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Coinciding with the concept of Islam as "Addeen" religion for the world and the
hereafter, each of worship difardhukan by Allah to benefit the world and the hereafter.
The faith pilgrimage, the Muslims encouraged to collect money to enable them to afford
to meet expenses in the Holy Land.

In order to avoid elements of riba 'is illegal in the Islamic side, many traditional
methods adopted to save money. There is also a selling culture and heritage property to
make up the expense to the Holy Land, which eventually lead to economic pressure on
myself and family, current and returning them of pilgrimage. This practice is also
indirectly damage the structure of the rural economy and threaten economic growth.

To further enhance the services and facilities to prospective pilgrims, in 1969 the
corporation merged with the Office of Pilgrims Affairs operation in Penang, and thus was
born the Managing Board and Tabung Haji or simply Tabung Haji, which is established
under the 8 , the Managing Board and Tabung Haji in 1969 with the aim to:

◊ To enable Muslims to save gradually to meet the expenditure

pilgrimage, or other benefit expenses

◊ Allows Muslims through their savings to take part

more effectively in the field of investment by way of that on the side of Islam

◊ To provide protection, control and welfare of the pilgrims who perform the
grimace to various facilities and services.

Based on the goals that Tabung Haji has set the goal of providing good service,
perfect and very satisfying to Malaysian pilgrims in the business of pilgrimage, giving the
maximum profit to the depositors of their savings.
This fact is clearly shows that the Provident Fund was established not only to
manage the departure of pilgrims to the Holy Land, but it also serves as an alternative
body to the Muslims in Malaysia to save money while investing in clean and in
accordance with Islamic principles.

As a body corporate nature Tabung Haji is very sensitive to developments and

changes that swept the world in the 90s era. To ensure the sustainability of
competitiveness in the era of globalization, a study was made in 1995 to expand the scope
and role of Tabung Haji. Therefore, on 1 June 1995 a new act of the Pilgrims Fund Act
535, Act, 1995 enacted the act to abolish the old and the name of the Managing Board of
Tabung Haji and Lembaga Tabung Haji is replaced by the August 28, 1997, and
coincided with the introduction of the letters TH stands for substituting the name of
Tabung Haji.
Pillars of the nation's Economic Success: Famous pilgrimage management

To Achieve the vision of TH, WE are committed to: -

■ Strengthening the community economy

■ Always actively seeking local and global strategic investments for sustainable

■ mobilizing and enriching the depositors' capital

■ To Provide continuing service excellence

■ Facilitate and Improve the business of Pilgrims to the Hajj mabrur

■ Provide a competitive return, halal and toyyiban

Customer Charter
We are promised by Allah's permission to:

◊ Helping you get the mabrur pilgrimage with reasonable expenses

◊ Coordinate hajj flights in a timely manner, secure and reliable

◊ Provide a clean and comfortable accommodation in the Holy Land

◊ To maintain your account in a professional and confidential and personal


◊ Investing investment in the clean, safe and prudent so as to provide returns

comparable with the market, while ensuring the sustained growth

◊ Provide friendly service, fast and efficient

◊ Provide accurate, clear and current

Features Department

Departments and Functions

Office of Group Managing Director & Chief Executive Officer | Depositors and
Operations Services Department | Department Haji | Department of Investment |
Corporate Finance Services | Human Resources | Department of Property Management
and Administration | Finance Department | Department of Information Technology

TH led by eight departments each have separate functions which are

systematically and regularly to ensure effective and efficient service for each customer or
member of either party.

Office of Group Managing Director & Chief Executive Officer

Division of Public Affairs and Corporate Communications Group

Planning and implementing the activities of internal and external communication,

provide information and image management, and identity TH excellence.

Providing advice (advisory), Drafting (drafting), review legal documents

(perusal), litigation (litigation), the investigation, preparation and prosecution of cases
involving offenses under the Act, 1995 (Prosecution & Enforcement), business -business
property (property development), and corporate and company secretarial services.

Internal Audit Division

Responsible for carrying out activities independently, objectively and provide

consultation that is designed to add value and improve the organization's operations. The
Division also helped the organization achieve its objectives through a systematic and
organized approach to assessing and improving organizational effectiveness in managing
risk, control and integrity management.

Risk Management Division

Depositors and Services Department Operations

This department is responsible for managing all depositors withdraw savings and
whether the district offices, state and headquarters of TH or agencies appointed by TH ,
such as the Islamic Bank, National Savings Bank and Post Offices.
The department has and is working to strengthen and consolidate the marketing
activities and services for the purpose of increasing the confidence of depositors to the

Share of Deposits and Withdrawals

Manage control accounts and records of the depositor in a professional and

trustworthy, providing satisfactory service to enhance the confidence of all Muslims to
continue to save in TH and establish safe systems of services and production in Pakistan
and in Saudi Arabia.

