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her away secretly.

Tafta de aftou enthimithentos, idou! While he considered these things,

Angelos Kyriou kat’ onar efani afto, behold! an Angel of the Lord

Greek Orthodox Patriarchate of Alexandria & All Africa

legon: “Iosif, Iios David, mi fovithis appeared to him, saying: “Joseph,
paralavin Mariam tin Gyneka sou. son of David: do not be afraid to
To gar en afti Gennithen ek take Mary as your wife. That which
Pnevmatos estin Agiou. is Conceived in Her is of the Holy
Spirit. Archdiocese of Good Hope
“Texete de Iion, ke kalesis to Onoma “She will bring forth a Son, and Thou
Aftou ‘Iisoun.’ shalt name Him ‘ Jesus.’
“Aftos gar Sosi ton laon Aftou apo ton “He will Save His People from their
amartion afton. sins.”
Touto de olon gegonen ina plirothi to
rithen ipo tou Kyriou dia tou Profitou,
legontos: “Idou i Parthenos en
All this was done so that it might be
fulfilled which was spoken by the
Lord through the Prophet, saying:
Festal Matins & Divine Liturgy Hymns
gastri exi, ke texete Iion, ke “Behold, the Virgin shall be with USED IN CONJUNCT ION WITH SERVICE BOOKS
kalesousi to Onoma Aftou Child, and bear a Son, and they

23 December 2018
‘Emmanouil,’ O est shall call His Name ,Immanuel,’”
metherminevomenon “Meth’ imon which is translated: “God with us.”
O Theos.’
Diegerthis de O Iosif apo tou ipno, Having been woken from sleep Joseph
epiisen os prosetaxen afto O Angelos did as the Angel of the Lord
Kyriou, ke parelave tin Gyneka Aftou,
eos ou eteke ton Iion aftis ton
commanded him and took to him his
Wife, and did not know Her until She 30th Sunday After Pentecost
Sunday Before the Nativity – Holy Ancestors
Prototokon. had brought forth Her Firstborn Son.
Ke ekalese to Onoma Aftou ‘Iisoun.’ And he called His Name ‘Jesus.’

By the Grace of God

PO BOX 28348 Our Eternal Gratitude to Pater Seraphim Dedes & all the contributing Translators
SUNRIDGE PARK for the Greek & English texts that make our Worship much easier
6008 to understand, to participate and to appreciate.
REPUBLIC OF SOUTH AFRICA Glory to God for His Great Mercy!



20. T ONE 5 – 3 0 6 A P - B E F O R E N A T I V I T Y O F C H R I S T – 2 3 D E C E M B E R 2 0 1 8
Salmon de egennise ton Vooz ek tis Salmon begot Boaz by Rahab; Boaz
Rahav. Vooze de egennise ton Ovid begot Obed by Ruth; Obed begot
ek tis Routh. Ovid de egennise ton Jesse and Jesse begot David the
Iesse. Iesse de egennise ton David ton King.

Sunday Matins – 26th Sunday After Pentecost David

de O Vasilefs egennise ton David the King begot Solomon by her
SUNDAY BEFORE NATIVITY – HOLY ANCESTORS Solomonta ek tis tou Ouriou. who had been the wife of Uriah;
Solomon de egennise ton Rovoam. Solomon begot Rehoboam;
KINDLY USE THE VESPERS SERVICE BOOK UP TO THIS POINT, THEN FOLLOW Rovoam de egennise ton Avia. Avia Rehoboam begot Abijah, and Abijah
Asa de egennise ton Iosaphat. Iosaphat Asa begot Jehoshaphat; Jehoshaphat
de egennise ton Ioram. Ioram de begot Joran, and Joran begot Uzziah.
egennise ton Ozian.

