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PLC Lesson Plan Template

Name: Prim Krisananuwat Course: Algebra 1 Lesson Plan #3

Materials: Masking tape(2 different colors for the axes), worksheets

TEKS Student Expectation

Content A.(3). Linear Functions, Equations, and Inequalities. The student applies the mathematical
process standards when using graphs of linear functions, their key features, and their
related transformations to represent in multiple ways and solve, with and without
technology, equations, inequalities, and systems of equations. The student is expected to:
(C). Graph linear functions on the coordinate plane and identify key features including x-
intercept, y-intercept, zeros, and slope in mathematical and real-world problems.
Process A. (1). Mathematical process standards. The student uses mathematical processes to
acquire and demonstrate mathematical understanding. The student is expected to:
(D). Communicate mathematical ideas, reasoning, and their implications using multiple
representations, including symbols, diagrams, graphs, and language as appropriate.
(E). Create and use representations to organize, record, and communicate mathematical
(F). Analyze mathematical relationships to connect and communicate mathematical ideas.
Language (1) Cross-curricular second language acquisition/learning strategies. The ELL uses language
learning strategies to develop an awareness of his or her own learning processes in all
content areas
(C) use strategic learning techniques such as concept mapping, drawing, memorizing,
comparing, contrasting, and reviewing to acquire basic and grade level vocabulary;
Content: I can write the equation of a line, by using two points on a graph.
Content: I can find the x and y intercepts of a linear function, by looking at a graph.
Language: I can explain how to graph a line from an equation in standard form, by presenting a
problem to the class.
Lesson Plan (Embed all activities and provide a description of what you will do in each section)
Engage Create a giant coordinate plane on the ground, using the whole classroom (or outside
area/hallway, not necessary but ideally somewhere with square tiles)


Have this on the board

Ask what m, b, x1, and y1 stand for
Assign 1 student to b and the rest to m’s or other points on the line
Assign 1 student to (x1, y1) and the rest to m
Ask the class to find the x and y intercepts of the second point-slope equation
Explore Have students work on the worksheet for 3 minutes (or move on when everyone has
raised their hand)
PLC Lesson Plan Template

Explore.docx ExploreKey.docx

Afterwards, briefly check as a class and then ask them to write the equations of the lines in
slope-intercept form
Explain Students will fill out the red portions of the cheat sheet as a class


Point-slope and slope-intercept form give us an easy starting point, right? But how do we
quickly graph a line straight from standard form?

Explain pt. 2.docx

Elaborate Have the students work in small groups or individually to complete the worksheet


Evaluate Students will take 10 minutes to complete the exit ticket.

Exit ticket.docx

Closure Write on the back of your exit ticket

 What did you like about the lesson?
 Is there anything you still don’t understand?
 What did you not like about the lesson?

PLC Lesson Plan Points Possible Self- Instructor Instructor

Evaluation Points Comments
TEKS & Objectives 4 3
Engage 3 3
Explore 4 3
Explain 3 2
PLC Lesson Plan Template
Elaborate 3 3
Evaluate/Closure 3 2
TOTAL 20 16