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Basic Productivity Tools (BPT)

Lesson Idea Name: Colors, colors, colors!

Content Area: ELA/ Visual Arts
Grade Level(s): 1st grade
Content Standard Addressed:

ELAGSE1L5 With guidance and support from adults, demonstrate understanding of word relationships and
nuances in word meanings. 1. Sort words into categories (e.g., colors, clothing) to gain a sense of the concepts
the categories represent.

VA1.CR.3 Understand and apply media, techniques, and processes of two-dimensional art. 1. Identify
primary colors and mix them to make new colors.

Technology Standard Addressed:

Global Collaborator: Contribute constructively to project teams, assuming various roles and responsibilities to
work effectively toward a common goal.

Selected Technology Tool:


URL(s) to support the lesson (if applicable):

Bloom’s Taxonomy Level(s):

☒ Remembering ☒ Understanding ☒ Applying ☒ Analyzing ☒ Evaluating ☒ Creating

Levels of Technology Integration (LoTi Level): (Select the best level)

☒ Level 1: Awareness ☒ Level 2: Exploration ☒ Level 3: Infusion ☒ Level 4: Integration

☐ Level 5: Expansion ☐ Level 6: Refinement

Universal Design for Learning (UDL):

Multiple means of representation: The students will use verbal explanations, the safari, and the ticket out
the door to show their learning. Multiple means of expression: The students will be able to present their
safari via a graphic organizer, a bulleted list, or a drawing. Multiple means of engagement: The students
will be engaged through a power point, class discussion, and Chromebook research.

Lesson idea implementation:

This lesson will take approximately 30-35 minutes.
TW say: “ Good morning class! Today we will be learning about the different colors of the rainbow/
Can anyone give me an example of a color?”
TW explain features and will give examples and non-examples of colors. TW review power point with class to
show students how to group colors based off of examples. Afterwards, I will explain that the students are
going to be create a design based off their favorite color.
I will put the students into groups of 3-5. The students will be provided chrome books and will research
objects, animals, food, etc. of things that represent their favorite color. The students will be responsible for
making a design based off their favorite color. They are able to express their creativity by choosing whatever

Spring 2018_SJB
Basic Productivity Tools (BPT)
color they would like, as long as they are able to match it with a correlating object that represents the color.
(master the content standard) I will extend the lesson to higher learning by asking the students what kind of
specific colors they think their object us. (targeting another standard) In order to address the technology
standard, the students will work together in a group towards a common goal. The goal, will be the final
product, colors assorted into groups with their objects (all the pink objects together, all blue together, all
green together, etc.) The final product may be a drawing or painting, with words to match to describe what
the picture is. I will be collecting formative data via an activity checklist during the student’s work time. I will
provide student feedback throughout worktime and answer any
questions/concerns at this time.

To close, the students will present their final creation to this class and explain their grouping choices.
We will have a whole group class discussion on the findings and end with a ticket out the door. The ticket out
the door will have various photos of colors that the students must group and explain why they grouped
them together.

Reflective Practice:
I feel that this lesson would definitely result in student learning. Being that the students are creating their
very own creation of their favorite color. They are taking on the role of adults and are given real word
application. Also, the students will be learning the information through listening, reading, writing,
researching, and discussing. The students are able to show their creativity through the colored object they
choose and how they decide to group them. This lesson may be linked to future lessons when discussing what
different weather looks like, and including details in writing pieces. Another technology that could be used in
this lesson would be virtual reality to allow the students to experience different rainbows and why they exist.

Spring 2018_SJB