PSALM 117 /118

Ozias de egennise ton Ioatham. Uzziah begot Jotham, Jotham begot
Ioatham de egennise ton Ahaz. Ahaz Ahaz, and Ahaz begot Hezekiah.
de egennise ton Ezekian.
Theos Kyrios ke Epefanen imin. The Lord is God, and has Appeared to Ezekias
Evlogimenos O erhomenos en us. Blessed is He Who comes in the
de egennise ton Manassi. Hezekiah begot Manasseh; Manasseh
Manasis de egennise ton Amon. begot Amon, and Amon begot Josiah.
Onomati Kyriou! Name of the Lord! Amon de eegnnise ton Iosian.
1. Exomologisthe to Kyrio, oti Agathos, 1. Confess the Lord, for He is Good; Iosias de egennise ton Iehonian ke tou Josiah begot Jeconiah and his brothers
oti is ton eona to Eleos Aftou! ✶ for His Mercy endures forever! ✶ adelphous Aftou, epi tis metikesias about the time they were carried
2. Panta ta Ethni ekiklosan me, ke to 2. All the Nations surrounded me, but Vavilonos. away to Babylon.
Onomati Kyriou inamin aftous. ✶ in the Name of the Lord I drove Meta de tin metikesian Vavilonos, After they were taken to Babylon,
them back. ✶ Iehonias egennise ton Salathiil. Jeconiah begot Shealtiel, and
Salathiil de egennise ton Zoravavel.
3. Para Kyriou egeneto afti, ke esti 3. This is the Lord’s doing, and it is Shealtiel begot Zerubbabel.
Thavmasti en ofthalmis imon. ✶ Marvellous in our eyes. ✶ Soravavel de egennise ton Avioud. Zerubbabel begot Abiud; Abiud begot
RESURRECTION APOLYTIKION - TONE (5) PLAGAL 1 Avioud de egennise ton Eliakim. Eliakim, and Eliakim begot Azor.
Eliakim de egennnise ton Azor.
Ton sinanarhon Logon Patri ke The Word, Who with the Father and the Azor
Pnevmati, ton ek Parthenou Spirit has no beginning, and Who,
de egnnise ton Sadok. Sadok de Azor begot Zadok; Zadok begot Achim,
egennise ton Ahim. Ahim de and Achim begot Eliud. Eliud begot
Tehthenta is Sotirian imon, for our Salvation, was born of a
egennise ton Elioud. Elioud e Eleazar; Eleazar begot Matthan, and
animnisomen, Pisti, ke Proskinisomen. Virgin, let us faithful believers hymn egennise ton Eleazar. Eleazar de
Oti ivdokise sarki anelthin en to and adore. For it was His Good Matthan begot Jacob.
egennise ton Mathan. Mathan de
Stavro ke Thanaton ipomine ke egire Pleasure to ascend the Cross in the egennise to Ioakov.
tous tethneotas en ti Evdoxo Anastasi Flesh, and to Suffer Death, and
Aftou. through His own Glorious Iakov de egennise ton Iosif ton Andra Jacob begot Joseph the (Betrothed)
Resurrection to raise the dead. Marias, ex is egennithi Iisous O Husband of Mary (Miriam) of Whom
legomenos Hristos. was born Jesus Who is called Christ.
✞ Doxa Patri, ke Io, ke Agio Pnevmati ✞ Glory to the Father, and to the Son, Pase oun e genee apo Avraam eos David All
and to the Holy Spirit the generations from Abraham to
geneae dektessares, ke apo David eos David were fourteen generations;
FIRST RESURRECTION KATHISMA – TONE (5) PLAGAL 1 tis metikesias Vavilonos genee from David until the captivity in
Ton Stavron tou Kyriou egkomiasomen, Let us celebrate the Cross of the Lord! dekatessares. Babylon were fourteen generations.
tin Tafin tin Agian Imnis timisomen, Let us honour in Hymns His Holy Ke apo tis metikesias Vavilonos eos tou And from the captivity in Babylon until
ke tin Anastasin aftou Burial and Highly Glorify His Hristou, genee dekaterssares.
Resurrection, for with Himself He the Christ are fourteen generations.
iperdoxasomen: oti sinigire nekrous, Tou de Iisou Hristou i gennisis outos in:
ek ton mnimaton os Theos, skilevsas
raised the dead from the graves, as The Birth of Jesus Christ was as
God, having despoiled the might of follows:
kratos thanatou, ke ishin diavolou, ke death, and the devil’s strength, and
tis en Adi fos anetile. He made Light dawn for those in
Manistevthisis gar tis Mitros Aftou After His Mother, Mary, was Betrothed
Hades. Marias to Iosif, prin i sinelthin aftous, to Joseph, before they came
evrethi en gastri ehousa ek together, she was found with Child
✞ Doxa Patri, ke Io, ke Agio Pnevmati ✞ Glory to the Father, and to the Son, Pnevmatos Agiou. of the Holy Spirit.
and to the Holy Spirit
Iosif de O anir aftis, Dikeos on, ke mi Joseph, her husband, being a Just man,
Kyrie nekros prosigorevthis, O nekrosas O Lord Who put Death to death, Thou thelon aftin paradigmatise, evoulithi and not wanting to make her a
ton thanton: en mnimati etethis, O were called dead; Thou Who emptied lathra apolise aftin. public example, was minded to put
2. T ONE 5 – 3 0 6 A P - B E F O R E N A T I V I T Y O F C H R I S T – 2 3 D E C E M B E R 2 0 1 8 T ONE 5 – 3 0 6 A P - B E F O R E N A T I V I T Y O F C H R I S T – 2 3 D E C E M B E R 2 0 1 8 19.
Ke ti eti lego? Epilipsi gar me And what more shall I say? For the kenosas ta mnimata: ano stratiote the tombs were placed in a Tomb;
ton tafon efilatton, kato tous ap’ above, soldiers were guarding the
diigoumenon O hronos peri Gedeon, time would fail me to tell of Gideon
eonos nekrous exanestisas. Tomb, below, Thou raised the dead
Varak te ke Sampson ke Iefthae, and Barak and Samson and
Pantodiname ke akatelipte, Kyrie from every age. O Lord, All Powerful
David te ke Samouil ke ton Profiton, i Jephthah, also of David and Samuel
Doxa Si! and beyond all understanding: Glory
dia Pisteos katigonisanto Vasilias, and the Prophets: who through Faith
to Thee!
irgasanto Dikeosinin, epetihon subdued Kingdoms, worked
Epangelion, efraxan stomata leonton, Righteousness, obtained Promises, Ke nin ke Ai ke is tous eonas ton Now and ever, and to the ages of ages.
esvesan dinamin piros, efigon stopped the mouths of lions, eonon.
stomata maheras, enedinamothisan quenched the violence of fire, Amin Amen
apo asthenias, egenithisan ishiri en escaped the edge of the sword, out
polemo, paremvolas eklinan allotrion. of weakness were made strong,
became valiant in battle, turned to Ton Profiton e risis, nini peplironte. O The words of the Prophets are now
flight the armies of the aliens. gar Theos imon, avrion tiktete, ek being fulfilled for our God shalt be
Elavon gynekes ex anastasos tous Women received their dead raised to Parthenou Marias iper Logon, ke Ineffably Born in the days to come,
nekrous afton. life again. meni osper in pro tou Tokou. from Virgin Mary, and He remains
Athrizonte i Magi, dora komizontes. what He is before Childbirth. The
Alli de etimpanisthisan, ou Others were tortured, not accepting Agravlousi Pimenes, epadomen ke Magi have gathered, bearing their
prosdexameni tin apolitrosin, ina deliverance, so that they might imis. O ek Parthenou tehthis: ✞ Kyrie, precious gifts. In the fields art the
krittonos Anastaseos tihosin. obtain a better Resurrection. Doxa Si! Shepherds. And we sing a Hymn to
Eteri de empegmon ke mastigon piran Others had trials mockings and Him Who from a Virgin is Born: ✞ O
elavon, eti de desmon ke filakis. scourgings - yes, of chains and Lord, Glory to Thee!
Elithasthisan, epristhisan, epirasthisan, They were stoned, they were sawn in Kyrie, meta tin trimeron Sou Anastasin, O Lord, after Thy Resurrection on the
en fono maheras apethanon two, they were tempted and they ke tin ton Apostolon proskinisin, O third day, and the worship of the
. were slain with the sword. Petro evoa Si: Ginekes apetoliisan, Apostles, Peter cried out unto Thee:
Periilthon en milotes, en egiiis dermasin, They wandered about in sheepskins and kago ediliasa: Listis etheologise, kago Women had courage, and I was a
irnisamin Se; ara kalesis me tou lipou coward! A Thief confessed Thee as
isteroumeni, thlivomeni, in goatskins, being destitute,
Mathitin? I palin dixis me aliea God, but I denied Thee! Will Thou
kakouhoumeni - on ouk in axios O afflicted, tormented – of whom the
vithou? Alla metanoonta me dexe, O call me Disciple in future, or will
kosmos. world was not worthy.
Theos ke Soson me. Thou declare me once again, a Fisher
En erimies planomeni ke oresi ke spileis In deserts They wandered - and of the deep? But accept me
ke tes opes tis Gis. mountains, dens and caves of Earth. repenting, O God, and Save me!
Ke outi pantes Martyrithentes dia tis And all these, having obtained a Good ✞ Doxa Patri, ke Io, ke Agio Pnevmati ✞ Glory to the Father, and to the Son,
Pisteos ouk ekomisanto tin Testimony through Faith, did not and to the Holy Spirit
Epangelian - tou Theou peri imon receive the Promise – God having Kyrie, en meso se prosilosan. I O Lord, the lawless nailed Thee
kritton ti provlepsamenou - ina mi provided something better for us – paranomi ton katadikon, ke loghi tin between malefactors and pierced
horis imon teliothosi. so that they should not be made plevran Sou exekentisan, O Eleimon. Thy Side with a lance, O Merciful.
Perfect apart from us. Tafin de katedexo, O lisas Adou tas But Thou who destroyed the Gates of
THE HOLY GOSPEL ACCORDING TO ST MATTHEW 1 : 1 - 25 pilas, ke anestis trimeros; edramon Hades, accepted burial and Arose on
THE GENEALOGY OF OUR LORD & SAVIOUR, JESUS CHRIST, ACCORDING TO THE FLESH Ginekes idin Se, ke apingilan the third day. Women rant to see
Vivlos geneseos Iisou Hristou, Iiou David, The Book of the Genealogy of Jesus Apostolis tin egersin. Iperipsoumene Thee and they announced the
Iiou Abraam. Christ, the Son of David, the Son of Sotir, on imnousin Angeli, Resurrection to the Apostles. O
Abraham: Evlogimene Kyrie, Doxa Si! Saviour, Highly Exalted, Whom the
Abraam egennise ton Isaak, Isaak de Abraham begot Isaac; Isaac begot Jacob Angels hymn: O Blessed Lord: Glory
egennise ton Iakov, Iakov de egennise and Jacob begot Judah and his to Thee!
ton Ioudan, ke tous adelphous Aftou. brothers. Ke nin ke Ai ke is tous eonas ton Now and ever, and to the ages of ages.
Ioudas de egennise ton Phares ke ton Judah begot Perez and Zerah by Tamar; eonon.
Zara ek tis Thamar. Phares de Perez begot Hezron, and Hezron Amin Amen
egennise ton Esrom. Esrom de begot Ram. Ram begot Amminadab;
egennise ton Aram. Aram de Amminadab begot Nahshon, and
egennise ton Aminadav. Amindav de Nahshon begot Salmon. Avlon Pimenikon, katapavon asma, The Hosts of Angels Appearing silenced
egennise ton Naason. Naason de the Shepherds’ pipes. As the Angel
Stratos Angelikos, epefoni legon:
egennise ton Salmo. spoke: Stop abiding in the fields, O
Pafsasthe Agraflounts, i ton
Governors of animals! Cry out in
18. T ONE 5 – 3 0 6 A P - B E F O R E N A T I V I T Y O F C H R I S T – 2 3 D E C E M B E R 2 0 1 8 T ONE 5 – 3 0 6 A P - B E F O R E N A T I V I T Y O F C H R I S T – 2 3 D E C E M B E R 2 0 1 8 3.
thremmaton igemonevontes, kraxate Exaltation! For Christ our Lord is Stavro ke Thanaton ipomine ke egire Pleasure to ascend the Cross in the
animnountes. Oti etehthis Hristos O Born today! It is according to His tous tethneotas en ti Evdoxo Anastasi Flesh, and to Suffer Death, and
Kyrios, O Evdokisas Sose os Theos, to Good Will, as God, to Save mankind. Aftou. through His own Glorious
genos ton anthropon. Resurrection to raise the dead.


