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Page | of 1 Newspepor t's The Bee (Danville, Virginia) - Thu, Sep 23, 1928+ Page 1 hp iww.nowepapere.comfimage/45799402 Printed on Now 5, 2014 Staunton Lawyer Given Six Years gs STAUNTON, Va, Sept. 23.—(AP)— Six years in the state penitentiary | was the sentence passed yesterday on | \John A. Alexander, Staunton attor- ney, who faced 16 indictments, charg- jing forgery or embezzlement Through lan agreement between defense and ‘commonwealth's attorney, Alexander entered a plea of guilty to three in- dictments and Judge A. D. Dabney, of Charlottesville. passed sentence. The other 13 indictments were nolle prossed and arrangements are being made to have Alexander transferred as soon as possible to the state pent- tentlary } Alexander, who is 62 years old, said that he never deliberately planned to rob any one and declared that he al- ways hoped the time would come when he could make good the sums. As sentence was passed, he wept and his voice was unsteady. j Copyright © 2014 All Rights Reserved. http://www ?id=467994028cheight=982&width=6898x=1..._ 11/3/2014