Branch Operations Division

Responsible for managing the administrative branch offices th at state, regional

and mini to enhance the quality of services and facilities to depositors. Responsible for
ensuring that all depositors' funds were channeled to accounts received by TH through
designated banks in the shortest time to maximize the utilization and investment of funds.

Customer Service Division

Planning and coordinating marketing strategies and activities to be undertaken in

the Office of th branch in line with the objectives of the management of TH. Managing
questionnaires to get the perspective of depositors and customers of products and services
provided by TH.

Department of Hajj


Mia Haji management.


To provide and coordinate all services necessary to enable the Pakistan Muslim
pilgrimage proper, safe and cost effective to get the mabrur pilgrimage.

Domestic Operations Division

Responsible for handling the registration of pilgrims, including pilgrims, the

provision of passports, visa allocation and coordination of hajj flights.
Haj Management

Responsible for providing infrastructure management and operations of the

pilgrimage to improve the quality of services to pilgrims and to control and coordinate
the activities of the welfare of pilgrims according to their position as the guest of Allah.

Guidance Division

Responsible for providing guidance module integrated pilgrimage, issued

guidance materials for primary reference Haj pilgrims and develop-pengkursus
pengkursus as a counselor and teacher of Religious pilgrims are effective.

Hajj Agency Division

Overseeing the management of pilgrims licensed under the provisions of section

27-36, the TH 1995 and enforce any violations of these sections and increasing
professionalism of management of Haj TH-private as part of its outstanding Malaysian

Research and Development Haji


Conduct and implement the activities and efforts of research and development to
develop a consistent system and methods in the management of the pilgrimage is so
important for management to determine the pilgrimage in TH is constantly evolving and
improving in order to improve services to prospective pilgrims, and also pilgrims both in
the country or even in the Holy Land, let alone the environment and operating conditions
in the holy land which sometimes changes.

Haj management development must be constantly enhanced to achieve the

expectations and requirements of prospective pilgrims and pilgrims in line with changing
tastes and requirements of future generations. Research and development activities are
also aimed at pilgrims mamaksimakan cost-effective so they can be reduced pilgrimage.


◊ Implement programs and research and development of the pilgrimage (Hajj R &

◊ To review and update work processes in the Department of Hajj and work

relevant documentation;

◊ Strengthening search and data collection management and operation of pilgrims

from various
resources to reflect the status and performance of a program and activities;

◊ Team Leading Mover (PPU) ISO 9001:2000 Quality Management System


◊ Coordinating and monitoring the progress of Work Teams (Quality

Improvement Team);

◊ Implement an annual program and planning activities, short and long term

penyelarasanya at the Department, and TH.

◊ coordinate efforts toward the establishment of the Academy of Hajj as a Centre

of Excellence for

Pilgrimage Management and

Coordinate progress of Reform Initiatives in the GLC and the Public Sector
of the Department of Hajj. ▲

Haji Consulate

Responsible for establishing and maintaining good relations between the TH with
the authorities in Saudi Arabia in connection with the pilgrimage, managing residential
rental buildings for pilgrims, who are determined to manage the purchase of supplies for
the delegation of Pakistan for Hajj pilgrims, Umrah pilgrims and ensure that children
under the auspices of the TH received the promised services.

Investment Department

This department is responsible for all business sectors, investment in Shariah-

approved purpose of providing competitive returns. The main focus of this is provided by
the department, including measures to diversify and strengthen its investment activities to
increase profitability and working towards the community fund pengembelingan while
increasing the production of goods and facilities that can be used by the public. Emphasis
will be made to companies that have a viable and efficient management. The Department
strives to identify the industry sectors with high potential for developing as well as to
ensure the success of its investments. ▲

Corporate Finance Services

Corporate Finance Services Department is responsible for strengthening the

investment of TH through the evaluation of strategic investment opportunities and
properties of a comprehensive monitoring system that is efficient and robust,
conservation and improvement of investment TH corporate governance and regulatory
compliance. In addition, NCC also ensure that the restructuring and corporate actions
(corporate exercise) any investment in shares and property benefit of TH in order to
protect the interests of TH through the organization's strategic planning.

Objectives of Corporate Finance Services (CFS) is to strengthen the stock and

property investments TH through a comprehensive assessment of strategic opportunities,
efficient and robust monitoring systems, rehabilitation and improvement of investment
TH and regulatory corporate governance best addition, the CFS department is also
responsible for ensuring that restructuring and corporate actions on stock investments and
property used in the interests of TH.