Etimazou Vithleem, inikte pasin i Edem. Prepare, O Bethlehem, Eden is opened
RESURRECTION IPAKOI - TONE (5) PLAGAL 1 Evtrepizou Efratha, oti to Zilon tis to all! Be ready, O Ephrata, for the
Angeliki orasi ton noun The Myrrhbearers, astounded in mind Zois, en to Spyleo exinthisen ek tis Tree of Life in the Grotto has
ekthamboumene, ke thiki egersi tin by the Vision of the Angel yet Parthenou. Paradisos ke gar, i ekinis Blossomed from the Virgin! As
psihin fotizomene, e Mirofori tis Enlightened in soul by the Divine gastir, edixthi noitos, en O to Thion Paradise Her Womb is Spiritually
Apostolis evingelizonto Anangilate en Resurrection, announced the Good Fiton, ex ou fagontes zisomen, ouhi Revealed in which is found the God-
tis ethnesi, tin Anastasin tou Kyriou, Tidings to the Apostles: Tell among de os O Adadm tethnixometha, planted Tree, from which if we eat,
sinergountos tis thavmasi, ke the Nations the Lord’s Resurrection, Hristos Gennate, tin prin pesousan, we shall Live and shall not die, as did
parehontos imin to Mega Eleos. Who works with us through anastison ikona. Adam of old. Christ is Born, so that
Wonders, and grants us His Great He might Raise up the formerly
Mercy. fallen Image.

ANTIFONON A En to thlivesthe me, ANTIPHON 1 O my Lord, in my sorrow I Megala ta tis Pisteos katorthomata! En Magnificent are the Accomplishments
Davitikos ado si, Sotir mou. Rise mou sing unto Thee like David. Save my ti Pigi tis flogos, os epi idatos of Faith! The Three Holy Youths
tin psihin ek glossis dolias. soul from deceitful tongues. anapafseos, i Agii tris Pedes igallonto. exultingly stood in the fountain of
Ke O Profitis Daniil, leonton Pimin, os fire as if beside Still Waters! And the
Tis epimikis, Zoi Makaria esti, Thiko Blessed is the life of those in the desert. Provaton ediknito. Tes afton ikesies Prophet, Daniel, was shown
Eroti pteroumenis. By Love Divine, they ascend upward. Hriste O Theos, Soson tas psihas Shepherding the lions! At their
✞Doxa Patri ke Io ke Agio Pnevmati. ✞Glory to the Father, and to the Son, imon. Entreaties, O Christ our God, Save
Ke nin ke ai ke is tous eonas ton and to the Holy Spirit. Now and our soul!
eonon. ever, and to the Ages of Ages. PARISH PATRONAL APOLYTIKION 
Amin Amen
✞Agio Pnevmati, perikratite panta ta ✞All things visible and invisible are
I Parthenos simeron, ton Proeonion The Virgin comes today to the Grotto to
Logon, en Spileo ethete apotekin give Birth Ineffably to the Word Pre-
orata te, sin tis aoratis. Aftokrates preserved by the Holy Spirit. He is aporritos. Horeve, i ikoumeni, Eternal. Hearing this, be of good
gar on, tis Triados en estin apsefstos. the Sovereign Being and truly One of akoutisthisa; Doxason meta Angelon cheer, O Earth and its people: Glorify
the Trinity. ke ton Pimenon, voilithenta Him with the Angels and the
ANTIFONON B Is ta ori, psihi, arthomen. ANTIPHON 2 O my soul, let us ascend apofthine, Pedion Neon, ton Pro Shepherds, Whose Will it was to be
Devro ekise, othen voithia iki. the heights. From there comes thy Eonon Theon. made manifest as a young Child –
help. the Pre-Eternal God.
Dexia Sou Hir kame, Hriste, iptameni, Let Thy right Hand also touch me,
skeorias pasis perifilaxato. Christ, that I may be preserved from
all evil deceits. Evlogitos i, Kyrie, O Theos imon. Blessed art Thou, O Lord, God of our
✞Doxa Patri ke Io ke Agio Pnevmati. ✞Glory to the Father, and to the Son, Fathers!
Ke nin ke ai ke is tous eonas ton and to the Holy Spirit. Now and Oti Dikeos i epi pasan, is epiisas imin. For Thou hast always dealt Righteously
eonon. ever, and to the Ages of Ages. with us.
THE EPISTLE ST PAUL HEBREWS 11 : 9 – 10 & 32 – 40
✞Agio Pnevmati Theologontes fomen. ✞Let us speak by the Holy Spirit of
Adelphi, Pisti parokisen Avraam is tin Brethren: Through Faith Abraham dwelt
Si i Theos, Zoi, Eros, Fos, Nous, Si Things Divine. Thou art God, Life,
Gin tis Epangelias os allotrian, en in the Land of Promise, as in a
Hristotis, Si Vasilevis is tous Eonas. Love, Light and Mind. Thou art
skines katikisas meta Isaak ke Iakov foreign country, dwelling in tents
Goodness and Thou reigns to the
ton sigklironomon tis epangelias tis with Isaac and Jacob, the Heirs with
Aftis. him of the same Promise.
ANTIFONON Γ Epi tis erikosi mi, is tas ANTIPHON 3 For those who have said to Exedeheto gar tin tous themelious He waited for the City that has
avlas provomen Kyriou, haras pollis me: “Let us go into the Courts of the
ehousan polin, is Tehnitis Ke Foundations, whose Builder and
plisthis, evhas anapempo. Lord,” I offer Prayers, being filled
Dimiourgos O Theos. Maker is God.
with great Joy.

4. T ONE 5 – 3 0 6 A P - B E F O R E N A T I V I T Y O F C H R I S T – 2 3 D E C E M B E R 2 0 1 8 T ONE 5 – 3 0 6 A P - B E F O R E N A T I V I T Y O F C H R I S T – 2 3 D E C E M B E R 2 0 1 8 17.

