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Learner Resource 1

Independent research activity into Ownership:

Construction of a website
Step 1 – Research
You are going to research the ownership of your set products. This research will require you to find
out about the following for each of your set products:

 Who funds and legally owns the drama.

 How the drama is produced and by whom.
 How the drama is distributed and by whom.
 The drama’s marketing campaign.
 How the drama is circulated and consumed by its audience.

As you complete your research, you must record your findings on the worksheet.

Step 2 – Construction of a LFTD research web page

Once you have completed your research and are satisfied that you have enough information for
each area of your research into ownership, you will create a website that records all of your
research findings to do with ownership.

 You will use a template such as Wix or Weebly to construct your web page.
 You should aim to use the following sub pages so that your research findings are easy to
1 Ownership

2 Production

3 Distribution

4 Marketing campaign

5 Circulation

 Use as many facts as you can with figures and statistical information when relevant.
 Use as much visual evidence as possible so take screenshots, copy and embed links to
relevant videos, articles and other materials to help evidence your findings to do with the
ownership and processes of ownership for your set products. So, for example, you should
include examples of trailers, posters, reviews and social media comments in your page for
marketing campaign and so on.

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Component 02: Long Form Television Drama
Sub-topic Information to find Research findings
Who is the  Who are they? How are they -Released by Netflix,
owner of the structured as a company? Do created by The Duffer
product? they own any other companies or Brothers
are they owned by another
company/conglomerate? -Successful company
 Are they a specialised company? creating and releasing
What other similar products do many different tv series’
they/have they produced? How and films
successful are they?
-Duffer Brothers also
created Wayward Pines

How are they  Where does the company’s -The primary source of
funded? funding come from? revenue for Netflix is
 Are they vertically or horizontally subscriptions. That is,

integrated? subscribers pay to

 How have they diversified? access content on Netflix

-Horizontal integration

-Netflix create as well as


What aspects  How do they ensure their product -They work with content
of the is distributed and circulated? providers to gain the
production,  How does this help with funding licence to show
distribution their products?
and circulation -This funds and
 How does this help to reach and
processes do maintains audiences as
maintain audiences?
they own? the wider variety of
programmes, the more
people are likely to pay
for a subscription

How do they  Do they have global reach? How -117.6million subscribers

reach their many viewers/subscribers do
audience? they have? How many viewers -15.8milion views in first
have there been for the drama three days
and/or the first episode of the
-Measure streaming, but
first season?
not exactly how many
 How do they measure their
people have streamed it

Version 1 2 © OCR 2018

Component 02: Long Form Television Drama
Sub-topic Information to find Research findings
How do they  How does the organization -Advertise their content
maintain their market their brand to the through social media
audience? audience?
-Wide audience so
 How do they market the product
market a wide variety of
to the audience? Can the drama
be seen to be innovative
programming that their
-117.6million subscribers
audiences will enjoy?
and growing, making
 How successful are they? How Netflix successful
can their success be measured?

Who produced  What is the name of the -Shawn Levy (21 laps
the drama? production company? entertainment)
 Are they a commercial or non- -American television
profit company? production company
 Are they global, international or -Other dramas: Imaginary
national? Mary, Last Man Standing
 What other dramas have they

How much did  What was the production -$6million and episode
the drama budget? for season one, $8million
cost?  Can you find the above the line and episode for season
and below the line costs? two
 Who is the cast made up of? -Cast: Millie Bobby
 Are there any significant Brown, Minona Ryder,
directors or ‘crew’ in the David Harbour, Finn
production? Wolfhard etc.
 How many crew were involved? -Created by Duffer
Brothers (Matt and Ross
Pre-production  Where does the idea for the -Duffer Brothers took
drama come from? An original concept from Prisoners
story, adapted from a book etc..? (2013) showing the
 Who are the writers of the struggle a father goes
drama? What else have they through when his
written? daughter is kidnapped
 How many episodes is the -Duffer Brothers
drama told in?

