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George Kulich

Phone: 631-896-3587

SUNY Plattsburgh – Expected Graduation – May 2019
BA/MST in Adolescent Education – History
Member of Pi Alpha Theta History Honor Society

Field Experience
Four Week, Pre-Student Teaching Practicum - Fall 2018
Peru Central High School, Peru, NY
Shadowed a Government and Economics teacher. Observed cooperating teacher teach five classes of
varying readinesses. Co-developed and independently taught a three week unit on public opinion to a
class of at-risk students. Collected and graded assessment data for cooperating teacher. Created a mock
teacher work sample based off of assessment data

Work Experience
Outdoor Freshman Orientation Leader – Summer 2017
Expeditionary Studies Dept. at SUNY Plattsburgh, Plattsburgh, NY
Orientation leader for 8 incoming college freshman. Guided group on outdoor adventures throughout the
Adirondacks. Facilitated activities between participants, including relationship building activities and
field games. Performed simple medical assistance to injured participants.

Seasonal Laborer – Summers 2014 - present

Town of Huntington Highway, Huntington, NY
Landscaping town roadways. Educated in work place safety. Used equipment in accordance with OSHA

Camp Counselor – Summer 2009 - 2013

Town of Huntington Parks & Rec., Huntington, NY
Responsible for 10-15 campers, ages between 10 and 14. Assured safety of campers. Developed and
facilitated activities, such as black top/gymnasium games, field games, and simple art projects.
Responsible for camp toys/equipment. Mentor to campers.

Soccer Referee – Spring and Fall 2009 - 2013

St. Elizabeth Soccer League, St.Elizabeth Parish, Melville, NY
Assured fair game-play. Instructed coaches and players on current rules and regulations. Mediated on-
field debates. Maintained safe conditions for play.

Extracurricular Experience
Boys Scouts of America – Eagle Scout, June 2014
Learned outdoor, citizenship, and social skills. Instructed and demonstrated these skills to younger
scouts. Facilitated an Eagle Scout community service project.

Ultimate Frisbee at SUNY Plattsburgh – Captain Fall 2016- Present

Captain of a team of varying ethnicities, majors, skill levels and backgrounds. Instructed new players on
how to play ultimate. Communicated individualized strategies to improve ultimate skills to players.
Guided team on and facilitated funding for tournaments at other schools.

CPR Certified through the National CPR Foundation.