Profiton en tis flegmasi, Parthenos i the predictions of the Prophets is Epi ikon David, ta fovera telesiourgite. In the House of David, awesome
Theotokos, in Patriarhi Sofi, ke heralded, the Virgin and Theotokos,
Pir gar eki flegon apanta eshron Wonders happen, for therein is a
Dikeon dimi katangelousi. Meth’ on has now appeared, whom the Wise
noun. burning Fire that consumes every
sighorevi, ke gynekon i eprepia, Patriarchs and Righteous openly
evil mind.
Sarra, Revekka, ke Rahil Sin ti Anni declare. When them joining chorus
te, ke i endoxos, Mriam i Moseos is the Adornment of Womanhood, ✞Doxa Patri ke Io ke Agio Pnevmati. ✞Glory to the Father and to the Son,
omou. Taftes sinepagallonte, ke Sarah, Rebecca, also Rachel and Ke nin ke ai ke is tous eonas ton and to the Holy Spirit. Now and
kosmou ta perata, simpasa Ktisis Hannah, too, as well as the Glorious eonon. ever, and to the Ages of Ages.
gereri, oti Theos paraginete, sarki tou Mirian, the Sister of Moses. With Amin Amen
tehthine, ke dorisasthe to kosmo to them together now eult the far
Mega Eleos. reaches of the world, and all ✞Agio Pnevmati Zoarhiki axia. Ex ou ✞Every living thing is Animated by the
Creation Rejoices. For His Nativity pan Zoon empsihoute, os en Patri Holy Spirit Who, with the Father and
in th Flesh is God Himself Coming, ama te ke Logo. the Logos, is the Principle of Life.
and in order to bestow on the world RESURRECTION PROKEIMENON – TONE (5) PLAGAL 1
His Great Mercy.
Anastithi, Kyrie O Theos mou oti ou Arise, O Lord my God, for Thou
✞ Doxa Patri, ke Io, ke Agio Pnevmati ✞ Glory to the Father, and to the Son, Vasilevis is tous eonas. reignest forever
and to the Holy Spirit
STIHOS Exomologisome Si Kyrie, en oli VERSE I will give thanks unto Thee, O
kardia mou. Lord with my whole heart
Ton Nomikon didagmaton O sillogos, tin The Collection of Teachings of the Law Anastithi, Kyrie O Theos mou oti ou Arise, O Lord my God, for Thou
en sarki emfanizi tou Hristou Thian makes Christ’s Divine Nativity in the
Vasilevis is tous eonas reignest forever
Gennisin, tis pro tou Nomou tin Harin Flesh apparent to those who
evangelizomenis, os iper Nomon ti preached the Gospel of Grace before SMALL LITANY & PRAISES TO GOD 
Pisti iparxasin. Othen tis fthoras the Law was given, and were above RESURRRECTION GOSPEL 8: JOHN 20:11-18
apalagis ousan proxenon, tes en Adi the Law by Virtue of their Faith. OUR RISEN LORD JESUS SPEAKS TO ST MARY MAGDALENE
katehomenes psihes proekiritton, dia Therefore, to the souls held in
tis anastaseos.  Kyrie, Doxa Si! Hades, they announced the Nativity Maria de istiki pros to Mnimio kleousa Mary stood outside the Tomb weeping,
beforehand, that it would be the exo. Os ouneklee, parekipsen is to and as she wept she stooped down
Cause of the Deliverance from Mnimion ke theori dio Angelous en and looked into the Tomb, and she
corruption, through the levkis kathezomenou - ena pros ti saw two Angels in white sitting - one
Resurrection.  O Lord: Glory to kefali ke ena pros tis posin - opou at the head and the other at the feet
Thee! ekito to Soma tou Isou. - where the Body of Jesus had lain.
Ke nin ke Ai ke is tous eonas ton Now and ever, and to the Ages of Ke legousin afti ekini: Gyne, ti kleis? And they asked her: “Woman, why are
eonon. ages. you weeping?”
Amin. Amen Legi aftis: Oti iran ton Kyrion Mou, ke She replied: “Because they have taken
ouk ida pou ethikan afton. away my Lord, and I do not know
THEOTOKION - GREAT DOXOLOGY – where they have laid Him.”
Ke tafta ipousa estrafi is ta opiso, ke And when she said this, she turned
theori ton Isoun estota, ke ouk idi oti around and saw Jesus standing
Iisous esti. there, but did not know that it was
Legi afti O Iisous: Jesus said to her: “Woman, why are
Divine Liturgy Hymns - Sunday Before Nativity of Christ
Gyne, ti kleis? Ti na
zitis? you weeping? Whom are you
Ekini dokousa oti O kipouros esti, legi Supposing Him to be the Gardener, she
SMALL ENTRANCE HYMNS afto: Kyrie, i si evastasas afton, ipe mi said to Him: “Sir, if you have carried
pou ethikas afton, kago afton aro. Him away, tell me where you have
RESURRECTION APOLYTIKION - TONE (5) PLAGAL 1 laid Him, and I will take Him away.”

Ton sinanarhon Logon Patri ke The Word, Who with the Father and the Legi afti O Iisous: Maria! Jesus said to her: “Mary!”
Pnevmati, ton ek Parthenou Spirit has no beginning, and Who, Strafisa ekini legi afto: Ravouni! (O She turned and said to Him: “Rabboni!”
Tehthenta is Sotirian imon, for our Salvation, was born of a legete, Didaskale.) (which is to say: “Teacher”).
animnisomen, Pisti, ke Proskinisomen. Virgin, let us faithful believers hymn
Oti ivdokise sarki anelthin en to and adore. For it was His Good Legi afti O Iisous: Mi mou aptou. Oupo Jesus said to her: “Do not cling to Me,
16. T ONE 5 – 3 0 6 A P - B E F O R E N A T I V I T Y O F C H R I S T – 2 3 D E C E M B E R 2 0 1 8 T ONE 5 – 3 0 6 A P - B E F O R E N A T I V I T Y O F C H R I S T – 2 3 D E C E M B E R 2 0 1 8 5.
gar anavevika pros ton Patera Mou. for I have not yet ascended to My gereromen, Sin David Iisoun, Magnify Moses the Great One, along
Porevou de pros tous Adelfous mou Father; but go to My Brethren and Samouil. Pantes tin proeortion, with Aaron the God-Inspired, and we
ke ipe aftis. Anaveno pros ton tell them: ‘I am Ascending to My Hristou Thian enesin imnis evtheis honour David and Joshua and
Patera Mou ke Patera imon, ke Father and your Father, and to My krotountes, tis par’ Aftou agathotitos, Samuel. All of us, striking up Divine
Theo Mou ke Theon imon. God and your God.’” tihin exetoumen, tou parehontos to and Sacred Forefestal Hymns in
Erhete Maria i Magdalini apangelousa Mary Magdalene went and told the kosmo, to Mega Eleos. Praise of Christ, are in earnest
Entreating Him that we may obtain
tis Mathites oti eorake ton Kyrion, ke Disciples that she had seen the Lord,
the Gift of His Goodness that derives
tafta ipen afti. and that He had spoken these things
from Him Who grants His Great
to her.
Mercy to the world.
Enite afton en kimvalis evihis. Enite Praise Him with tuneful cymbals;
Pros ton Adin Sotir mou sigkatavevikas, Thou descended into Hades, Christ my afton en kimvalis alalagmou. Pasa praise Him with loud cymbals. Let
ke tas pilas sintripsas os Saviour, smashed its gates as All pnoi inesato ton Kyrion. everything that has breath praise the
Pantodinamos, tous thanentas os Powerful, raised the dead with Lord.
Ktistis sinexanestisas, ke thanatou to Thyself as Creator, smashed the
kentdron Hriste sinetripsas, ke Adam sting of Death and delivered Adam
Aron Sou tin Fonin Alithos, Sion Theou i Zion, the Holy City of God, lift up your
Thia Polis ke kirixon, Pteron tin Thian voices, truly heralding the Divine
tis kataras erriso Filanthrope. Dio from the Curse: O Lover of Mankind:
mnimin, in Avraam, Isaak, Iakov Memorial of the Fathers, as You
pantes Si krazomen: Soson imas, therefore, we all cry unto Thee: Save
timosa ton aiimon. Idou Sin Iouda te, honour them: Abraham, and Isaac,
Kyrie. us, O Lord!
ke Levi Megalinomen, Mosin ton with Jacob the acclaimed. With
Megan, Aaron ton Thepesion, ke Judah and Levi, behold we no also
Akousase e Ginekes tou Angelou ta The Women, when they heard the gereromen, Sin David Iisoun, Magnify Moses the Great One, along
rimata, apevalonto ton thrinon, Angel’s words, cast away their Samouil. Pantes tin proeortion, with Aaron the God-Inspired, and we
prosharis genomene, ke sintromi tin lamentation and becoming Joyful, Hristou Thian enesin imnis evtheis honour David and Joshua and
Anastasin evlepon: ke idou Hristos trembling saw the Resurrection. And krotountes, tis par’ Aftou agathotitos, Samuel. All of us, striking up Divine
prosingisen aftes, legon to: Herete: behold: Christ drew near them and tihin exetoumen, tou parehontos to and Sacred Forefestal Hymns in
tharsite, ego ton kosmon nenikika, ke said: Rejoice! Take courage, I have kosmo, to Mega Eleos. Praise of Christ, are in earnest
tous desmious errisamin: spoudasate overcome the wold and freed the Entreating Him that we may obtain
oun pros tous Mathita apangellouse prisoners! Hurry then to the the Gift of His Goodness that derives
aftis, oti proago imas en to Galilea Disciples; take them this message: I from Him Who grants His Great
tou kirise: dio pantes si krazomen: Am going before you to preach in Mercy to the world.
Soson imas, Kyrie! the city of Galilee. Therefore, we all Evlogitos i Kyrie O Theos ton Pateron Blessed art Thou, O Lord God of our
cry unto Thee: Save us, O Lord! imon, ke eneton ke Dedoxasmenon Fathers, for Thou art Praiseworthy
FESTAL KONTAKION - FOREFEAST OF NATIVITY – TONE 1 to Onoma Sou is tous eonas and exalted eyond measure unto
Eufrenou Vithleem, Eufratha etimazou. Be glad, O Bethlehem! Ephrata, be the ages.
Idou gar i Amnas, ton Pimena ton ready! Behold, the human Ewe Defro O en pirino pote, epidifrefsas Iliou Come now, O Prophet Elias, who once
megan, en mitra Vastazousa, tou comes in haste to Deliver the Great Thio armati, Theofron Elisee te, Sin became the Rider of the Divine Fiery
tekin katepigete, onper vlepontes, i Shepherd, Whom She bears as an Ezekia omou, Iosia ama sinagallesthe. Chariot, Elisha the Godly-minded,
Theofori Paters, epagallonte, Meta Infant in Her Virgin Womb. And, Septi dodekas te, ton Profiton i and Hezekiah as well, with Josiah
Pimenon imnountes, Parthenon beholding Him, God-bearing Fathers Theopnefstos, tis Genethliis tou also together rejoice. And You the
Thilaousan. and Shepherds now exult in Him, Sotiros sighoreve, ke en asmasi, August Band of Dozen Prophets
and they sing praises extolling the pantes Dikei asate. Pandes i Inspired by God, join in the Chorus
Virgin Who nurses Him. pammakaristi, i droso tou for our Saviour’s Natiity, and Thou
Pnevmatos, svesantes floga kaminou, Righteous all sing His Praises in Holy
iper imon iketefsate, Hriston Song. Trinity of the Blessed Youths
Tis Sis Parthene kiiseos tin lamprotita, Beholding the Dazzling Radiance of Thy disopountes, tes psihes imon dothine, who put out the furnace fire with the
kathorontes eklampousan, Avraam O Conceiving, O Virgin, Abraham the to Mega Eleos. Dew of the Spirit, make Supplication
Philotheos, ke Isaak O aidimos, ke Friend of God, Noble Isaac, Jacob, on our behalf to Christ importunely,
Iakov, ke pas O Theosillektos horos and the whole Choir of Saints chosen and implore Him that Great Mercy be
ton Agion agallete, ke tin Ktisin by God Rejoice; and they bring given to our souls.
prosigagon, pros Sin ipantisin, en Creation to meet Thee with words of Oti Dikeos i Epi pasin, is epiisas imin, For Thou art Righteous in all Thou did
harmosines lexesi. Haras gar Joy. For Thou appeared as the ke pi tin polin tin Agian tin ton for us, all Thou brought on us, and
proxenos pasin ofthis, en Mitra Source of Joy, since Thou Conceived Pateron imon Ierousalim. on Jerusalem, the Holy Ciy of our
sillavousa, ton pote en Vaviloni in Thy Womb Him Who once Fathers.
orathenta, ke tous Pedas, tous en ti Appeared in Babylon, and beyond all
kamino adikos vlithentas, aflektous understanding preserved unburnt
Ofthi i ap’ eonos en gi, kirittomeni She who from all the Ages on earth in