Department of Human Resources

"Every member of the Main Construction is LTH"

Vision of the Human Resources Department is to become a strategic partner in

developing a total capacity of the organization, to support the needs and objectives. The
mission of this department is to develop a team of competent, confident, and capable of
improving the productivity and effectiveness in the community, TH, in addition to
promoting an atmosphere of competitive work culture. It is the intention of the
Department of Human Resources to create and promote a work environment that is
healthy and productive, in line with the organization.

In support of the organization establish and enhance the productive capacity of the
workforce, it was the duty of this department to provide guidance, expertise, techniques
and policies. This is to ensure the effective management of human resources.

Human Resource Planning

Responsible for carrying out workforce planning and the appointment of an

efficient and effective to ensure "a positive workforce, competitive and have the
necessary expertise and dedication in carrying out tasks within the time provided."

Human Resource Development & Quality

The responsibility for establishing and developing training requirements to

improve the motivation, skills and capabilities of the existing workforce. Part of this is a
change agent for implementing and ensuring the principles of TQM (Total Quality
Management) based Quality Management System to be a work culture to all members of
Member & Industry Relations Division

Responsible for ensuring harmonious relations among the members of TH and

ensure regulatory and legal compliance organization. This division is responsible for
acting as intermediaries between the Management of TH by its members.

Overall, the service network was created to support and ensure that the aspirations
and objectives can be supported by all levels of the workforce TH.

Department of Real Estate Management and Administration

The mission of Administration is to try to increase the income of TH through

increased rental revenue and the effectiveness of maintenance and management of the
properties of TH across the country in a professional manner. In addition, the department
is also working towards strengthening the administration and revenue management
systems th in ensuring that products and services offered are of quality with a reasonable
cost. The Department also works to provide support and cover for the activities of TH in
ensuring that the goals TH achieved successfully.

Administration and Procurement Division

Responsible for providing support services in terms of relationships and deliver

management information to all departments at the headquarters and branch offices.
Conduct business in an efficient cost-based, effective and profitable TH to achieve the
goal of an acquisition, and quality service.

Property Management Division

Trying to get a halal investment and viable in the property sector. Coordinate the
maintenance and rental services using the best technology that can be rented fully leased
space to produce maximum returns to the TH..

Department of Finance

Function as a body that plans, develops and provides a budget for the organization
TH based on the needs of the departments in order to achieve organizational objectives
more effectively. In addition, this department plays an important role in getting the
maximum return on investment and short term rental of buildings . It is also responsible
for managing the financial affairs of TH in line with the standards and sound financial
Background and functions of the Finance Department

Finance Department TH addressed as follows:

Floor 18,
Bangunan Tabung Haji headquarters,
201, Jalan Tun Razak,
50400 Kuala Lumpur.

No. Tel: 03-2054 2000

Finance Department is one of eight (8) The department is headed by the Chief
Financial Officer (KPKK) and assisted by the Deputy Chief Financial Officer (TKPKK)
and three (3) Head of the Division the following:

• Investment Services Division

• Strategic Financial Management Group
• Services

The main function of the Finance Department:

i. Responsible for administering and managing financial control pursuant to the

TH and policies set by the TH.

ii. Develop policies and financial regulations for the implementation of effective
and efficient systems and procedures which disclose the results of quality work.

iii.Melaksanakan financial analysis to assist in making effective financial


iv.Memantau, assess and improve financial operations bersesusaian with the

approved financial plan.

Finance Department Mission

Leading Management, Service and Financial Analysis (PPAK) is a professional,

efficient and effective practice through quality service and continuous improvements that
meet customer needs and excellence TH focusing on:

• PPAK are always quality.

• Professionalism of and compliance with standards.

• Orientation effective and efficient in the performance of work.

• The creative and innovative for continuous improvement to meet the needs of
customers on an ongoing basis.

Finance Department Activity Summary

· Services Division

· Services Division of Investment

· Strategic Financial Management Group

Department of Information Technology

◊ Responsible for providing ICT services to technology-based organization,

efficient and
◊ To analyze and study the possibility to improve the processing and
management control
information at all levels.
◊ Creating an environment of ICT to all levels of management to improve
performance and
productivity of members.
◊ Expanding and improving the use of ICT in an integrated and on par with the
external agencies.

Operations Division

◊ operating activities Operating Applications, Data Processing and Records

Depositors / Other Information.

◊ Conduct computer network activity, office automation, such as email / internet

and the implementation
systems at Headquarters and TH branch, including the Holy Land.

◊ Conducting Business Disaster Recovery Plan (Business Recovery Center


Projects & Applications Division

◊ Managing the development and application maintenance activities.

◊ Participate in the implementation of the Project Application System.
◊ Implement improved work Applications