at the home of Gauridasa Pandita and Nityananda were involved in many different kinds of
left for Jagannatha Puri. To the great satisfaction of
pastimes in the home of Gauridasa Pandita.
Gauridasa Pandita, Gaura and Nityananda in their
replica form stayed at his house and ate the rice he Shri Gauridas Pandit’s dearmost disciple was Shri
offered them. In this way, Gauridasa Pandit rendered Hridaya Chaitanya. Once around the time of the
service to his heart’s delight and enjoyed the pastimes of appearance day of Shri Gauranga, Gauridasa went to the
Gaura and Nityananda. My only hope is to take shelter house of one of his disciples. At that time, he entrusted
at the lotus feet of Gauridasa Pandita. Thus says the the service of Shri Gaura and Nityananda in the care of
fallen Krishnadasa.” Hridaya Chaitanya. Hridaya Chaitanya, in great ecstasy,
rendered service to those deities. The festival of
One day, just to increase the divine love of Gauridasa
Chaitanya Mahaprabhu’s appearance day drew near.
Pandita, the murtis of Shri Gaura-Nityananda decided When only three days remained before the big festival
to revive in Gauridasa Pandita the Vrindavana
that was to take place, Gauridas Pandita still had not
conception. At that time they smiled sweetly and said, returned. Hridaya Chaitanya became very worried.
“O Gauridasa! You were formerly Subal Shakha. Don’t
Acting on his own, he arranged to send a written
you remember? Together we used to have many message to the different devotees and disciples inviting
pastimes on the banks of the Yamuna in Vrindavana.
them to the festival that would soon be held. Just at
While acting in this way, Shri Gaura and Nitayananda that time, Gauridasa Pandita arrived at his ashram.
caused Gauridasa to conceive of them in the forms of
Hridaya Chaitanya told his guru about how he had sent
Krishna and Balarama. In this way, they appeared in the out invitations of his own, worried that Gauridasa
dress of cowherd boys, with a stick for driving cows in
Pandit would not return in time to do so. Although
their hands. Krishna held a flute in his hands and a Gauridasa Pandit was internally very happy, externally
peacock feather in his hear. Their necks were decorated
he showed himself to be very angry with Hridaya
with garlands of forest flowers. Their lotus feet were Chaitanya’s acting independently.
ornamented with anklets. In this way, they brought
Gauridasa into the mood of his previous conception. In Gauridasa scolded his disciple, saying, “In my presence
this mood they revealed different pastimes to Gauridasa you are acting independently, sending invitations here
Pandit for some time. After this, it was the Lord’s wish and there as you please and summoning my disciples at
that Gauridasa be returned to external consciousness. At your will. This cannot go on. You cannot stay here.”
that time, Krishna and Balaram returned to the altar in
Hearing this, Hridaya Chaitanya fell at the feet of his
their forms as Gaura and Nityananda.
guru and offered his pranams. He went to stay under a
Every day, Gauridasa Pandit used to prepare various tree on the banks of the Ganges. A short time later a rich
wonderful edibles for the pleasure of his deities and merchant came by on a boat and gave a large donation
offer it to Gaura and Nityananda. He was always to Hridaya Chaitanya, saying, “Give this to your guru,
engaged in serving them. He was so absorbed in service Gauridas Pandit.” After he went to Gauridasa and gave
that he was completely unaware of the pleasures and him the donation, Hridaya Chaitanya was told by his
pains of his own body. Gradually, he approached old age guru to hold a big festival on the banks of the Ganges.
and became feeble and infirm. In this way, although it Taking the order of his guru on his head, Hridaya
was difficult for him to do, he did not cease working Chaitanya began a big festival on the banks of the
hard to cook for his deities. One day, seeing his hard Ganges. Gradually all the Vaishnavas in the
labor at cooking, Gaura and Nityananda externally surrounding areas began to assemble there. Taking those
appeared very angry, and refused to eat. At that time, great souls with him, Hridaya Chaitanya began a
Gauridasa Pandit embraced them affectionately, saying: wonderful and superexcellent performance of dancing
“If you don’t want to eat this, tell me what you would and chanting the holy name. In the midst of this kirtan
like me to cook. I’m ready to cook whatever will make Gaura and Nityananda Themselves appeared, singing

and dancing. Hridaya Chaitanya saw it with his own
eyes. In this way Gauridasa Pandita arranged for a great
festival to be held. When the pujari back at the temple,
Big Ganga Dasa Pandit, entered the temple he saw that
Gaura and Nityananda were not on the simhasana, the
deity throne on the altar. He went immediately to
Gauridas Pandit to report this incident. The pujari could
understand that to increase the prema of Hridaya
Chaitanya, Gaura and Nityananda had gone off and
joined the kirtan. Seeing the amazement of his pujari,
Gauridasa Pandit smiled sweetly. Then, to stop the two
brothers from getting away, he took a club in his hand
and went off to the banks of the Ganges to the place
where Gaura and Nityananda had joined in the great
kirtan that was going on there. He soon arrived at the
banks of the Ganges where the kirtan was going on. He
could see the two brothers dancing in ecstasy. But when
the two brothers, Gaura and Nityananda saw the angry
mood of Gauridas Pandita, they became invisible.
Shri Gauridas Pandit could see that Gaura and
Nityananda had entered into the temple of Hridaya
Chaitanya’s heart. Beholding this in great wonder and
ecstasy, Gauridasa Pandit could not hold himself back-
he began crying tears of ecstasy. He forgot his external
show of anger at the two brothers, and holding his
disicple Shri Hridaya Chaitanya Prabhu in his arms, he
said, “You are truly fortunate. From today on your name
will be will be “Hridaya Chaitanya:” one who has Shri
Chaitanya within his heart. He drenched Hridaya
Chaitanya Prabhu with the water of his tears.
In great humility and overwhelmed with Krishna-
prema, Shri Hridaya Chaitanya fell at the feet of Shri
Gauridasa Pandit. After this, Gauridasa took Hridaya
Chaitanya back to his house where they danced and
chanted in the courtyard in the ecstasy of sankirtan. The
devotees filled the ten directions with the loud chanting
of “Hari! Hari!” In this way the great festival of the
appearance day of Shri Gauranga came to a close. After
this, Shri Gauridasa Pandita blessed Shri Hridaya
Chaitanya with the adhikara or qualifications for divine
seva. On the Shukla Ekadashi in the month of
Shravana, Shri Gauridasa Pandita passed away from
this earth and entered into the eternal unmanifest
pastimes of Shri Gauranga and Nityananda. His most
important disciple was Hridaya Chaitanya, whose most
important disciple was Shri Shyamananda prabhu. Shri
Narahari Chakravarti Thakura records all the history of
Gauri Das Pandit’s life and extolls his glories in the
seventh taranga or wave of his book, Bhakti-Ratnakara.