6. T ONE 5 – 3 0 6 A P - B E F O R E N A T I V I T Y O F C H R I S T – 2 3 D E C E M B E R 2 0 1 8 T ONE 5 – 3 0 6 A P - B E F O R E N A T I V I T Y O F C H R I S T – 2 3 D E C E M B E R 2 0 1 8 15.

stratiote: amfotera gar esfragiste tis did not know when Thou Arose, for sintirisanta iper pasan ennian. Dio the Youth unjustly cast into the
erevnosi: pefanerote de ta thavmata, both are sealed for those who ke anamelpousi ton oromenon en furnace. And so they also raise the
tis proskinousin en pisti to mystirion: enquire, but the Wonders have been hersi neanidos, imnountes Parthenon song as they Hymn a Virgin who
O animnousin, apodos imin revealed to those who with Faith thilazousan. nourished.
agalliasin, ke to Mega Eleos. worship the Mystery that we hymn: SYNAXARION – 23 DECEMBER
Grant us Joy and Great Mercy!
Enite ton Theon en tis Agiis Aftou. Praise God in His Saints; praise Him
Ti KΓ’ tou aftou minos mnimi ton Agion On this 23rd day of the month, we
Deka Martyron ton en Kriti Commemorate the Ten Hly Martyrs
Enite Afton en stereomati tis in the Firmament of His Power.
Dinameos Aftou. Martirisanton. who witnessed in Crete.

