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DPRK Will Shine as Dignified Independent Country

The DPRK fully demonstrates its might as a dignified independent country and
homeland of Juche.

The complicated events in the international arena at present show how just it is
that the Workers' Party of Korea and the state adhere to the principle of

The DPRK has maintained the revolutionary principle, the principle of

independence, in the activities of the Party and the state under the wise
leadership of President Kim Il Sung and Chairman Kim Jong Il.

The DPRK has set forth and carried out all lines and policies in its own way and
according to its faith as desired by the people with the transparent anti-
imperialist and class stand and socialist principle in the face of the pressure,
interference, threat and plot of the imperialists and big-power chauvinists.

Under the guidance of the great leaders the DPRK has made a long drive in
confrontation with the imperialists under the banner of independence.

It is the fixed faith and will of the Korean people to defend the dignity and
sovereignty of the country which they have regarded as their life and soul and
maintained in the stern storms of revolution.

The DPRK will remain long as a dignified independent country as it has Supreme
Leader Kim Jong Un at the van of the Korean revolution.