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Curriculum Vitae

Application for the post of Quality control / Inspection in welding

AWS Certification No: 09031861


122, Vanniar Street, Neyyadupakkam village & post.

Magaral (via) Uthiramerur Taluk,
Kanchipuram Dist.,
Tamil Nadu,
INDIA -631603
E-mail ID -
Contact Telephone No: +91 9940090866 /+914844050247


Having 11+ year experience and exposure to quality management in the field of welding,
fabrication and construction works for oil field engineering companies. Having good
knowledge in welding technology & interpretation using various codes specification such as
ASME, API, ANSI, BS and other various Codes and specification, being an effective
communicator with the ability to work with team and Contribute to the team goals.


Aim to be associated with progressive Organization that would give me scope to Apply my
Knowledge and skills dynamically works towards the growth of Organization and they’re by
Gain satisfaction in all respects.

Personal Details
Name : K.Rajendran.
Date of birth : 14 feb1965
Martial Status : Married
Nationality : Indian
Religion : Hindu
Languages known : English, Hindi, Tamil
Passport number : H O 153955
Date of Issue : 25-08-2008
Date of Expiry : 24-08-2018

Academic Educational Qualification

Academic : Pre -Degree (+2)

Technical : Diploma in Mechanical Engineering (DME)

(Private Institution)

AWS : Certified Welding Inspector (CWI)

Certification Number- 09031861
Expiry Date - 01-03-2012.

ASNT Level II : Radiography Test (RT)

: Ultrasonic Test (UT)
: Penetrant Test (PT)
: Magnetic Test (MPI)
: Radiography film interpretation (RFI)
: Welding Training at GOVT.B&C unit.

Current employee of VIJAY TANKS VESSLS LTD.,
(Gujarat, INDIA. An ASME U Stamped
company)Presently associates with PETRONET LNG
INDIA.(Double Wall Full Containment Tank)


Description QC INSPECTOR.
Period 15-DEC-2008 to Till date
Nation &Organization • Retain a copy of approved welding
procedures , a list of qualified welders and a
list of welder identification numbers.
• Witness the preparation of welds for the
qualification of the procedure and the Welder
qualification tests

• Visual examination shall be carried out on all

completed welds in accordance With BS
EN288 and EN970 for visual inspection prior
to being examined by NDT.

• Welding consumables inspection

• Pipe bevel visual inspection (Auto& manual
• Monitoring welding activities as per WPS
(Auto& manual

• Parameter check during welding for each

welders and reporting

• Witnessing welder qualification test& PQR

• Visual inspection for post weld (Auto&

manual )

• RT film interpretation for daily welds as per

codes and standards

• Weld repair inspection as per repair welding


• Review the test packs

• Reporting daily weld and NDT inspection

activities to QA/QC dept and client and etc…

MAY 2006 TO NOV 2008:

Working with M/S BIT INSPECTION TECHNOLOGY, CHENNAI as a QC inspector during the
period I had been deputed to various companies and shutdown jobs.


Nation &Organization Reliance Petroleum LTD., (Oil field maintains

Jamnagar Gujarat, INDIA.)

Description QC Inspector
Period 21 - June - 2005 to 20 - march -2006

• Carry out visual and dimensional checks of

piping spools, equipment, skid and structures
Areas of Exposure as per approved drawing. Ensure post weld
heat treatment is carried out as per approved

• Witness hydro testing of piping/vessel as per

hydro test procedure

• Witness hydrostatic and pneumatic testing of


• Witness calibration of various instruments

like pressure gauges, pressure switches,
pressure transmitters and pressure safety
valves etc…

• Ensure welding as per approved welding

procedure qualification and contractor
deploys , handling and backing of welding

• Review and approval the NDT procedure

submitted by the contractor
Areas of Exposure
• Carry out material identification and
radiography film interpretation , ultrasonic
• corrosion survey , MT,PT inspection Review
of NDT reports and maintain all related files
and records

• The detailed internal and external inspection

of pressure vessels, heat exchangers ,
columns , direct and indirect fired heaters,
storage tanks and other items of associated

