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Star Dust , Etoile D'Amour ‘Words by Musle by MITCHELL PARISH . HOAGY CARMICHAEL Frongh translation by Yortte Baruch Moderato VOICE C Fo EF AT s = ...Andnowthe purpledusk of twi-light time Steals across the meadowsof my heart, Bt gute le pourgrede [a nuit tomb-ante Tra-eer-a le priwtempade msn coeur = yee a ae — z Dm Cc Am BT Em Cdim G7 —, * * Sa SSS High up inthe skythe lit-tle stars climb, ALways re-mind-ing me that we're a - part. Les é-toilescommengentd grimper aw ciel ‘Bt mes yeursont remplis et. drum-ée de plewre. + = F te? a A = SS} = Fe ce ae 3 ‘ eo e av ‘You wandered down the lane and far a-way, Leav-ing me a song that will not die, ‘Tu ghe_gut - ¢1¢_mon corursteat tout bried, Me satesontquunotriats mét-o - die = cod Coprright 1929 by MILLS MUSIC, INC., 1619 Mrondumy, Nw Youk International Copyright Secured Saey-Auseli, D-Davis d Co Led ‘AI Rights Reseed London-Gngland, The Lawrence hight Mute Cs. Denmark St. Charing Grass Road Dm Cdim G7 (6 C+ & —— Se a Love isnowthe stardust of yesterday, ‘The mus-ie of the years gone by, Ba mour sot maintenant W'é - toile tom-be, La wid -to-die dea muits pass - 66s, — vc ler wi nend th S -! Tec ude, ght Bsa ineot geongn te l es ra mr = ase ‘ tw oe is ne Say BSS SSS — = y = SSS SG S| mel-o-dy haunts my re-ve-rie, And Lamonce again with you, When our mal - die Rants ma ra- Mon rive me transportedanstes bras Quand Jia love was new, and cach kiss an in-spir - a tion, mour silt Jeune, et chaque bat-ser_in-spir - a tion, ae 2 se Star Dust -2 pa © pr t Fa 67Gdimm Gi F Sa “ that waslong a-go:now myeon-so-la - tion ig inthestardustofa song. Be-side a garden cginer my eirae ys “et eee Wilalesmmerete. 2: eeinag eee iene tells his fair-y talo chante cf puis Ben-eole é ee Cee me => (=e at ——— ———————— = a - Fed 6 ~ eer ae Eg nae Sees SS of pesadpenperaronee gram — ed _inpam va, — day tll fe main: Mystar dust melody, Thememoryoflovesre-frain, Sometimes -fravin.. suit By mow_#-toiledamour— AbatquhnemémotrDunemsto die. Souvené ly - die. —T Star Dust-3 e oe © qeveltyPiane * epapusaica . * + POUtInS OUST Fiano Seore 8 AMES MAPT'S|