Version 1 3 © OCR 2018

Component 02: Long Form Television Drama
Sub-topic Information to find Research findings
-There are 17 episodes (8
in season 1, 9 in season
Production  When was the drama filmed? -Set in 1980s, filmed in
 Where was it filmed? 2015
 How long did it take? -Jackson, North Atlanta
 How was technology used in the -6 months per season (11
filming stages? days per episode)
-Shot in 7K on a Red
Dragon, 2:1 aspect ratio
Post  Who/which company edited the -Kevin Ross and Dean
production drama? What is their relationship Zimmerman
with the production studio?
-Editors have 4 days to
 How long did it take in post
production? edit
 What significant uses of -80% practical, 20%
technology are there in the post visual elements in
production (CGI etc.)
season 1, 50/50 season 2
of computer generated

Who  What is the name of the -Netflix

distributed the distribution company?
drama? -The show was later on
 Is the same company

picked up by Netflix so
responsible for production and
distribution? there were no direct ties
 Is there an international co-
operation or relationship
between the producer, distributor
and broadcaster of the show?
What  Which formats is the drama -Streaming on Netflix,
distribution available in (online streaming, box set
formats and internet download, VOD and pay
platforms is per view, DVD box set…) -Netflix
the drama  What online streaming services -Mobile, computer,
available on? is the drama available on?
 Which platforms/devices can be
used to access the drama?

Version 1 4 © OCR 2018

Component 02: Long Form Television Drama
Sub-topic Information to find Research findings
 Is the distribution of the drama -Stranger Things is
different in different countries? global

What was the  What date was the drama -15th July 2016
distribution released on?
release -No
 Did the drama have
strategy? simultaneous release globally? -Series
 Was it released by episode or by

Version 1 5 © OCR 2018

Component 02: Long Form Television Drama
Sub-topic Information to find Research findings
Who marketed  Which company was responsible -Netflix
the drama? for the marketing campaign? -Yes
 Are they the same company
responsible for production and/or
What was the  When did the marketing -Live online broadcasts
marketing campaign begin? and social media active
strategy for the  What traditional marketing tools cast
drama? were used such as posters and -Spotify playlist
-‘Eggos’ Twitter page
 How was social media and viral
-Cinematic trailer on
marketing campaigns used to
promote the drama?

 Are there any examples of -Nostalgia marketing

synergy or merchandising deals? -Eggos- Kelloggs waffles
 How were audiences invited to (synergy) when first
engage, participate and respond came out
to the marketing of the drama?
 Where there any examples of
innovative marketing that would
appeal to the target audience for
the drama?
 How long did the campaign run
 Were there any extended
marketing tools or campaigns
used after the release of the first
What is the  What prosumers or fan made -T-shirts, mugs, key rings
role of the products are there in response to etc.
audience and the marketing of the drama? -Eggo card game
fans of the  How have they helped to market
drama in the
-Intertextual reference
the drama and create a
marketing which fans understand
community for the show?
campaign? and create community

Version 1 6 © OCR 2018

Component 02: Long Form Television Drama
Sub-topic Information to find Research findings
When was the  What date was the drama -15th July 2016 on Netflix
drama released in the US, the UK and only globally
released for globally? Or, was there -15.8million views in
broadcast? simultaneous release? three days for the
 Who broadcasts the drama in the premiere of season 2
US and the UK? -361,000 people watched
 Is the drama broadcast on more whole of season 2 on day
than one platform or does it have
of release
exclusive broadcast rights?
 How many people viewed the
-Positive review from
first episode on the date of Guardian
release? -5* on Rotten Tomatoes
 How many people watched the -Emmy award, Golden
whole season on the date of Globe award, Teen
release? Choice award, National
 What critical reception did the Television award,
drama receive? Reviews, People’s Choice award

ratings, nominations, awards? etc.

How can the  What platforms is the drama -Netflix
drama be broadcast on? -Immersive viewing
viewed?  Is the drama scheduled for linear (binge watching)
viewing (one episode at a time -70% of those who
until the next one is released? or watched first episode
‘immersive’ viewing (the whole ended up watching whole
season can be watched in one
 How many people have watched
the first episode since its
 How many people have watched
the season since its release?
Are there any  What other formats can the -Box set
additional, drama be circulated in? Is there -Mobile game, play
official a DVD box set? station game
ancillary  Are there any additional spin-off
windows that products for the drama such as a
enable game, an app etc…?
circulation of
the drama?
What is the  What fan made materials help to -Social media fan pages,
role of the circulate the product? merchandise
audience in  What prosumer content can be -Fan art, memes,
further found online about the drama? hashtags
circulating the  Is there a community for the -Hashtags give a space
drama? product and how do they interact for fans to communicate
with one another to promote and
circulate their enthusiasm for the

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Component 02: Long Form Television Drama
Version 1 8 © OCR 2018
Component 02: Long Form Television Drama