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Lesson Plan Outline

1. Rebecca Leedham- Section 1

2. Jimu- WeeBott

Lesson Plan Format:

1. Instructional Plan (Purpose for the lesson)
To use Jimu to create a lesson that helps students practice coding.
2. Alignment to NETs (Links to an external
site.)Links to an external site.
 Students demonstrate creative thinking and communicate it through their
coding on Jimu.
 Students are computational thinkers as they test different codes until they find
what fits together well.
 Students design patterns of different codes of sounds, colors, and actions.
A. list 2-3 NETs student standards that apply to STEM, Coding, and Robotics
4c. Students develop, test and refine prototypes as part of a cyclical design process.

6b. Students create original works or responsibly repurpose or remix digital resources
into new creations.
B. List 1 NET Content objective (what the students should have learned by the end of the
SWBAT create a code that is original and flows smoothly for at least ten seconds straight
on Jimu the robot.
C. List 2-3 NETs Language objectives (how the students will use the vocabulary that relates
to the content objective)
SWBAT communicate what their code is going to cause the robot to do.
SWBAT explain how their coding sequence will make Jimu take specific actions.
3. List 2 previous learning objectives (What students need to understand before
continuing with this lesson)
SWBAT know how to control Jimu.
SWBAT know the basics on coding and how to put different codes together to create
4. List 4 objectives for SWBAT
 Use and control Jimu the robot successfully

 Demonstrate understanding in coding

 Create a 10 second code on Jimu the robot

 Communicate their coding process with the rest of the class

5. Outline how you will present your project to the class

The week after the project is due I will have you present your projects to the class, please be
prepared to show an example of the technology and how you would use it to teach robotics or
coding in the classroom.
You will work together in small groups, based on the robotic technology you choose to present
to the class.
At the beginning of the class, I will put Jimu in the middle of a table with a 30 second-ish code
in line including sounds, actions, and colors. I will have the whole class observe as he completes
reading the code and does all of the actions that he had in line. I would then ask the students
what different codes that they thought I did and I would write them on the board.
Next, I would give each group a jimu and the app to control him. I would explain how to get to
the coding setting on the app for Jimu and I would have each group play around with the
different codes to see what sounds, actions, and colors he could make.
I would then assign the students the project of making him complete a 10 second code that
includes at least 2 sounds, 4 movements, and one light. After 15 minutes, I would have them
share their coding with the class. Observing their other classmates, students can take note on
what Jimu’s codes are similar and those that are different from their own.