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Teachings of Sathya SaiBaba - Nigel Taylor

Show aired on May 29, 2008 Click here to listen to the show
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NIGEL TAYLOR has been called a "teacher of teachers", "a citizen of the world - ideologically stretched and tethered, like

Gulliver to different theologies and philosophies". He is Australian and harks from the magical 'city of lights' Perth, Western

Australia. Nigel travels the world sharing love, light and wisdom. Speaking directly from the experiences of his own truth, he

expresses a love of the Divine, a reverence for the pursuit of truth, a mastery of his path, balanced with a joy and simplicity

that makes his presence engaging, entertaining and understandable to all.

Nigel Taylor
Throughout his life he has passed through 45 lands, studying and teaching with cultures as diverse as the Australian

Aborigines, Bedouins of the Middle East through to the Masters of India.

An internationally recognised teacher and lecturer, he has assisted thousands of people towards health, healing and spiritual

understanding, as well as spiritual fulfilment. Nigel's background in Psychology, Philosophy, Education and Counselling along with

his knowledge of ancient cultures and civilisations has given him the ability to share, explore and articulate in a clear and

concise manner the most compelling of life's questions.

More information about Nigel Taylor can be found on his website

He talks about:

● His journey with Satya Sai Baba

● Importance of Selfless Service

● Meaning of blocked chakras (1 of 2)7/14/2008 12:24:28 PM

Teachings of Sathya SaiBaba - Nigel Taylor

● Forgiveness for oneself and others

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