Kyrie, tous mohlous tous eonious O Lord, having smashed the Eternal Ti afti imera mnimi tou Osiou Patros On this day, we Commemorate our Holy
sintripsas, ke desma diarrixas, tou Bars and burst the bonds asunder, imon Pavlou, Arhiepiskopou Father, St Paul, Archbishop of
mnimatos anestis, katalipon Sou ta Thou Rose from the Tomb, leaving Neokesarias, enos ton triakosion deka Neoceasaria, one of the 318 Holy
entafia, is martiron tis alithous Thy burial clothes behind as ke okto Agion Pateron ton en Nikea. Fathers of the First Ecumenical
triimerou tafis Sou: ke proiges en ti evidence of Thy True Burial for Council in Nicea.
Galilea, O en spileo tiroumenos. Three Days; and Thou went ahead Ti afti imera ta egkenia tis Agias tou On this day, was the Consecration of
Mega Sou to Eleos, akatalipte Sotir! into Galilee, while being guarded in a Theou Megalis Ekklisias. the Great Holy Church of Christ.
Eleison imas. cave. Great is Thy Mercy, O Saviour,
beyond understanding: have Mercy Ti afti imera mnimi tou Agiou ke On this day, we Commemorate our
on us! Theoforou Patros imon Naoum tou Holy, God-bearing Father, St Nahum
Enite Afton epi tes Dinasties Afton. Praise Him for His Mighty Acts;praise Thavmatourgou, tou Fotistou ke the Wonder-worker and Enlightener,
Enite afton kata to plithos tis Him according to the greatness of Ierokirikos, Voulgarias. and Preacher of Bulgaria.
Megalosinis Aftou. His Majesty. O Agios Martys Shinon xifi telioute. On this day St Schinon the Holy Martyr
Kyrie, e Ginekes edromon epi to mnima, O Lord, the Women ran to Thy Tomb to was Perfected by sword.
tou idin se ton Hriston, ton di imas see Thee - the Christ Who had
pathonta: ke proselthouse, evron suffered for our sake - and fearfully Ti afti imera, Kyriaki pro tis Hristou On this day, Sunday Before the Nativity
Angelon epi ton lithon kathimenon, to approaching, they found an Angel
Genniseos, mnimi Agian etahthimen of Christ, we have been enjoined of
fovo kilisthenta, ke pros aftas evoise seated upon the rolled back stone,
para ton Agion ke Theoforon Pateron our Holy God-bearing Fathers to
legon: Anesti O Kyrios! Ipate tis and to them he cried out and said:
Mathistes, oti anesti ek nekron, O The Lord has Risen! Tell His imon, panton ton ap’ eonos Theo Commemorate all those who from
soson tas pishas imon. Disciples that He has Risen: He Who evarestisanton, apo Adam ahri ke the beginning of time were well-
Saves our souls. Iosif tou Mnistoros tis Iperagias pleasing to God, from Adam to
Theotokou, kata genealogian, kathos Joseph the Bethrothed of the Most
Enite Afton en iho salpingos. Enite Praise Him with the sound of the O Evangelistis Loukas istorikos Holy Theotokos, according to the
Afton en psaltirio ke kithara. trumpet; praise Him with lute and irithmisato. Omios ke ton Profiton ke Genealogy, as the Evangelist, St Luke
harp. Profotidon. enumerated in historical order, and
Kyrie, osper exilthes esfragismenou tou O Lord, as Thou came out of the sealed also the Prophets and Prophetesses.
tafou, outos isilthes, ke ton thiron Tomb, so Thou came in to Thy Mnimi ton protoplaston Adam ke Evas. We Commemorate St Adam and St Ever
keklismenon, pros tous Mathitas Sou, Disciples when the doors were shut, – the First Fashioned.
kiknion aftis ta tou somatos pathi, and showed them Thy Body’s
aper katedexo Sotir makrothimisas. sufferings, which Thou had Mnimi tou Dikeou Avel, iiou Adam. We Commemorate the Righteous Abel,
Os ek spermatos David, molopas accepted, O Long Suffering Saviour; son of Adam.
ipinegkas: Os Ios de tou Theou, as sprung from David’s Seed, Thou Mnimi tou Dikeou Sith, iiou, Adam. We Commemorate the Righteous Seth,
kosmon ileftherosas. Mega Sou to endured stripes; as Son of God Thou son of Adam.
Eleos, akatalipte Sotir! Eleison imas hast freed the world. Great is Thy Mnimi tou Dikeou Enos, iiou Sith. We Commemorate the Righteous
Mercy, O Saviour, beyond Enoch, son of Seth.
understanding: have Mercy on us!
FESTAL IDIOMELA – HOLY ANCESTORS - TONE (5) PLAGAL 4 Mnimi tou Dikeou Kainon, iiou Enos. We Commemorate the Righteous Cain,
son of Enoch.
Enite Afton en timpano ke horo. Enite Praise Him with timbrel and dance; Mnimi tou Dikeou Maleleil, iiou Kainan. We Commemorate the Righteous
Afton en hordes ke organo. praise Him with strings and pipe Mahalalel, son of Cain.
Aron Sou tin Fonin Alithos, Sion Theou i Zion, the Holy City of God, lift up your Mnimi to Dikeou Iared, iiou Maleleil. We Commemorate the Righteous Jared,
Thia Polis ke kirixon, Pteron tin Thian voices, truly heralding the Divine son of Mahalalel.
mnimin, in Avraam, Isaak, Iakov Memorial of the Fathers, as You Mnimi to Dikeou Enoh, iiou Iared. We Commemorate the Righteous
timosa ton aiimon. Idou Sin Iouda te, honour them: Abraham, and Isaac, Enoch, son of Jared.
ke Levi Megalinomen, Mosin ton with Jacob the acclaimed. With
Megan, Aaron ton Thepesion, ke Judah and Levi, behold we no also Mnimi to Dikeou Mathousala, iiou Enoh. We Commemorate the Righteous
Methuselah, son of Enoch.

14. T ONE 5 – 3 0 6 A P - B E F O R E N A T I V I T Y O F C H R I S T – 2 3 D E C E M B E R 2 0 1 8 T ONE 5 – 3 0 6 A P - B E F O R E N A T I V I T Y O F C H R I S T – 2 3 D E C E M B E R 2 0 1 8 7.

Mnimi tou Dikeou Lameh, iiou We Commemorate the Righteous Dio Angelous vlepsasa, evdothen tou Two Angels inside the Tomb surprised
Mathousala. Lamech, son of Methuselah. Mnimiou, Maria exeplitteto -ke Mary - and not recognising Christ
Mnimi tou Dikeou Noe, iiou Lameh. We Commemorate the Righteous Noah, Hriston agnoousa - os kipouron but thinking Him to be the Gardener
son of Lamech. epirota: Kyrie, pou to Soma, tou Iisou - she enquired: Lord, where hast the
mou tethikas? Klisi de touton gnousa Body of my Jesus been placed? She
Mnimi tou Dikeou Sim, iiou Noe. We Commemorate the Righteous Shem, ine afton, ton Sotira ikouse. Mi Mou from his Voice that He was the
son of Noah.
aptou. Pros ton Patera apimi, ipe Saviourwhen He said: “Do not touch
Mnimi tou Dikeou Iafeth, iiou Noe. We Commemorate the Righteous tis Adelfis Mou. Me, for I Am going to My Father.
Japheth, son of Noah. Tell this to My Brethren.”
Mnimi tou Dikeou Arfaxad, iiou Sim. We Commemorate the Righteous FESTAL EXAPOSTEILARION – HOLY ANCESTORS - TONE 2
Arphaxad, son of Shem.
Mnimi tou Dikeou Kainan, iiou Arfad. We Commemorate the Righteous Cain,
Patriarhon i prokriti, ke pro nomou The Foremost of the Patriarchs, Fathers
Son of Arphaxad. Pateres, en Pisti proexelampsan, before the Law came, brightly shone
Avraam, Isaak te, ke Iakov os fostires. forth by means of Faith, Abraham,
Mnimi tou Dikeou Sala, iiou Kainan. We commemorate the righteous Apantes ar Profite, ke Dikei Isaac, and Jacob, as very Bright
Shelah,the son of Cainan. anifthisan, ex afton os lampades, Luminaries. Thereafter, all the
Mnimi tou Dikeou Ever, af’ ou ke i We commemorate the righteous Eber, fotoidis, ke tin Ktisin, pasan Prophets and all the Righteous were
Ioudei Erei eklithisan. from whom the Judeans were called eskotismenin, aktisi katefotisan, tis from them lit up as lamps, and thus
Hebrews. septis Profitias. they began to shine. Therefore, by
Mnimi tou Dikeou Phalek, iiou Ever. We commemorate the righteous Peleg, the Rays of their God-Inspired
the son of Eber. Prophecy they Illumined all the
Mnimi Ragav, iiou Phalek. We Commemorae the Righteous Reu, bedarkened Creation.
Mnimi tou Dikeou Serouh, iiou Ragav. We Commemorate the Righteous Serug, Eufrenou Bithleem, ke Si Evfrata Rejoice, O Bethlehem! And Thee, O
son of Reu. etimazou. I Theotokos iki gar, en Ephrata, make ready! For the
Mnimi tou Dikeou Nahor, iiou Serouh. We Commemorate teh Righteous spileo ke fatni, tekin Theon aporritos. Theotokos comes to give Birth
Nahor, son of Serug. O friktou Mystiriou! Ou nin tin Thian Ineffably to God, in a grotto and a
Mnimi tou Dikeou Tharra, iiou Nahor. We Commemorate the Righteous Gennisin, Avraam Isaak te, ke Iakov, manger! O What an Awesome
Terahy, son of Nahor. Patriarhe apantes ke Profite, fedros Mystery! Prophets and all the
proeortazousi, ke vroti Sin Angelis. Patriarchs, Abraham, Isaac, Jacob
Mnimi tou Dikeou Patriarhou Avraam, We Commemorte the Righteous and all the others, now together
iiou Tharra. Patriarch Abraham, son of Terah.
merrily keep the Forefeast of His
Mnimi tou Patriarhou Isaak, iiou We Commemorate the Patriarch Isaac, Divine nativity with mankind and the
Avraam. son of Abraham. Angels!
Mnimi tou Patriarhou Iakov, iiou Isaak. We Commemorate the Patriarch Jacob, LAUDS: THE PRAISES TO GOD - PSALM 148

