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Different Types Of Words

Of God/Deity
A discussion on the Primary Meaning of the
Phrase Word Of God/Deity from Genesis


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The Words Of God Spoken By God/Deity in Genesis

Words constitute sentences and Sentences are constituted by Words. If a Sentence is Spoken by God/Deity then
the Words which constitute the Sentence are also Spoken by God/Deity.
If a Sentence is Spoken by God/Deity then the Sentence is a Sentence Of God/Deity. Similarly if a Word is
Spoken by Deity/God then it is a Word Of God/Deity. Words in the Sentences Of God/Deity are the Words Of
God/Deity. There are a number of Sentences Spoken by God/Deity as reported by Genesis of Torah. The first
Sentence Spoken by God/Deity is “[O] Light Be” Commonly translated as “Let There Be Light” .It is a Complete
imperative Sentence.

.‫אֹור‬-‫ יְ הִ י אֹור; וַיְ הִ י‬,‫ג ַוי ֹּאמֶ ר אֱֹלהִ ים‬

3 And God said: 'Let there be light.' And there was light.
The words in red are the first Words Of God/Deity reported in Genesis.
The Second Complete Spoken Sentence and the Spoken Words in the Sentence , Spoken by
God/Deity is as follow:

.‫ בֵּ ין מַ יִ ם לָמָ יִ ם‬,‫יהי מַ ְב ִדיל‬

ִ ִ‫ ו‬,‫ יְהִ י ָרקִ י ַע ְבתֹוְך הַ מָ יִ ם‬,‫ו ַוי ֹּאמֶ ר אֱֹלהִ ים‬

he words in red constitute the third complete sentenceT.

[One may consult Divine Spoken Words by studying a Hebrew Tanakh Him/Her Self.]

6 And God said: 'Let there be a firmament in the midst of the waters, and let it
divide the waters from the waters.'

,‫ט ַוי ֹּאמֶ ר ֱאֹלהִ ים‬

.‫ ֵּכן‬-‫ הַ יַבָ שָ ה; וַיְ הִ י‬,‫ וְ תֵּ ָראֶ ה‬,‫מָ קֹום אֶ חָ ד‬-‫יִ קָ וּו הַ מַ יִם ִמתַ חַ ת הַ שָ מַ יִ ם אֶ ל‬

9 And God said: 'Let the waters under the heaven be gathered together unto one place, and
let the dry land appear.' And it was so.

,‫ עֵּץ פְ ִרי עֹּ שֶ ה פְ ִרי לְ ִמינֹו‬,‫ תַ ְדשֵּ א הָ אָ ֶרץ דֶ שֶ א עֵּשֶ ב מַ ז ְִריעַ ז ֶַרע‬,‫יא ַוי ֹּאמֶ ר אֱ ֹלהִ ים‬
.‫כֵּן‬-‫הָ אָ ֶרץ; וַיְ הִ י‬-‫בֹו עַ ל‬-‫אֲ שֶ ר ז ְַרעֹו‬
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11 And God said: 'Let the earth put forth grass, herb yielding seed, and fruit-tree bearing fruit
after its kind, wherein is the seed thereof, upon the earth.' And it was so.

And so on.
These are the Complete Imperative Sentences Spoken in the order as given. One must see that
they constitute an irrefutable proves of the following.
1] Spoken Words and Sentences Spoken by God/ Deity are Non-Eternal.
2] Sentence Spoken by DEITY/GOD in Genesis 1:1 is Spoken before all the sentences given
above and all the given sentences are Spoken after it.
3] If a Sentence is Spoken by Deity/God before another Sentence, then each and every Word
which constitutes the formerly Spoken Sentence is Spoken before each and every Word of Latter
Spoken Sentence; Spoken by God/Deity.
4] These Words and Sentences Spoken by God/Deity are Spoken Directly by God/Deity.

5] First Word of each Sentence Spoken by God/Deity is Spoken by God/Deity prior to the last
Word of the Sentence Spoken by God/Deity.
As it is the Axiom of all Abrahamic religions God/Deity that God/Deity is the Freest of all
Agents , God/Deity Spoke with Freedom of Will and not with compulsion .
Now we come to another question.
Is each Word Spoken by God/Deity Non-Eternally is Per Se Subsistent or It is Not Per Se
If Each Spoken Words , Spoken by God/Deity Non-Eternally is Per Se Subsistent then it does
not exist in Alio [Other].
It must be noted that it is not necessary for a Per Se Subsistent to be Eternal, since each Non
Eternal Substance is Per Se Subsistent. This constitutes the proof that Per Se Subsistence does
not imply Eternity.
How ever if Each Word Of God/Deity that is Spoken by Deity Subsists in other then it must
Subsists in some thing that is Per Se Subsistent.

From the above it is clarified beyond doubt that Genesis teaches that Divine Spoken Words, are
Non –Eternal irrespective of their Subsistence or Non-Subsistence.
As each Direct Spoken Word by God/Deity is the Word Of God/Deity and is Non-Eternal then a
Word ascribed to God/Deity is not a proof of its Eternity.
Coming to Christian Theology from Jewish Scriptures, even they themselves do not believe that
each Word Of God/Deity is a Hypostasis. So these discussion is about the Non-Eternal Words
and not about the Hypostatic Word.
It is evident once more that the a Word Of God is Hypostatic Word if and only if it is Eternal
and if it is not Eternal then it is Not Hypostatic even according to the Trinitarian Christianity.
How ever in Judaism there is no Hypostatic Word. All the Words Of God/Deity are Non-Eternal
As discussed above.
The Words and Sentences Spoken by God/Deity directly are the Words and Sentences Of
God/Deity in the Literal Meaning and not in Figurative Meanings.
How ever any thing that is caused of effected by the Direct Words Of God/Deity may be called a
Word Of God/Deity in a figurative meaning.
For example when God/Deity Said/Commanded “Let There Be Light” the words spoken
[Actually in Hebrew] are the Spoken Words Of God , Spoken by Deity/God in the Literal
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Meaning , but the Light that came in existence may be called a Word Of God/Deity in Figurative
Meaning. Light it not a Spoken Word but a Figurative Word i.e a Word Of God/Deity in
Figurative Meaning.
Now we come to the verse of Holy Qur’a:n 4:171 , in which Saiyiduna: “I:SA: /IESOUS
[“ALAIHIS SALA:M] is said to be a Word Of God/Deity [His Word] is in the Figurative
The point to be noted that when the Literal Words Of God/Deity according to Genesis are Non
Eternal then a figurative Word Of Deity/God is Primarily Non-Eternal.
So the argument that the Word Of God/Deity must be in the Divine Ousia is not a Biblical Idea.
Rather it is just to interpret the Qur’a:nic Verse according to Trinitarian Dogma of Hypostatic
Word. Such an interpretation is Un-Islamic and cannot be accepted.
Inspite of all these , our Anti Islamic Objections Makers continue to make allegations on Sacred
Qur’a:n that it uses the word “Word” in the Hypostatic Meaning.
The word “Word” and the Phrase “Word of God/Deity” [pl: Words Of God/Deity can be used in
Different ways of Meanings.
Primary Meaning
The Words Spoken By God/Deity Directly.
Secondary Meaning
The Words Revealed to Prophets
Tertiary Meaning
Each and Every Word of Hebrew Tanakh
Any thing that is either caused or effected by Divine Words Of God/Deity in Primary and
Secondary Meanings.
Quinary Meaning
A general word /phrase for all the above five meanings.