• Perform UT thickness / scanning and visual

inspection as required and compare with the
previous documents to note corrosion level
highlighting and submit

• Inspection and testing of all static equipment

of process plants and pipelined and provides
analysis of equipment condition

• To assist the inspection section head to

prepare long and short-term inspection
business plans and budgets

• To comply with all work permit, policies and


• To check condition of safety relief valves,

prescribes repairs, as required and witness
relief pressure setting, including hot setting
where needed

• Carried out visual inspection of welded joints

before offer for radiography and MPI


• Plan and organize the QA/QC monitoring program in accordance with the Project scope of
work and technical specification

• Attending Pre-inspection and Project inspection meeting with clients for confirmation of
project QA/QC requirements and responsible for maintaining proper records to demonstrate
that all the project requirements are met.

• Preparing and compiling QITP, WPS/PQR, WPQT, QA/QC/ISO Procedures and submitting
to client for approval as per project specifications.

• Evaluate and approve contractors QCP, Inspection and Testing Plan, Testing Procedures,
WPS/PQR, review of Mill Test Certificates and filler material batch certificates.

• Evaluation and auditing of sub-contractors for services like Fabrication, Destructive, Non
Destructive testing, Post weld heat treatment, PMI, Galvanizing and Blasting/Painting.

• Responsible for Quality Engineering functions of the company to ensure compliance to the
company’s quality control manual and all customer and statutory requirements.

• Fabrication, Welding and Coating inspection of Storage tanks, Steam ducts, Manifolds,
Condensate tanks, Piping, Stacks, Reformers, Structural Steel and trial assembly of Air
Cooler Structural Steels used in oil, gas, petrochemicals, pipe racks and building.
• Inspection of Hydro and PENTRANT Testing and Interpretation of Radiography films in
accordance with acceptance code & standards.

• Qualifying welders (3G & 6G), preparing WPQR’s and Qualifying weld metal and filler
material performance testing as per ASME IX for both CS & SS Material.

• Conversant with welding process like SMAW, FCAW, GTAW, STUD welding and PWHT

• Check of Galvanized and Painted materials such as holiday detection, Dolly test, DFT/WFT
using inspection instruments as per ASTM A123/153 and SSPC

• Using Calibrated Measuring Tools and Testing Equipment’s effectively

familiar with , ASTM, ASME II, V, VIII, IX, ASME B31.1, 31.3, API 610, 1104,
AWS D1.1, BS & DIN standards
• Pneumatic Testing for Storage Tanks and Condensate tanks

• Coordinating, witnessing and review of Destructive (Guided Bend testing, Tensile) and
inspection of Dye Pen
Period JAN 2002 to JUN 2004

Incoming pipe material inspection including

verifying heat number, pipe number etc.
Area of Exposure
Verifying welding equipment calibration.

Reviewing the approved WPS for both field girth

and repair weld. As per the API 1104.

Verifying WPQ (Welder performance qualification)

for each welder. As per the API 1104.

Verifying welder(s) have been issued job clearance

card and that range of qualification shown matches
the application of WPS being used.

Witnessing Fit up, pre heat temperature and inter

pass temperature.

Consumables inspection for each process (GTAW,

SMAW, GMAW and FCAW). Including storing
condition and backing for low hydrogen electrode.

Monitoring in process welding activities and

auditing for welding parameters (travel speed,
voltage, current, inter pass temperature, heat input
and comparing with used WPS.

Final visual inspection and witnessing NDT


Reviewing the inspection record and signing for all

the related inspection activities report.

Witnessing hydro test.

Description QA/QC Asst., ENGINEER
Period AUG -1999 to AUG – 2001
Quality controls for Boilers & Pressure vessels
Parts and Structure. Raw material Inspection and
Dimension Control.
Area of Exposure Prepare of Quality control Records and Co-ordinate
with NDT Inspection and Testing.


I hereby declare the above statements are true and best of my knowledge.
I assure that I will be an asset to your company given an opportunity

Date; 15-08-2010

K. Rajendran
Place; Chennai