Mnimi tou Patriarhou Rouvim, iiou We Commemorate the Patriarch ✞Pasa pnoi enesato ton Kyrion. Enite ✞Let everything that has breath praise
Iakov. Reuben, son of Jacob. ton Kyrion ek ton Ouranon. Enite the Lord. Praise the Lord from the
Mnimi tou Patriarhou Simeon, iiou We Commemorate the Patriarch afton en tis ipsistis. Si prepi imnos Heavens; praise Him in the Highest.
Iakov. Symeon, son of Jacob. to Theo. To Thee praise is due, O God.
Mnimi tou Patriarhou Levi, iiou Iakov. We Commemorate the Patriarch Levi, ✞Enite Afton, pantes i Angelli Aftou. ✞Praise Him, all His Angels; praise
son of Jacob. Enite Afton, pase e Dinamis Aftou. Him, all His Powers. To Thee praise
Mnimi tou Patriarhou Iouda, iiou Iakov, We Commemorate the Patriarch Judah, Si prepi imnos to Theo. is due, O God.
ou ek tis Philis O Hristos. son of Jacob, from whose Tribe RESURRECTION LAUDS STICHERA - TONE (5) PLAGAL 1
Christ was Born.
Tou piise en Aftis Frima Engrapton. To execute upon them the Judgement
Mnimi tou Patriahou Zavoulon, iiou We Commemorate the Patriarh Doxa afti este pasi tis Osiis Aftou. that is decreed; such Glory will be
Iakov, ou i Phili paralios. Zebulun, son of Jacob, whose Tribe for all His Holy Ones.
was by the sea.
Mnimi tou Patriarhou Isahar, iiou Iakov, We Commemorate the Patriarch
Kyrie, esfragismenou tou Tafou, ipo ton O Lord, although the Tomb was sealed
paranomon, proilthes ek tou by lawless men, Thou came from It
ou i Phili Giponos. Issachar, son of Jacob, whose Tribe
cultivated the Earth. mnimatos, kathos etehthis ek tis as Thou had been Born from the
Thetokou: ouk egnosan pos Theotokos; Thy Bodiless Angels did
Mnimi tou Patriarhou Dan, iiou Iakov, We Commemorate the Patriarch Dan, esarkothis, i asomati Sou Angeli: ouk not know how Thou had become
ou i Phili Kritis. son of Jacob, whose Tribe was the Incarnate, the soldiers guarding Thee
isthonto pote anestis, i filassontes se
Tribe of Judges.

8. T ONE 5 – 3 0 6 A P - B E F O R E N A T I V I T Y O F C H R I S T – 2 3 D E C E M B E R 2 0 1 8 T ONE 5 – 3 0 6 A P - B E F O R E N A T I V I T Y O F C H R I S T – 2 3 D E C E M B E R 2 0 1 8 13.

kataskiou daseos, ilthes sarkothis es Christ, Thou hast sprung from the
apirandrou, O ailos ke Theos. ✞ Doxa Virgin. From the Mountain
Mnimi tou Patiarhou Gad, iiou Iakov, ou We Commemorate the Patriarch Gad,
i Phili listevomeni i listefsasa. son of Jacob, whose Tribe was
ti Dinami Sou Kyrie! overshadowed by the Forest Thou plundered and plundering.
hast come, made Flesh from her that
knew not wedlock, O God Who art Mnimi tou Patrarhou Asir, iiou Iaov, ou i We Commemorate the Patriarch Asher,
not formed from matter. ✞ Glory to Phili plousia epi hores sitoforis. son of Jacob, whose Tribe was
wealthy in wheatlands.
Thy Power, O Lord!
Theos on Irinis, Patrir iktirmon, tis Mnimi tou Patriarhou Nefthalim, iiou We Commemorate the Patriarch
Megalis Voulis Sou ton Angelon, Irinin As Thou art God of Peace and Father of Iakov, ou i Phili poli plithos. Naphtali, son of Jacob, whose Tribe
parehomenon, apestilas imin. Othen Mercies, Thou hast sent to us Thine became a Great Multitude.
Theognosias, pros Fos Odigithentes, Angel of Great Counsel, granting us Mnimi tou Patrarhou Iosif, iiou Iakov, We Commemorate the Patriarch Joseph,
ek niktos orthrizontes, Peace. So are we guided towards the ou i Phili Peridoxos ke Perifanis. son of Jacob, whose Tribe was
Doxologoumen Se Filanthrope! Light of the Knowledge of God, and, Righteous, Glorious and Illustrious.
watching by night, we Glorify Thee,
O Lover of mankind!
Mnimi tou Patriahou Veniamin, iiou We Commemorate the Patriarch
Splaghnon Ionan emvrion apimesen, Iakov, i Phili apo agrias praia. Benjamin, son of Jacob, whose Tribe,
enalios thir, ion edexato. Ti Partheno The sea monster spat forth Jonah as it although once fierce, became gentle.
de, enikisas O Logos, ke Sarka lavon, had received him - like a babe from Mnimi Phares ke Zara ton Didimon, iion We Commemorate Perez and Zerah, the
dililithe psilaxas adiafthoron. Is gar the womb - while the Word, having Iouda tou Patriarhou. Twins, sons of Judah the Patriarch.
ouhipesti pefseos, tin tekousan dwelt in the Virgin and taken Flesh,
kateshen apimanton. came forth from Her yet kept Her
Mnimi Esrom, iiou Phares. We Commemorate Hezron, son of
uncorrupted. For being Himself not
subject to decay, He preserved His Mnimi Aram, iiou Esrom. We Commemorate Ram, son of Hezron.
I Pedes efsevia sintrafentes, dissevous,
Mother free from harm. Mnimi Aminadav, Iiou Aram. We Commemorate Amminadab, son of
Scorning the impious Decree, the Ram.
prostagmatos katafronisantes, piros
apilin ouk eptoithisan, all en meso tis Children brought up together in Mnimi Naasson, iiou Aminadav. We Commemorate Nahshon, son of
Godliness feared not the threat of Amminadab.
flogos, estotes epsallon. O Ton
Pateron Theos Evlogitos i! fire - while standing in the midst of Mnimi Salmon, iiou Naasson. We Commemorate Salmon, son of
the flames, they sang “O God of our Nahshon.
✞Enoumen, Evlogoumen ke
Fathers, Blessed art Thou!” Mnimi Vooz, iiou Salmon. We Commemorate Boaz, son of Salmon.
Proskinoumen ton Kyrion! ✞We Praise, we Bless and we Worship
Thavmatos iperfious i drosovolos,
the Lord! Mnimi Ovid, iiou Vooz, tou ek tis Routh We Commemorate Obed, son of Boaz
The furnace - moist with Dew - was the gennithentos. by Ruth.
exikonise kaminos tipon. Ou gar ous
edexato flegi neous, os oude pir tis image and figure of a Wonder Mnimi Jesse, iiou Ovid. We Commemorate Jesse, son of Obed.
Theotitos, Parthenou in ipedi nidin. beyond nature. For it burnt not the Mnimi David Vasileos, iiou Iesse. We Commemorate David the King, son
Dio animnountes anamelpsomen. Children whom it had received, even of Jesse.
Evlogito is ktisis pasa ton Kyrion, ke as the Fire of the Godhead Mnimi Solomontos Vasileos, iiou David. We Commemorate Solomon the King,
iperpsouto, is pantas tous eonas! consumed not the Virgin’s Womb son of David.
into which It had descended.
TH E MAGNIFICAT  Therefore in praise let us sing: Let Mnimi Rovoam Vasileos, iiou We Commemorate Rehoboam the King,
the whole Creation Bless the Lord Solomontos. son of Solomon.
and Exalt Him above all forever! Mnimi Avia Vasileos, iiou Rovoam. We Commemorat Abijah the King, son

Megalinon psihi mou, tin Timioteran, Magnify, O my soul, Her who is more Mnimi Asa Vasileos, iiou Avia. We Commemorate Asa the King, son of
ke Evdoxoteran ton ano Honourable and more Glorious
Stratevmaton. than the Heavenly Hosts. Mnimi Iosaphat Vasileos, iiou Asa. We Commemorate Jehoshaphat the
King, son of Asa.
I R MO S Mystirion Xenon, oro ke H EI R MO S A Strange and Most Mnimi Ioram Vasileos, iiou Iosaphat. We Commemorate Joran the King, son
paradoxon: Ouranon to Spyleon! Wonderful Mystery do I see: The of Jehoshaphat.
Thronon Herouvikon, tin Parthenon! Cave is Heaven! The Virgin is the
Tin fatnin horion! En O aneklithi O Throne of the Cherubim! The Mnimi Oziou Vasileos, iiou Ioram. We Commemorate Uzziah the King, son
ahoritos, Hristos O Theos! On Manger is a Grand Space, in which of Joram.
animvountes Megalinomen! Christ, the God Whom nothing can Mnimi Ioatham Vasileos, iiou Oziou. We Commemorate Jotham the King,
contain, is laid! Him do we praise son of Uzziah.
SMALL LITANY... PRAISES TO GOD and magnify! Mnimi Ahaz Vasileos, iiou Ioatham. We Commemorate Ahaz the King, son
12. T ONE 5 – 3 0 6 A P - B E F O R E N A T I V I T Y O F C H R I S T – 2 3 D E C E M B E R 2 0 1 8 T ONE 5 – 3 0 6 A P - B E F O R E N A T I V I T Y O F C H R I S T – 2 3 D E C E M B E R 2 0 1 8 9.
of Jotham. Avraam. wife of Abraham.
Mnimi Ezekiou Vasileos, iiou Ahaz. We Commemorate Hezekiah the King, Mnimi tis Dikeas Revekkas, gynekos We Commemorate the Righteous
son of Ahaz. Isaak. Rebecca, wife of Isaac.
Mnimi Manassi Vasileos, iiou Ezekiou. We Commemorate Manasseh the Kin, Mnimi tis Dikeas Lias, protis gynekos We Commemorate the Righteous Leah,
son of Hezekiah. Iakov. first wife of Jacob.
Mnimi Ammon Vasileos, iiou Manassi. We Commemorate Amon the King, son Mnimi tis Dikeas Rhil, defteras gynekos We Commemorate the Righteous
of Manasseh. Iakov. Rachel, second wife of Jacob.
Mnimi Iosiou Vasileos iiou Amon. We Commemorate Josiah the King, son Mnimi tis Dikeas Asineth, gynekos Iosif We Commemorate the Righteous
of Amon. tou Pagkallou. Asenath, wife of Joseph the All
Mnimi Iehoniou Vasileos, iiou Iosiou. We Commemorate Jeconiah the King, Comely.
son of Josiah. Mnimi tis Dikeas Marias, Adelphis We Commemorate the Righteous
Mnimi Salathiil, iiou Iehoniou. We Commemorate Shealtiel, son of Moiseso. Miriam, sister of Moses.
Jeconiah. Mnimi tis Dikeas Devorras, tis Krinasis We Commemorate the Righteous
Mnimi Zorovavel, tou ton Naon ton We Commemorate Zerubbabel, who ton Israil. Deborah, who Judged Israel.
Ierosolimon kavtheta anegirantos. again raised up th Temple in Mnimi tis Dikeas Routh. We Commemorate the Righteous Ruth.
Jerusalem when it had been burnt. Mnimi tis Dikeas Sarafthias, pros in Ilias We Commemorate the Righteous
Mnimi Avioud iiou Zorovavel. We Commemorate Abiud, son of apestali. Widow of Zarephath, unto whom
Zerubbabel. Elijah was sent.
Mnimi Eliakim, iiou Avioud. We Commemorate Eliakim, son of Mnimi tis Dikeas Somanitidos, tis We Commemorae the Righteous
Abiud. Zeodohisasis ton Elisseon. Shunammite Woman, who hosted
Mnimi Azor, iiou Eliakim. We Commemorate Azor, son of Eliakim. Elisha.

Mnimi Sadok, iiou Azor. We Commemorate Zadok, son of Azor. Mnimi tis Dieas Ioudith, tis anelousis ton We Commemorate the Righteous
Olofernin. Judith, who slew Holofernes.
Mnimi Ahim, iiou Sadok. We Commemorate Achim, son of Mnimi tis Dikeas Esthir, tis Litrosamenis We Commemorate the Righteous Ester,
ton Israil ek Thanatou. who Delivered Israel from death.
Mnimi Elioud, iiou Ahim. We Commemorate Eliud, son of Achim. Mnimi tis Dikeas Annis, tis Mitros We Commemorate the Righteous
Mnimi Eleazar, iiou Elioud. We Commemorate Eleazar, son of Samouil tou Profitou. Hannah, the Mother of Samuel the
Eliud. Prophet.
Mnimi Matthan, iiou Eleazar. We Commemorate Mathan, son of
Eleazar. Mnimi tis Dikeas Sosanis. We Commemorate the Righteous
Mnimi Jakov, iiou Matthon. We Commemorate Jacob, son of Susanna.
Matthan. Tes afton Agies Presvies, O Theos, By their Holy Intercessions, O God, have
Mnimi Iosif tou Mnistoros, iiou Iakov. We Commemorate Joseph the Eleison ke Soson imas. Mercy on us, and Save us.
Betrothed, son of Jacob. Amin Amen
Mnimi tou Dikeou Melhisedek. We Commemorate the Righteous
Mnimi tou Dikeou Iov. We Commemorate the Righteous Job. Hristos Gennate, Doxasate! Hristos ex Christ is Born: Glorify Him! Christ has
Ouranon, apantisate! Hristos epi gis, descended from Heaven: Receive
Mnimi tou Profitou Moseos, ke Or ke We Commemorate the Prophet Moses, Ipsothite! Asate to Kyrio, pas i gi, ke Him! Christ is on earth: Elevate Him!
Aaron ton Ieron. and Hur and Aaron the Priests.
en evfrosini animnisate, lai, oti O all the earth: sing to the Lord! Sing
Mnimi Iisou tou Navi. We Commemorate Joshua the Son of Dedoxaste! praises in gladness, O ye people, for
Nun. He has been Glorified!
Mnimi tou Agiou Profitou Samouil. We Commemorate the Holy Prophet To pro ton eonon, ek Patros Gennithenti To the Son Who was Begotten of the
Samuel. arrefstos Iio, ke ep’ Eshaton ek Father without change before all
Mnimi tou Profitou Nathan. We Commemorate the Holy Prophet Parthenou, Sarkothenti asporos, ages, and in the Last Times, without
Nathan. Hristo to Theo Voisomen; O seed, became Flesh of the Virgin: to
Mnimi tou Agiou Proitou Daniil. We Commemorate the Holy Prophet anipsosas to keras imon! Agios i Christ our God let us cry aloud:
Daniel. Kyrie! Thou hast raised up our horn! Holy
Mnimi ton Agion Trion Pedon. We Commemorate the Holy Three art Thou, O Lord!
Servants. Ravdos ek tis Rizis, Iesse, ke Anthos ex Rod of the Root of Jesse, and Flower
Mnimi tis Dikeas Sarras, gynekos We Commemorate the Righteous Sarah, aftis, Hriste, ek tis Parthenou that blossomed from his stem, O
anevlostisas. Ex Orous O enetos,
10. T ONE 5 – 3 0 6 A P - B E F O R E N A T I V I T Y O F C H R I S T – 2 3 D E C E M B E R 2 0 1 8 T ONE 5 – 3 0 6 A P - B E F O R E N A T I V I T Y O F C H R I S T – 2 3 D E C E M B E R 2 0 1 8 11.